How Sting Operatives Destroy Children In The 1970’s,,,,,,For Sport!!!!!!

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and their civilian sting operatives the Dunham family worked together to frame a Sellwood neighbor as a pedophile by using the county sheriff officer as a PHOTO DOUBLE inside the victims home and the Dunham family brought their children and rounded up neighborhood children and brought the children to the house where the county sheriff officer was waiting inside the victims home!

Darlene Dunham instructed the children in her care to cross the street and to play in the yard of the house the county sheriff officer was in, and once the children, ranging in ages of five-seven years old, got into the yard the county sheriff officer opened the window and began tossing out the window candy bars!

While the Dunham family’s children began picking up the candy bars, one of the neighborhood child Darlene Dunham brought there turned around and asked Daelene Dunham from across the street “Am I supposed to pick these up?” and the child noticed Darlene Dunham was at that moment snapping PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S using a large all metal all green Polaroid type camera of the children picking up the candy bars, and with a big grin on her face nodded and said while grinning “Yes!,,,,,pick up the candy bars!” and then she went back to putting the camera up to snap more PHOTO’S!

The neighborhood child began doing as the other Dunham family children were doing, picking up the candy bars, and the child ended up getting very close to the window and noticed that the man that was tossing out the candy bars that was deliberately trying to stay to the side of the window to not be seen, was wearing a Multnomah county sheriff officer’s uniform!
The county sheriff officer got mad at the child and told the child to step away from the window, to back away, and then the county sherif officer began nervously tossing out more candy bars for the children to pick up!

When the county sheriff officer said he was done he reached over to close the window and at that moment Darlene Dunham yelled over at the children from accross the street to come back to her!

From there Darlene Dunham started to take herself and the children home after they dropped off the neighbor child, Darlene Dunham and her children were laughing and celebrating during the walk and were openly refering to the person that lived at that house as a pedophile, and as Darlene Dunham was stuffing the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S into an envelope she was telling her children they are going to celebrate with pizza after they drop off the neighbor child to his home!

The neighbor child had no clue as to what was going on and did not understand what happened and was asking questions the entire time he was in the charge of these people, he asked if he could have one of the photo’s Darlene Dunham took, and she just grinned at him and told him “No!,,, these are SPECIAL PHOTO’S so I cannot give you one!
The neighbor child asked the Dunham family “What is a pedophile?” and the Dunham family’s children and Darlene Dunham just grinned at that question and ignored it and then the Dunham family started talking about going out to Pizza Hut for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor child!

I was one of those children the Dunham family rounded up, I had no clue what was going on, I had no idea they were framing the person that lived in that house!

From my six year old perspective I percieved it all as a nice lady taking me to meet a nice man that gave us candy and then the nice lady took photo’s of it and then the nice lady took me home!

That’s how I percieved it at the time, I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD when this happened!

Me and my family became targeted by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family after this, exactly ten days after this event, a multnomah county sheriff officer was at my parents door and was demanding to be let in so he could inspect our basement!

Only me and my mother was home at the time, my mother did not want to let him in, but he insisted and coerced my mother into letting him in!

After this detective left my mkother in fear told me to NEVER answer the door again, she was afaid of this detective!

From this point forward the mother of the Dunham family took great pains and efforts in winning my mother over as a friend, and she did this for one reason and one reason only, to gain further access to me!

The mother of the Dunham family, named Darlene Dunham, asked my mother a week after this detective inspected our basement if she could take me to the movies with her and her children, my mother, not knowing these people already used me to frame a neighbor as a pedophile, agreed to let her, unaware of what type of people they were!

REMEMBER I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD AT THE TIME! I had no idea these people are killers and framers!

So the Dunham family began taking me to the movies with them, only Darlene Dunham brought only one of her four children with her, and I was not allowed to sit next to them, I had to sit in a seat one seat seperate away from them, Darlene Dunham insisted on that!

The movies she took us to see were very bad movies for children, all of them had blatant sex scenes, one movie started out with a woman laying on the beach with her bikini top undone and a dog came up and took the womans bikini top and ran down the beach with it while the topless woman ran after the dog!

Another movie she took us to was Basket Case, that sick movie has rape scenes and graffic murder scenes and it scared the hell out of me!

