How Sting Operatives Destroy Children In The 1970’s,,,,,,For Sport!!!!!!

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and their civilian sting operatives the Dunham family worked together to frame a Sellwood neighbor as a pedophile by using the county sheriff officer as a PHOTO DOUBLE inside the victims home and the Dunham family brought their children and rounded up neighborhood children and brought the children to the house where the county sheriff officer was waiting inside the victims home!

Darlene Dunham instructed the children in her care to cross the street and to play in the yard of the house the county sheriff officer was in, and once the children, ranging in ages of five-seven years old, got into the yard the county sheriff officer opened the window and began tossing out the window candy bars!

While the Dunham family’s children began picking up the candy bars, one of the neighborhood child Darlene Dunham brought there turned around and asked Daelene Dunham from across the street “Am I supposed to pick these up?” and the child noticed Darlene Dunham was at that moment snapping PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S using a large all metal all green Polaroid type camera of the children picking up the candy bars, and with a big grin on her face nodded and said while grinning “Yes!,,,,,pick up the candy bars!” and then she went back to putting the camera up to snap more PHOTO’S!

The neighborhood child began doing as the other Dunham family children were doing, picking up the candy bars, and the child ended up getting very close to the window and noticed that the man that was tossing out the candy bars that was deliberately trying to stay to the side of the window to not be seen, was wearing a Multnomah county sheriff officer’s uniform!
The county sheriff officer got mad at the child and told the child to step away from the window, to back away, and then the county sherif officer began nervously tossing out more candy bars for the children to pick up!

When the county sheriff officer said he was done he reached over to close the window and at that moment Darlene Dunham yelled over at the children from accross the street to come back to her!

From there Darlene Dunham started to take herself and the children home after they dropped off the neighbor child, Darlene Dunham and her children were laughing and celebrating during the walk and were openly refering to the person that lived at that house as a pedophile, and as Darlene Dunham was stuffing the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S into an envelope she was telling her children they are going to celebrate with pizza after they drop off the neighbor child to his home!

The neighbor child had no clue as to what was going on and did not understand what happened and was asking questions the entire time he was in the charge of these people, he asked if he could have one of the photo’s Darlene Dunham took, and she just grinned at him and told him “No!,,, these are SPECIAL PHOTO’S so I cannot give you one!
The neighbor child asked the Dunham family “What is a pedophile?” and the Dunham family’s children and Darlene Dunham just grinned at that question and ignored it and then the Dunham family started talking about going out to Pizza Hut for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor child!

I was one of those children the Dunham family rounded up, I had no clue what was going on, I had no idea they were framing the person that lived in that house!

From my six year old perspective I percieved it all as a nice lady taking me to meet a nice man that gave us candy and then the nice lady took photo’s of it and then the nice lady took me home!

That’s how I percieved it at the time, I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD when this happened!

Me and my family became targeted by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family after this, exactly ten days after this event, a multnomah county sheriff officer was at my parents door and was demanding to be let in so he could inspect our basement!

Only me and my mother was home at the time, my mother did not want to let him in, but he insisted and coerced my mother into letting him in!

After this detective left my mkother in fear told me to NEVER answer the door again, she was afaid of this detective!

From this point forward the mother of the Dunham family took great pains and efforts in winning my mother over as a friend, and she did this for one reason and one reason only, to gain further access to me!

The mother of the Dunham family, named Darlene Dunham, asked my mother a week after this detective inspected our basement if she could take me to the movies with her and her children, my mother, not knowing these people already used me to frame a neighbor as a pedophile, agreed to let her, unaware of what type of people they were!

REMEMBER I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD AT THE TIME! I had no idea these people are killers and framers!

So the Dunham family began taking me to the movies with them, only Darlene Dunham brought only one of her four children with her, and I was not allowed to sit next to them, I had to sit in a seat one seat seperate away from them, Darlene Dunham insisted on that!

The movies she took us to see were very bad movies for children, all of them had blatant sex scenes, one movie started out with a woman laying on the beach with her bikini top undone and a dog came up and took the womans bikini top and ran down the beach with it while the topless woman ran after the dog!

Another movie she took us to was Basket Case, that sick movie has rape scenes and graffic murder scenes and it scared the hell out of me!

Each time Darlene Dunham took me to the movies she insisted I sit one seat seperate from them, and she insisted on having the EXACT SAME SEATS EACH AND EVERYTIME we went to the movies!

Each time she took me to the movies and after were seated and after the begining movie comercials, a man would walk into the theater and get several feat ahead of me and then would turn around suddenly and snap a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of me!

This was all a repeated process by these people, each time they took me to the movies it was inapproprieate for children, Darlene Dunham insisted on the same seats, and insisted I sit one seat seperate from her and her son, and each time during the begining cormercials a man would walk in and get several feat ahead of me and would turn around and snap a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of me!

