Police Sting Operations Explained In Detail 08-09-2014

Police and county sheriff sting operatives womanize with other people’s wife’s and teach those women how to frame people as pedophiles using sting tactics and they have a slang term for it they call it pedofying and or pedofried!

While law enforcement sleeps around with their targets wife police use sting tactics to surround their target with under cover officer’s and with civilian operatives and take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target, they then proceed to stage crimes near the targets home/workplace/anywhere the target regularly goes and stage crimes using officer’s as photo doubles to stage crimes, and the police/sheriff’s always use photogenic photo’s in conjunction with using doubles!

They will spend a couple months doing this or up to a couple years, all paid for by tax dollars, and the whole time law enforcement is sleeping around with their targets wife and coaching her how to fill the targets home with paraphernalia and to “perform” for law enforcements video surveillance cameras so that they can make their target appear to be a bad guy!

Police/sheriff’s recruit their buddy’s and relatives and even girlfriends into sting operations and law enforcement relies on civilian operatives to back up false accusations on their targets and to act as false witnesses for law enforcement, which is why law enforcement takes over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target, so that they can be used to testify against the target!

If the target becomes suspicious or finds out their being targeted by a corrupt sting operation with personal motives to frame the target then police/sheriff’s and their civilian operatives will poison the target to debilitate the target and cover up the poisoning at the hospital, police and doctors at hospitals cover for one another all the time and hospitals regularly cover up poisonings when it’s law enforcement that is responsible, and the sting operation just continues and will continue to stage crimes using doubles and photogenic photo’s!


Police/sheriff sting operations and their civilian operatives (relatives/buddy’s/girlfriends of people in law enforcement) regularly use these tactics to frame/murder off people and it is a typical police sting operation tactic they use when they target specific people in a sting operation!

News media knows law enforcement targets people this way and is mums the word to the general public about it because news agency’s and police agency’s cooperate in the targeting/framing/murdering off of people, Michael Jackson is a perfect example of a never ending sting operation that never stopped targeting Michael and they pedofied him publicly and non-stop and they even near the end started poisoning him to debilitated him, news media was publicly mums the word about Michael Jackson becoming ill before he died because police/sheriff/FBI sting operatives poisoned him and they covered it up at the hospital!

To be targeted by a sting operation is to be targeted by organized criminals in law enforcement that use their police powers and power of influence with other people to target/frame/ and even murder off people, pedofying/vilifying their targets is common practice and they almost always use doubles and photogenic photo’s in such sting operations, it’s possible to easily catch law enforcement talking about doubles AND photogenic photo’s because they DO IT so much!

Surrendering evidence to police or to news media about corrupt murderous organized sting operations does not get justice and instead police/news media simply covers up and suppresses any and all evidence pointing guilt to organized sting operatives!

Most sting operations where police/sheriff’s have specific targets are not admitted to by police/news media, the system does it’s best to hide and conceal such tactics from the general public because GOV does not want the general population knowing what lying murderous people they have in law enforcement!

General tactics of a police sting operation that targets specific people include but not limited to,,,

Surrounding their target with police/civilian operatives to control the surrounding area around and near their target, Staging crimes using officer’s as doubles and documenting their own crimes using photogenic photo’s, Vilifying their target usually behind the targets back with false made up accusations to turn friends/neighbors/relatives against their target so no one will care if the target is a victim and to isolate their target from any help/support from other people,pay their civilian operatives to help/assist police in staging crimes and to back up false allegations on target and to testify against target should there be a trial, General trolling of the target during the process of the sting operation to make the targets life miserable during the sting, recruitment of relatives/friends of the target into the sting so that they can also testify against the target, poisoning of the target to debilitate the target and to make the target appear to other people to not be normal and to appear mentally ill.

Sting operatives are organized grinning smirking people in law enforcement that have experience their whole life targeting people in this fashion, their used to committing these crimes on their targets, their used to getting away with it, they know news media got’s their backs and will cover up complaints on police sting operations, their very arrogant and stuck up type of people that enjoy toying with their victims BEFORE they either frame or murder off their targets, and they don’t give a damn if anyone knows how they do this and they never care if individuals catch them in the act of committing crimes!

The type of civilians law enforcement recruits into sting operations tend to be but not limited to,,,,,

Anyone that is a buddy or a relative or a girlfriend to people in law enforcement, and the benefits and motive such civilians have/get by being civilian sting operatives is but not limited to,,,,

High paying jobs because law enforcement has influence with most large corporations, immunity to prosecution, they become a part of a large organized network of people thus feel like their someone, they get a high/rush out of committing the crimes themselves and then setting up other people, their targets, to get the blame, they enjoy doing this to people, so they are psycho’s, they get cash as well from law enforcement, generally around ten thousand dollars for helping police/sheriff’s in setting people up, they get free houses from law enforcement, they get influence from being friends with people in high places and they get respect from law enforcement officer’s!

Civilian operatives are expected to do whatever law enforcement wants them to do, examples are to lie for police, to lie making up false accusations on police officer’s targets, to back up complaints law enforcement makes on their targets, to help/assist police in framing of the target which usually consists of staging crimes using officer’s as photo doubles, and civilian operatives are expected by police to back up and give blame to their target, and to help vilify their target throughout the neighborhood!

People in the news media such as news reporters tend to be friends with people in law enforcement and they regularly lie for police and tend to only give the public the cops side of the story, never the targeted person’s side of the story, that is enough to deem news reporters also as civilian sting operatives!

Many civilian operatives become apartment managers, which makes it very easy for police/sheriff sting operatives to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target without the target finding out about it!

Sting operations have always worked this way, and it is police agency’s as well as news media that keeps these tactics a secret from the general public, knowing all this about law enforcement, would you ever give a damn if a cop quotes a statute or a code at you?

If you stop thinking of them as sting operatives and start thinking of them as a Clan, then it gets a lot easier to understand!

Terry Wagar


One thought on “Police Sting Operations Explained In Detail 08-09-2014

  1. One last thing I forgot to mention, law enforcement has a lot of girlfriends that have children, and police regularly recruit such women into sting operations, usually when they want to frame their target as a pedophile, and police and the children’s mother will coach and direct the children’s words and actions while they pose for photogenic photo’s with officer’s acting as doubles, this is what the slang terms pedofying and or pedofied are referring to, the act of framing their target as a pedophile is called pedofying, and the act of publicly giving blame to their target is called pedofied!

    So yes sting operatives do indeed use and exploit children in sting operations, so sting operatives are guilty of being pedophiles themselves as well as trafficking and exploiting children and corrupting minors in sting operations in order to portray/vilify their framed targets as bad guys!

    NO ONE takes complaints on sting operatives that use children in their sting operations, any such complaints on stings operations are ignored/suppressed by police and by news media everywhere in the US!

    Terry Wagar

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