Battered At East Port Walmart By Wife’s Lover’s Bro’s!

My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a cop named Eric Carlson, and my wife arranged to set me up on January 18th, she started her new job at East Port Walmart and was inside Walmart having her orientation and she asked me and our daughters to wait for her in the parking lot.

Se we all napped in the mini-van waiting for her, next thing we know we are woken up by a couple of police officer’s that are hitting the driver side window.
Our daughter Megan Wagar was in the drivers seat, but she was not driving and she is not a driver and she had no license, and when she rolled down the window the cop asked her for her drivers license.

My daughter was in a panic, she did not know what to do, we all were just woke up, and being the mature responsible adult there I tried to tell the officer that she is not driving and that she is not a licensed driver.
The Portland police officer was acting like a damn thug and told me to stop talking and was ignoring what I said to him and was still demanding a drivers license from my daughter.

Just because my daughter was waiting for her mother on the drivers seat does not make her a driver, and none of us were driving, and that cops attitude upset me enough that I knew I am just going to have to intervene on my daughters behalf since this demanding cop was asking her to produce something she could not produce.

So I stepped out of the passenger side of the mini-van and as I did the officer ordered me to step back inside, I decided to give the officer the same courtesy he gave us and ignored him and slowly and visibly walked around the mini-van to deal with these thuggish officer’s.

As I got to the other side where the two police officer’s were I looked down to the ground and I raised my shirt up in front of the officer’s with both hands and I did a 360 to show them I am unarmed and then calmly walked up to the officer’s and then asked “Whats up officer’s?” and demonstrated that I was calm and was cooperating with them and showing no fear or anything and was trying to cooperate with them.

They could care less, and it was at this point I started noticing their smirks as I am face to face with them, and I tried explaining to them that my daughter cannot help them, that she does not have a license and that she was not driving and therefore she does not HAVE to provide them with a license.

Another police car pulled up as well as a Multnomah county sheriff cruiser, and it was the county sheriff officer that took over the questioning at this point and he was acting like he was in charge of the other three Portland police officer’s.

The county sheriff officer asked me why we were in the parking lot at East Port Walmart, and I told him my wife Joan Wagar is inside the store, that it’s her first day on the job and that she is having her orientation right now and that she asked us to wait for her, and that we had her permission to be here and that she works here and that’s more than good enough of an answer in my opinion and more than they needed.

It is at this point the three police officer’s and the one Multnomah county sheriff officer started acting weird, weird in a way that was giving me the strongest impression that they had it out for me in a personal way.
The county sheriff officer smirked, and while smirking said “We have had complaints a month ago about a mini-van being used by a pedophile!” and he smirked while saying that, and I was getting the strongest impression from these officer’s that a beating was on it’s way, and as he told me that the other three police officer started to half-circle me, so I was flanked on both sides of me while facing and talking with this county sheriff officer, and one of those cops stepped out of my line of sight and was partially behind me.

I explained to the officer that a month ago we were not even living in Portland Oregon and therefore you must be mistaken, and as I explained that the county sheriff officer was still smirking at me, so I then asked this county sheriff officer “Are you accusing me of being a pedophile?” and at that very moment I was blind sided by the cop that was partially behind me and just out of my peripheral vision.

I was hit with such force that I flew several feet and landed on the curb, my lower half of my body was in the parking lot and my upper body was in the bushes next to the curb, and my hip was on the curb.
It hurt like hell, and I did not see the attack coming, the cop attacked me on my blind side, and immediately the wind was knocked out of me.

I writhed in pain on the ground, and as I looked up I saw those four officer’s standing around me in a half circle, and they just stared down at me and stood there and watched me, it felt like they enjoy inflicting pain on people and that they enjoyed watching me suffer.

They were not arresting me, their not calling for an ambulance, they just stood there and watched me writhe in pain and just kept watching.
After about four or five minutes I managed to get myself to a sitting position, I did not know how badly yet I was hurt, but I suspected I had a broken rib at the very least, and after I got to a sitting position I noticed the county sheriff officer was starring at me very very intently, he had what I would describe as those cartoon brilliant ideas cartoon characters in Warner Bros cartoons get and they have those light bulbs over their head, well he had that kind of an excited facial expression on him as he stared at my face.

