1971 Through 2005 Sting Operations Use DOUBLES And PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S To Frame People And Use Antifreeze To Poison Off People/Witnesses!

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were framing neighbors as pedophiles using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and it was a county sheriff officer that was acting as the DOUBLE and the Dunham family trafficked the children to the DOUBLE for the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S!

1973 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were gang-stalking and terrorizing and poisoning the children they used in 1971 with a DOUBLE for PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and they covered up the poisonings by denial of emergency services and refusal to take complaints and committed the children into mental institutions labeling the children mentally ill to justify locking up the children without the need for trials, thus covered up the poisonings!

1999 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family decided to finish off the rest of that family they were poisoning in the 1970’s and they succeeded in recruiting one of their victims wives into the sting/set up via recruiting her into an affair with a cop!

They began by paying their victims wife to turn the victims yard into a playground while county sheriff’s arranged to get a DOUBLE onto the property and arranged to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their victim!

After they paid the victims wife to turn the targets yard into a playground they began coaching the wife to fill their targets home with paraphernalia!

After the county sheriff’s got the DOUBLE onto the targets property the county sheriff’s and the victims wife and her side of the family began staging disasters for the target to deal with while county sheriff’s terrorized the targets parents on the other side of town!

When victim kicks this DOUBLE off his property all hell breaks lose, the county sheriff’s paid that DOUBLE to batter the targets mother, and the targets mother lost her home to this DOUBLE because police did not give a damn a DOUBLE the sheriff’s used battered a disabled person and allowed that DOUBLE to keep the home!

A month later the targets wife poisoned the targets mother and at the same time the county sheriff’s poisoned the targets father who happen to live on the other side of town!

Portland police covered up the victims mothers 911 call and did nothing on her complaint and three weeks later the victim discovered what happened to his father!

The father tried to warn his son what the officer’s did to him, and three days later the targets father was dead!

Multnomah county sheriff’s made it known via hints and by phone threats their responsible for the targets death and began making threats and demands on the target, blackmailing the target!

After this the target was formally charged by Multnomah county sheriff’s and by Portland police with forty four felony charges, but they had no intention of giving their target a trial, they used the false allegations as their excuse to vilify their target on TV and then released their target 11 days later with no explanation, as a way of backing up their blackmail demands!

2005 The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s battered the victim and left the victim with a broken rib and messed up knee in a parking lot, no one called 911 for the target/victim, and no one seemed to care!

The targets wife was still cheating on him with Portland cops and she was responsible for getting her husband in that situation, as a matter of fact she was with one of her lovers in the Portland police department when her husband was battered and left in a parking lot!

This time it was the targets wife’s lover that decided to act as a PHOTO DOUBLE to frame her girlfriends husband as a pedophile while the target was still debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee!

When the target/victim discovered his wife’s affair with this cop and discovered he was acting as a DOUBLE to frame him he tried in his debilitated condition to warn people, and that’s when his wife poisoned him with antifreeze in his coffee!

Everyone working at East Port Walmart in 2005 knew the targets wife was cheating on him with a cop that dyed his hair to match the targets hair and was acting as a DOUBLE and knew police battered the target and knew the targets wife poisoned the target when he tried to warn people!

It was East Port Walmart employees that coined the nicknames that the targets wife and her ,lover were using, the nicknames were Doubleclick and Mrs. Dash!

The target has a history of saving lives and had a long history of being a plasma donor, and his wife began poisoning him while he was a active plasma donor!

Many family members died during the Multnomah county sheriff and the Portland police and their girlfriends were using antifreeze to poison off people and were actively and openly using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame people!

I am one of their targets!

Terry Wagar

One thought on “1971 Through 2005 Sting Operations Use DOUBLES And PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S To Frame People And Use Antifreeze To Poison Off People/Witnesses!

  1. Police and sheriff’s and their civilian sting operatives are murderers, they frame people, they do their crimes as a gang using sting tactics, they celebrate when they frame someone or murder off someone, and they poison off people that witness them and they vilify their victims while they poison their victims!

    NO ONE takes complaints on sting operatives, no one, and they all are smug about how their victims have no where to turn to for help, when victims try to report these crimes to people in law enforcement usually the officer’s just smirk at the victim because they want the victim to know they don’t give a damn!

