Ten Things You Should Know About Law Enforcement!

Ten things cops and county sheriff’s do to people that news reporters are mums the word about!

1. Police/sheriff’s use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people for felony crimes such as break ins and rapes and pedophiles and murders, and officer’s select someone from their own ranks that most closely resembles the person they are framing and that double will dress up like their target and will stage/commit crimes while the doubles partners take side shots and back shots of the double, Police/sheriff’s have used this tactic for several decades and they use the photogenic photo’s they take on newspapers and local news TV stations and on news web sites to frame/blame/vilify the person they framed!
At no time does the falsely accused person get to give their side of the story to the public, so the public only gets to hear police and news media vilify the person, you can imagine how that effects public opinion, especially when most people are blindly trusting of their news media!

2. Police/sheriff’s use sting operations to frame and murder off people, if police are targeting someone that lives in an apartment building then police will take over the apartments surrounding their target with the cooperation of the apartment manager and or land lord, and once police have control of the surrounding area around their target they will begin staging/commit crimes and will give blame to the target!
Apartment sting operations consist of police either framing people that live in the building or to murder off people that live in the building, apartment sting operations usually frame people as drug dealers or as robbery’s or for break ins or for rapes or attempted rapes, pedophiles and as murderers, and it is the sting operatives that stage/commit all of it while using photo doubles, all for the purpose of framing their targets!
If the sting operation wants to murder someone in the apartment building then they use a two pronged attack, they frame the target for crimes with no intent of having a trial, all for the purpose of vilifying the target as a criminal, all done behind the targets back, so no one will perceive the target as a victim, and the sting operations will poison the targets tap water and foods while the target is away from their home!
Police will use their power of influence with doctors to cover up the poisonings, and the sting operatives surrounding the target will plant drug paraphernalia around the targets home and vehicle and label the debilitated victim as a drug attic!
That is how police cover up poisonings and why it’s so easy for cops to get away with it! Apartment managers are guilty as accomplices in these crimes because they are aware the target is surrounded by sting operatives and says nothing to news media or anyone else about it!

3. Police fake traffic stops to ju8stify battering and killing off people, the traffic stop excuse is used more than any other excuse for cops to pull out guns and murder unarmed people or to batter people, even if your not driving and the vehicle is parked in a parking lot and not running, the police will still approach you and ask for “license and registration” and don’t forget their doing that as a performance for their own video dash cams they have in their squad cars, cops don’t give a damn if you know their faking a traffic stop, because all the cop cares about is how it will look on their dash cam video their getting!

4. Police/sheriff’s actually assassinate people, and they use sting tactics to do it, they usually want their victim in a vehicle so authority’s can fake a traffic stop to hide the fact that it is a planned hit, and what cops/sheriff’s do is they decide where they are going to ambush their victim, then they fill that area with their civilian operatives!
They will wait near their targets home/residence in ambush and when their target gets about a block away from their home that’s when police/sheriff’s ambush the surprised victim by blocking the victims vehicle with law enforcement’s vehicles!
Police will bolt out of their vehicles acting like this was a car chase when in fact it was not, and multiple police officer’s will yell conflicting orders at their confused victim, but will refuse to handcuff the victim, after a minute of this then police just open fire on the victim, and nearby civilian operatives that were right there on the scene BEFORE the ambush takes place is there recording it on their cell phones!
Police just fake justification and claim the victim was mentally ill and was refusing orders, and because the area was filled by civilian operatives that will lie in court for police were there they have false testimony of so-called “witnesses” to give the police side of the story credibility to the public!
News media goes along with these killings and ignores the fact it was NOT a traffic stop and ignores the fact police had the area where the ambush took place filled with civilian operatives, and police just get away with these organized assassinations!

