Gang-Stalking Is Organized Murder And Has Been Around For A Long Time!

Gang-stalking is organized murder and has been around for a long time, gang-stalking goes by many names, and as time passes and sucj murderous groups and their activity’s become more and more obvious to the masses the more likely that they change the names of such groups to hide their activity’s!

All gang-stalking is run and organized locally by local law enforcement, have you not seen in every neighborhood all those “Neighborhood Watch” signs? they are their for a reason, and their everywhere in the USA!

Those signs are not there for looks, they are deadly serious warning signs warning the community at large that their are gangs of people watching over said neighborhoods, and are demonstrating their power and influence with those signs.

Those people that are part of neighborhood watch are gang-stalkers, anyone that is a party to such groups deem themselves as “Good Guys” and are always on the lookout for people to target!

These people are permitted by law enforcement to gang-stalk and harass and menace anyone police deem “undesirable” within the “neighborhood” and it is usually police that give the “OK” for such groups to target people!

There is a history to gang-stalking but not an obvious one, gang-stalkers are organized criminals and are very organized and they have many members, do not ask me if they have rituals or anything because I do not know if they do or not, I doubt they do, I do not believe they deem themselves as a cult, I believe they deem themselves as normal people that have friendly connection with law enforcement members, and are granted permission by law enforcement to “Boycott” certain undesirable people and are fond of using gang-stalking tactics to target (get rid of) certain people.

I am not a gang-stalker, but I have grew up around such people and been around such people all my life, I as a child witnessed gang-stalking, though I never perceived it by such terms back then, as a child I witnessed gang-stalkers and county sheriff officer’s using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame someone in my neighborhood.

Gang-stalkers goals are simple, they have it5 out for someone, law enforcement made it known they have it out for so and so, and everyone that is bros to law enforcement gangs up on that person or persons in an attempt to either drive them out of the neighborhood, or to destroy their targets livelihoods, or to murder off such people.

As shocking as that sounds it is simply the truth, these people are a part of something that has always been around, and over the decades it goes by many different names, in the 1920s they went by the name KKK and were fond of publicly demonstrating their power by wearing white hoods and white robes and taking over parades all over America!

People in this day and age in 2014 perceive such groups as racist and outdated, and their right to think that, but the KKK represented much more than that in the 1920s and constant propaganda has literally changed the way we in 2014 view such groups of people, the reason I point that out is because the KKK back in the 1920s did the exact same thing that gang-stalkers in 2014 do now, they go after “undesirable” people, people that they as a group have it out for.

The KKK in the q920s openly murdered people that never got trials for anything but would be labeled by the KKK as “Bad Guys” and the community would always blindly take the word of the KKK and never call out for the KKK’s arrest.

Murders done by the KKK were simply accepted at face value by the community back then as justifiable and no one sought the arrest of those KKK members, so the KKK in the 1920s had the support of the general community.

Well in 2014 gang-stalkers have the support of the general community, there are people that seek the prosecution of gang-stalkers, but there are no sympathetic ears for victims complaints to be heard

Our police forces and higher class citizens ignore victims complaints and suppress victims complaints by none action on complaints and by not recording said complaints, therefore history of complaints made by victims of gang-stalkers are not recorded and thus do not exist as a matter of record, because no one will TAKE the record, thus covering the butts of gang-stalkers!

In the 1920s no one would take and record the complaints of victims of the KKK either, so victims complaints are historically not recorded and therefore do not exist in our records and history due to community members wanting to cover up such complaints!

The county sheriff’s and local police forces historically organize and run and direct such organizations and also fund such groups of people, and it is those authority’s that look the other way or give blame to someone else in order to protect such groups of people from prosecution!

Do not get me wrong here, gang-stalkers and the KKK are not the same groups, the KKK  pretty much disbanded after WW2 because of the open hatred of Fascism in America, but such people never stopped targeting people, they never stopped receiving support from law enforcement, and to this day still target people, even though they do not think of themselves as the kkk, they still think pretty much like the KKK when they target people!

There was a strong hatred for Fascism after WW2 in America, and that is the reason such groups became more covert in their operations and in their targeting of people, but the end result of their targeting is still incarceration or death of their target!

It is a shame our Fascist school systems made history class the most boring class in school, because it is history that can answer most questions of people and most mystery’s in this world!

