Multnimah County Sheriff’s And Portland Police Recruit Civilians Into Sting Operations And Frame And Murder Off People!

My wife became a civilian sting operative while working at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, her first assignment was to frame her husband as a pedophile!

Sheriff’s/police instructed her to quit her job to hide her connections with law enforcement, and the same day she quit her job was the SAME DAY the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to get my neighbors evicted with a 72 hour notice so law enforcement can take over that apartment!

Law enforcement then instructed my wife to get me and our children out of town for a day so law enforcement can break into our home and bug it, and they made arrangements to get a photo double involved into the sting so that they could use a double to frame me!

Law enforcement arranged to hook up this double they were using with my mother, my mother lived in another state and owned her own home and was on SSI because she was disabled!

Multiple people were involved in pressuring my mother to allow a look-a-like person to move into her home and she knuckled under and let him move in not being aware that her son, me, was being set up and targeted by a sting of which my wife and her side of the family were involved in!

My wife and her side of the family spent the next couple months turning my yard into a playground with multiple large swimming pools and a large trampoline, and were coaching our daughters how to “perform” for my wife’s buddy’s/lovers in law enforcements video surveillance cameras!

While that was going on, in the state my mother lived in this look-a-like of me living with her was pressuring my mother to sell her home and to buy a motor home so that they could come visit me!

This look-a-like was telling my mother to not tell me about it, he told her to keep it as a surprise!

So when my mother and this look-a-like showed up they were trying to give me the impression that they wanted it to be a surprise, and this look-a-like-sting operative made damn sure they both arrived flat broke so I would feel obliged to allow them to stay on my property!

For one month my mother and this look-a-like were on my property and the whole time this look-a-like sting operative was hanging out with the law enforcement officer’s that were in the apartment next door and was many times in that apartment with law enforcement and was trying to hide it from me!

These sting operatives were causing all kinds of trouble on my property and near my property, they were stealing our daughters bicycles and were sabotaging our vehicles tires by letting the air out of our car tires, almost on a daily basis, and they even staged a fill blown car fire thirty feet away from my apartment of which I had to deal with!

The sting operatives that were next door to me and that look-a-like were involved in that car fire!

While I was being victimized by sting operatives my father who lived on the other side of town was ALSO being gang-stalked and victimized by law enforcement sting operatives and was being harassed and terrorized by them and they were constantly staging street theater tactics near and around my father trying to trick him into confronting them!

In essence sting operatives were trying to provoke him with harassment and staging crimes near him in an attempt to get him to act/intervene against them, apparently law enforcement relies on such tactics in order to make their targets fight back so that police can fake justifying murdering off the people they provoke!

After a month of this look-a-like on my property I kicked him off my property, and two weeks later my mother was battered by this look-a-like and my mother called me up to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got to her location I was met by that look-a-like sting operative and by two Portland cops, the sting operative was standing behind the cops as though he was one of them, and the cops were deliberately acting like they were on HIS side and told me I can take my mother home, but I had to abandon the motor home to the look-a-like!

A month after this my wife poisoned my mother, and my mother called 911 and the police and sheriff’s arranged to get her a motel room but did NOTHING on her complaint and just ignored the fact my wife poisoned her!

Three weeks later I found out my father was also poisoned, and he told me about it, and I found out it was around the same time my wife poisoned my mother, only my father told me it was the plain clothed officer’s that were stalking and harassing him that did it!

Three days later my father was dead, and it was a county sheriff officer that came to my door to tell me he died, and he hinted that he and the county sheriff’s are responsible by admitting with a smirk on his face that he removed my fathers meds from his apartment before coming over to tell me of his death, and then he left!

For the next five days in a roll I got daily threatening phone calls from two different law enforcement officer’s that were lying about who they were, and were making threats and demands!

On the fifth day, one hour after I got the last threatening phone call from those officer’s, my wife and her sister, with big smirking grins on their faces, were filling my home with paraphernalia such as life sized Barbie dolls and were filling my closet with video porn!

Two days later I discovered the county sheriff’s, in plain cloths, were going from the apartment next door to my oldest daughters bedroom window and were passing her cards through her bedroom window and the cards had printed words on them and our daughter, with a goofy grin on her face, was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they were her own words when in fact they were the words of the county sheriff directed by those cards!

After my daughter left the apartment I read her diary, she was being coached and directed by county sheriff’s to label me in her diary as a pedophile and was making up events that never happened!

She made no mention of her grandmother being battered by a look-a-like, she made no mention of her grandfathers recent death, all she did with that diary was call me a pedophile, and she was using words she did not even know how to spell because she was just copying those cards the county sheriff’s gave her into her diary!

These sting operatives recruited my wife and her side of the family as well as our daughters into sting operations, and I discovered the hard way sting operations are all about organized lying murderous people in law enforcement recruiting civilians against their targets and that they are methodical in their framing of people and that they treat it like a sport and they enjoy toying with their prey before murdering off their victims!

I learned they commonly use doubles and photogenic photo’s to make their targets look like bad guys, I learned they have no qualms what-so-ever in recruiting children into stings and therefore don’t give a damn about children being exploited, and I learned they easily cover up poisonings at hospitals which is why they poison people that discover what their doing and try to warn people about it, it cost my father his life to warn me!

Terry Wagar


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