Belated December 12th VLOG! Sting Operatives Caught On Video Pounding Under My Kitchen Sink As Well As My Wall Next To Me!

On December 12th 2014 I was typing a complaint online to the owners of the apartment building where I live about sting operatives and the apartment manager working together to poison me off using a water filtration system they had hidden under my kitchen sink, when the next for neighbors began pounding under their kitchen sink which is next to my sink!

I started recording this VLOG to catch them pounding under the kitchen sink of which can be heard at the very beginning of this VLOG!

As I explain what is going on through my VLOG the neighbors on the other side of my apartment begin pounding on my wall right next to where I am sitting!

This is just one out of many times these murderous sting operatives FLAUNT the fact they have their victims surrounded with intent to intimidate/terrorize, and this is one of those rare times where I actually am able to catch it on video/audio!

Sting operatives are organized and are murderers and don’t give a damn if their victims know it, and they fucked me and my family over so bad I can care less about their threats!

Terry Wagar

1971 Through 2005 Sting Operations Use DOUBLES And PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S To Frame People And Use Antifreeze To Poison Off People/Witnesses!

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were framing neighbors as pedophiles using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and it was a county sheriff officer that was acting as the DOUBLE and the Dunham family trafficked the children to the DOUBLE for the PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S!

1973 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were gang-stalking and terrorizing and poisoning the children they used in 1971 with a DOUBLE for PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and they covered up the poisonings by denial of emergency services and refusal to take complaints and committed the children into mental institutions labeling the children mentally ill to justify locking up the children without the need for trials, thus covered up the poisonings!

1999 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family decided to finish off the rest of that family they were poisoning in the 1970’s and they succeeded in recruiting one of their victims wives into the sting/set up via recruiting her into an affair with a cop!

They began by paying their victims wife to turn the victims yard into a playground while county sheriff’s arranged to get a DOUBLE onto the property and arranged to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their victim!

After they paid the victims wife to turn the targets yard into a playground they began coaching the wife to fill their targets home with paraphernalia!

After the county sheriff’s got the DOUBLE onto the targets property the county sheriff’s and the victims wife and her side of the family began staging disasters for the target to deal with while county sheriff’s terrorized the targets parents on the other side of town!

When victim kicks this DOUBLE off his property all hell breaks lose, the county sheriff’s paid that DOUBLE to batter the targets mother, and the targets mother lost her home to this DOUBLE because police did not give a damn a DOUBLE the sheriff’s used battered a disabled person and allowed that DOUBLE to keep the home!

A month later the targets wife poisoned the targets mother and at the same time the county sheriff’s poisoned the targets father who happen to live on the other side of town!

Portland police covered up the victims mothers 911 call and did nothing on her complaint and three weeks later the victim discovered what happened to his father!

The father tried to warn his son what the officer’s did to him, and three days later the targets father was dead!

Multnomah county sheriff’s made it known via hints and by phone threats their responsible for the targets death and began making threats and demands on the target, blackmailing the target!

After this the target was formally charged by Multnomah county sheriff’s and by Portland police with forty four felony charges, but they had no intention of giving their target a trial, they used the false allegations as their excuse to vilify their target on TV and then released their target 11 days later with no explanation, as a way of backing up their blackmail demands!

2005 The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s battered the victim and left the victim with a broken rib and messed up knee in a parking lot, no one called 911 for the target/victim, and no one seemed to care!

The targets wife was still cheating on him with Portland cops and she was responsible for getting her husband in that situation, as a matter of fact she was with one of her lovers in the Portland police department when her husband was battered and left in a parking lot!

This time it was the targets wife’s lover that decided to act as a PHOTO DOUBLE to frame her girlfriends husband as a pedophile while the target was still debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee!

When the target/victim discovered his wife’s affair with this cop and discovered he was acting as a DOUBLE to frame him he tried in his debilitated condition to warn people, and that’s when his wife poisoned him with antifreeze in his coffee!

Everyone working at East Port Walmart in 2005 knew the targets wife was cheating on him with a cop that dyed his hair to match the targets hair and was acting as a DOUBLE and knew police battered the target and knew the targets wife poisoned the target when he tried to warn people!

It was East Port Walmart employees that coined the nicknames that the targets wife and her ,lover were using, the nicknames were Doubleclick and Mrs. Dash!

The target has a history of saving lives and had a long history of being a plasma donor, and his wife began poisoning him while he was a active plasma donor!