During the Basket Case movie, the one and only time Darlene Dunham told me to cover my eyes, the man that was snapping PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of me was sitting IN THE SEAT IN FRONT OF ME and he turned around after I covered my eyes and started snapping multiple PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of me covering my eyes!

I could hear the man turning around to face me and even with my eyes covered I could see the bright flash of camera light bulb flashes, I peeked to get a closer look at this man that I already knew has done this before, and the man laughed at that and told Darlene Dunham “He is peaking!” and Darlene Dunham laughed at that!

After this, then Darlene Dunham befriended my mother even more and wanted my mother to come along with her, and my mother agreed!

After they started taking my mother along to the movies then they brought us to see Disney movies, the first one being a Tim Conway and Don Knotts movie!

During the begining commercials before the movies starts the man that snaps the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S came in and stood near the back doorway, and when Darlene Dunham noticed it she drew my mothers attention away from that side by pointing someone on the other side of the theater, that’s when the man with the camera stepped forward and got around several feet ahead of me and snapped a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of us and then he left the way he came in!

KEEP IN MIND I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD when this started happening to me, and I was seven when Darlene Dunham invited my mother to come along!

I remeber having a conversation with Darlene Dunham’s son Kurt Dunhm in the bathroom afterwords at the theater, I remeber telling him it is nice to see a good Disney movie for a change!

I was NOT suspicious of them in the sense that I thought they were committing crimes, I had no real sense of what crime even was, all I knew was weird things happened when the Dunham family was involved in it, and I pointed this out to Kurt Dunham in the movie theater bathroom!

From this point forward the Dunham family wanted nothing to do with me, they began focussing on my older brother and my father after this!

Darlene Dunham’s husband Cal Dunham began trying to befriend my father Don Wagar, and the Dunham family’s older children David Dunham and Mark Dunham began befriending my older brother Harold Wagar!

I was all but forgotten by the Dunham family at this time, because all their efforts went into befriending and getting close to my father and my older brother!

While my brother was palling around with the older Dunham family the Dunham children were constantly trying to get my older brother into trouble!

In 1972 Kurt Dunham set fire to a garage that was behind our house, and behind our backs the Dunham family was giving me the blame!

To our faces they admitted it was Kurt Dunham that did it, I witnessed him doing it, and Cal Dunham tricked my father Don Wagar into helping him tear down that garage, I am pretty sure they were taking PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of my dad tearing down that garage so they could frame him for it!

Shortly after this the Dunham’s planted a stolen sterio behind our house on our property, and when I found it I told my dad about it and he call the police to report it and to surrender it to the police!

I was only seven years old at this time, and I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THAT GRINNING COPS FACIAL EXPRESSION as my father tried to reporting this to the cop!

That cop GRINNED! he was grinning an evil devilish grin the entire time my father talked to this cop, and when my father got done reporting it, the cop completely ignored EVERYTHING MY FATHER SAID AND GRINNED and IMPLIED BLAME on MY OLDER BROTHER!


My brother was only twelve years old at the time, and was partially retarded and was that way at birth, and never got into trouble, until he started hanging around the Dunham family!

In 1973 I was under the impression the Dunham family was trying to recruit me into something, Kurt Dunham started trying to pal around with me more, and he started making certain things known to me!

I was under the impression they were testing the waters so to speak, because they made certain things known to me, but refused to tell me why!

He showed me a whistle he got in 1973, he hinted there is special meaning to the whistle, but refused to tell me what that is!

The whistle was long, about two inches long, all metal, and it was tube shaped, it was very skinny, a chrome finnish on it, and it was on a necless!

He was hinting to me as to what it was for, but would not come out and say what it was for, he told me that if he blows on it it sounds like a little girl screaming!

I asked him “Why do you need a whistle that sounds like a little girl screaming for? and he refused to answer that!

Like I said he was intentionally making certain things known to me, this is just one example of that!

It was around this time Kurt Dunham asked me if I remeber what happened in 1971 when we first met, and I told him I did!

This is when the POISONINGS BECAN!

Right after this my elementary school kicked me out of school without any warning, and their excuse was vague and lamb because I did nothing wrong, but the school kicked me out formally and told my mother in writing I cannot go back to school until she gets me on a prescription that the school wants me on!

It was a wierd sounding drug, all drug prescriptions have weird names, no one in my family knew what it was, but we blindly trusted our government so my mother put me on the prescription!
I was on this prescription for the remainder of the school season!

During this time I was getting picked on at school, repeatedly, teachers did not care and acted automaticly like their on the side of the children that started the fights, so I had no one at school I could turn to!

This is jumping ahead, but it’s important, I did not find out what that presecription was until I was 18 years old, I took that prescription to a doctor and asked them “What is this stuff anyway?” and the doctor was shocked when he saw it and flat out said “This is speed! and he had a shocked look on his face over it!

Now back to 1973, after I was being poisoned at the ripe old age of eight years old because I am a witness to the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framing and possibly murdering an innocent man, my older brother at this time was also getting ganged up on and battered by people at his school, and he had no one at his school that cared either!

