I Have To Post On INTERPOL’s Facebook Page Just To Prove I am Reporting Crime!

In my long search for help over my wife and her side of the family’s murder conspiracy I am forced to report crimes publicly just to prove I am reporting crimes because police admit in writing they cover up all my calls for help!



So today I posted on INTERPOL’s Facebook page a brief story of my circumstances with admissible evidence of my wife and her side of the family as well as proof police and hospital’s are covering up my calls for help and are denying me emergency services to cover up the poisonings my ex wife is guilty of.

Here are screenshots of my posts on INTERPOL’s Facebook page. my story is near the top.




So here is proof I am reporting organized poisoners and corrupt sting operations to INTERPOL whether they like it or not.

I am under the impression that police have hacked my Facebook account which would explain why I get ads with single women when I open Facebook.

Here is a copy of the story I posted on INTERPOL’s Facebook page!


Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizing with other people’s wives and are giving those woman permission to poison off spouses for life insurance money’s!

Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police and county sheriff’s are gang-stalking and terrorizing people they want dead and are staging crimes using doubles and are using photogenic photo’s of those doubles raping children to frame innocent people as pedophiles!

Police and sheriff’s brag to their girlfriends and whores they poison people and they frame people as pedophiles using doubles and they brag they use flyers to publicly pedofy their victims and they brag pedofying people gets people killed!

Under the pretense of sting operations police/sheriff’s/state police/FBI are taking over apartments that surround their target and they stage crimes using doubles and they record crimes committed by officer’s dressed as their target on photogenic photo’s and also use fuzzy video surveillance in order to frame their targets for crimes and to build cases against their targets.

They may also poison off their target by entering targets home when the targets are away out of their apartment and police will poison their targets coffee pot reservoir and will do this knowing it will be the target that makes the pot of coffee and then gets poisoned!

Police cover up the poisonings by interfering with the target getting help at the hospital, police will confront the targets doctor in the hallway at the hospital and will repeatedly label their target a “Bad Guy” until the doctor gets the hint to not help the patient and to not take a toxicology test!

After my wife and her gang-stalkers buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement battered my mother using a double and poisoned my mother and father and police covered up my mother’s 911 call my wife and her lover’s/buddy’s in law enforcement murdered my father and then they coached our oldest daughter to falsely label me as a pedophile and they did that publicly so no one would care if I am murdered!


Police officer writes my wife a love letter and he admits he calls my wife Mrs Dash in it because he gave her permission to be a poisoner!


My wife admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary!


My wife tries to cover her but lying in a denial letter over her affair with a cop and lying denying she is a poisoner, her daughter was pregnant by one of the cops she names in that denial letter!


My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!


OHSU hospital covers up the fact my wife is a poisoner by ignoring the symptoms of poisoning and refuses to take a toxicology test and fakes not knowing what’s wrong with me!



OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!



Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!


Terry Wagar


I have to report crimes publicly since local authority’s cover up my 911 calls and deny me emergency services!

Terry Wagar


2 thoughts on “I Have To Post On INTERPOL’s Facebook Page Just To Prove I am Reporting Crime!

  1. Craig says:

    I would appreciate speaking to you in regard to similar experience I’ve had since moving to Portland, Oregon
    Can i contact you via Facebook?


    • Police/sheriff’s sting operatives used their power of influence to close my Facebook account as well as my twitter account to silence me from contacting people via the internet!

      They also delete any comments I make via my Youtube account as well but they leave my Youtube account open in case I catch cops again on video committing crimes, cops like the idea of leaving THAT account open so that they can edit and change any video/audio evidence I upload to that account!

      My best advise is get out of Portland Oregon, and there is safety in numbers so stay in contact with family and friends you trust!

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