Joan Wagar A,K,A Mrs Dash RESPONDS To My CAomplants On My Youtube Channel!

Joan Wagar, the poisonous whor5e that works for the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s RESPONDS to my Youtube channel on the comments section!

In typical fashion she taunts her victims just like the police and sheriff’s taught her to and to attack my character because that’s how cops cover their asses by attacking their victims character!

Joan Wagar Responds To My Youtube Channel 1



Joan Wagar Responds To My Youtube Channel 2

The fucking bitch!

Terry Wagar

Vlog Catching Cops Directing Children To Hang Out In Front Of My Home And To Male Pedophile Accusations!

Today is 04-29-2014 and once aga9in the Portland police bring a bunch of their girlfriends brats over to my apartment building and are coaching those children to go near my apartment and to yell out “PEDO!” accusations and to scream it while they run away, and then they come right back and repeat the process over and over again, and I once again am documenting the process and catching them in the act!

Terry Wagar

This Is Why People In America Go Postal! Why Do Planes Crash In Buildings!

Everyone has heard of people going postal it’s on the TV news all the time, what people do not know is why people go postal and your news reporters and your policing agency’s do their very best to HIDE THE REASONS WHY!

The USA is a Fascist country, it’s police agency’s with it’s many thousands and thousands of organized trained killers and trained liars that are trained to harass people and to stalk people and to stage crimes under the pretense of doing sting operations and these trained officer’s recruit their friends and r4elatives and their girlfriends into sting operations FOR police agency’s, and what do they do? They target people!

Everyone knew the German people during WW2 were controlled by a Fascist government that spewed out non-stop propaganda (government lies) to control it’s civilian population with lies and fear to justify itself in the eyes of it’s citizenry, well it’s no different in 2014 in the USA right now!

The US government is openly Fascist and organizing people into “sting operations” for the purpose of framing and killing off people, and these sting operations have no qualm recruiting civilians into sting operations thus they are and by definition civilian operatives, and they spend several months to several years targeting people that government want framed/murdered/made an example of, and those poor victims are endlessly targeted and attacked and ganged up on and bullied and poisoned and there is no one such a victim can call for help to report these crimes!

Some people in high schools are known to go postal, but no one asks the question “why?” and news media has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER in looking into it, the reason is because some students, just like some adults, get targeted by the system, and when that happens then that one individual gets ganged up on by people within the system, and no one else working in the system wil take a complaint on it, and because of this established Fascism in America the system has experience targeting and harassing and terrorizing their victims AND experience covering up their victims complaints!

So when the never ending harassment and bullying and terrorizing never stops and never lets up and there is no one the target can turn to for help they just get to a point where THEY DON’T CARE ANY MORE AND THEY WANT REVENGE AND JUSTI9CE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER WAY!

When a individual gets ganged up on by bragging people in government and when that person tries to complain he/she discovers no one cares and IGNORES the organized crimes being carried out on that person, and they become so disillusioned with their government and with their community’s that they jus5 don’t give a fuck any more and it becomes an issue of t5hat one person needing to act in self defense against their oppressors/terrorizers!

Does it ever occur to people that the system is corrupt and always has been and is filled to the brim with people that lie for one another? did it ever occur to people that in such a Fascist country where everyone is controlled by non-stop propaganda that the organized people working within the system can terrorize people in the name of sting operations until their target reaches a point of committing suicide or going postal?

Did it ever occur to people that the very Fascist people in law enforcement that run and organize sting operations have children too and that t5hose children learn from their parents how to terrorize people and how to frame people and how to make a persons life a living hell?

Cops children are never publicly charged with crimes, schools do not punish cops children, did you know that? Do you know why? because it’s the cops that run this country and they are trained paid liars and lie all the time and are paid to lie by the government, especially when it has to do with their job, so police and people closely connected to police including their own children HAVE NO FEAR OF PROSECUTION!

Go watch the movie the Punisher and remind yourselves that sometimes lone individuals can be the good guys while organized criminals working together to murder people can and are bad guys, remind yourselves that when individuals that are being ganged up on need to stand up for themselves, especially when their ganged up on!