My brother began getting poisoned at around the same time I was put on speed by the school system!
I do not know the curcomstances that led to it, but I remeber my brother describing what it felt like to him!

He told me it felt like there was glass inside of him cutting into him, he said he felt bursting sensations where his liver and kidey’s are, and he was holding his sides at the time and he was having great trouble talking!

I was only eight years old in 1973, my older brother was only thirteen at that time, and we were being poisoned!

At this same time my father Don Wagar was being ganged up on at his place of employment and those people made his life a living hell there and basiclly cost him his high paying job!

My father tried taking action in protecting my older brother from being gang-stalked and battered, I at the time was being drugged by the school system, and was aware me and my family was being ganged up on and was scared and stayed in my room all the time!

My fathers attempts to get the stalkers that stalked and battered my brother failed because the more my father tried to do the right thing, the more MORE PEOPLE would join into it and gang up on him!

Then my father Don Wagar was poisoned, I do not know how it happened, but witnessed him being taken to the hospital by ambulance!

When my father came home, he was a broken man at this point, he was paranoid and fearful, and he did not know who to trust anymore!

My older brother Harold was still being ganged up on and was being poisoned, his health deteriorated rapidly and he was in severe shock and was also paranoid, the whole family was in shock and paranoid, because by late 1973 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and the Dunham family and anyone else that works as civilian sting operatives for police were ganging up on all of us!

My brother Harold Wagar, at the age of thirteen years old, was being repeatedly battered and harassed and stalked and poisoned and he had no one to turn to for help!

I was scared to death that what was happening to my brother may happen to me, so during this time I stayed in my bedroom!

I stayed in my bedroom for years!

My mother Valerie Quigley did not seem to care what was happening to me and my brother and my father, she was constantly acting like she was on the side of the people that was doing this to my family!

I did not know for sure but suspected the Dunham family, in recruiting her, might have gave her permission to poison off me and my brother and my father, and I said nothing believing I would be killed by all these organized people that ganged up on us and were not even trying to hide it!

They covered up the poisonings by denial of emergency services and by the system just not giving a damn, no one cares!

My brother Harold Wagar became institutionalized by authority’s without there ever being a trial, they institutionalized my brother because he was in fear for his life because he was being poisoned, and the only person that tried to help him was my father, and my father became poisoned for trying to help him!

So it was just all covered up in plain sight, no one really hides it because law enforcement and their civilian operatives can give a rats ass if anyone knows what kind of people they are!

I didn’t realize until I was around twelve years old that I witnessed the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s frame a neighbor, and it took more years later for wisdom to put all the puzzle pieces together to make sense of what happened in my childhood!

Terry Wagar

MORE Tactics Police Sting Operatives Use To Frame And Murder Off Innocent People!

Common tactics Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and their civilian operatives use to terrorize and harass and frame and even murder off their targets/victims!

1. They take full control of the property their target lives on via shear numbers of their operatives!
If their target lives at a apartment building then authority’s and their civilian operatives WILL take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target with FULL KNOWLEDGE and CONSENT by the apartment manager/landlord!

2. They will acquire under cover jobs at their targets place of employment as well, police and civilian operatives always want to be close to their target so they can effect their target in covert ways that normally are not noticed by average people, most people are ignorant of these tactics which is why it is so easy for authority’s and their operatives!

The targets employers will of course cooperate with police and their civilian operatives in working under cover at their targets place of employment, and just like apartment managers/landlords the targets employer will cooperate with their “investigation” and will lie for police to keep their cover!

Now that the targets life has been completely invaded by organized trained liars trained in the art of framing people and terrorizing people, the police and their civilian operatives will begin the work of framing/blaming/vilifying their target, and it’s all done behind the targets back!

3. Police and their civilian operatives will spend the next couple to several months staging crimes using operatives as body doubles and will take photogenic photo’s of operatives staging/committing actual crimes while dressed like their target near where their target lives and or near where their target works and or near places the target frequents to build a false case against their target for future use!

4. During the framing phase of the target the under cover police and their civilian operatives WILL vilify their target behind their targets back, the operatives that pretend to be neighbors of the target will spread false accusations around the neighborhood knowing actual neighbors will spread the rumors, and because several operatives are surrounding the target that are pretending to be neighbors/tenants they have the believable factor of having multiple people living near the target saying the same things!

This has the effect of turning actual real neighbors/tenants against the target!

5. Police and their civilian operatives have used these tactics over and over again, their trained in doing these things to people, they have a lot of experience doing this to people, and average people that know nothing about organize sting operations fall for their organized lies and tactics because most people are unaware of how corrupt and organized police and their operatives are!

Most average people will be suckered by sting operatives into believing so and so living in their neighborhood is a bad guy, and real neighbors/tenants fall for the tactics and begin spreading the word on the target falsely labeling the target as a bad guy!

