What You Can Expect If You Become Targeted By A Sting Operation!

If you get targeted by a local police/sheriff sting operation then here is what you can expect to happen!

Sting operatives will take over the surrounding area surrounding your home.apartment in order to CONTROL the area for their operations and to surround you with operatives that can testify against you in court because of how near they are to you as neighbors!

They will recruit your wife/spouse into an affair, cops/sheriff’s ARE WOMANIZERS and have no qualms turning your family against you behind your back!

If your wife cheats on you with a sting operative then she now is guilty of criminal conspiracy, and since she is cheating on you with the STING OPERATIVES you can bet she will help them to frame you and to set you up!

They will use slander tactics defaming you behind your back in order to gain support from others to lie for them, as well as to isolate you from any form of help/support from others by vilifying you behind your back!

They will tell people your a pedophile and a rapist and that your a drug user and they will tell people your under “investigation” and to not tell him about it, so word about you will spread but no one will tell you about it!

They will poison your foods, if they recruited your wife into an affair then sting operatives will tell her and teach her HOW to slowly poison you to death!

They do not want to outright kill you so the dosages will be small, enough to make you ill and appear sickly to others, and the sting operatives will label you as a drunk and as a drug user during their poisoning phase!

They poison their victims to keep their victims debilitated, to further isolate their target from help by debilitating their target, and since they already vilified their target they will just start making accusations that their poisoned victim is a drug user and or a drunk!

Sting operatives regularly use DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame their victims, and since they control the surrounding area where you live by shear numbers they will just dress up like you and stage/commit crimes while dressed like you and their partners will document it by taking photogenic photo’s of the double, taking side shots and back shots, and they have every intention of using those photogenic photo’s against their target behind the targets back, and they will use those photogenic photo’s on news websites and in news papers to vilify you if you become incarcerated!

They are building a case against you, it is personal on their part, they treat framing people and poisoning people like it is a sport!

If you have children then the sting operatives children will try to befriend your children at school, the operatives children will try to set up your children at school, so sting operations are literally an attack on entire family’s many times!

So while you are vilified behind your back and being poisoned by your cheating wife that6 is being coached by the operatives, your own children will be targeted at school by the operatives children and will be bullied,picked on, terrorized, get into fights repeatedly, get into trouble because of it, and it’s all being done so that authority’s can point you and your family out as a trouble family and claim in court you and your family have a HISTORY of getting into trouble!

Sting operatives enjoy building a false history on their targets, they want to portray their targets as monsters to others, so they take their time in setting up their victims!

If your wife recruits your children into the sting operation then THEY WILL FRAME YOU AS A PEDOPHILE! They have your wife and children turned against you behind your back then they WILL frame you as a pedophile, if they try to recruit your children and they do not join into it then they will be targeted, poisone4d, labeled mentally ill by school counselors, ordered by schools to go on prescriptions, and they will use those medications to destroy the children’s memory’s, and authority’s will forever label that child mentally ill to discredit the child forever as a witness!

If you uncover their sting operation, if you try to warn people your being stalked and that you suspect your wife of sleeping around with cops, THEN they will flat out poison you with intent of wanting you dead immediately!

Police/sheriff’s/troopers/FBI do not want people knowing how they frame and set up people and do not want people to know anything about their tactics, news media goes out of it’s way to hide and conceal police sting tactics!

No one takes complaints on sting operations! NO ONE! Anyone that tries to complain about sting operations usually end up dead or battered to death by police,labeled mentally ill, are never afforded a public opportunity to defend themselves otr their names and reputations!

If a victim of a sting operation gets incarcerated then that victim is NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN and will never be afforded the opportunity to publicly deny a charge and never afforded the opportunity to defend their name and reputation!

Sting operatives and police and news media will vilify the hell out of you while your incarcerated and will use their DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S they took to further vilify you on news websites and in newspapers!

ONLY law enforcement is welcome by news media to tell THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY!Victims of sting operations are never afforded the opportunity to deny the bull-crap made up allegations by organized trained liars that are paid by the state to frame and murder off people!

Because of the sheep like mentality most people have, you will automatically be viewed guilty without there ever being a trial just because police and news media SAY your guilty, that’s how gullible most people are, which is why sting operations get away with these types of crimes all the time!

Is this enough to deem your local authority’s as organized terrorists?!?!

One more thing, throughout the entire process of a sting operation the sting operatives have you under illegal video surveillance within your own home, that includes your bathroom and bedroom, and nine times out of ten if you are renting an apartment then your apartment manager is involved in the sting and is probably spying on you inside your home for the authority’s, most females that get into sexual affairs with cops usually get jobs as apartment managers, because they are literally life time civilian sting operatives FOR police and assist police in framing/murdering off people using sting tactics!

Terry Wagar

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