How Police/Sheriff Sting Operatives Sabotage Amusement Parks/Carnivals!

This is how police/sheriff under cover sting operatives sabotage amusement rides at amusement parks and carnivals and how they get away with it!

Police/sheriff sting operations usually take over an amusement park/carnival by putting the company and reclassifying the company as a non-profit organization to hide the fact that local government is actually running it, and they hire as managers of the park/carnival people that are strongly connected to law enforcement to manage the park/carnival!

These sting operatives/managers then get to know the supervisors and employees and ascertain who is knowledgeable and who is not and systematically over a couple years phase out the knowledgeable people out of the park and replace them with henchmen that are a part of the sting operation!

The henchmen will take the key positions within the park such as the maintenance team and the lead ride foreman’s, they take over the maintenance team in order to sabotage the rides, and they take over the lead foremen positions in order to cover up complaints from the normal employees as well as to get rid of anyone that complains and to keep the normal ride operators off the ride their sabotaging until the sting is ready for the big disaster to occur!

Managers will also have two or three more henchmen as ride operators and it is these operators that take control of the sabotaged ride in order to keep the normal employees off the ride!

How do they sabotage the rides?

Management will order the maintenance team to move a ride in the park to a new location within the park, and when the maintenance team disassembles the ride and sets it up in it’s new location they simply do NOT balance the ride!

By not balancing the ride the ride will over time tear itself apart and cracks will develop over time, and it is the henchmen operating as ride operators that will hog and keep under their control that ride in order to develop cracks on the ride, this takes time and the whole time they do this they are preventing normal ride operators from running the ride in order to hide it from the normal employees!

The henchmen that takes over the lead foremen positions in the park/carnival will cover up and suppress any complaints made in regards to rides not being balanced and will target and force people that complain to quit by making their lives miserable!

Once the cracks are fully developed on the sabotaged ride the henchmen that control the ride will quit without warning and the very next morning the maintenance team will slag the crack with wielding slag in order to hide the crack from the normal employees!

After this the maintenance team and the managers and the lead foremen will sit back and allow the normal operators to take control of the ride since the henchmen hogging that ride quit and they will wait for the big disaster to take place!

Why do police/sheriff sting operations do this?

That’s a good question, not an easy one to answer considering the reader has probably spent their whole lives listening to propaganda on TV labeling law enforcement as “Good Guys” and therefore are unable to recognize or perceive authority’s as corrupt and organized!

One main reason is because the local government for whatever reason became in control of a park/carnival, and that local government wants to shut it down and they want a justifiable excuse to do so, and a big disaster with lots of blood would give said local government the ability to do so after a big disaster!

In the case of an amusement park the local government may want to use the property the park is on for more profitable purposes, such as condo’s!

How is it no one hears of this type of crime on the news?

Because news media is nothing more than the propaganda branch of your government and always has been and you just never took notice of that!

News media is filled to the brim with buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends of people in law enforcement and are strongly connected to law enforcement, news media regularly lie’s for and covers for authority’s and tends to be mums the word on details of police/sheriff sting operations and tends to keep people in the dark about sting operations!

Why don’t more people come forward when these crimes occur?

These police/sheriff sting operations want a blood bath to occur, they want people to die in a shocking horrafying way, do you really think authority’s want whistle blowers to speak up? Or do you think they kill off people that are witnesses against them?

They have tried repeatedly to murder me off!

Terry Wagar

Monster Mouse At Oaks Park Was Sabotaged By City Of Portland!

I used to work at Oaks Park back when Funtasic ran the park back in 1983, 1983 was my rookie season at Oaks Park, I was honored by Oaks Park/Funtastic in 1983 for saving around seventy people’s lives when the park had a black out on one of it’s busiest days of the year.

On July 3rd 1983 on one of Oaks Parks busiest days of the year the park had a blackout, a transformer in kiddyland blew up, it was on fire, and the power lines going to it were also on fire!