Most people that fall for sting tactics are actually being used by the sting operatives to help them falsely vilify someone their framing, and unfortunately most innocent people that are not sting operatives inadvertently help the operatives in the vilifying aspect not realizing it is an organized attack started and fabricated by organized sting operatives!

5. Police and their civilian operatives will troll their victim while they set up their victim, operatives will stage disasters near where their target lives and will stage street theater disasters near the target when the target is outside for the purpose of filming it for the purpose of giving blame to the target in the future!

Sting operatives enjoy making their targets life as miserable as possible and take great joy in messing up their targets life!

Sting operatives will let out their targets air in their car tires on a daily basis knowing the target will think it is a leak and will take the car in for repairs, spending money, only to have the tire continue to leak, people it is sting operatives that are in the apartment or home near the target that is doing it nightly while the target sleeps!

That is just one example as to how sting operatives troll their target, but there is no limit to the things sting operatives do to troll their targets, and most trolling of targets is tailored towards the targets needs and interests!

If the target enjoys doing puzzles for instance, then the operatives will take pieces of the puzzle away, and will most likely place those pieces for you to find in unusual places!

It sounds like a game to them don’t it? That’s because it IS a game to sting operatives!
Anyway they can mess with you and to toy with you that will bother you, THAT’S what they will do!

6. Sting operatives know how to troll their targets because they pretty much know everything about you they need to know, how? by bugging their targets home with video/audio equipment, that’s how!
Sting operatives ALWAYS,,,,,, and I cannot stress this enough,,,,,, ALWAYS,,ALWAYS,,,,,,,,,,bug their targets home with VIDEO CAMERAS and AUDIO RECORDING equipment!

So sting operatives see you in the very place where you feel you have privacy, they know everything about you because of it!

Sting operatives will know what hand you pick your nose with, how many squares of toilet paper you use to wipe your butt with, they will know if you prefer showers over baths or visa versa!
They will know what your hobby’s are and what your interests are, and because of that knowledge they know you PERSONALLY even though you know nothing about them!

7. Police sting operatives and their civilian operatives NEVER just target ONE PERSON, if they target any person then you can bet their targeting everyone that one person is close to, such as friends and family!

If their target has a wife, then the operatives will try to recruit the targets spouse into the operation, that is usually accomplished via an affair, operatives will wine and dine the targets spouse, operatives will give your wife a flat tire while she is shopping for grocery’s and you are at work and unable to help your wife!

The operatives will offer to help your wife by getting your wife’s tire fixed for your wife and will wine and dine your wife at a restaurant while the tire is getting fixed!

So sting operatives will cause disasters for the targets spouse and will act like the knights in shinning armor that are there to help your spouse!

By using such tactics the operatives can over time win over your spouse into an affair, and if it reaches that point then your spouse is no longer on your side and will lie for the operatives!

8. If the target has children then the targets children will also be targeted by children of the operatives, if the targets children cannot be recruited by the operatives into the sting then the targets children will be victimized by the operatives at school!

The targets children will get into fights more regularly, of which are completely provoked by the operatives children, all for the purpose of framing the targets children as “Problem Children” and the school system will kick the children out of school and order the parents to put the child on a prescription of which the school system insists on before the child can go back to school!

For all intents and purposes the sting operatives have used their power of influence at your children’s school to destroy the targets child’s life and to slowly poison off the children using prescriptions!

If the sting operation succeeds in recruiting the targets spouse AND the targets children into the sting then you can bet the target WILL be framed as a pedophile, that is a given!

Sting operatives have used the tactics of using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame/blame/vilify their targets for several decades and have used those photogenic photo’s they take and vilify their targets in newspapers and on TV news stations and on news websites, their used to using that tactic!

So if they recruit the targets wife and children into the sting then they can easily frame their target as a pedophile!

They will have operatives dressed like their target and will pose naked with the targets children all for PHOTOGENIC PHOTO purposes and they will take side shots and back shots of the DOUBLE using PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S, and then they just have the targets spouse and the targets children back up false accusations on the target!

9. Police sting operatives and their civilian operatives don’t give a damn about the law, nor do they give a damn about the courts, for them it’s all about controlling people’s perceptions of things/events!

Sting operatives focus on making their target look as bad as possible to everyone, and they take their time at it, and once they have their target vilified and the majority of people PERCEIVE their target as a bad guy, then the sting operatives can get away with anything they want to do to their target!

They can railroad their target into prison, or they can outright murder off their target, and NO ONE COMPLAINS about it because everyone is under the impression the target is a bad guy and deserved it!

10. The whole system is corrupt, courts are corrupt, police are corrupt, their civilian operatives are corrupt, lying is second nature to people in law enforcement, their organized and have been so for many decades and pretty much operate like a cult, and each and every one of them lie for one another, and to give you an example of the type of people they are, they will look you in the face and smirk at you while standing next to several of their cop buddy’s and outright lie to you in front of other officer’s and will smirk while doing it, and the other officer’s will smirk as well to make it known to you their liars and don’t give a damn if you know it!

