Detective Sting OP Puts A Knife To My Throat!

I have been a victim of an ongoing sting operation/murder conspiracy ever since my wife began having affairs with cops/sting operatives!
My wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson and his partners/superiors in law enforcement were in the year 2007 trying to set me up for a murder of a female child, and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder admitting to it!

Recently in 2016 I was surrounded by plain clothed sting operatives that were in an organized attack were harassing me and I called them out on it and reminded them I know about the murder they were trying to set me up for in 2007!

A black female that is one of these sting operatives approached me with intent of tricking me into a hand-to-hand exchange and I refused, and she used this as her excuse to pick a verbal fight!

This bitch walked away after I stood up to her, and her army of sting operatives that were on the other side of the bushes began laughing, so I pulled out my Gopro camera to record the harassment!

After I explained what happened I PUT MY CAMERA BACK IN MY COAT POCKET BUT I LEFT IT RUNNING, and this sting op came back and sneaked up behind me and put a knife to my throat!

She admits their trying to frame me for ANOTHER murder, this time for the murder of a boy! I told you people sting operatives are murderers and they don’t even bother to hide their guilt!