Just as I was noticing this one of the Portland police officer’s took a step towards me, and the county sheriff officer, without taking hisĀ  gaze off of me, put his hand out and excitedly said to the cop “Wait!” and then the county sheriff officer motioned for two of the three cops to walk with him, and they walked away about thirty feet in the parking lot, and the county sheriff officer started talking to those two cops about a double that he knows.

It was hard to hear everything they said, but because that county sheriff officer was excited and doing most of the talking I could hear quite a lot that he was saying, it was late at night and no traffic noises, so their talking carried very well in an empty parking lot, and they were talking about using a double, and it was the county sheriff’s idea to do this and he was trying to convince the cops into it.

After this they walked back towards me, and once again the county sheriff officer was acting like HE’S IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP OF OFFICER’S and he ordered me to get up and walk over to his cruiser.

I managed to get to my feet and was in severe pain with my rib, and the moment I got to my feet was the moment I realized my left knee was also messed up and in great pain, I loudly stated verbally “I am obeying your orders under threat, duress, and coercion!” and started limping over to the sheriff officer’s cruiser, it was slow going for me, and at no time during that walk did the county sheriff or the police put a hand on me.

As I got to the cruiser the county sheriff officer ordered me to put my hands behind my back, and I in total and complete disgust and still in severe pain stated loudly for any and all to hear “I am obeying your order under threat, duress, and coercion!” and then he put me in handcuffs and then he put me in the back of the cruiser!

It was during the next fifteen minutes I sat in that cruiser and witnessed several police cars pull up, and witnessed those officer’s ordering my daughters out of their mini-van, one at a time, and each of them was escorted to a Portland police cruiser, and was taken away without being charged with anything!

Two of our three daughters were teenagers and one was an adult, they took our two teen-aged daughters and they left our oldest daughter with the mini-van, and then that county sheriff officer returned to his cruiser, opened my door and told me to step out!

The county sheriff officer was smirking as he took off my handcuffs and he said “You will need to attend a hearing a week from now in order to get them back!” and at that he hopped into his cruiser and took off like a bat out of hell and I was left standing there in an empty parking lot with a broken rib and a messed up knee and no first responders to help me!

I noticed a security guard standing about thirty feet away and started walking towards him, and as I approached him he seemed to be in a state of shock, I told him my name, and immediately explained my situation to him and told him my wife Joan Wagar is inside the store and that she asked us to wait for her and that we had permission to be there.

The security guard appeared to be in a state of shock over what occurred, I was in a state of shock as well, but the pain I was in combined with my disgust and anger at what happened as well as having years of experience dealing with emergency situations was what was keeping me going and keeping me talking.

I talked for about fifteen minutes with the security guard about what happened, and I asked the security guard if he knew what this was about, and he did not know, the security guard was in complete shock at the illegal battery they inflicted on me, and at no time did the security guard think of me as any kind of a “bad guy” or anything and had no problem with us there and waiting for my wife to come out of the store.

Suspiciously my wife has yet to step out of that store even though Walmart employees already came out for their lunch breaks, and it was at this time my oldest daughter approached me and the security guard and she was acting perfectly calm and not acting the slightest bit bothered by anything that happened and she just stood next to me as I talked to the security guard and said nothing.

I was strongly suspecting foul-play here, a complete stranger I don’t know was shocked that I was attacked by police, and here my oldest daughter was just standing there and acting like nothings wrong, showing no emotion at all.

I said nothing to her about her suspicious behavior at this time, and I asked the security guard if he could get word to my wife inside the store as to what happened, and he said he will see what he can do!

Like three hours later Joan Wagar stepped out of the store, at 7:am, and as she got near me I started telling her what happened and she silenced me by admitting she already knew, in shock at this I asked her how does she know? and she admitted a cop was INSIDE THE STORE WITH HER and that HE told her about it.

I blew up at this, I immediately demanded an explanation as to why she knew we were attacked and just sat her butt in that store the whole night, and at this my wife turned her back on me and started walking nervously towards her mini-van, I followed and was still demanding answers, and she was still ignoring me as she walked to her mini-van!

