What Does It Feel Like To Be Poisoned And Debilitated And Surrounded By The Very People That Did It!

How does it feel to be poisoned by antifreeze? it feels like your dying! that’s what it feels like! Everything shuts down on you, you feel like your going to die!

You jeel a tingling sensation above your nose and between your eyes, as though someone punched you there and there is a painful tingling sensation, and then you notice you cannot walk normally, because you literally cannot balance!

Your not drunk, at all, but it is like being drunk in the sense that you cannot balance at all, and if you try to talk you discover that you cannot talk, you hear yourself trying to talk, but you are not making actual words.

It feels like your mouth is full of Novocaine from a dentist because you simply cannot form words, and your head hurts so much you can hardly think, and you cannot be far from a bathroom because it feels like you constantly have to pee, and that sensation never goes away!

Your stomach shuts down, and any food that you have in your stomach will just sit in there and rot, and as you breath you can smell and taste that rotting food in your stomach!

You cannot breath like you normally do, and as a matter of fact you will not want to fall asleep because of it, why? because if you fall asleep you will stop breathing and die, because to be poisoned with antifreeze messes you up so badly that all normal function of your body that you take for granted no longer work, and that includes breathing automatically!


I see why woman all over the world use antifreeze as poison to poison off their husbands because it is easy for woman to put antifreeze in drinks of their husbands and it’s easy to not notice it, my wife was poisoning my coffee with antifreeze and it was her lover a cop that told my wife to use antifreeze to poison me!

Do you think if you got a phone that you can call 911 and explain what is wrong? hell no! why? because you cannot talk, you cannot yell, you might be lucky to manage the word “Help.” but it will not sound like that word when you say it!

You will be for the most part bedriden and unable to do anything and the only time you will leave bed will be to go to the bathroom, and at ALL TIMES YOU ARE IN A TON OF PAIN THAT IS NOT EASILY EXPLAINED BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY HURT EVERYWHERE!

Once you are poisoned you are unable to throw up, all that advice you hear about with poisons such as commercials telling people to induce vomiting is great and all, but when your poisoned you cannot induce vomiting, you just collapse instead and suffer in severe agony!

My wife, after she poisoned me, instructed our daughters to avoid me, and they did, so I was for the most part alone in our apartment and had no one I could turn to for help, my wife debilitated me with poison, and my wife and our daughters avoided me and waited for me to die off!

It is a miracle that I survived this, if you can call it that, I don’t deem it a miracle, because there is no recovery of such a thing, I am permanently disfigured from being poisoned and permanently debilitated from it and I am to this very day in constant severe pain from it!

So to survive being poisoned by antifreeze does not mean I get my life back, it just means I’m not dead yet and that I am still suffering, and the suffering will continue until I am dead!

I had something explode inside of me while my wife was poisoning me, I do not know what, my hospital refused to do anything to help me because of my wife’s affair with a cop!

My doctor at first wanted to help me and knew I was poisoned, but them my wife’s lover and his bros from the police department showed up at the hospital and they had a brief chat with my doctor and they made it very clear to my doctor to not help me and to not take a toxicology test! my doctor never came back into my room again and it was another doctor that took over and she told me that my internal bleeding was a hernia, and this female doctor that replaced my other doxtor never did an examination and I knew she was lying since my first doctor said out in the hallway to the police that I was poisoned!

So due to police interference I never found out hat exploded inside of me, but to this very day I am unable to be active and have to sit most of the time to stem the internal bleeding or I will bleed to death internally!

I could not find help, I could barely manage to even say the word help, and I was always surrounded by people that did not care and did everything in their power to cover up the poisonings!

My wife, after poisoning me, publicly pedofied me with false pedophile accusations so that neighbors and people that knew us would not care or think of me as a victim and they even labeled me as a drunk and as a drug attic as a way of explaining to other people my deteriorated condition, and EVERYONE BELIEVED THEM AND NO ONE HAD THE DECENCY TO ASK ME WHAT IS WRONG AND WHATS GOING ON!

OH I see full FULL WELL why woman use antifreeze as poison alright, because to other people it appears the poisoned victim is drunk or on drugs, imagine being poisoned and your trying to find help, and you weakly stagger over to a stranger and you try to ask for help, how do you think you appear to that person? they will think your a drunk or a drug attic and want nothing to do with you!

THIS IS WHY WOMAN USE ANTIFREEZE TO POISON OFF THEIR SPOUSES! because no one will help the poisoned victim, and since my wife was having an affair with a cop I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital, so NOW WHO DO I CALL FOR HELP?

I would like to point out the fact that I was a active plasma donor when my wife started poisoning me, and plasma centers DO NOT TEST FOR POISONS THEY ONLY TEST FOR DRUGS! So my wife was granted permission by the police to be a serial killer!

My hospital admitted and acknowledged my internal bleeding but refused to take an examination and refused to take toxicology tests because of police interference, and I was debilitated and unable to leave our apartment, so WHO THE HELL DO I CALL FOR HELP!


Antifreeze poisoning can trigger a heart attack, and based on my own experience from being poisoned by my wife I know damn well that antifreeze poisoning can and doe4s trigger heart attacks, and I am sure that most woman that get permission to poison off their spouse usually dies of a heart attack, and when that happens I can only imagine how many poisonings are covered up by police and by hospitals by labeling the death as a heart attack!