Everyone in kiddyland was at the risk of being electrocuted, and it was so dark in that park you could not see your feet or hands, and there were around forty to fifty people in kiddyland at this time!

I was running the Boat ride when the transformer blew up and the park went dark, and the transformer that blew up was right above my ride, I got everyone off my ride as fast as possible, but then realized after that that everyone that is still in kiddyland is still under the risk of electrocution!

I began ordering customers out of kiddyland and directing their flow of traffic away from the danger area, I was hoping the other ride operators would help me but they did not, instead of helping me they just assumed they were supposed to leave kiddyland along with the customers, so I had to clear everyone out of that area on my own!

After I got kiddyland clear I scoured kiddyland to make sure no one was left back there, when I was satisfied that there was no one left back there then and only then did I leave kiddyland!

Once I was out of kiddyland I approached the first ride operator I seen that was standing around in confusion and doing nothing and I told him “YOU! Your now guard! DON’T LET ANYONE IN THIS AREA UNTIL THEY SPEAK TO ME FIRST!” and then I told him I am going to check to see if anyone else needs help!

I went to check the rides that would most likely have customers trapped, the Monster Mouse and the Ferris Wheel, I checked the Monster Mouse first because it was closet to kiddyland at the time, and I discovered that the ride foremen were already on the scene at that ride!

So I thought to myself “OK they got help, so I better check the Ferris Wheel!” so I went to check on the Ferris Wheel and discovered NO ONE was helping the Ferris Wheel and that the ride was filled with customers that were trapped on it, so I went to where the need was the greatest and went to the Ferris Wheel!

I offered myself to the Ferris Wheel operator as his assistant in order to get the ride unloaded, and the Ferris Wheel operator profusely thanked me for arriving to help, and then he proceeded to tell me someone else showed up before I did and that person took off and left and never came back, and the Ferris Wheel operator was afraid I would do the same thing!

I told the Ferris Wheel operator “Wild horses can’t drag me away from here! I ain’t going anywhere until this ride is unloaded!” the Ferris Wheel operator was scared and in a panic, and I had to take charge of the situation and ordered him to accept me as his assistant so that we can get these customers off the ride!

I saved around forty to fifty people in kiddyland from electrocution, and then I rescued around twenty five to thirty people that were trapped on the Ferris Wheel!

That was once again my rookie season!

I continued to work at that park after Funtastic pulled out of that park in 1984 after the park was surrendered over to the City of Portland, all the years I worked in that park I was recognized as a go-to person and as a reliable and trusted person.

In the late 1980’s before Dick Connor’s retired he trained the at the time current maintenance men on how to balance the Monster Mouse ride and shortly afterwords Dick Connor’s retired.
Dick Connor was the last manager left in the park that was from the Funtastic era of the park, all the other managers in the park were hired by the City of Portland!
At the end of that season after Dick Connor’s was gone management ordered the maintenance team to have the Monster Mouse moved to a new location in the park.

I noticed as the maintenance team was resembling the Monster Mouse at it’s new location that they had left ALL THE BOARDS IN PLACE ON THE POSTS as they assembled the ride.
I already knew that when Dick Connor’s and Funtastic balance that ride they always remove the boards during the dissembling part and thought it weird they left all the boards on the posts.

I did not suspect foul play because I was giving the maintenance team the benefit of the doubt they were going to properly balance it after they assembled the ride, but I thought they were stupid for leaving all the boards in place because it would make the dissembling and reassembling of the ride much more difficult.
The maintenance team did not balance the Monster Mouse they used a cheat and lied claiming they balanced it, the cheat they used was to leave all the boards in place on all the posts, that way after the ride is assembled the boards will already be in place and appear balanced when in fact it is not!

The maintenance team did this at the end of the season, and it was not until the next year when I got rehired back as a ride operator that I noticed the Monster Mouse was not properly balanced.

I reported this to Tim Greeley of the maintenance team and he just grinned at me in a evil manner and said “Well,,,,well get around to it.” and after a couple of weeks went by the Mouse ride was still not balanced, and I realized I was being ignored by the maintenance team!