It was at this moment that three police cars parked near the front entrance of East Port Walmart and just sat there waiting, our mini-van was parked on the other side of the parking lot, and as we neared our mini-van our daughter spoke up saying “Their back!” pointing at the police cars, I turned to look at them and said “My god your right! those bastards must be wanting us to leave so they can fake another traffic stop on us again!” and Joan Wagar was completely ignoring this and she did not even bother to turn to look at the police and she just got into the mini-van and she started putting the keys into the ignition!

At this I snapped, again, saying “What the hell are you doing? this is exactly what those bastards want you to do! they already tried faking a traffic stop, and these bastards somehow know your work schedule since they came back when you got off work, so don’t start this vehicle that is exactly what they want you to do!” and Joan Wagar was staring blankly out the front windshield, her lips were dry, she had a cotton mouth look to her, and she just ignored everything I said, again, and she turned the ignition to start the mini-van!

I stated very firmly then “If you put this vehicle into reverse then I am getting out of this vehicle, because you are doing exactly what those bastards want and I will not sit in this vehicle to give them another excuse to fake a traffic stop!” and at that Joan Wagar turned the mini-van off and just sat there, nervous, not of the cops, she was nervous of me, and she just sat there.

At this I started demanding answers again from my wife since she has yet to explain why her butt sat in that store until 7:00 am when she told us she would only be in there for orientation, and she has yet to explain why she was in that locked down store WITH a police officer while her husband is battered by police and two of our three daughters were arrested without any charges at all, and why did she remain inside the store after hearing about what happened to us and not bothering to check to see if were even OK or not!

I was very much strongly suspecting foul-play here and my wife was doing everything in the world to give me reason to believe that she is somehow responsible for what happened to us, and I was wanting answers, and she was nervously NOT GIVING ANY ANSWERS OR EXPLANATIONS!

It is at this time that one of those three police cars started up and drove right over to where we were parked and a female police officer stepped out and she was holding one of our dogs, she walked up to my wife’s driver side window and she handed the dog to my wife and she was smirking saying “When we took your daughters one of your daughters named Megan refused to let go of her dog, so I am returning it to you.”

After she handed the dog to my wife Joan Wagar she then grabbed a pen and pad and said “I need to see your license and insurance and registration please!” to my wife, and at no time was my wife acting afraid of the cop, but she just nervously sat there and said nothing, and in complete pain and disgust I spoke up saying to Joan Wagar “She is obviously trying to fake a traffic stop Joan, they already tried that earlier, you don’t need to give them a damn thing since we are not driving!” and at that the female cop snapped at me, but was STILL SMIRKING WHILE DOING SO SAYING “She is a smart lady she don’t need you telling her what to do, she can think for herself and does not need you speaking for her!” and then she said something I cannot quite remember now but it was a verbal gesture saying something that was reassuring to my wife, in other words I was getting the impression at this point that this female officer was friends already with my wife, and that she was trying to hide this from me, and then the female officer got back into her cruiser and drove over where the other two police cars were and parked and waited with the others!

So those officer’s in those police cars now made it known for a fact they are waiting for us to start driving, their not hiding this from us at all, I did not know what to do, I thought a bit, and then said to Joan Wagar “Look,,,,they are obviously counting on you starting your vehicle and driving, so that’s out of the question, your relatives live nearby why don’t you call them to pick us all up, at the very least that will get more witnesses over here.” so Joan Wagar grabbed her cellphone and called her mother, and to my shock and horror she completely downplayed the situation by saying “Mom,,, can you pick us up, we are having some trouble with a cop.” and that was pretty much it, she said nothing about me being injured, she said nothing about cops arresting our daughters without any charges, she said nothing detail wise at all, and in that brief phone call I was getting the impression that my wife was trying to hint something to her mother.

Five minutes later Joan Wagar’s relatives pulled up, in two different vehicles, and as they pulled up behind us the three Portland police cars started up and left!
Joan Wagar was immediately talking with her mother Donna Minor and her sister Vickie Rosales and her husband Elmer Rosales and Joan Wagar was talking fast, but at the same time was down-playing the whole situation.
I was getting the immediate impression that Joan Wagar’s relatives ALREADY KNEW WHAT HAPPENED and that Joan Wagar was trying desperately to get them to act like they know nothing about it with hints!

