Gang-Stalking Is Police Sting Operations!

Gang-stalking is police sting operations, your government is Fascist and it’s officer’s organize stalking of people and do it for sport and to justify their jobs!

Police recruit their relatives and their friends and their girlfriends into gang-stalking as well and those people get paid cash by law enforcement under the table for stalking targets of police and for backing up false allegations on targets for police!

Government invented the term “gang-stalking” as a way of talking about the deeds WITHOUT pointing out who’s responsible because government wants to hide the fact police are organized and target people illegally, and police target people maliciously just like the KKK used to do, as a gang!

Propagandists on the internet try to conceal the open and local Fascism of law enforcement by trying to direct people’s attention to new federal programs or federal agency’s as the culprits, don’t get me wrong here, of course our federal agency’s are corrupt and target people, but most gang-stalking in the USA is done local by local people in law enforcement and by their buddy’s and girlfriends!

Police do not refer at all to their operations as gang-stalking, they refer to it as sting operations and or investigations, and generally when police target specific people they mostly do not admit to sting operations on individuals, but from time to time they do admit to stings targeting specific people, so it’s rare they admit to it, but they do admit!

Police and their buddy’s and girlfriends goals on targeting people are the death and or the framing and or the defaming of their target, they slander the hell out of their targets behind their targets backs, so no one will perceive their target as a victim, and the victim has no way of defending against it because it is behind the victims back, and no one will offer to tell the target/victim about it!

Almost all apartment managers and landlords are pals or girlfriends that have a history of helping police in sting operations/investigations and they always help police in their targeting of people and even lie for police, they will give keys to the targets apartment to the police if police ask for it, warrant or  no warrant, and they will say nothing to the tenant/victim about it!

Propagandist on the internet try to conceal these local attacks on people not by hiding the crimes, but by trying to trick people into thinking it’s people OTHER than law enforcement and their buddy’s and girlfriends, which is why the term “gang-stalking” is used so much, and sting operations hardly ever mentioned!

Police and their buddy’s and girlfriends will use slander as a way of turning people you know against you, and police will tell everyone they are slandering you to to not tell you about it because you are still under investigation, but they will encourage them to tell other people to slander you under the pretense that they are warning people you are dangerous as their justification!

Rumors spread like wild fire in neighborhoods, and police and their buddy’s and girlfriends take full illegal advantage of it to destroy their targets name and reputation way before there is a trial and way before police murder off the target, they will label their target a pedophile and or as a rapist and or as a murderer, they will say anything just to get the rumors started, and the neighbors take over with word of mouth accusations, and police and their buddy’s and girlfriends just sit back and laugh while the neighbors spread the lies all over the neighborhood!

Police and their buddy’s and girlfriends have a name for it, they call it pedofying, they pedofy their target repeatedly with false accusations, usually false pedophile accusations, because it spreads fast and everyone wants to kill pedophiles, so it’s one of their more common false accusations they make!

Also any time police want to pedofy their target they just call up the local schools in the neighborhood and tell them a false tell of someone trying to grab a kid, and they give their targets description, of course police do not want people to know they already have their target surrounded by several apartments surrounding the target, that they keep to themselves, but the apartment manager knows their there!

In sting operations police are known to dress up like criminals and to use street theater tactics to frame/entrap people, such as prostitution stings and drug bust stings, what people do not know is cops and their buddy’s and their girlfriends will dress up like their target and stage crimes and do so for photogenic photo’s!

That is how police and their buddy’s and girlfriends set people up for crimes, doubles and photogenic photo’s is a staple among law enforcement to frame people, and it is their civilian buddy’s and girlfriends they pay to back up blame on the target!

Civilian operatives for police tend to get cash for their services to police as well as good paying jobs at banks or as managers in stores or managers for apartment buildings, as an example!

News media is just as guilty and counts as sting operatives for police, they help police in backing up the ,lies police say about people, and news media covers up the major complaints against cops so most people never get to hear the truth about the government and it’s officer’s and the crimes they commit!