    There are examples of the TV show cops where police and their civilian operatives flaunt the fact they poison off people and demonstrate how cops and camera men will walk right past a poisoned victim, ignoring everything the victim says, and JUST TALK TO THE FEMALE STING OPERATIVE and only give the poisonous sting operative say on the subject, thus demonstrating on TV how police and their civilian operatives, mostly female, get away with poisonings!

    There are examples of this on the TV show “Cops” of that!

    Police/sheriff’s all over the USA are womanizers and regularly sleep around with their targets wives and daughters and recruit them as sting operatives and coach and teach such women how to frame people by planting paraphernalia in their victims home/yards and how to vilify their target/victim behind the target/victims back thus turning everyone the target ever knew against them, all behind the backs of the target/victim!

    Police/sheriff’s regularly use officer’s as PHOTO DOUBLES and have them dress up like the person their targeting to frame the target for crimes and will stage commit crimes dressed like their target while the DOUBLES partners take side shit and back shots using PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of the DOUBLE for future use on news TV stations and on news websites to further frame/blame/vilify their target after police either arrests their target or after police murder off their target!

    News media for decades have been party to such framing’s and help and assist police/sheriff’s in the framing/blaming/vilifying of innocent people by allowing police/sheriff’s to use DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S in their newspapers and in their news websites and on local news stations, and news media ALWAYS LOOKS THE OTHER WAY WHEN AUTHORITY’S USE DOUBLES, DELIBERATELY!

    What kind of jobs do these women that sleep around with cops and become lying whores that will do anything for cops get? they usually get jobs as apartment managers or work as landlords, so then can CONTINUE to help police target and frame people in sting operations!

    That’s why it is so easy for police to break into people’s apartments and to bug them, so apartment managers can spy on tenants FOR POLICE, for the people they kiss up to!

    When police target someone using sting tactics they surround their target, police will take over all the surrounding apartments surrounding their target!

    Apartment managers, being the kiss ups they are to police, will help police in taking over the surrounding apartments and will lie to all the other normal tenants telling them the target is a “Bad Guy” and to spread the word but to not say anything to the target about it!

    This has the effect of turning ALL NEIGHBORS immediately against their target and gets everyone’s cooperation in what is actually a criminal conspiracy to frame/murder the target!

    Police/sheriff’s and their civilian operatives USE these tactics ALL THE TIME and they get away with it, and because most people are trusting they do not suspect the police and apartment manager is lying to them and therefore unwittingly help and assist the sting operatives in framing/murdering off people, and no one warns the target of any of it!

    Who are civilian sting operatives? ANYONE that is related to or is buddy to or is a girlfriend to someone in law enforcement IS a civilian operative!

    That probably covers around thirty percent of America!

    Now you know why it is so hard to get authority’s prosecuted, because there is just too damn many grinning smirking operatives that lie for cops!

    Whoever controls the jury’s controls the courts, did you know it is law enforcement that FILLS the jury pool for the prosecutors and defense attorney’s select jury’s from!

    It is nothing, NOTHING, for authority’s to fill a jury pool with their operatives when they WANT to control the outcome of any particular trial!

    This is why innocent people framed by police get railroaded into prison and this is why cops that are plainly guilty of crimes get off Scott free!

    Most trials are never televised so most people never see for themselves how people, innocent people, get railroaded, and never get to see how cops that are plainly guilty of crimes get away with it!

    If anyone actually takes an interest in any particular trial and attends a trial, then all their witnessing is the prosecutors and defense attorney’s putting on a bullshit show, because police have already decided the outcome of any particular trial at it’s inception by filling the jury pool with their operatives!

    Government run schools done everything in it’s Fascist power to fill Americans heads with propaganda telling children “There are three branches of government, the legislative,, the executive, and the judicial branches!” and that “They are checks and balances to one another!”


    Which means COURTS A FUCKING JOKE!

    Police departments started popping up in the USA in the 1920’s and 1930’s all over the USA, at the same time the KKK was hanging up their hoods and cloaks! WHY? Because they were exchanging their hoods and cloaks for different uniforms that came with badges!

    Government schools were trying to hide that fact from people as well!

    Today police/sheriff’s frame and vilify and murder off people much in the same way the KKK did it back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the KKK openly vilified and murdered people, and because so many people joined in on the vilifying no one questioned the KKK back then and news media of the day back then assisted the KKK in the vilifying of the KKK’s targets!

    Is that not what news media of today do for police?

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