5. Police/sheriff’s are womanizers and recruit women they sleep around with into sting operations, anyone that will lie for a cop is welcome as a sting operative in law enforcement’s eyes, and the vast majority of civilian sting operatives are females, BECAUSE police/sheriff’s are womanizers!
Police/sheriff’s use such women to help them in sting operations, and these women have no fear of prosecution because they know their buddy’s in law enforcement will never arrest them!
Such women for all intents and purposes are whores and will do anything police/sheriff’s want them to do!
If cops want to frame an innocent man as a rapist, then police just stage a rape using an officer that is acting as a photo double, and they pay one of their girlfriends to back up false allegations on the target!
One thing you need to know about police and their civilian operatives, they don’t have to prove someone’s guilty of a crime, all they have to do is make their victim LOOK GUILTY PUBLICLY via false allegations and false evidence such as photogenic photo’s!
Female civilian operatives for police are poisoner’s, their trained by police how to poison off people and taught what types of poisons to use, and THESE women will plant drug paraphernalia in the victims home/vehicle to frame the poisoned victim as a drug attic, which is the most common way poisoner’s cover up poisonings!

6. Police/sheriff’s are trained liars and they have worked in sting operations since they were children, authority’s do not want people knowing this but police/sheriff’s have been framing people using sting tactics ALL THEIR LIVES! EVEN WHEN THEIR CHILDREN!
Why do you think cops and county sheriff officer’s children want to go into law enforcement for? because their RAISED by cops and sheriff’s and are USED by cops and county sheriff’s to frame people in sting operations!
Why is it that schools never identify the bully’s in school but make public examples of the victims of bully’s? because the bully’s in school are children to LAW ENFORCEMENT!
Schools try to hide that fact from the public, which is why schools never identify the bully’s in schools!

7. Police/sheriff’s are corrupt, and they gang up on people, and when people complain about law enforcement most people assume the question “Why would law enforce3ment make such an effort to target you? and that’s a good question, most people think in average terms and cannot see the simple truth because it’s right in front of your face, police/sheriff’s don’t target people because their whistle blowers or rich or politically active, police target people FOR SPORT!
You piss off a cop, then your on their shit list, if you got one cop hating you, then they ALL HATE YOU, and when cops target someone they don’t mess around and they don’t scrimp on expenses!
If one cop has it out for you, then every buddy that cop has and every relative that cop has and every girlfriend that cop has has it out for you!
Those people I just named off are what makes up a typical sting operation by your local authority’s, and if you ever get targeted by a sting, THAT will be the type of people that are targeting you!

8. Police/sheriff’s never stand trial in a criminal court room when they murder unarmed people, police simply use some board members connected to the police department to “label” cops justified WITHOUT there being a trial, those your police/sheriff’s have usurped the law and the courts and are bypassing the courts entirely by self-labeling themselves justified!
The last time I looked, shooting an unarmed man to death is a homicide, and it would be up to a jury to decide whether to convict or acquit the cop over the shooting, no other “process” is legal, but police want everyone to believe their buddy’s at the police department can dictate innocence or guilt on officer’s, that is a pretended power and they only get away with it because of people’s ignorance of the law and lack of people willing to hold such officer’s to account!

9. Retired police/sheriff’s still work for police as civilian operatives after they retire, police/sheriff’s use their retired officer’s in sting operations to frame people, and will many times use such retired cops to take over surrounding apartments surrounding their targets, their there because of their experience and they will coach and direct the other younger sting operatives in staging crimes and committing crimes for the purpose of framing their target!
Police/sheriff’s have been raised since they were children on how to frame people and how to kill people and how to vilify people, and retired cops can never get enough of that RUSH they get in framing people and killing people!
Such crimes are not just a sport to law enforcement, it’s an addiction and they enjoy it!

10/ For all intents and purposes all news reporters are police sting operatives, which is why reporters only give you the cops side of any given crime news story, and it also explains why ;police/sheriff’s get away with using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame people for crimes, they have only been doing it for several DECADES!

6 thoughts on “Ten Things You Should Know About Law Enforcement!

  1. ONLY sting operatives use the term ti’s and they popularize that term to trick real victim’s to refer to themselves as ti’s so GOV can make real victim’s look crazy in court!

    If multiple people in law enforcement along with their civilian operatives are targeting an individual in any way then that individual is a VICTIM of organized crime, and NOT a TI as the sting operatives want them to say!