For all intents and purposes the USA government is openly Fascist and relies on constant propaganda and media entertainments to distract the masses and to keep the majority of people in the dark to how corrupt and bad this government is!

Most talk of “energy beams” and “brain wave” attacks reported on the internet are nothing more than propaganda spewed out by the government itself as a way of associating “gang-stalking” to “mental illness” and police and their buddy’s and girlfriends do this as a way of burying real story’s with faked story’s and they want victims to appear mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses!

The truth of the matter is most people being “gang-stalked” are victims of organized police sting operations, and police take full control over their targets life in order to destroy it, and they use sting tactics to do this, they take over the surrounding area around their target to control the area for their operations and apartment managers always goes along with this, and they even get jobs where their target works, under cover of course, but they do not hide it from their targets boss or from coworkers, and they systematically destroy their targets name and reputation behind his/her back!

Police will spend several months/years staging crimes near their targets home and near places the target frequents in order to build false criminal history of complaints and will use doubles and photogenic photo’s to back up those complaints, they will generally harass their target and troll their target, this is sport to them, and they treat it that way, and of course they want their target to appear “paranoid” and “scared” for their video surveillance cameras which is why they do not care if their target knows their being targeted!

It is common practice for the USA government and it’s officer’s and 911 first responders to ignore complaints on “organized crime” and to instead treat the victim as mentally ill, and cops buddy’s that work at hospitals will label anyone cops have it out for as mentally ill.

So the Fascist government protects itself from prosecution by destroying their targets names and reputations, and by stonewalling any conspiracy complaints against it, and the system as a whole will label it’s victims mentally ill at the drop of a hat the moment someone points a finger at an officer!

Most victims of police sting operations are framed and railroaded into prison, or are framed/labeled as bad guys and accused of horrible crimes they are not guilty of, and then police just shoot the person in a secluded place and then plants guns and porn near their murdered victim and then labels themselves justified and pretends to the public the victim was armed and therefore police are justified in the killing, and that combined with all the slandering police did to the victim leading up to the killing, no one complains thinking the person deserved it!

Then police set their targets on someone else, and it all starts over again, and police continue to collect their paychecks!

Terry Wagar



One thought on “Gang-Stalking Is Police Sting Operations!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Itd happening to me. A cop arrested me for aggravated assault and has told the entire town I beat the he’ll out of my mother. Now they are outside my house every single night. At first I didn’t realize it was the police. I called them over and over and they’d come and say your CRA y your on drugs get help you need a psychiatrist. Well I called again and it took forever for anyone to show up so I looked out the window and they are standing in my yard. I know them I went to school with them. It’s so frustrating. I’m about yo flip the fuck out!!! There’s no one that can help. I’m a 50 year old woman I live in the middle of the sticks in Tennessee and they are gonna kill me. My gun was stolen and they will not do a report on it . I’ve asked them we real times and no one will do it. Anyway it’s just too much. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. This all started over a picture of a penis sent to me by a cop and I laughed at it because I was at a loss. My mother found out about the picture from my ex boyfriend and she called the sheriff and told him and now it’s a big nightmare. No one believes me and I really don’t care anymore. I stay home I don’t leave my room unless I have to. It’s bull shit. I’m angry I’m depressed and I want them to pay for this. They’re too good for me to be the first person they’ve done it too. Anyway your right and people want so badly to have faith in law enforcement but it’s hard to. There are decent police officers I know that but where are they when this is going on? Someo e has to stand up and say look this is what’s happening. If enough noise is made maybe someone somewhere can investigate the investigator. It’s gonna have to be extreme. They have immunity from break I g the laws they arrest us for breaking. They just drug dealers and take the money and the dope put them in prison and s few their wife while they’re locked up. That’s the truth around here I know one in particular that has done just that. Also they get people who’ve done things that warrant jail time to help them with this crap they’re doing in order to to stay out of jails or prisons. Unbelievable I know but it’s true. I wouldn’t have believed it myself a year ago.

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