Fascist people lived all over the USA after WW2 and Hollywood started putting out training movies that taught the Fascists how to continue their targeting of people without appearing Fascist to people, a post WW2 movie that does that is the 1946 movie “Captain Boycott” Captain Boycott (1947)”. which is just one example of our governmental system trying by major media to reorganize Fascists into a more covert group of people, and by demonstration teaches the Fascist how they can continue to target people and get away with it!

Hollywood even put out movies teaching these Fascists how to mentally torture people and how to terrorize people without getting caught, movies such as “Gaslight” staring ngrid Bergman in the 1944 film Captain Boycott (1947)”. New York Times. Retrieved 4 August 2011.

I would like to point out that Gs-lighting is one of the most commonly used tactics modernly used in 2014 by the system in general, you can witness crimes committed by gang-stalkers, you can catch gang-stalkers on video committing crimes, but you will be Gas-lighted by almost everyone within the system for reporting it, all first responders are trained to use Gas-lighting on people and will immediately pretend you are mentally ill for reporting gang-stalking, that’s Gas-lighting done by your very own emergency response people all paid for by your tax dollars!

When police do sting operations they also use Gas-lighting on people, when police investigate people police will constantly Gas-light their target endlessly knowing it drives their targets nuts with frustration, and when you try to tell people what is happening no one will believe you!

Gas-lighting is real, people do and use those tactics all the time, and there is no one that cares when you report it, so it is a form of attack gang-stalkers love to use!

Police and their accomplices enjoy using these tactics as well as doctors, if you try to tell your doctor that there are people Gas-lighting you then your doctor will just slightly smirk and then prescribe pills for mental disorder, that’s how your Fascist government treats victims of such tactics even though doctors already know such torture is in common use in 2014.

That is how Fascist our society is and that’s how the higher classes protect the gang-stalkers from prosecution, by labeling the victim mentally ill they effectively cut off from the victim any form of real help and discredit the victim as a witness by mere agreement that the victim is mentally ill, and therefore the victims complaints are not acted upon or recorded as valid complaints thus the crimes committed by victims of gang-stalking i buried or simply not kept, therefore they do not exist historically anyway.

News media is Fascist and does the same thing, they never report crimes about police unless the news story came from the police themselves, only police approved news story’s ever see the light of day and become public information and aired on TV news, all other news story’s are buried and never aired and never put on news websites and news reporters work together to bury news story’s that police do not want going public!

Gang-stalking is rarely mentioned on TV or on popular websites because police do not want such information going public, on rare occasion news reporters make brief mention of gang-stalking, but they treat the news story like they do UFO story’s to give viewers the impression to not take it seriously.

Gang-stalking is real and done all the time and all gang-stalking operates under the pretense of police “Conducting Investigations” and that is admitted to all the time by police and by news reporters!

What are news reporters admitting to when they state on the news that police are conducting investigations? they are admitting that a organized agency is targeting someone, do news reporters describe the METHODS police use in their investigations? no they do not! Why is that? Because news reporters always hide and conceal the true nature of police operations and what they are about and what methods police use.

Why? because the government is covertly Fascist in nature and does not want the general masses to know how police target people, and news media is nothing more than controlled propaganda that government controls, therefore your Fascist government through controlled media control what you know, and more importantly what you do not know!

Gang-stalking is every day and in plain sight all around people, but the masses are indoctrinated in not recognizing any of it as gang-stalking, instead we are taught to view such actions as “Ongoing Investigations” performed by law enforcement, and that lie is backed up by Fascist news reporters that deliberately try to keep the masses ignorant of such methods police use!

Police systematically frame and or murder the people they target and are known to use street theater tactics in order to frame their target, and are known to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to stage crimes in order to frame their target, you do not need to be a bad guy to get arrested, because it is nothing for police to stage crimes themselves dressed like their target!

Police commonly frame innocent people they target as robbers, and they commonly use doubles and fuzzy video surveillance cameras in order to frame people, even bank robbery’s are done this way, everyone knows banks have excellent video surveillance cameras, but police to this day still use fuzzy video surveillance that does not clearly show the robbers face, it is such a habit for police to use these tactics that they just keep doing it even though everyone already knows banks have way better cameras than that in banks, and even have cameras right at the teller window to get your face on video!

Police still use that bullshit tactic, and our Fascist news reporters also continue to honor the police and back up such bullshit for them so that police can frame someone they are gang-stalking to get him/her incarcerated!