So I reported it to the lead ride foreman Bill, and he told me he will take care of it, and it was right after that that the ride foreman permanently stuck me on the Ferris Wheel and would not give me any days off and would not allow me to run any other ride!

The Ferris Wheel at Oaks Park at the time was the hardest ride in the park to run, and it is a burn out ride if your stuck on it all the time, so the ride foreman Bill was trying to force me to quit with his treatment of me!

Telling the foreman about the problem on the Mouse ride never accomplished anything, and after a couple of weeks went by the Mouse ride is still not balanced properly, I reported it to other ride operators and asked them to report it because I was being ignored by the maintenance team and by the foreman!

By this time I had my own problems to deal with, the Ferris Wheel is a burn out ride and I was stuck on it seven days a week with no break from it, and I was forced to give Bill the ride foreman a two week notice and quit if he does not get anyone else trained on that ride!

Two weeks later Bill never trained anyone on it so I quit, as I walked out of the park I was approached and asked by the at the time ride manager Mary Beth Coffey not to quit and instead just take a couple days off, so I reluctantly agreed.

After I came back to Oaks Park I discovered the manager fired Bill the ride foreman and hired a new lead foreman named Jim and the manager wanted me to be an assistant foreman to Jim, so I quit only to be rehired as a foreman.

As an assistant foreman I do not have a ton of power/say at the park, I can give orders to ride operators and that’s about it, and since now I was a assistant ride foreman I took it upon myself to start filling out ride reports on all the rides that have problems with them!

I filled out eleven ride reports on various rides that had problems that needed reported to the maintenance team, none of the rides was broke down, but they all had problems that needed reporting!

I discovered the next day the maintenance supervisor named TC took my eleven ride reports and burned them, it was him that told me to my face he burned them, and he told me he did not need any help from me and to not ever fill out a ride report on a ride ever again unless the ride is broke down!

So I was not welcome to report any problems with the rides unless they were broke down, in other words known problems that do not cause the rides to go down are no longer to be reported in writing!

The maintenance team at the time was deemed the Golden Boys by managers at the time, managers and the maintenance team members would regularly hobnob with each other, and for the most part managers ignored their ride team, so I was under the impression no one in management would care I got treated badly by the maintenance team!

I should not have to point this out to people, common sense alone will tell you this, to have an atmosphere at an amusement park where no one is welcome to report problems with rides is dangerous not only for customers but also for employees!

At the beginning of the next season near the beginning of the season I discovered a track on the Monster Mouse ride was cracked all the way through and that the track was separating as the cars go over the track!

I shut that ride down in the nick of time, saving dozens of kids lives and possibly a ride operators life and prevented a bloodbath from occurring, and I got on the radio and told my superior Jim the lead foreman the Monster Mouse is down for the remainder of the day and to please notify the ticket booth so that they don’t sell tickets for it!

I am not allowed to say over the radio what the problem is I can only say the ride is down, or I can say the ride is down for the remainder of the day, saying the ride is down for the day is code warning managers/maintenance team that the ride is f##ked!

I was following Oaks Park policies and procedures over shutting down that Monster Mouse, the fact that the track was completely cracked and separating is enough to prove maintenance incompetence, which is why I reported to the foreman first, and THEN I reported to the maintenance team!

When the maintenance supervisor TC showed up he was with the CEO of the park Joe Norling, they both were approaching the Monster Mouse together, and as they got about forty feet away TC began berating me for shutting down the ride, he did this loudly so others can hear, and I noticed that the CEO was grinning while TC was berating me, so the CEO was of the same mindset as the maintenance supervisor!

I was mad and angry at this treatment but said nothing and stayed professional and waited for the both of them to get onto the ride and to stand next to me, as they approached me and was standing right next to me TC said “Alright,,,,,what’s wrong with it?” in a sarcastic manner, and I stated flatly and bluntly in return saying “The track is cracked,,,the tracks is separating as the cars go over it!”