If you watch a movie where 9 dudes are gang-raping a women and some dude comes to the rescue and beats up those nine men and even kills them, would you deem that postal? NO YOU WOULD NOT! you would deem the person a Hero standing up to a bunch of assholes!

Well when police organize sting operations and recruit civilians into those operations and target specific people and their targets are being framed, harassed,poisoned, defamed,slandered,terrorized, non-stop by sting operatives and their target fights back by giving them WHAT THEY DESERVE then the Fascist system we have in p-lace kicks in with the propaganda immediately to cover up the sting operation AND to discredit the person that went postal as a witness by labeling the person mentally ill!

Go watch the first IRON MAN movie and remind yourselves that in the USA it is common knowledge the rich and powerful have no problem and no qualms getting fifty people to back up lies in writing in order to cover up a government interest operation! It’s so common in America that the system lies and has thousands of buddy’s and girlfriends that will lie at the drop of a hat to cover up covert operations, and slandering their target with accusations along with labeling their victim mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses is common practice in America!

Here is information about police sting operations, some you might know, others I am sure you do not know, prostitution stings are one of the most commonly known stings along with drug bust stings, in prostitution stings police will take over an entire motel for their operations WITH the knowledge of the motel owner/manager and employees and will set up anyone that enters the property and pays female officer’s and even their civilian girlfriends to pose a prostitutes in order to frame people as Johns!

In police drug bust stings police will take over a whole street in order to control the area for their operations and will pose as drug dealers while their teenaged children will set up their buddy’s in the sting by bringing their buddy’s to that street and will talk to the officer’s pretending to be drug dealers, they entrap/frame a lot of people this way, and everyone that lives on that street knows full well police are controlling that street and are deliberately framing people for faked drug deals!

But wait there’s more! police sting operations also target specific people as well, and when they do they do what they always do, they take control of the surrounding area by renting the apartments surrounding their target in order to control the area for their operations, once they have their target surrounded they simply start staging crimes near their targets home and will dress up like their target in order to frame their target and will document these staged crimes using photogenic photo’s from the sides and from the back since they ARE using a double NOT an exact twin!

If cops teenaged children have it out for someone in their school then police grant their children permission to target that student and police coached and teach their teenaged children how to pester and harass and how to slander and how to even frame their target, so cops teenaged children are recruited into the cops lifestyle of targeting people!

All teachers are a part of the government and kiss the cops butts and will not punish a cops teenaged son for slandering of another student and will instead cover up that complaining students complaints and will label that student mentally ill!Would that piss you off if they did that to you or to your children? WOULD IT?

Police do not stop there, almost everything they do nowadays they do under the pretense of a sting operation, police are allowed and permitted to lie and to commit crimes and to recruit civilians into sting operations, so under that pretense police are free to organize criminal conspiracy’s against their targets and to organize others against their targets and they never have to admit to it even if they are under oath because the government allows them and permits them to maintain covert operations AS covert so they do not get punished for lying AT ALL!

Because they are granted all these Fascist powers to target people and to harass people and to terrorize people and to stage crimes and to fake crimes and to recruit civilians into these sting operations their pretty much free to do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT WITH NO FEAR OF PROSECUTION and they make their targets lives a LIVING FUCKING HELL BECAUSE OF IT AND THEY SMIRK WHILE DOING IT!

Now when some poor sap gets targeted by these organized paid operatives and by their buddy’s and girlfriends and fights back in any fashion shape or form that person immediately gets labeled postal by the government and by the news media and the propaganda machine kicks in spitting out tons of lies to cover up the sting that was harassing the person and to destroy the persons name and reputation as well as that persons reputation to discredit that person as a witness!

Anyone that supposedly goes postal is never afforded to opportunity to explain their actions on TV and news media never tells people what the accused plead to and the person is never at any time given the opportunity to explain anything they did, instead we get the FBI giving THEIR explanation as to why the person went postal, and all the FBI does is label that person mentally ill and leaves it at that!

