Once Again I Reported Crimes To The FBI Facebook Page And Took Screenshot To Prove It!

Once again I reported crimes to the FBI’s Facebook page and took screenshots to prove it, reporting crimes to the FBI’s tip reporting website is a joke because they ignore it and never respond!

So the only way I can prove I am reporting homicides and poisonings and sting operations and the use of doubles being used by sting operations is to report it publicly and to take screenshots to document the fact I am reporting these crimes and to document the fact that all authority’s are ignoring my complaints and refusing to take or accept complaints and are covering up complaints!


Terry Wagar

March 11-2015

4 thoughts on “Once Again I Reported Crimes To The FBI Facebook Page And Took Screenshot To Prove It!

  1. giorgio stylle says:

    i am going thru this crap in pinellas county florida they put a doctor to gps microchipping me they also poisoned 4 years ago i was sick in my stomach for almost a year they tried to stage a fake attempted kid snatching on me with some kind of mind fucking device aimed at me they are always trying to stage fake drugdeals on me and they are in my computer i cant even keep video evidence against them they changing their cops faces reenacting some of my film evidence they are making sure i dont have proof what they are doing to me they are also aiming devices at me i swear on my children these cops are doing this shit to me i need help fighting and protecting myself from them i am scared i think its government agencys along with the pinellas county sheriffs office i got documented proof there was a frequency coming out of the back of my shoulder do think you can help me their tampering with my film evidence against them when they try to stage fake drug deals on me i really need someones help

    • I find your complaint hard to believe due to your lack of DETAILED information along with your claims of “”frequency’s” and your claims of “mind fucking devices” and as a matter of fact you yourself completely destroy your own claims of legitimacy by making such outlandish comments!

      You are nothing more than a gloating murderous sting operative yourself faking mental illness as a way of discrediting the people you communicate with by association!

      ALL murderous lying sting operations do EXACTLY what you do, you try to make victims of authority’s look mentally ill to discredit actual real victims as witnesses!

      Take your bullshit “frequency’s” and your bullshit “mind fucking devices” and shove em you know where!

      The fucking internet is filled to the brim with you lying faking sting operatives and all your “gang-stalking” bullshit is nothing more than smoke screen to hide and conceal police sting operations!

      Portland cops and Multnomah county sheriff’s and their whore ass girlfriends are committing break ins and rapes and murders using body doubles and are poisoning off people including children, and it’s dumb asses such as yourself that try to cover for their asses by discrediting real victims!

      • giorgio stylle says:

        i dont fucken appreciate your bullshit email when you dont know what i am really going thru i feel like im living a fucken nightmare because i am to poor to hire a big time lawyer to guide me thru this shit and i do got gang stalkers after me that are helping the police to take my freedom asshole im living real shit real cops and government fucks after me i see you talk alot of shit on your blog about what these cops are doing to people how come they havent come after you yet asshole maybe your a cover for them and your really a scumbag gang stalker i got documented proof from a proffessional bug sweeper stating that i got dogtagged asshole and i know the feds put this doctor up to putting it in me his name dr. jeffrey tedder fed kiss ass lover my shit is real asshole and i have a feeling i have to go sit in prison soon because police politics and all the money they spent on me somebody wants to look good on paper asshole im a victom of some bigboy cops circumstance so go fuck yourself because i am going thru the worst time of my life asshole with nobody to help me and the thing i need your bullshit comments

      • Now that is more LIKE IT! THANK YOU! A REAL VICTIM would be pissed off! It’s about time someone has the balls to just SAY IT!

        I encourage you to get mad, stay mad, and let it out, don’t hold back and just say what those damn bastards are!

        If you are a real victim of the pedophile police and the always grinning smirking pedophile county sheriff’s then I apologize to you for my previous comment.

        I have too many lying stinking pediophile sting operatives making bullshit comments on my blog pretending their victims and they imreduiately pretend their mentally ill as a way of trying to discredit real victims as witnesses and I have no patience for people that start talking in terms of “frequency’s” and “mind control devices” and it was your use of those terms that set me off.

        For everyone one REAL VICTIM of organized pedo-law enforcement there are HUNDREDS of pedo-civilian operatives that are buddy’;s and or relatives or girlfriends of people in law enforcement that go all over the internet and pretend to be victims and pretend their mentally ill as a way to discredit real victims.

        If you are a real victim of corrupt pedo-ass-sheriff’s then you are welcome to post on my blog, bitch and rant all you want to about them, just remeber that my blog has been up for a few years now sand the vast VAST majirity of people that comment on my blog turn out to be law enforcement themselves and or their buddy’s and or relatives and or girlfriends and they comment on my blog for the soul purpose of further terrorizing and or taunting of me and anyone else that is a victim of big bad PEDO-GOV!

        If you are a real victim seeking real help then start by explaining who you are, first name only if you don’t want people to know who you are, and by describing in DETAIL the crimes committed against you by the pedo-sheriff’s.

        Do not identify your loved ones by name unless you want to, and I encourage you to indetify the actual criminals by name, but keep in mind if you have what it takes to accuse people of felony crimes then you have a legal responsibility ti identify yourself, or at the least to be prepared to actually have to do that.

        DO NOT accuse people of feloney crimes by name unless you are at the bery least able to identify yourself by your name, so do whatever you feel comfortable with, if your here for advice then I recommend to start by giving a lot more detail about your situation first so I can better understand your situation

        If you feel the need to vent then you are welcome to, cussing is fine, vent all you want, I don’t check my blog daily though so it might be a day or two or three before I may respond to your comments

        If you are a real victim wanting innitial advice I would highly recomend you stay clear of ALL GANG-STALKING WEBSITES as each and everyone of those websites are run by police/sheriff and by their civilian sting operatives, and I would advise you to NOT DISCREDIT YOURSELF with outlandish statements such as “frequency’s” and “mind control devices” and to just outline the actual crimes you are a victim of.

        I garantee you the vast majority of people that talk in terms of “mind control devices” tend to always be sting operatives that are trying to discredit real victims by association, so stay clear of any websites that talk in any way in those terms, avoid such websites.

        If you are a real victim of real crimes committed by organized pedo-sheriff’s and by their poisonous grinning smirking whore ass girlfriends then by all means lay into them here.

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