I almost died, for several weeks I was in very bad condition and was constant6ly bedridden, I only left my bed to go to the bathroom, and the cheat pains I suffered along with all the other symptoms I suffered made it very clear to me that I was very close to having a heart attack, and it was the repeated poisonings that my wife did to me that got me in that situation.

I can remember lying on my bed, suffering constant pain, trying not to fall asleep knowing I will stop breathing it I do, and feeling the tightness in my chest knowing even the slightest exertion on my part may trigger a heart attack, and thinking to myself “MY GOD! IF I DIE OF A HEART ATTACK FROM THIS THEN THE HOSPITAL WILL LABEL MY DEATH AS A HEART ATTACK AND THIS BITCH WILL GET AWAY WITH MURDERING ME!” and I was thinking that a lot because my situation was constant and daily!

There is another symptom of being poisoned repeatedly by antifreeze and that is memory loss, you start to lose your long term memory’s as well as your short term memory’s, it took years for my head to clear up enough to gain most of my memory’s back, and as far as short term memory goes I still have a problem with that!

There is one more symptom to being poisoned by my wife when she slept with a cop and used antifreeze to poison me, the moment my wife started poisoning me I had the symptom of running into police officer’s and doctors that like to smirk at me while they pretend nothings wrong and they cover up my calls for help!

To be poisoned by my wife while she slept around with cops caused the symptom of many many cops that grin and smirk and ignore everything I say and doctors that will grin and smirk while they scratch their heads and fake not knowing why I am bleeding internally!

Since it is effortless for police and doctors in this country to cover up poisonings it makes one wonder how many woman do cops sleep around with that they grant permission to poison off their spouses to? how common is this? I am under the belief that all hospitals on a regular basis cover up poi9sonings that police have permitted to occur and that it is police themselves that dictate to the doctors who gets help and who does not get help!

If you ever suspect your wife of an affair and she starts making you drinks while pretending to be a loving wife and you KNOW it is a false pretense on her part then for GOD’S SAKE DON’T TAKE THE DRINK!




5 thoughts on “What Does It Feel Like To Be Poisoned And Debilitated And Surrounded By The Very People That Did It!

  1. Pisstol says:

    Thank you for writing this. The exact thing, exactly how you described it also happened to me.

  2. anonymous please can someone help says:

    I got poisoned bad almost killed me still tryna recover

    • Mr or Mrs anonymous there is nothing I can do to help you or anyone else, I am a life time victim of poisonous double-using kid killing police/sheriff sting operations as well as my entire family, the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and their civilian relatives the Dunham family have targeted and poisoned and abused and framed and murdered off people in my family and have targeted me since 1971, and there is not a soul in this fascist planet I can report their crimes to that cares or will take a complaint!

      Police/sheriff’s and their civilian sting operatives consisting of relatives and buddy’s and girlfriends to people in law enforcement have used sting operation tactics for many many decades to target and to frame people and to murder off people and they consistently treat such crimes/actions as a sport!

      Police/sheriff’s enjoy targeting people and stalking people and staging crimes to victimize their targets as well as to frame their targets and they regularly use doubles and photogenic photo’s to fabricate evidence to frame innocent people for crimes and they even poison off people they want to silence and deny victims any form of emergency services!

      Not even children are safe from police/sheriff sting operations, and police/sheriff’s will even poison children and label the poisoned children as m en tally ill so as to discredit them as witnesses and victims and will have such poor children committed without any trial or due process to hide the poisoned children away from the public!

      For many decades law enforcement sting operations that poison off children will lock those children up for the rest of their short lives in fenced in old folks homes until government is satisfied that no one cares about the child and then the government finishes off the child by poisoning!

      Sting operations get away with such blatant organized murders because news media looks the other way on organized murders committed by law enforcement and by their civilian operatives!

      Neither me nor anyone in my family could get help nor could we get anyone to take a complaint, no one cares everyone is too busy living their own lives and ignore victims of organized serious crimes!

  3. Jenny Ro says:

    re: not knowing what’s internally wrong

    the anti-freeze has clearly (to me) wrecked your kidneys; all the symptoms are endemic to the systemic effects of kidney failure. you’re unlikely to stop suffering and feel better without dialysis or a transplant.
    I’m not a doctor just a student just figured this is something you might want to look into because all the pieces appear to fit, diagnostically and there may be a chance to alleviate some of your suffering …

    • I have repeatedly gone to emergency hospitals trying desperately to find help only to be met by police/sheriff sting op’s turning my doctor’s and nurse’s against me and using their power of influence to deny me emergency help and to cover up my complaints and to try to finish me off!
      I would not set foot near a worthless crap-ass hospital ever again unless I have the means to defend myself!
      Because of poisonous cops/sheriff’s and their poisonous girlfriends and their cooperate sting op doctor’s at hospitals that cover for their murderous asses I am in severe pain and debilitated and bleed internally for it and I was bedridden for years because of their crimes!
      I will never put my trust ever again in anyone connected to the system, anyone involved in the emergency system such as badge carrier’s and people in the fire department and people that work at hospitals are all nothing more than a corrupt Clan of killers and they all lie to cover one another’s ass’s!

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