I was gauging both the maintenance supervisor and the CEO’s reaction to the news because they both are giving me reason to suspect foul play and sabotage, the CEO’s reaction was shock and horror on his face and his face turned immediately ashen, and he was staring at the maintenance supervisor as though he was seeing him for the first time as some kind of monster!

The maintenance supervisor’s reaction was to go into immediate cover his butt mode,no shock, no horror, but fear on his face!
The fact that the ride is in this condition is proof of maintenance incompetence, and TC knows this, so he immediately began giving his men the blame for it as a way to cover his own butt!

In the process of TC giving his men the blame he dug his own grave by making it known he and his men already knew about the crack and that they slagged it with wielding slag!

The wielding slag they used to hide the crack with was on the ground below where the crack is!
Now I am deeming TC as well as his maintenance team as criminals and as dangerous!
The maintenance team already knew about the crack and was hiding it with wielding slag and opened the ride up to the public and did not tell anyone on the ride team about the crack!

Can you say SABOTAGE!

I reported this to my superior Jim the lead foreman and he acted as though he was completely misunderstanding how serious this is, he seemed not bothered by it!

The CEO did not fire the maintenance team the team continued to work at the park the whole season!
I was under the impression that the CEO was not involved in this sabotage at first but when the CEO did not fire the maintenance team and he made it known their not going to repair that track section and instead are going to spend fifty thousand dollars on a used Mad Mouse ride and use that for parts to REPLACE the SABOTAGED section of the Monster Mouse with, I then suspected managers were behind this sabotage as well!

One week after I shut down the Monster Mouse saving dozens of children’s lives I was being gang-stalked by several people I did not know, the park was closed and I was clocked out and heading to my car to go home!
Several people I do not know walked along with me heading in my direction and they were openly verbally praising me for shutting down the Monster Mouse and praised me for saving lives!
What’s makes this bad is the fact these seemingly organized people were praising me in a sarcastic manner!

Is that enough to suspect the City of Portland wanted the disaster to occur so that the city can justify shutting down the park so that the city can use the property for other MORE PROFITABLE PURPOSES?!

It was enough for me to know a ton of people were involved in this sabotage and that their not happy I know about it and don’t like the fact I saved a lot of lives!

The Monster Mouse ride was down the entire season, the Mad Mouse Oaks Park purchased never arrived until after the season was closed and no one around to witness the Mad Mouse rides arrival into the park!
Oaks Park maintenance team that sabotaged the Monster Mouse quietly replaced the sabotaged section on the track with a Mad Mouse track section!

After the SABOTAGED section of the Monster Mouse ride was replaced management pretended they hired a new maintenance supervisor and claimed they fired the old maintenance team, they did not fire them but they lied to me telling me they fired them, they were actually laid off and they came back the next season!

After management pretended to hire a new maintenance supervisor the new supervisor as well as management wanted me to help them in this so-called crisis of no experienced maintenance people and they wanted me to transfer over to the maintenance team claiming I am the only one the CEO trusts!

I knew THAT was a lie I already know he was grinning while the maintenance supervisor was berating me for shutting down the Monster Mouse, and I never got an apology from ANYONE in that park for being berated for shutting down a death trap and saving lives and following policies and procedures!

While the season was over with I helped out with maintenance until the next season, I was re-transferred back over to the ride team at the start of the new season!

Once the park was opened I discover that the old maintenance team was not fired at all because they were hired back into the park, that means I was lied to by management and that they lied about needing my help on maintenance!

From this point forward I was getting auto-blamed for everything that happened in that park, if the maintenance messed up the train ride I would immediately get blamed, behind my back, and management was going along with this pretense as well as the maintenance team!

Oaks Park managers had no intention of firing or prosecuting their sabotaging maintenance team, they wanted instead to set up and blame everything on the witness to the sabotage, me!

The Squirrel Cage ride was sabotaged and I was almost killed by it, one of the cars just came right off the ride and slammed into the railing three feet from my controls, and the ride was still turning and the other cars on the Squirl Cage were smacking into the car that came off and was rolling that car into my direction!