That’s the type of people law enforcement and their civilian operatives are, they never give a damn if anyone finds out their corrupt and frame and murder people, as a matter of fact, they deliberately make it known to their victims because they want their victim to get angry and fight back!

Because that’s the moment the cops just open fire on their targets and will use their power of influence to have local news media vilify you for the next several years and will label you as mentally ill and will use that false label to justify killing their target!

Every town in America has had incidents where cops have either open fired on unarmed people killing them and labeling murdered victims mentally ill to justify the homicide or have battered to death people that were unarmed and labeled the murdered victims mentally ill and used that as a justification!

When this happens news media immediately jumps on the side of police and allows police to give THEIR side of the story to defend themselves and to give police a way to declare to people their justified, without ever standing trial, FOR ANYTHING!

This is how most people targeted by sting operatives meet their fate,their battered to death by cops or their shot to death by cops, either way the target never gets recognized as a victim by the system, and police and news media use their combined influence to justify the homicide by vilifying/mentalfying their victim so no one will care or complain!

Actually most people authority’s target get railroaded into prison, but the select few people that are targets that become aware their being framed/targeted by organized people usually get murdered off by authority’s, and authority’s get away with it by vilifying their target, by having operatives that are not in the police force to back up allegations on the target, and by using their power of influence combined with the influence of news media to control HOW PEOPLE PERCEIVE the killing!

Terry Wagar

Covert Fascism In America!

During WW2 we in America had an understanding of what we were fighting in WW2, we were fighting Fascism.

Our US government spent millions of dollars in ads and movie theater shorts explaining the war to the American people, and Hollywood joined in on the “education” of Fascism explaining how the Nazi’s took control of Germany and how the Nazi’s CONTROLLED the German people via PROPAGANDA and by FEAR!

We were told by our system in America that the Nazi’s created a atmosphere of fear amongst the German people, so much so that the German people, at the drop of a hat, would point fingers at their neighbors and brand them and label them as criminals!

The German Nazi’s used this fear as a way of keeping the Germans loyal to the Nazi’s out of fear, and the devoted Nazi people had no qualms at pointing fingers at people that would literally end up getting their doors kicked down by SS officer’s and they would be taken away, never to be seen again!

Nazi’s wanted to control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and used fear and punishment as a way of gaining control of a entire nation and it’s people!

Lets face it, the fucking Nazi’s were OPENLY FASCIST and did not try to hide it and did not give a damn if anyone knew it!

Now compare that knowledge of the Fascist Nazi Germans of WW2 to our situation here in the USA in 2014,,,,, is the USA now Fascist as well?

Yes it is, is it openly Fascist? No it is not, the USA government and it’s brown nosing news media tries very hard to hide it from people, and how do they get away with it?

The US government of 2014 gets away with it the SAME WAY the Nazi Germans got away with it during WW2!


That’s how all Fascist corrupt country’s get away with it, through propaganda!

That term “propaganda” was used and said extensively by people in the US before and during WW2, everyone in the states had heard the term before and could tell you in a short sentence what it means!

It means by laymen terms back in the day, “The Nazi’s lie to the German people to control them and to get their backing in the wars the Nazi’s wanted!” so back in the 1930’s and early 1940’s this was a well understood fact!

What was not well understood by the average Americans during WW2 were some “Good Example’s” of the lies the Nazi’s would tell the German people!

The reason the US government explained to the American people the fact that Nazi Germany lies to it’s people to justify unjustifiable wars without explaining to the American people some EXAMPLES as to the lies the Nazi’s told is this, because the US government use’s the same type of lies to control the American people!

The German people were constantly lied to by the Nazi’s, constantly, they were told all kinds of lies that turned the German people against the Nazi’s enemies and by repeating the lies and by adding more lies as time pasted the Nazi’s was able to gain the support of it’s people to gear up and go for and be for war!

The same practice goes on today in America by the US government, only the US government is much better at hiding their Fascism than the Nazi’s were!

The US government creates corporations, millions of them, and news press company’s are a part of the corporations the US government creates, and because of the hundreds of thousands of different news press agency’s their are in America the US government has succeeded in tricking the American people “Competition” with press agency’s when in fact there is no “REAL” competition at all.

The US government runs and controls ALL news media outlets and deliberately tries to create the impression that their all privately owned and therefore they compete with one another!

The truth is yes they are owned privately, but that does not change the fact that all press agency’s are pressured by the government into printing ONLY the story’s that the government APPROVES of, which means if there is something the government wants NOTHING said about, then no news agency will report it!

During WW2 it was a lot easier for the Nazi’s to control information because back then people ONLY got news from newspapers or from radio’s or from word of mouth, and the Fascist Nazi’s controlled all the newspapers and radio stations in Germany!

In America it is a LOT HARDER for the US government to hide EVERYTHING it does, so when the US government gets caught from time to time word DOES get out, only because the US government has so much control over all major media word of the US governments wrong doings does not get very far!