Each time Darlene Dunham took me to the movies she insisted I sit one seat seperate from them, and she insisted on having the EXACT SAME SEATS EACH AND EVERYTIME we went to the movies!

Each time she took me to the movies and after were seated and after the begining movie comercials, a man would walk into the theater and get several feat ahead of me and then would turn around suddenly and snap a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of me!

This was all a repeated process by these people, each time they took me to the movies it was inapproprieate for children, Darlene Dunham insisted on the same seats, and insisted I sit one seat seperate from her and her son, and each time during the begining cormercials a man would walk in and get several feat ahead of me and would turn around and snap a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of me!

During the Basket Case movie, the one and only time Darlene Dunham told me to cover my eyes, the man that was snapping PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of me was sitting IN THE SEAT IN FRONT OF ME and he turned around after I covered my eyes and started snapping multiple PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of me covering my eyes!

I could hear the man turning around to face me and even with my eyes covered I could see the bright flash of camera light bulb flashes, I peeked to get a closer look at this man that I already knew has done this before, and the man laughed at that and told Darlene Dunham “He is peaking!” and Darlene Dunham laughed at that!

After this, then Darlene Dunham befriended my mother even more and wanted my mother to come along with her, and my mother agreed!

After they started taking my mother along to the movies then they brought us to see Disney movies, the first one being a Tim Conway and Don Knotts movie!

During the begining commercials before the movies starts the man that snaps the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S came in and stood near the back doorway, and when Darlene Dunham noticed it she drew my mothers attention away from that side by pointing someone on the other side of the theater, that’s when the man with the camera stepped forward and got around several feet ahead of me and snapped a PHOTOGENIC PHOTO of us and then he left the way he came in!

KEEP IN MIND I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD when this started happening to me, and I was seven when Darlene Dunham invited my mother to come along!

I remeber having a conversation with Darlene Dunham’s son Kurt Dunhm in the bathroom afterwords at the theater, I remeber telling him it is nice to see a good Disney movie for a change!

I was NOT suspicious of them in the sense that I thought they were committing crimes, I had no real sense of what crime even was, all I knew was weird things happened when the Dunham family was involved in it, and I pointed this out to Kurt Dunham in the movie theater bathroom!

From this point forward the Dunham family wanted nothing to do with me, they began focussing on my older brother and my father after this!

Darlene Dunham’s husband Cal Dunham began trying to befriend my father Don Wagar, and the Dunham family’s older children David Dunham and Mark Dunham began befriending my older brother Harold Wagar!

I was all but forgotten by the Dunham family at this time, because all their efforts went into befriending and getting close to my father and my older brother!

While my brother was palling around with the older Dunham family the Dunham children were constantly trying to get my older brother into trouble!

In 1972 Kurt Dunham set fire to a garage that was behind our house, and behind our backs the Dunham family was giving me the blame!

To our faces they admitted it was Kurt Dunham that did it, I witnessed him doing it, and Cal Dunham tricked my father Don Wagar into helping him tear down that garage, I am pretty sure they were taking PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of my dad tearing down that garage so they could frame him for it!

Shortly after this the Dunham’s planted a stolen sterio behind our house on our property, and when I found it I told my dad about it and he call the police to report it and to surrender it to the police!

I was only seven years old at this time, and I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THAT GRINNING COPS FACIAL EXPRESSION as my father tried to reporting this to the cop!

That cop GRINNED! he was grinning an evil devilish grin the entire time my father talked to this cop, and when my father got done reporting it, the cop completely ignored EVERYTHING MY FATHER SAID AND GRINNED and IMPLIED BLAME on MY OLDER BROTHER!


My brother was only twelve years old at the time, and was partially retarded and was that way at birth, and never got into trouble, until he started hanging around the Dunham family!

In 1973 I was under the impression the Dunham family was trying to recruit me into something, Kurt Dunham started trying to pal around with me more, and he started making certain things known to me!

I was under the impression they were testing the waters so to speak, because they made certain things known to me, but refused to tell me why!

He showed me a whistle he got in 1973, he hinted there is special meaning to the whistle, but refused to tell me what that is!

The whistle was long, about two inches long, all metal, and it was tube shaped, it was very skinny, a chrome finnish on it, and it was on a necless!