I turned off the power to the ride and frantically yelled at the customers on the ride to keep their arms and hands and legs inside the ride, each car that passed the car that came off was smacking right into the car that came off and I had to franticly muscle that car away from the other cars, my own life is at risk!

The next day I told the maintenance team what happened and I was met by them all grinning at me, they all thought it was funny!

The next week the maintenance team designed an additional safe guard to the ride, by adding another bolt system to the ride, so that there are now two bolts instead of just one large bolt holding the cars on the ride!

The maintenance team named this new bolt system the “Terry-Bolt” and they grinned and admitted they named it after me!
They named it after me because their setting me up to get the blame for THEIR SABOTAGE!

I got fed up with this auto-blaming me for everything in that park so I quit being a ride foreman and went back to being a ride operator, but the blaming continued!

I was running the Monster Mouse on my last day in that park, and on that day the Ferris Wheel operator had an accident, the loading ramp got torn apart because the Ferris Wheel operator screwed up, and I got blamed FOR THAT even though I was on and running the Monster Mouse at the time!

So saboteurs at Oaks Park are protected by management while Hero’s and witnesses to sabotage are gotten rid of!

I have been a target of police/sheriff sting operations ever since I shut down that Monster Mouse ride, and I was under the impression the new maintenance supervisor the park hired was a county sheriff sting operative hell bent on setting me up to get the blame!

I don’t think they realize just how many people I already reported to in regards to the Monster Mouse not being balanced, in other words there are too many people that know they never removed the boards on the posts and there are too many people I told that the ride was out of balance!

The Monster Mouse was so badly out of balance you did not even need a level to see if it was out of balance, just looking at the ride was enough to tell, THAT’S HOW BADLY OUT OF BALANCE THE RIDE WAS!

Dozens of posts would have severe give to them, when a car would go over that section of track you can visibly see the posts give to the weight of the cars and the posts as well as the track would have like a two to five inch give to them as the cars went over those areas on the ride!


Terry Wagar

Detective Sting OP Puts A Knife To My Throat!

I have been a victim of an ongoing sting operation/murder conspiracy ever since my wife began having affairs with cops/sting operatives!
My wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson and his partners/superiors in law enforcement were in the year 2007 trying to set me up for a murder of a female child, and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder admitting to it!

Recently in 2016 I was surrounded by plain clothed sting operatives that were in an organized attack were harassing me and I called them out on it and reminded them I know about the murder they were trying to set me up for in 2007!

A black female that is one of these sting operatives approached me with intent of tricking me into a hand-to-hand exchange and I refused, and she used this as her excuse to pick a verbal fight!

This bitch walked away after I stood up to her, and her army of sting operatives that were on the other side of the bushes began laughing, so I pulled out my Gopro camera to record the harassment!

After I explained what happened I PUT MY CAMERA BACK IN MY COAT POCKET BUT I LEFT IT RUNNING, and this sting op came back and sneaked up behind me and put a knife to my throat!

She admits their trying to frame me for ANOTHER murder, this time for the murder of a boy! I told you people sting operatives are murderers and they don’t even bother to hide their guilt!

Modern Cartoons Promote Fascist Police Sting Operations To Children!

I was shocked to discover that modern day cartoons are promoting and glorifying police sting operations to children and are portraying sting operation tactics such as Stakeouts as fun and perfectly legal!

The cartoon network Teen Titans are glorifying sting operation stakeouts and want children to find it amusing and fun, this is sick and twisted for TV networks to sell fascism to our children and to pass it off as fun to children!

This is a perfect example as to how real sting operatives view and treat sting operations as a sport and as a game!

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s And The Dunham Family Have A Long History Framing And Poisoning!