So the US government is in a constant state of “Damage Control” when it comes to sensitive information that the government does not want leaked out to the masses!

I can tell you for a fact the US government can give a rats ass if a “Few” people catch the government in any wrong doing, because the US government easily blocks such information from going wife-spread!

If you think the internet “exposes” the US government making it transparent then you must be one of the people the US government propaganda has worked on!

The internet BELONGS to the government, ALL ISP providers are run and controlled by the US government, and they can block anything they want via their own ISP SEVERS the same way YOU would block a ad or a virus by using software!

People in America that are true witnesses to serious wrong-doings by the US government DO NOT have a voice and have no way of warning people!

The US government use’s their mastery over the internet to pick and choose WHO gets say in things and WHO gets drowned out and ignored!

Misinformation is abundant on the internet, which is ALL governments favorite way of not only tricking people into believing in something the government WANTS them to believe in, but also to drown out anyone that is telling thew truth!

I will give you an example of misinformation the government spews out!

Truth, In the USA in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Sting Operations were a craze in America and TV networks and Hollywood movies were trying to GLORIFY Sting Operations just like they glorify any other type of “Cop” show!

The TV series “Mission Impossible” in the late 1960’s and the Hollywood movie the “Sting” with Robert Redford and I think Paul Newman as example’s!

(I have not seen that movie “Sting” since the 1970’s, hard for me to remember id Paul Newman starred in it or not.)

Now after the invention and use of the internet became wide spread and common the US government decided they need to dumb people down on police sting operations, so the US government invented all new terms that people can use to describe the deeds and actions of a sting operation WITHOUT blaming authority’s for it!

The US government invented the terms “Gang-stalking” and “Cause-stalking” to describe to describe the sting operations so the government can hide and conceal their sting operations from the masses, and since the government wants to discredit victims of sting operations as witnesses and wants to make victims look Goofy as hell they encourage victims to refer to themselves to others as “TI’s” and the US government and participating governments all over the world are “Pushing” people into using those terms to describe their problems!

I got news for you, sting operations BY authority’s have been going on for many many decades, and news media covers up most sting operations FOR authority’s which is why most people are ignorant of sting operations!

Because of the popularity of the internet your US Fascist government felt the need to better hide and suppress their police STING OPERATIONS by popularizing ALL NEW TERMS that describes the deeds and actions WITHOUT EVER POINTING A FINGER AT FASCIST POLICE!

That is a great example of propaganda spread by our very USA government, and the vast majority of websites on the internet in regards to “Gang-stalking” is actually government funded propaganda websites that are not there to help anyone, their there to make victims that go to such websites look mentally ill and to further discredit real victims by association!

There is a REASON most websites that talk about Gang-stalking ALSO talk about “brain-waves” and “Voice-to-Skill” and may even throw in a couple of UFO sitings as well, they do this so they can make visitors look bad in court so that your GOVERNMENT can discredit you as a witness and by filling your head with lies if you go to court for whatever reason you simply will NOT be believed!

Now I am not trying to say that people that fell for those tactics are stupid, because their not, not at all, are they gullible? Yes, but that’s not their fault either, the reason is because EVERYONE in the USA from the day their born are subject to non-stop and constant lies from the government and by news media!

As a child growing up each and everyone reading this has been lied to their whole lives by their government and by their news media, and your parents were also lied to THEIR whole lives as well, and because you and your parents grew up in a Fascist country that constantly lies and constantly reinforces the belief that you are supposed to TRUST your government and to give your government the benefit of the doubt on issues regarding whatever, just remember it was your government, and your news media, your TV shows, your school systems, that indoctrinated you in NOT QUESTIONING YOUR GOVERNMENT and to BLINDLY TAKE IT AT IT’S WORD!

Now is that YOUR fault? NO it is not, did we in WW2 fault the German people for their ignorance in backing the openly Fascist Nazi’s? NO we did not, it was the Nazi’s that were at fault with their non-stop propaganda, and in America today it is the US governments fault that it use’s propaganda to control the Americans much the same way the Nazi’s did it during WW2, by constant propaganda!

I will give you another example of American propaganda!

Were you told people in other country’s living in caves are responsible for the 9-11 tragedy’s?

I have news for you, ONLY the US government practiced crashing full-sized airplanes via remote control BEFORE the 9-11 attacks occurred!

1985 the US government practiced crashing DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of full-sized commercial airplanes via remote control until they MASTERED it to the point where they could crash planes with PRECISE PRECISION!

See for yourself!

After the US government perfected their crashing of full-sized airplanes via remote control your US government, in particularly the FBI and it’s sting operatives STAGED bombings in the parking garage of the World Trade Centers just to frame their enemy’s with the blame because the 9-11 attacks and subsequent wars following it were already planned out by the US government!

After the US staged a terrorist attack in the garage of the World Trade Center in early 1990’s the US government began silently preparing for war!

It took several years for your government to covertly prepare for their planned war in the middle east, SEVERAL YEARS!

