The Multnomah County Sheriff’s And The Dunham Family Have A Long History Framing And Poisoning!

In 1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile by using a county sheriff officer as a photo double and the Dunham family provided their own children to pose with that double and it was the mother of the Dunham family Darlene Dunham that was taking the photogenic photo’s of her own children posing with the double while the double tossed out candy bars to the children!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family also are guilty of rounding up other neighbor children that were unaware of what was going on to also pose with the double thus they are guilty of trafficking and exploiting minors in 1971!

I happen to be one of those neighbor children Darlene Dunham rounded up for their illegal framing of innocent people and they used me in that illegal operation and took advantage of the fact I was only six y7ears old at the time and too young to understand what was going on!

Because I was a witness to these crimes and unaware they committed crimes I made mention of what they did to my mother, and that’s when me and my whole family became targeted by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and by the Dunham family!

My mother was threatened by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and my mother feared the county sheriff’s because of it, and Darlene Dunham took great pains to befriend my mother in order to gain further access to me!

After Darlene Dunham befriended my mother she asked my mother if she could take me to the movies with her children and my mother, not yet aware they used me in a sting to frame a innocent neighbor, stupidly agreed!

So Farlene Dunham and her son Kurt Dunham took me along with them to the movies at local theaters, but they did not take me to see decent child friendly movies, they took me to see the most horrendous sick ass movies you can ever imagine, and I was only six years old!

I cannot remember all the movies they took me to see, I was not able to read yet so many of the movies I did not know the names of, but I can remember seeing these sick ass movies, they took me to see movies that started out with women laying on beaches topless and it showing a dog running away with the women’s top and showing the women running after the dog to get her top back while she was topless with her boobs bouncing everywhere!

They also took me to see the sick ass movie Basket Case as well and made me sit through the entire movie, rapes and murders and all, and each and every time I was taken to the theaters by the Dunham family they insisted I had to sit separately from them, as a matter of fact Darlene Dunham HAD TO HAVE THE EXACT SAME SEATS EACH AND EVERY TIME!

If this is not enough, each and EVERY TIME Darlene Dunham took me to the movie theaters to watch these sick ass movies and made me sit alone, each time a plain clothed county sheriff officer would walk down the isle and get several feet ahead of me and would turn around and snap a flashbulb photogenic photo of me as I sat their in the dark while I am being made by these people to sit there!

Darlene Dunham was not trying to hide the fact from me that she insisted on using the exact same seats over and over again and insisted I had to sit one seat separate from the Dunham’s and this plain clothed county sheriff officer was not hiding from me the fact each and every time I was taken to the movies by the Dun ham’s that this county sheriff officer would walk down the isle and get several feet ahead of me and then would turn around and snap a flashbulb photogenic photo of me!

I was only six years old when they were doing this shit to me, and they were doing it because I am a witness to them framing a neighbor and I made mention about it to my mother!

By 1972 the Dunham family lost some interest in me and began focusing on targeting my older brother and my father, and it was in 1972 the Dunham family began planting stolen property on our property, and when we found stolen property on our property we called the police, and I will never forget the smirking Portland officer my father was trying to report this to, because that grinning smirking Portland police officer ignored the fact we called 911 to report the stolen property, only to be met by a smirking cop that grinned and implied with a smirk giving us blame for it, WHILE SMIRKING!

It was also 1972 that the Dunham family set fire to a garage that was behind our house, and behind our backs the Dunham family was trying to give me blame for it!

By 1973 the Dunham family found out that I still remembered what they al did in 1971, and that’s when the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s began POISONING me and my older brother and my father!

By 1974 my father was unemployed and disabled from being gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed police sting operatives and from being poisoned, my older brother could not leave our house without being battered and ganged up on by teenagers that were officer’s children that were assigned to target my brother and he was suffering severe poisoning symptoms and any attempt on his part to find help was met by being ganged up on, and I was being poisoned by a prescription of speed the County sheriff’s ordered my school to put me on to cause memory loss and brain damage at my young life of only being eight years old!

By 1975 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family’s targeting and stalking and poisoning of my older brother got my older brother committed and locked up, for life, without ever getting a trial and without anyone ever bothering to testify to anything, they just committed him and locked him up, for life, no trial, no NOTHING! That’s how easy it is for the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family to cover up poisonings of children!

My father was disabled and was repeatedly poisoned and was repeatedly denied emergency help for it at the emergency hospital due to authority’s influence they have with doctors at emergency hospitals, and I was scared to death that I was going to be next and pretty much stayed in my bedroom until I turned eighteen and got a job to help my family!

By 1976 the Dunham family had a lot of money and they were building large luxuries boats from scratch and paid for a brand new motor for that boat they were building, and they were also building for themselves a small airplane and had the motor for it and everything and it was brand new as well!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family have a history of framing innocent people as pedophiles by using officer’s as photo doubles and these use the Dunham family’s children to pose with the doubles, and they also have a history of targeting neighbors that witness them committing these crimes including children and they poison off witnesses and cover up poisonings using their power of influence at hospitals, and they have a history of profiting from framing people and from poisoning off people!

Sting operatives are organized murderers and framers and they don’t even give a damn if people know it! Not even children are safe from sting operatives!

Terry Wagar 03-25-2015

4 thoughts on “The Multnomah County Sheriff’s And The Dunham Family Have A Long History Framing And Poisoning!