Sting operations organize people and those people gang up on people like a Fascist goon squad, and when their terrorized victims have had enough of their shit they go get a gun and give those fuckers what they deserve, and the Fascist government covers up the Fascist sting operation and protects it by labeling their terrorized traumatized fed-up victim as mentally ill for FIGHTING BACK!

Your government does not want people to think for themselves and to rationalize events for themselves, they want the American people to just turn on their TV’s and let the Fascists tell you what the events mean and to take THEIR word on everything, your Fascist government will spew any lie to cover for it’s own Fascism, your Fascist government wants you to think that people living in caves can mastermind attacks on America, your government wants you to think airports were not secure and that people with box cutters took control of several planes and crashed them into buildings for an attack!

Your Fascist American government does not want people to know that the US government plans out terrorist attacks in order to gain more Fascist power from fear of the American people, your government does not want people to use their memory and to remember that in 1984-1985 the US government practiced crashing hundreds of full-sized airplanes by remote control!


So I know damn full well those plane crashing on 911 were remote controlled by our very government and the attack was staged by the government so it could justify invading several country’s and to justify further expanded Fascist powers within the US itself, and it’s Fascist Allies joined in on the Fascist bandwagon and helped the USA to invade other country’s under the pretense of fighting terrorists!

Google full sized airplanes crashed 1984-1985 and look it up for yourselves, your government is Fascist and practiced using full sized airplanes as weapons in 1994-1985 and your news media is faking a huge memory loss on those crash testing your government did!



Portland Police Are Known To Change Out License Plates On Unmarked Cars!

The Portland police use unmarked black cars in their bullshit investigations and are known to change out license plates on those vehicles!

Portland Police Already Known To Change License Plates On Unmarked Police Cars!

So what does that tell you when cops brag to me on audio death threats they put in my home and they break in when doing that!

And after that I catch these Portland cops on video in plain cloths hanging around my doorway at 5:45 am and their armed with guns and recording devices and they have black cars of theirs in my parking lot and one of them reads on the .license plate “SAYLVU” on it!

The Portland police are organized murderers that operate under the pretense of sting operations and they gang-stalk their targets and terrorize their targets and poison their targets and they brag on death threats they put in their targets h0me and they flaunt their criminal ways and intent to murder with l.license plate “SAYLVU” advertising to their victims their intent to MURDER!

I am still to this day trying to find help and no fucking agency of any kind with TAKE A COMPLAINT FROM ME!

Terry Wagar

Pocatello Police Department Flaunts Their Fascism On Their Own Webpages And Wants It’s Citizens To Fear Them!

Victims of crime in Pocatello are not welcome to report crimes to police on their crime tip webpage, victims of crimes wanting to report crime tips are met with this image when they go to the crime tip page!

Fascist Pocatello Police Flaunt Their Fascism On Their Website!

Now that image sure does not portray the Pocatello police as nice people now does it, it portrays them as shoot first and smirk about it later and shows how cocky police are in terms of their powers.

So why on Earth do they WANT this picture on their crime tip page unless they WANT people to fear them and to NOT report crimes!

Pocatello police are using this picture to scare away people that WANT to report crimes!

You can go here to view their crime tip page for yourself.

Or you can view a screenshot of it here.

Pocatello Website Page Flainting Their Muerous Fascism!

Fascism all over the USA and our government run schools have people so dumbed down that they are unable to recognize Fascism when it’s right in front of their faces!

Terry Wagar

Police/sheriff’s Poison Off Witnesses To Their Crimes Using Water Filtration Systems And Recruit Apartment Managers To Lie For Them!

I have been poisoned and publicly pedofied by the Portland pedo police department and by the Multnomah county pedo sheriff’s and by their civilian operatives and I am not their only victim and their attempts to murder me off are never ending and very blatant and I am surrounded by people that do not give a damn!

Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police are renting apartments surrounding mine and they have my oldest daughter and our apartment manager helping them to not only frame me for their crimes but also to slowly poison me off while they fill my home with paraphernalia!