Many family members died during the Multnomah county sheriff and the Portland police and their girlfriends were using antifreeze to poison off people and were actively and openly using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame people!

I am one of their targets!

Terry Wagar

Police And Civilian Operatives Murder Off Children And They Get Away With It!

I want the readers to first go to this website and read the story of this incident before continuing with this blog article by me, please go here and read the generic story of this poor child being murdered by police.

Read about this via this hyperlink first before continuing please.

Now that you have read the generic version of this story please watch the video of these cops murdering this poor child.

This video is graphic, you are warned.

Video of police murdering 12 year old child!

Now that you have read about the story and have a generic understanding of what happened and seen the video of the police murdering this innocent child, I am going to explain to you how this was no accident and that it was a planned out assassination planned out and set up by police and by civilian operatives and explain how they get away with it!

When civilian operatives target people they try to get close to their targets, they try to befriend their targets, and by doing so they can easily set up their targets by controlling where their targets are and what their targets are doing.

For example, sting operatives that are targeting this child and that child’s family will befriend the family including the child, sting operatives own children are used in the stings in order to set up the target and to help with the staging!

This murdered child was waiting for someone at that picnic table and got tried of waiting and got up to leave, and it’s that precise moment the police struck and killed the child, this was set up by police and by civilian operatives!

The most likely explanation is that this child was playing cops and robbers with another kid in the park, and the other kid was called away for dinner or for some other excuse, and that child asked the soon-to-be murdered child to wait there for him/her because they will be right back to play!

There was no caller calling police reporting a person in the park of having a gun, police and 911 operators will just make up that lie just like they make up the lie they yelled orders at the child!

This child was set up by civilian sting operatives and by the operatives children and by the operatives buddy’s in law enforcement to be murdered!

They get away with it because the operatives and their children arranged to get that child staying in a certain place where there is video surveillance cameras while holding what appears to be a gun!

ALL children murdered in this manner are set up by sting operatives to be in a place where there is video surveillance and have their target/victim holding what appears to be a gun, this is a common tactic police and civilian sting operatives try to set children up for, and police use these sting tactics to set up their target so that police can fake justification in the killings!

Notice how police use the fact that the murdered child was holding something that appears to be a gun as a justification in the killing? keep that in mind because that is the goal of all sting operatives whether they are police or civilian operatives, their goal is to get their target, and to appear justified in it, as long as police look justified then they get away with it!

What most people don’t know or realize is the fact that this child and probably his whole family is being targeted by sting operatives and are probably surrounded by civilian sting operatives that are either neighbors to this child and the child’s family, or are recent neighbors with full intent of moving after they are done with terrorizing the child and the child’s family!

On the hyperlink where I advised you to go to get the generic story of this you will hear a bland complaint claiming to be made by the family, I guarantee you the child’s family did not say anything about this publicly, the child’s family’s attorney is the one speaking for the family, and he/she is trying to cover up the fact it was an intentional and planned killing!

In that story the cops that shot the child claim they yelled around three orders at the child before opening fire, yet the video shows the child dropping from being shot the moment the police car came to a stop, so police outright lie they yelled orders at the child!

Well police also lie that there was a call from someone to 811 operator that there was someone with a gun in the park, all these excuses are just made up by police after the fact!

The police were already on the scene for at least half an hour before the shooting took place just waiting for the right moment to pounce and shoot, they waited for the child to get tired of waiting for his buddy to show up and the child got up from the bench to go home, and it is that precise moment the police struck and immediately open fired on the child!

After the fact police will just make up whatever excuse they want and will have their civilian operatives back up their lies if need be, but keep in mind all the signs that this was a staged planned killing are there, police lying about the facts, video cameras aimed at the location at the bench where the child is obviously waiting before leaving, and failure of police to IDENTIFY the person they claim called 911 to report a armed person in the park!

Police and civilian operatives set this child up to be murdered, they made sure the location of the killing would be recorded, operatives children got the child in the location via playing, most likely cops and robbers, and the sting operatives children lied to the child claiming they have to go home for whatever reason and that they will be right back, which explains why the child is waiting on a park bench, and police timing their attack to occur just after the child gets to his feet to go home!

I have seen no actual statement from this child’s family, the only statements I can find are police statements and attorney statements, which is also another strong indication this was a murder, because the government nor the news media wants to give the family the public opportunity to explain their side of it!

