How Police/Sheriff Sting Operatives Sabotage Amusement Parks/Carnivals!

This is how police/sheriff under cover sting operatives sabotage amusement rides at amusement parks and carnivals and how they get away with it!

Police/sheriff sting operations usually take over an amusement park/carnival by putting the company and reclassifying the company as a non-profit organization to hide the fact that local government is actually running it, and they hire as managers of the park/carnival people that are strongly connected to law enforcement to manage the park/carnival!

These sting operatives/managers then get to know the supervisors and employees and ascertain who is knowledgeable and who is not and systematically over a couple years phase out the knowledgeable people out of the park and replace them with henchmen that are a part of the sting operation!

The henchmen will take the key positions within the park such as the maintenance team and the lead ride foreman’s, they take over the maintenance team in order to sabotage the rides, and they take over the lead foremen positions in order to cover up complaints from the normal employees as well as to get rid of anyone that complains and to keep the normal ride operators off the ride their sabotaging until the sting is ready for the big disaster to occur!

Managers will also have two or three more henchmen as ride operators and it is these operators that take control of the sabotaged ride in order to keep the normal employees off the ride!

How do they sabotage the rides?

Management will order the maintenance team to move a ride in the park to a new location within the park, and when the maintenance team disassembles the ride and sets it up in it’s new location they simply do NOT balance the ride!

By not balancing the ride the ride will over time tear itself apart and cracks will develop over time, and it is the henchmen operating as ride operators that will hog and keep under their control that ride in order to develop cracks on the ride, this takes time and the whole time they do this they are preventing normal ride operators from running the ride in order to hide it from the normal employees!

The henchmen that takes over the lead foremen positions in the park/carnival will cover up and suppress any complaints made in regards to rides not being balanced and will target and force people that complain to quit by making their lives miserable!

Once the cracks are fully developed on the sabotaged ride the henchmen that control the ride will quit without warning and the very next morning the maintenance team will slag the crack with wielding slag in order to hide the crack from the normal employees!

After this the maintenance team and the managers and the lead foremen will sit back and allow the normal operators to take control of the ride since the henchmen hogging that ride quit and they will wait for the big disaster to take place!

Why do police/sheriff sting operations do this?

That’s a good question, not an easy one to answer considering the reader has probably spent their whole lives listening to propaganda on TV labeling law enforcement as “Good Guys” and therefore are unable to recognize or perceive authority’s as corrupt and organized!

One main reason is because the local government for whatever reason became in control of a park/carnival, and that local government wants to shut it down and they want a justifiable excuse to do so, and a big disaster with lots of blood would give said local government the ability to do so after a big disaster!

In the case of an amusement park the local government may want to use the property the park is on for more profitable purposes, such as condo’s!

How is it no one hears of this type of crime on the news?

Because news media is nothing more than the propaganda branch of your government and always has been and you just never took notice of that!

News media is filled to the brim with buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends of people in law enforcement and are strongly connected to law enforcement, news media regularly lie’s for and covers for authority’s and tends to be mums the word on details of police/sheriff sting operations and tends to keep people in the dark about sting operations!

Why don’t more people come forward when these crimes occur?

These police/sheriff sting operations want a blood bath to occur, they want people to die in a shocking horrafying way, do you really think authority’s want whistle blowers to speak up? Or do you think they kill off people that are witnesses against them?

They have tried repeatedly to murder me off!

Terry Wagar