After the government is geared up for war and the American people are unaware the US government planned the war by gearing up for it first, the US government stages yet another terrorist attack, only now their flying full-sized American airplanes that belong to America into the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon, all of it was a ruse by our government just so the government can fake justifying a unjust war with the middle east!

Federal government, via remote control, crashed two planes into the World Trade Center, and the news media, being the trained organized Fascists that they are, immediately kick in and give immediate blame to the US governments enemy’s!

The Fascist FBI plant phoney passports on the scene in order to frame/blame foreign terrorists when the whole operation was done by the federal government and by the US military and by the organized paid to lie news media!

It all did not go off without a hitch, they had problems, some reporters were reporting that the building 7 collapsed BEFORE it actually collapsed, because that’s what was on the televised news reporters teleprompter to say to the people!

There were a lot of errors the US government and the news media committed that more or less reveals the fact the attacks were staged and planned out by the US government and that news media was on board to spin the lies to people about who is responsible and so forth!

When building seven collapsed it was very obvious to people it was a controlled demolition, and news media angrily denied that fact because they were at first told by government to hide that fact, but as more and more people witnessed the collapse of building seven and realizing not a single plane had hit the building, there was just no logical way the government nor the news media can hide the fact it was a planned demolition!

On video you can see explosive charges going off INSIDE the building exploding outward right before the building falls!

It was a controlled demolition!

So after several months of lying about it, people involved in the demolition finally admitted that yes it was a demolition!

The owner of building seven admitted that building seven was “Pulled” by the fire department!

Now ask yourself, why would the US government and your news media try to HIDE the fact that building seven, the building next to the World Trade Center, was ALREADY RIGGED to be “Pulled” before the 9-11 attack?

Now ask yourself, why did the news reporters try to hide the fact the building was rigged to go down with explosives, and why did the fire department withhold the fact that they “Pulled” building seven until after several months go by?

On the day of 9-11 everything your news media and your government told you that day was propaganda!

The whole terrorist attack was staged by the US government and it is your news media, the same news media you wake up to each and every day and listen to as you eat your breakfast in the morning, that LIED TO YOU!


Your government, our government, will kill thousands of Americans lives in order to justify killing mi9llions and millions of foreigners in order to take further Fascist control over this world we all live on, and your news media, the people you trust to tell what’s going on, is putting the blinds over your eyes to hide and conceal the Fascist murders it commits!

Were you told people were on those planes that crashed into the World Trade Center by your news media? they lied!

The planes were empty and were flown by the military off of military air fields and were flown via remote control into those buildings!

Your FBI agency has the Fascist power to create identity’s out of thin air, they do it all the time when they want to hide their sting operatives, they use that power under the pretense that their “Protecting Witnesses” to crimes and want to conceal those witnesses!

Well guess what, your government, our government, by deliberate design, is allowed to create as many “Identity’s” for whatever reason it wants to, and it does not admit to this publicly and neither does news media, don’t change the fact they do it all the time!

So what it boils down to is our Fascist government exorcized it’s Fascist power to stage/commit crimes for the purpose of blaming itr’s enemy’s all to justify a war it wanted and practiced for and geared up for, and it’s brown nosing propaganda spewing news media told all the lies the Fascist government wanted it to tell the sheep mentality of the masses, and FBI used it’s sting operatives to stage bombings and to plant evidence all for the purpose of framing/vilifying the US governments enemy’s in the eyes of the easily manipulated masses of America!

Now because of the US government and it’s news media staged these terrorists attacks to justify a war, and because news media put a HUGE non-stop spin on everything and constantly lied and lied and lied and just never stopped backing up their lies,,,,,,,,, HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF THAT PROPAGANDA?

We all know during WW3 the Nazi Germans were the “Bad guys!” during WW2, but did you ever ask yourself the question, maybe the German people themselves believed they were the “Good Guys” in ww2 because THEY were told they were by their Nazi government!

Could it be that the Germans during WW2 were just as controlled and manipulated as we in America are today?



And your news media wanted to to forget that part during and after 9-11!

The USA and it’s government is Fascist! it does not admit it is Fascist, well neither did the Nazi Germans, they never admitted their Fascist either, until they LOST THE WAR!

Nazi German was openly Fascist and in a hurry over it during WW2, The US government is more Covertly Fascist because it tries harder to hide it!

Do you deem yourself a loyal American> Do you blindly take the word of your government even when it is caught in outright lies? Does your government want you and your neighbors living in fear? Does your government use that fear to garner more control over your lives as well as your neighbors?

Just so you know, Hitler and the Nazi’s staged terrorist type bombings and blamed their enemy;’s for it to justify launching their WW on other country’s, and Hitler and the Nazi’s spent several years GEARING UP for WW2 before they staged terrorist bombings in Germany to justify launching a war?