7 thoughts on “Gang-Stalking Is Organized Murder And Has Been Around For A Long Time!

  1. Renee Gingerich says:

    The University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics, (Especially The Mental Ward) ARE Social AND Behavioral Control Freaks, But YOU Didn’t Hear IT From Me!

  2. Mike says:

    As a targeted individual myself in the Great State of Wisconsin, I agree with the author that it is murder if the targeted individual dies and attempted murder until then (SUICIDE, ACCIDENT, POISONONG) I’ve been surviving 15 years of being gang stalked with no end in sight. I wonder now that cannabis is becoming legal and regulated in America, how many more victims of gang stalking will float to the surface. I also noticed similar counter measures of people saying a person was crazy or hearing and seeing things before a mass shooting occurred to deflect any real investigation into what happened. Is callimg someone mentally ill a tactic to cover up a murder?

    • I have already answered your question on other posts on my blog.
      I recommend reading all my posts on this blog to seek answers to your question because I cannot and do not have the time to keep answering people’s questions over and over again.

  3. Scott James watkins says:

    My name is Scott James Watkins and I am a “Victim” of the worst case, of Gangstalking, ever known! I am 46 years old now, I was 38 when it all had started (Out of nowhere, one day, little by little, steadily growing) I am from the city of Hayward, a suburb about 12 miles south, of San Francisco, in Beautiful California! I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, 4 neces, 2 Great nieces, 4 nephews, 2 Great nephews, and at one time had pkenty of cousins, aunt’s and uncle”s, as well as Grandparents and Friends, who “all” cared for me “Very much”! And “I” still love each and every one of them so much it hurts, me, so badly, inside, and is beginning to show on the outside (of me)! I never had much, in my life, I come from a single parent home whereas my Mother (Whom I love more than life, the stars, sun and moon themselves) was our only Parent, Guardian, Provider, and “Thank God” has alway’s/all ways been the “Best of a friend one could ever ask or pray for”! I love my mom, and you would to if you knew her! I am a grown Man now, and I am finding this “To difficult, To deal with” and I think it’s time for me to go! I’m scared, and I’m a good person too, just a Late bloomer I guess, but nevertheless one whom is “So full of life”, it’s ridiculous! To everyone whom I know, as well as the one’s out there that I don’t, ( But wish I did) I Love you all, and I thank you for reading this, remember to always “Love your Life” more than anything you may acquire, it’s You, who are the one thing of true value, and Jesus did a good job by saving you, saving us, in his most precious name, I pray! I LOVE YOU, SEE YA! SCOTTY!

    • YOU are a sting op hinting you are about to murder me off and to frame me as gojung suicide and YOU ARE GOD DAMN HINTING AT IT!
      I want to point out the same day I get this hinting death threat from a sting op happens to be the same day I called the Portland police internal affairs and was accusing cops and their girlfriends of murder!
      Take note people, this person claiming to be Scott James Watkins is a damn sting op and is hinting their going to kill me and set it up to look like a suicide and the damn sting op is trying to be comical about it!

    • The ONLY people that comment on my blog ARE the GOD DAMN STING OP’S THAT TARGETED ME AND MY FAMILY AND ARE CONSTANTLY TAUNTING ME WITH THEIR FAKED (Were just plain comentor’s yuk yuk yuk!) attitudes!
      Officer Eric Carlson murdered a child, Joan Wagar was given permission from authority’s to be a serial killer, Multnomah county sheriff’s and their relatives the Dunham family hacve used doubles and photogenic photo’s for decades to frame their victims as pedo’s!
      If I had a bull horn I would accuse them publicly all over Portland until their pedophile-poisonous-kid-killing asses stand trial!
      Anyone that wants to cover for them deserve what they6 deserve!
      One last thing, it’s self defense to kill a armed cop!

    • Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family have used doubles to rape and murder off children for decades and they do it for photogenic photo’s!
      The Dunham family builds luxury boats and designs them to sink and sells such boats to their victims they target in sting op’s!
      The Dunham family does the same thing with s, mall airplanes they build in their gar age!
      Children the Dunham family target get poisoned by them and the sheriff’s just use their fascist power to cover up the poisoning by using their influence at the4 hospital and will have the child committed without any testimony and without any trial and keep the poor child locked up for life until the child dies while committed!
      Sheriff’s cover up these murders by pretending it’s a suicide!

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