In 1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile by using a county sheriff officer as a photo double and the Dunham family provided their own children to pose with that double and it was the mother of the Dunham family Darlene Dunham that was taking the photogenic photo’s of her own children posing with the double while the double tossed out candy bars to the children!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family also are guilty of rounding up other neighbor children that were unaware of what was going on to also pose with the double thus they are guilty of trafficking and exploiting minors in 1971!

I happen to be one of those neighbor children Darlene Dunham rounded up for their illegal framing of innocent people and they used me in that illegal operation and took advantage of the fact I was only six y7ears old at the time and too young to understand what was going on!

Because I was a witness to these crimes and unaware they committed crimes I made mention of what they did to my mother, and that’s when me and my whole family became targeted by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and by the Dunham family!

My mother was threatened by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and my mother feared the county sheriff’s because of it, and Darlene Dunham took great pains to befriend my mother in order to gain further access to me!

After Darlene Dunham befriended my mother she asked my mother if she could take me to the movies with her children and my mother, not yet aware they used me in a sting to frame a innocent neighbor, stupidly agreed!

So Farlene Dunham and her son Kurt Dunham took me along with them to the movies at local theaters, but they did not take me to see decent child friendly movies, they took me to see the most horrendous sick ass movies you can ever imagine, and I was only six years old!

I cannot remember all the movies they took me to see, I was not able to read yet so many of the movies I did not know the names of, but I can remember seeing these sick ass movies, they took me to see movies that started out with women laying on beaches topless and it showing a dog running away with the women’s top and showing the women running after the dog to get her top back while she was topless with her boobs bouncing everywhere!

They also took me to see the sick ass movie Basket Case as well and made me sit through the entire movie, rapes and murders and all, and each and every time I was taken to the theaters by the Dunham family they insisted I had to sit separately from them, as a matter of fact Darlene Dunham HAD TO HAVE THE EXACT SAME SEATS EACH AND EVERY TIME!

If this is not enough, each and EVERY TIME Darlene Dunham took me to the movie theaters to watch these sick ass movies and made me sit alone, each time a plain clothed county sheriff officer would walk down the isle and get several feet ahead of me and would turn around and snap a flashbulb photogenic photo of me as I sat their in the dark while I am being made by these people to sit there!

Darlene Dunham was not trying to hide the fact from me that she insisted on using the exact same seats over and over again and insisted I had to sit one seat separate from the Dunham’s and this plain clothed county sheriff officer was not hiding from me the fact each and every time I was taken to the movies by the Dun ham’s that this county sheriff officer would walk down the isle and get several feet ahead of me and then would turn around and snap a flashbulb photogenic photo of me!

I was only six years old when they were doing this shit to me, and they were doing it because I am a witness to them framing a neighbor and I made mention about it to my mother!

By 1972 the Dunham family lost some interest in me and began focusing on targeting my older brother and my father, and it was in 1972 the Dunham family began planting stolen property on our property, and when we found stolen property on our property we called the police, and I will never forget the smirking Portland officer my father was trying to report this to, because that grinning smirking Portland police officer ignored the fact we called 911 to report the stolen property, only to be met by a smirking cop that grinned and implied with a smirk giving us blame for it, WHILE SMIRKING!

It was also 1972 that the Dunham family set fire to a garage that was behind our house, and behind our backs the Dunham family was trying to give me blame for it!

By 1973 the Dunham family found out that I still remembered what they al did in 1971, and that’s when the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s began POISONING me and my older brother and my father!

By 1974 my father was unemployed and disabled from being gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed police sting operatives and from being poisoned, my older brother could not leave our house without being battered and ganged up on by teenagers that were officer’s children that were assigned to target my brother and he was suffering severe poisoning symptoms and any attempt on his part to find help was met by being ganged up on, and I was being poisoned by a prescription of speed the County sheriff’s ordered my school to put me on to cause memory loss and brain damage at my young life of only being eight years old!

By 1975 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family’s targeting and stalking and poisoning of my older brother got my older brother committed and locked up, for life, without ever getting a trial and without anyone ever bothering to testify to anything, they just committed him and locked him up, for life, no trial, no NOTHING! That’s how easy it is for the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family to cover up poisonings of children!