One last thing, Fascist country’s deliberately and intentionally make history class in school the most BORING class in school, the reason for that is because if you knew history, then you would know Fascist country’s always gear up for war and when their ready for war THEN they stage an attack on themselves in order to blame their enemy’s and ti justify GOING TO WAR!

The more you know!

Terry Wagar

What You Can Expect If You Become Targeted By A Sting Operation!

If you get targeted by a local police/sheriff sting operation then here is what you can expect to happen!

Sting operatives will take over the surrounding area surrounding your home.apartment in order to CONTROL the area for their operations and to surround you with operatives that can testify against you in court because of how near they are to you as neighbors!

They will recruit your wife/spouse into an affair, cops/sheriff’s ARE WOMANIZERS and have no qualms turning your family against you behind your back!

If your wife cheats on you with a sting operative then she now is guilty of criminal conspiracy, and since she is cheating on you with the STING OPERATIVES you can bet she will help them to frame you and to set you up!

They will use slander tactics defaming you behind your back in order to gain support from others to lie for them, as well as to isolate you from any form of help/support from others by vilifying you behind your back!

They will tell people your a pedophile and a rapist and that your a drug user and they will tell people your under “investigation” and to not tell him about it, so word about you will spread but no one will tell you about it!

They will poison your foods, if they recruited your wife into an affair then sting operatives will tell her and teach her HOW to slowly poison you to death!

They do not want to outright kill you so the dosages will be small, enough to make you ill and appear sickly to others, and the sting operatives will label you as a drunk and as a drug user during their poisoning phase!

They poison their victims to keep their victims debilitated, to further isolate their target from help by debilitating their target, and since they already vilified their target they will just start making accusations that their poisoned victim is a drug user and or a drunk!

Sting operatives regularly use DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame their victims, and since they control the surrounding area where you live by shear numbers they will just dress up like you and stage/commit crimes while dressed like you and their partners will document it by taking photogenic photo’s of the double, taking side shots and back shots, and they have every intention of using those photogenic photo’s against their target behind the targets back, and they will use those photogenic photo’s on news websites and in news papers to vilify you if you become incarcerated!

They are building a case against you, it is personal on their part, they treat framing people and poisoning people like it is a sport!

If you have children then the sting operatives children will try to befriend your children at school, the operatives children will try to set up your children at school, so sting operations are literally an attack on entire family’s many times!

So while you are vilified behind your back and being poisoned by your cheating wife that6 is being coached by the operatives, your own children will be targeted at school by the operatives children and will be bullied,picked on, terrorized, get into fights repeatedly, get into trouble because of it, and it’s all being done so that authority’s can point you and your family out as a trouble family and claim in court you and your family have a HISTORY of getting into trouble!

Sting operatives enjoy building a false history on their targets, they want to portray their targets as monsters to others, so they take their time in setting up their victims!

If your wife recruits your children into the sting operation then THEY WILL FRAME YOU AS A PEDOPHILE! They have your wife and children turned against you behind your back then they WILL frame you as a pedophile, if they try to recruit your children and they do not join into it then they will be targeted, poisone4d, labeled mentally ill by school counselors, ordered by schools to go on prescriptions, and they will use those medications to destroy the children’s memory’s, and authority’s will forever label that child mentally ill to discredit the child forever as a witness!

If you uncover their sting operation, if you try to warn people your being stalked and that you suspect your wife of sleeping around with cops, THEN they will flat out poison you with intent of wanting you dead immediately!

Police/sheriff’s/troopers/FBI do not want people knowing how they frame and set up people and do not want people to know anything about their tactics, news media goes out of it’s way to hide and conceal police sting tactics!

No one takes complaints on sting operations! NO ONE! Anyone that tries to complain about sting operations usually end up dead or battered to death by police,labeled mentally ill, are never afforded a public opportunity to defend themselves otr their names and reputations!

If a victim of a sting operation gets incarcerated then that victim is NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN and will never be afforded the opportunity to publicly deny a charge and never afforded the opportunity to defend their name and reputation!

Sting operatives and police and news media will vilify the hell out of you while your incarcerated and will use their DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S they took to further vilify you on news websites and in newspapers!

ONLY law enforcement is welcome by news media to tell THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY!Victims of sting operations are never afforded the opportunity to deny the bull-crap made up allegations by organized trained liars that are paid by the state to frame and murder off people!

Because of the sheep like mentality most people have, you will automatically be viewed guilty without there ever being a trial just because police and news media SAY your guilty, that’s how gullible most people are, which is why sting operations get away with these types of crimes all the time!

Is this enough to deem your local authority’s as organized terrorists?!?!

One more thing, throughout the entire process of a sting operation the sting operatives have you under illegal video surveillance within your own home, that includes your bathroom and bedroom, and nine times out of ten if you are renting an apartment then your apartment manager is involved in the sting and is probably spying on you inside your home for the authority’s, most females that get into sexual affairs with cops usually get jobs as apartment managers, because they are literally life time civilian sting operatives FOR police and assist police in framing/murdering off people using sting tactics!

Terry Wagar