    I am a victim of organized crimes committed by people in law enforcement and by people connected to law enforcement!

    I do not condone the use of the term TI’s and I encourage anyone readers to deem such people that use that term TI’s as sting operatives!

  2. Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police have been using sting tactics to frame people and to murder off people for several decades, and they use their buddy’s and relatives and girlfriends in these sting operations to help police/sheriff’s frame and murder of people!

    Anyone that is targeted by police is LITERALLY TARGETED in the sense that many things are going on that the target is unaware of, such as authority’s using their police powers to take over surrounding apartments/homes to surround their targets with their operatives, and that these operatives will do everything they can to frame/entrap their targets and such operatives will even stage and or commit felony crimes near their targets for the purpose of framing the target!

    All police sting operations involves several people that wear badges, and usually several people more that are not in law enforcement, but are acting as sting operatives none the less, people already know in prostitution stings poli9ce/sheriff’s will take over an entire motel or hotel for such stings, well when police/sheriff’s do drug bust sting operations they take over an entire apartment building, so IT IS NOT UNHEARD OF THAT POLICE/SHERIFF’S DO IN FACT USE THEIR POLICE POWERS TO TAKE OVER AN AREA FOR THEIR OPERATIVES TO OPERATE IN!


    When police take over apartment buildings for drug bust operations they generally admit to this publicly on the news, but when police do this for ANY OTHER REASON then police/sheriff’s will NOT admit to it and try to hide it, the reason is because their either framing someone, or they are planning on murdering someone!

    If you live in an apartment building, do you think your landlord or apartment manager will admit that several officer’s along with their civilian operatives just took over the surrounding apartments surrounding YOURS?

    No they will not tell you, why? because if their surrounding YOUR apartment/home then YOU are their target, and landlords/apartments managers cooperate with these type of operations!
    Now that law enforcement has via shear numbers taken over the surrounding area in which you live, what do you think they can frame you for?

    Anything they want to, if they want to frame you for break ins, then they will use an officer as a double to impersonate you and he will climb into operatives apartments and pretending to rob the apartment/home, and the operatives will give YOUR DESCRIPTION, thus giving you the blame!

    If police want to frame you as a pedophile then police will put their girlfriends with children into the apartments surrounding you and police will use an officer acting as a double and he will hang around these children to pose for photogenic photo’s, and these operatives will intentionally take side shots and back shots of the double while the double is dressed as you, and this is how police sting operatives frame innocent people as pedophiles!

    If police want you dead, then they will poison your foods, if you start suspecting your being poisoned and your guard goes up then police will just hook up water filtration systems to your water tap line to slowly poison you to death, when police/sheriff’s poison people this way then they use meth ingredients to do it, that way if you get5 a toxicology test the police and your doctors will just accuse you of being a druggy!

    These are just some of the crimes sting operations commit, many times sting operatives swill try to recruit your spouse into the sting by winning her over into an affair, if you have children and they successfully recruited your wife/spouse into the sting, then they will encourage your wife/spouse to turn your children against you behind your back!

    If police recruit your wife into the sting then they will frame you for attempted murder, if the sting recruits your wife AND children into the sting then they will frame you as a pedophile!

    To be targeted by a sting is to be surrounded by people that don’t care if your a victim, and will not help you no matter what you say or what you can prove, sting operatives are not surrounding your home to help, they surround your home to destroy you, and anyone else that may be on your side!

    Almost all murders that take place at apartment buildings are committed by lain clothed cops that have already taken over the surrounding apartments surrounding their targets, and news media is just mums the word over the fact that several plain clothed cops were renting several apartments surrounding the person they murdered!

    When sting operations murder off people in this way, police just tell the news media to blame “gang” involvement and police and news media then use’s this pretense to ask voters to increase taxes for better law enforcement to fight these “fictional gangs” that police blame to cover up covert police operations!

  3. Renee Gingerich says:

    wow, Just WOW………some scary stuff $hit there, people!

    • Everyone knows cops take over motels/hotels for prostitution stings with the aid and cooperation of hotel/motel managers and employees, and everyone knows police sting operations take over entire apartment buildings as well for drug bust sting operations too.