My father was disabled and was repeatedly poisoned and was repeatedly denied emergency help for it at the emergency hospital due to authority’s influence they have with doctors at emergency hospitals, and I was scared to death that I was going to be next and pretty much stayed in my bedroom until I turned eighteen and got a job to help my family!

By 1976 the Dunham family had a lot of money and they were building large luxuries boats from scratch and paid for a brand new motor for that boat they were building, and they were also building for themselves a small airplane and had the motor for it and everything and it was brand new as well!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family have a history of framing innocent people as pedophiles by using officer’s as photo doubles and these use the Dunham family’s children to pose with the doubles, and they also have a history of targeting neighbors that witness them committing these crimes including children and they poison off witnesses and cover up poisonings using their power of influence at hospitals, and they have a history of profiting from framing people and from poisoning off people!

Sting operatives are organized murderers and framers and they don’t even give a damn if people know it! Not even children are safe from sting operatives!

Terry Wagar 03-25-2015

Once Again I Reported Crimes To The FBI Facebook Page And Took Screenshot To Prove It!

Once again I reported crimes to the FBI’s Facebook page and took screenshots to prove it, reporting crimes to the FBI’s tip reporting website is a joke because they ignore it and never respond!

So the only way I can prove I am reporting homicides and poisonings and sting operations and the use of doubles being used by sting operations is to report it publicly and to take screenshots to document the fact I am reporting these crimes and to document the fact that all authority’s are ignoring my complaints and refusing to take or accept complaints and are covering up complaints!

Terry Wagar

March 11-2015

Multnomah County Sheriff’s And The Dunham Family Have A Long History Framing And Killing People!

1971 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed innocent people in the Sellwood neighborhood as pedophiles by using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and the Dunham family used their own children as well as neighborhood children to pose with the DOUBLE for photogenic photo’s!
The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family targeted neighborhood children and their family’s that WITNESSED them using doubles and photogenic photo’s, the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family befriended neighborhood children’s parents in order to have further contact with their children and were taking these children to see sex movies and rape and murder movies!
The Dunham family made 6 year old neighborhood children sit alone to watch movies such as Basket Case and a county sheriff officer sat right in front of the children and snapped photogenic photo’s of the children getting close up shots of the children terrified!
The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family began terrorizing the children as well as the children’s parents by staging crimes and planting evidence on the victims property as well as setting garage fires behind the children’s home! and after this the children and the children’s family’s were being gang-stalked and terrorized and vilified by organized stalkers and they became poisoned!
One child gets poisoned by the county sheriff’s using their power of influence to get oner child put on prescription speed prescribed by the school system at the direction of the county sheriff’s, and the other child was being openly gang-stalked and bullied and battered and was being poisoned severely and the county sheriff’s covered up the poisoning by labeling the child victim mentally ill!

1999 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family decide to target their long time target child again, onbly now their target is a grown man raising a family of his own, so the county sheriff’s recruited the targeted man’s wife into the operation by hiring her as a prep cook at the county jail kitchen!
After hiring the targeted man’s wife they recruited her into an affair, and after gaining her onto their side they coach her to recruit her side of the family into the sting as well as the targeted man’s children’s into the operation!
The day the county sheriff’s launch this operation is the same day the targeted man’s wife quits her job to hide her connections with authority’s, and the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding the target, and they made arrangements to bring in a double, and they bring in the Dunham family and their children to pose with the double!
County sheriff’s paid the wife to turn the targets yard into a playground, then put a double onto the targets property and brought in the Dunham’s children to pose with the double, they staged a full blown car explosion, then they battered the targets mother and then murdered the targets father, then began blackmailing the target!


I just tried to send this message above via the worthless FBI tip webpage and my message wont go through, the FBI webpage claims the message above is over three thousand characters saying it’s too long, it is less than three thousand characters with 7 characters remaining, yet the FBI tip website refuses to take complaints from me!

Terry Wagar