  1. When the Multnomah county sheriff’s poison children they cover it up by labeling the child mentally ill and they lock up the child by committing the child without any trial and without any testimony and they just keep the child medicated to keep the child compliant until the child dies!
    News media makes no mention of this practice to the public and news media historically covers up the serious crimes that sheriff’s/police commit against citizens!
    Anyone that gets targeted by organized people in law enforcement gets labeled mentally ill and it is brown nosing news media that spews out that propagandistic lie to the public in order to discredit the targeted victim as a witness!
    Children that get targeted by police/sheriff’s and their civilian operatives usually get labeled by the government as mentally ill, it is how this fascist government justifies and gets away with most of the murders it’s officer’s and it’s civilian operatives commit!
    Many children that get labeled mentally ill by the government get locked up into old folks homes that have fences around the perimeter to keep the people that are inside from getting out and they use electronic fence gates that people from the outside have to push a button to get bussed in by the nurses that are inside the old folks homes!
    Many old folks homes are quite literally mini prisons where they lock up people the state wants to keep the people debilitated and hidden away from the public!

  2. Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and their civilian operatives target children and they pretty much run our local schools and always have done so secretly and they try to hide it from the general public!
    All children that get ganged up on and bullied at government schools are victims or organized stalking by police and civilian sting operatives!

    Police and sheriff’s and their civilian operatives have children too and those children go to schools and interact with other children, and it is THESE children that belong to police/sheriff’s and the children of civilian operatives that are organized, just like a gang, and they gang up on a bully other children in schools!

    If a family member gets targeted by police or by sheriff’s and their civilian operatives in a sting operation, then EVERY MEMBER of that family is targeted, including the children, so the targeted person’s children will also be targeted, and those children are usually ganged up on by the sting operatives children!

    Have you ever noticed how organized bullies in schools seem to be popular in schools and how easy it is for them to not get into any real trouble themselves? have you ever heard lies/rumors about children in schools and heard how effortless it is for organized children to spread such mean lies about individual children in schools?

    They you are a witness to sting operations!

    Police and their civilian operatives are organized and gang up on their adult targets and overwhelm their targets via shear numbers and they use slander tactics to destroy the names and characters of their targets!

    Well the police and their civilian operatives children use the SAME tactics to gang up on their targets in schools!
    The reason these organized children sting operatives never get into trouble is because ALL GOVERNMENT RUN PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE FASCIST and teachers and councilors and principles cover the children sting operatives by putting all the blame on the targets!

    If a targeted child is getting bullied and complains to a teacher then nothing will happen over it, the teacher will just lie and claim that they will look into it, but of course nothing happens, and if the targeted child continues to complain then the teacher will order the child to report to the councilor, and all the councilor will do is listen to the child and pretend to be on the child’s side and then will just fill out paperwork labeling the child mentally ill and will have the child dispelled, kicked out of school, and the councilor will send a letter to the parents ordering the parents to put the child on medications and will claim it is mandatory before the child can come back to school!

    That is how your schools cover up organized targeting of children that are committed by police and civilian sting operatives children, they just mentalfy the victim child!

    Sting operations have been doing this openly to people for several decades and they regularly get away with it because news media is mums the word about it to the public!

    Sting operations are blatant in public schools, but because schools are dealing with children the children themselves are not mature enough to recognize organized crime when they see it, and of course children learn right away at schools that if the popular children are ganging up on you then no one in the school system will care!

    If you want to learn more about sting operations just to get a general gist as to what sting operations are then I recommend to rent or buy the 1960’s TV show, Mission Impossible, not the movies, the old 1960’s TV show Mission Impossible!

    Keep in mind that your TV networks were glorifying any and all aspects of law enforcement in the 1960’s and 1970’s and the old TV show Mission Impossible was the TV networks attempts and glorifying sting operations!

    Don’t fall for the propaganda aspect of the show though, because sting operatives ARE NOT GOOD GUYS! Sting operatives are the most lying organized bunch of murderers on the planet, but the TV show will demonstrate for you how sting operatives surround their targets so that they can effect/destroy their targets lives and be able to directly interfere with their targets lives and how they even plant evidence in order to frame/entrap their targets!

    Also don’t fall for the bogus self destructing audio tape in the show, the only reason they even have THAT aspect in the show is so they can use a mysterious organization directing the sting operatives instead of law enforcement people directing it!

    A little history for you, it was open knowledge around the time that the 1960’s TV show Mission Impossible first aired that it was a show that glorifies police sting operations, and there was a news story in the TV guide back then about the TV series and the producers of the show publicly admitted that they changed the beginning of the show having a mysterious person giving the orders because law enforcement directly contacted the producers and complained about the show making it known that it is based on police sting operations!
    So the producers of the show changed the beginning so that it was a mysterious person giving orders via a audio tape that directed the sting operatives!

    I am fifty years old, I am from that time frame, and back then in THOSE days it was open knowledge to the public that the TV show Mission Impossible was all about glorifying police sting operations!

    Police don’t want citizens having any knowledge about sting operations, and police pressure media to hide and conceal sting operations, even when sting operations are admitted to by police and by news media, neither ever go into detail of what sting operatives actually do!

  3. The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family poison children! The Portland police use doubles to rape and murder children and they take photogenic photo’s of it while using doubles!

  4. Portland cops officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray of the Portland police rape and murder children using doubles and they pay their whore ass girlfriends with children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to give blame to innocent people!

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