Joan Wagar’s sister Vickie Rosales and her husband got the hint from her but Joan Wagar’s mother Donna Minor did not, so during their exchange of words talking to each other I discovered by their own fumbling of words that my wife’s relatives ALREADY KNEW WHAT HAPPENED TO US AND WERE ALL WAITING AT DONNA MINORS APARTMENT WAITING FOR JOAN WAGAR’S F-BUDDY’S TO MURDER ME OFF, AND HERE WAS JOAN WAGAR TRYING TO GET THEM TO PRETEND THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!

This is complicated to explain in writing but easy as hell to say verbally, I was being set up by my wife’s lover to be killed, my wife was in on it and her relatives knew about it, when I was battered my wife was inside Walmart with her f-buddy the cop, and after I was battered my wife called her relatives while inside the store and told them what happened, and she told them they will be coming back when she gets off of work to pull us over on a traffic stop and that they will kill me off, and everyone in Joan Wagar’s side of the family that were in on this were waiting at 7:00 am at Donna Minors apartment for Joan Wagar’s f-buddy’s to murder me off on a faked traffic stop, and since that did not work as planned here was Joan Wagar, in front of my face, trying to get her relatives to pretend to know nothing about any of this and she was strongly hinting at her relatives to fake not knowing what’s going on!

Some of them got the hint and some didn’t, and because of this their murder conspiracy unravelled in front of my face and I realized that I was in extreme danger at this point, I was in complete shock and said absolutely nothing and just paid attention to EVERY DAMN THING THEY SAID TO ONE ANOTHER!

Joan Wagar’s relatives started faking not knowing whats going on, but they were obviously faking, at no time did they ask “What happened?’ and no one asked “Where are your daughters?” and all their talking consisted of Joan Wagar down-playing the situation and strongly hinting to her family to PRETEND to not know what’s going on, and the whole time they were flat-out acting like they already knew and sure as hell were not hiding the fact that they were all together at Donna’a apartment waiting for something to happen, and Joan Wagar was trying to hint to them to shut up about that!

I swear to god I felt at this moment just like that victim in the Stephen King novel “Misery” because I was already debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee, and I was surrounded by people that were more worried about covering their butts and communicating with hints to get their story’s straight that they flat out could care less that I was a victim, a debilitated victim!

Just like in the movie “Misery” I was debilitated, and I was not taken to a hospital, instead they took me to my wife’s mother Donna Minor’s apartment, and once their they were communicating even more with hints, so they were trying very hard to conceal this from me, but it was so blatant that I don’t see how they can think I am not noticing!

For the next week I am kept at Donna Minors apartment, and all week long leading up to this hearing over our daughters my wife and her mother and her sister and our oldest daughter were leaving daily for what they described as “Shopping Trips” and would be gone for three or more hours daily together.

About four days after I was battered, as they were getting ready for their “shopping trips” Donna Minor blurted out to Joan and her sister “We need to hurry if were going to meet with the detectives don’t we!?’ and when she said that my wife’s sister Vickie Rosales quickly changed the subject back to shopping and she did so in such a way as to strongly hint to her mother to STFU about it.

On the day of the hearing everyone on my wife’s side of the family attended, I did not since I had a broken rib and a messed up knee, and at the hearing the Portland police DEMANDED SIGNED WAIVERS BEFORE THEY WOULD RELEASE OUR DAUGHTERS!
Everyone including my wife gave them signed waivers, except me, since I was not able to attend!

When we got our daughters back they acted like they were on a week long vacation and did not even bother to talk to me or even ask me if I was OK and avoided me!

I strongly felt like the dude in the movie “Misery” and was being cared for by people that wanted me dead and were behind the scenes turning people against me and were even concealing my injury’s from others by denying me emergency services!

I felt like if I spoke up and complained at anytime that I would be murdered off by my wife and her relatives, I fucking did not know where to turn to for help!

Terry Wagar