Based on what I know about police and civilian sting tactics, the murdered child’s family is either not a part of it or are partially involved but not fully aware it is a murder conspiracy, and that the operatives that set this child up to be killed are probably still befriending the murdered child’s family and that the child’s family is unaware that those people are secretly palling around with the officer’s that murdered the child!

Police and civilian sting operatives always surround their victims to control the area around their victims via shear numbers, and because they hide the fact their connected to law enforcement they can easily testify in court against their targets/victims claiming to be unbiased witnesses against their targets in court, and civilian operatives always want to be in a position where they are close enough to the target that they can fake being witnesses against the target, which is why they try to befriend their targets and try to live close to their targets!

Remember these organized killers are used to getting away with murders by making their victims appear guilty in order to justify police killing them, which is why civilian sting operatives children will befriends their targets children in order to set such children up to be shot!

Police and their civilian operatives do not try hard to hide the fact their organized and that police pal around with the civilian operatives that are setting people up to be killed, because they don’t have to, why? because news media goes OUT OF IT’S WAY to ignore sting operations and their tactics and are mums the word when police have their targets surrounded by civilian stings operatives while the victims end up getting killed/murdered!

It is NOT what police and news media tell you, it’s what they DO NOT TELL YOU that wakes people up to the fact their all organized killers and framers!

There you have it, another example as to how police AND their civilian operatives murder off people, including children!

Terry Wagar

9-11 Attacks Were Planned Out And Staged And Committed By The US Government To Justify A Unjustifiable War!

In 1985 the US government practiced crashing dozens and dozens and dozens of full-sized airplanes using remote control to practice precise crashing on government airfields!

This was made public by national television via a TV special showing our government filling one of those planes with crash test dummies and then crashing the plane in a precise manner on a US government airfield and millions of people watched this on TV!

The governments excuse for these remote control crashing of full-sized airplanes was to make planes safer!

US Government Practices Crashing Full-Sized Airplanes Via Remote Control 1985

By 1993 the FBI used their vast power to stage crimes to organize and stage/commit terrorists bombings at the World Trade Center!

Using sting tactics and sting operatives and using covert operatives to set up and stage/commit a bombing in the garage of one of the World Trade Towers!

World Trade Center Garage Bombing 1993

All news of this bombing was nothing more than propaganda, the accused bombers were never given a public opportunity to defend themselves and average people did not get to witness the trial, and most people are unaware of the fact that the NY Port Authority was mostly held accountable for the bombings, that information goes ignored by news media!

The US government has now seeded the minds of the American people with the thought that foreign terrorists are targeting the World Trade center!

The US government then spends the next several years gearing up for full-scale war, it takes times and money and equipment for full-scale war, and the US government began preparing for war after the bombing of the World Trade Center garage!

In September 11th in 2001 our government, after it discovers and practices and masters crashing full-sized airplanes via remote control and then set the stages for war by using covert sting operations to bomb a garage and then built up for and geared up for war, staged a large massive street theater performance of a grand scale by using remote controlled airplanes to crash into both World Trade center towers and then collapsed the buildings by controlled demolition after the world gets it’s eye-full of the disaster!

World Trade Center Attack 911

A whole new meaning to “Shock and Awe” and obviously the US government is fond of using “Shock and awe” on people!

The government controlled news media began immediately spinning blame on our governments enemy’s, blaming people on the other side of the world, and completely ignores the fact that building 7 of the World Trade center was already rigged for controlled demolition, and the US government and government controlled news media wants everyone to ignore the fact that no plane hit building 7 and to ignore the fact the building was already filled with explosives by government!

World Trade Center building 7 demolition

The government and news propaganda machine began for the next several months using this “attack” as they put it as their justification to going to war, and of course the government and news media wants everyone to ignore the fact the US government spent all of the ninety’s gearing for this war, this PLANNED war!

A week after the 911 bombings the US government began a poisoning terror to silence anyone with actual knowledge of the 911 attacks being orchestrated by the US government and it is known as the “2001 anthrax attacks” that began a week after the 911 attacks!

This “anthrax” is the Fascist US governments way of targeting and silencing anyone that KNOWS the US government is responsible for the 911 attack and were openly trying to warn people!

Anthrax Sent By Mail By US Government To Silent News Media!

The anthrax attacks was done and meant to be a threat to ANYONE that has knowledge/evidence that the US government committed the attacks and is a message as to what will happen to news reporters or anyone else along with their family’s as to what will happen to them if they speak up!