I have lived in this apartment for three years, and the first day I moved into this apartment the apartment manager told me there was a broken garbage disposal under the kitchen sink that was on their repair list.

Recently in early 2014, three years later, and my health is deteriorated, I discover that so-called broken garbage disposal was actually a water filtration system not connected to the drain at all and was actually connected to the water tap lines!

So my wife’s f@@k buddy’s in law enforcement and our daughters and my brown nosing apartment manager were slowly poisoning me to death while they fill my home with paraphernalia!

More complaining from me!

Shawna Fills Home With Drug Parapgernilia

My daughter Shawna Wagar filling my home with drug paraphernalia while her f#$k buddy’s in law enforcement slowly poison me to death using a water filtration system under the kitchen sink connected to my water tap lines!

My daughter Shawna Wagar trying to get rid of evidence after I buy a cellphone and get video of all the paraphernalia she was filling my home with!

Portland Police Use Black Cars And Switch Out License Plates And Do Not Care Anyone Knows!

Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He and his buddy’s put in my home after they broke into my home! Their using sound board sounds to say “Goodbye” in multiple ways!
A black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” showed up parked in front of my apartment the same day I FOUND THEIR DEATH THREAT!

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar and their buddy’s in law enforcement had my apartment surrounded early in the morning and were waiting outside my doorway in ambush to murder me and I caught them in the act on video! they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals to communicate with one another! They are caught BACKING UP their death threats!

Officer Eric Carlson and his lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to my doorway!
They would have killed me if I had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized I was not coming out, my ex wife Joan Wagar continued to hide in ambush to shoot me if I did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position Joan Wagar stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting me to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Wagar/Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement as well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants me dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for me to step outside to shoot me!

Their audio death threat says “Goodbye” in multiple ways and here they are flaunting that death threat and caught backing up their death threat and they flaunt it with a black car parked near my apartment with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it so it’s no mystery as to WHO put the death threats in my apartment!

You can go here and see how local news covers up Portland police officer’s crimes and covers how the police use unmarked cars to harass and terrorize and stalk people and to give people death threats!

Police and news media fake investigations and use that term but it is nothing but air being blown out their butts, because police and news media already knows police use unmarked cars to harass and to terrorize their victims and to give death threats via unmarked cars with specialized license plates!

Any and all attempts to report their crimes is covered up and stonewalled and ignored by our Fascist system and Fascist news media!

Terry Wagar

I Just Gave My Two Cents On Local News Story Of Police Framing Innocent Man As A Bank Robber And After The Fact Police Murdered The Person!

Innocent man framed as a bank robber by police and then murdered by police.

In Portland Oregon local police and sheriff’s are corrupt and organize civilian operatives in framing/murdering people and it is common practice for police to use doubles to stage crimes to build false cases against their targets to make them look like bad guys and then to murder them!

Police use the same tactics of staging crimes using doubles, in this case bank robbery’s, and then murder the man when he visits his nearby library, and police and news media even tries hinting that the murdered victim is a pedophile even though NO ONE is even making that complaint!

It’s all about police and their civilian operatives doing and saying anything and everything they can to make their target appear to be a bad guy in order to justify the killing, and police and news media does this over and over and over again, they have a history of these murders!

I posted on this news webpage giving my two cents on the subject and local authority’s wasted no time at all in having a paid anonymous troll to harass me and to attack me repeatedly as a way of silencing decent and silencing witnesses by intimidation!

Terry Wagar

I Posted On This News Webpage Giving My Two Cents On A Woman Being Framed By Large Sting Operation And Police And Civilian Operatives Are Faking Deaths To Frame This Woman!

Police faking emergency’s and faking deaths to frame/entrap innocent people and news media backs up the lies police tell even though police admit they lied about it and staged everything!

This is pretty much how police framed OJ Simpson for double murders as well!

Police and news media as a organized group will fake events and stage events and even fake deaths to frame/entrap people and have no qualms admitting their lying about everything!

Terry Wagar