      What people DON’T KNOW or do not give much thought to is how police can and do take over entire sections of apartment buildings if not the vast majority of it in sting operations where they have a specific target in mind! and it’s these type of sting operations where pol9ice and their civilian operatives will frame people, or murder off people, or a combination of both!

      All hotel/motel managers and employees and all landlord/apartment managers and maintenance men cooperate with ALL police sting operations, which means these people are for all intents and purposes civilian sting operatives and they help police in the targeting of people and these people lie FOR POLICE!

      This is how easy it is for police sting operations to frame innocent people for crimes, a female under cover cop in a prostitution sting at a hotel/motel, or just out on the street someone, can dress up like a prostitute, and then just engage men or women on the streets, and just act like a prostitute, any passerby such operative engages conversation with can be made to look like a criminal by doing nothing more than responding to a question the sting operative asks the person!

      This very simple and easy to do act by a female sting operative can make any male she talks to on the street look like a John for video surveillance or for photogenic photo’s, and this same tactic can be used by female sting operatives to make any other female they talk to look like a prostitute, just by asking for a light for a cigarette!

      This same tactic can be used by male sting operatives that dress up and act like drug dealers to make anyone they talk to look like a drug buyer, just by engaging someone on the street in conversation!

      These are examples of publicly known sting operations that the public is already aware of, yet news media never describes the process or the tactics sting operations use, so most people are unaware of just how easy it is for police to make innocent people LOOK like bad guys, when8n fact they are not bad guys at all!

      In apartment building stings the sting operatives tend to be the framing type of sting, where authority’s and their civilian operatives will take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target, and the sting has just taken over by shear numbers the area in which the targets lives their lives at!

      This type of sting utterly destroys the target covertly, at least from the targets point of view goes, because these sting operatives will over time destroy their targets name and reputation in his or her own neighborhood with false accusations and constant rumors being spread by the sting for the purpose of destroying the target!

      These type of stings will stage crimes, just like prostitution stings and drug bust sting operatives do, but this type of apartment sting will stage and commit crimes with full intent on blaming their surrounded target, and since the target is surrounded by a covert sting of several people pretending to be neighbors, these people will back up false allegations on the target, and because these sting operatives have covertly took over the surrounding apartments and are faking being neighbors, they can testify against the target in criminal court as false witnesses on behalf of law enforcement!

      Everyone is already subconsciously aware that police sting operations so indeed take over entire areas for their operations, but because news media deliberately refuses to disclose DETAILS of sting operations, most people just don’t give it much thought, which is why sting operations are commonly used by police to frame and or murder off people!

      Police/sheriff’s do not take complaints on sting operations and neither does news media, the whole system is by design refuses to accept or take or recognize sting operations, the system instead prefers to just gang up on anyone that complains and to label people that complain as mentally ill!

      Poisoning is a common tactic with sting operatives because police/sheriff’s have full control over all emergency hospitals and police/sheriff’s always maintain mini stations in emergency hospitals, so police/sheriff’s INFLUENCE with doctors at emergency hospitals is a ever present situation, and authority’s that are stationed at hospitals are known to have BRIEF chats with doctors in the E,R, hallways and can be heard and even recorded influencing doctors as to who to help, and who NOT to help!

      Because of this INFLUENCE aut5hority’s have with emergency doctors, the authority’s can easily cover up a poisoning by telling the doctor to NOT take a toxicology test and to fake not knowing what is wrong with the patient!

      When police cover up poisonings in this manner they usually bring in a doctor that is willing to lie for cops and such doctor will look the patient in t5he face and fake not knowing what’s wrong, but behind the patients back the doctor will fill out hospital paperwork labeling the patient as a drug attic and as mentally ill!

      That is how EASY it is for our police forces to cover up poisonings, which is why it is a favorite way of sting operatives to murder off people!

  4. Janine says:


    • Sting op’s are just a modern day version of the Clan, sting op’s were common practice in the 1930’s in the US but because news media and newspapers are mums the word about stings people are mostly unaware of them and unaware of the tactics they use.

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