This message was spread widely via major local news media, and throughout the entire time major news media was repeatedly giving the propaganda lie that terrorists committed the 911 attacks!

The reason for the anthrax attacks was because when the US government staged/committed their grand large-scale attack of the twin towers they botched it badly, anyone can plainly tell that the towers hit by the planes were brought down via controlled demolition!

Witnesses on the scène that are not operatives for government witnessed the multiple explosions going off inside both towers as the tower falls, so the buildings were already in a state to be brought down via demolition, that’s enough to know the US government planned and staged the crimes!

The fact that no plane crashed into building 7 yet the US government “pulls” the building via demolition is enough to know that building as well was rigged to go down, it takes months for demolition experts to bring down large buildings in a controlled manner, not hours as the propagandists want you to believe!

And the anthrax attacks was the Fascist governments reminder to news media itself to STFU about how the US government did it!

Everyone knows the government did it, and for average people it is hard for them to imagine their government committing such crimes, most people go numb when they think about it, because to come to the realization that our own government will murder off it’s own citizens to fake justifying mass murders-wars for their purposes is scary!

Most people that are aware the US government staged this massive attack to justify unjustifiable wars have something to lose, such as family or loved ones, and that is the whole point of the US government anthrax attack, to scare people that know the US government did it into silence!

Most people’s fears of the US government are genuine and warranted, the US government can and does poison off people, they do it all the time and it mostly never gets on the news when government poisons people!

ONLY the US government practices crashing full-sized airplanes with remote precision and designs and builds remote control drones for war purposes, and the US government was using remote control killing drones to assassinate people in the following wars started as a result of the 911 attacks, so the US government IS using remote controlled flying devices to kill people in war after the 911 attacks!


The US government wants average citizens to be dumb and to blindly take governments word on things/events, and it is the news media that tries to cover for government and to twist things/events in such a way as to control the majority of people’s opinions, and because government and major news media work together in lying to the American people they can easily trick the American people into believing in propaganda!

The US government did not practice crashing forty to fifty full-sized airplanes to make planes safer, they practiced it for military purposes and after mastering it they came up with the plan to use it for staged terrorist attacks so they can justify war!

The US government and it’s military worked on and designed remote controlled killing machines all throughout the ninety’s,in secret, and after the staged 9-11 attacks the US government started openly using remote controlled killing drones in the upcoming wars!

The US after the 9-11 attacks flaunts the fact to their victims their at war with that they were framed by US government using remote controlled weapons to stage the 9-11 attacks and then continue to murder off people in war using remote controlled drones!

The US government gets away with these high crimes by controlling everything and by controlling news media, news media does everything in it’s Fascist power to hide the truth from the American people, and most average people are bombarded by non-stop propaganda via major news, so much so that most people in America are simply unaware of these high crimes because of news media willingness to cover it up and to lie for government!

Sting operatives and sting operatives are paid trained liars FOR government and are permitted to break the law in order to frame/entrap people, which is why it is so easy for FBI sting operatives whether they are officer’s or civilians to stage crimes then turn around and blame others!

Most people blindly take the word of officer’s and news media, which is why this Fascist country gets away with being openly Fascist, because most Americans are so dumbed down by government schools and by news media that they cannot recognize Fascism or sting operations!

The US government and it’s operatives built up to the 9-11 attacks and it was all staged/committed by our US government and it’s operatives, and most people claiming to be witnesses to the 9-11 attack that get news airtime are operatives for the US government as act as and pretend to be unbiased witnesses in order to sell the idea to the American people that the terrorists did it!

99% of all so-called terrorists in the US are nothing more than willing operatives of the US government and are deliberately staging/committing terrorism in the US to sell to and to justify a war to the American people!

The FBI regularly creates new identity’s, and do so on a regular basis to hide their operatives, and they used that Fascist power to create false people that were on those empty remote controlled airplanes, and of course the news media tries to sell that idea to the American people as well!

If you think of your news media and news reporters as an extension to government and think of them as operatives FOR government then you will understand much better how they get away with their crimes!

The anthrax threat created by FBI and spewed all over the US a week after the 9-11 attacks demonstrates how the government AND major news media use’s threats and hints to threats to silence anyone with knowledge/evidence that goes against the official explanation of 9-11, and there are in the country smaller less Fascist news media that was probably trying to spill the beans on the US government, which would explain the anthrax threat made by the US government and by major news media!

Terry Wagar