He was hinting to me as to what it was for, but would not come out and say what it was for, he told me that if he blows on it it sounds like a little girl screaming!

I asked him “Why do you need a whistle that sounds like a little girl screaming for? and he refused to answer that!

Like I said he was intentionally making certain things known to me, this is just one example of that!

It was around this time Kurt Dunham asked me if I remeber what happened in 1971 when we first met, and I told him I did!

This is when the POISONINGS BECAN!

Right after this my elementary school kicked me out of school without any warning, and their excuse was vague and lamb because I did nothing wrong, but the school kicked me out formally and told my mother in writing I cannot go back to school until she gets me on a prescription that the school wants me on!

It was a wierd sounding drug, all drug prescriptions have weird names, no one in my family knew what it was, but we blindly trusted our government so my mother put me on the prescription!
I was on this prescription for the remainder of the school season!

During this time I was getting picked on at school, repeatedly, teachers did not care and acted automaticly like their on the side of the children that started the fights, so I had no one at school I could turn to!

This is jumping ahead, but it’s important, I did not find out what that presecription was until I was 18 years old, I took that prescription to a doctor and asked them “What is this stuff anyway?” and the doctor was shocked when he saw it and flat out said “This is speed! and he had a shocked look on his face over it!

Now back to 1973, after I was being poisoned at the ripe old age of eight years old because I am a witness to the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framing and possibly murdering an innocent man, my older brother at this time was also getting ganged up on and battered by people at his school, and he had no one at his school that cared either!

My brother began getting poisoned at around the same time I was put on speed by the school system!
I do not know the curcomstances that led to it, but I remeber my brother describing what it felt like to him!

He told me it felt like there was glass inside of him cutting into him, he said he felt bursting sensations where his liver and kidey’s are, and he was holding his sides at the time and he was having great trouble talking!

I was only eight years old in 1973, my older brother was only thirteen at that time, and we were being poisoned!

At this same time my father Don Wagar was being ganged up on at his place of employment and those people made his life a living hell there and basiclly cost him his high paying job!

My father tried taking action in protecting my older brother from being gang-stalked and battered, I at the time was being drugged by the school system, and was aware me and my family was being ganged up on and was scared and stayed in my room all the time!

My fathers attempts to get the stalkers that stalked and battered my brother failed because the more my father tried to do the right thing, the more MORE PEOPLE would join into it and gang up on him!

Then my father Don Wagar was poisoned, I do not know how it happened, but witnessed him being taken to the hospital by ambulance!

When my father came home, he was a broken man at this point, he was paranoid and fearful, and he did not know who to trust anymore!

My older brother Harold was still being ganged up on and was being poisoned, his health deteriorated rapidly and he was in severe shock and was also paranoid, the whole family was in shock and paranoid, because by late 1973 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and the Dunham family and anyone else that works as civilian sting operatives for police were ganging up on all of us!

My brother Harold Wagar, at the age of thirteen years old, was being repeatedly battered and harassed and stalked and poisoned and he had no one to turn to for help!

I was scared to death that what was happening to my brother may happen to me, so during this time I stayed in my bedroom!

I stayed in my bedroom for years!

My mother Valerie Quigley did not seem to care what was happening to me and my brother and my father, she was constantly acting like she was on the side of the people that was doing this to my family!

I did not know for sure but suspected the Dunham family, in recruiting her, might have gave her permission to poison off me and my brother and my father, and I said nothing believing I would be killed by all these organized people that ganged up on us and were not even trying to hide it!

They covered up the poisonings by denial of emergency services and by the system just not giving a damn, no one cares!

My brother Harold Wagar became institutionalized by authority’s without there ever being a trial, they institutionalized my brother because he was in fear for his life because he was being poisoned, and the only person that tried to help him was my father, and my father became poisoned for trying to help him!

So it was just all covered up in plain sight, no one really hides it because law enforcement and their civilian operatives can give a rats ass if anyone knows what kind of people they are!

I didn’t realize until I was around twelve years old that I witnessed the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s frame a neighbor, and it took more years later for wisdom to put all the puzzle pieces together to make sense of what happened in my childhood!

Terry Wagar

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