The Portland Mercury News Website BLOCKED ME AGAIN!

Today on September 25th 2014 I checked on the Portland Mercury news website to see if anyone responded to my posts I made the day before and I tried to post again today and discovered I AM ONCE AGAIN BLOCKED from posting on that local news website!

Apparently ONLY cops and their girlfriends and their buddy’s are welcome to report crimes, because everyone else is blocked from reporting crimes cops and their girlfriends commit!


Terry Wagar


Reporting Crimes On The Portland Mercury Website And Recording It! 09-24-2014

I recorded posting/reporting crimes on the Portland Mercury website and recorded it to how and prove I am reporting crimes committed by organized sting operatives including a murder and I am recording it because local news websites here in Portland Oregon are notorious for deleting my posts and blocking my accounts, I had to create a all knew account in order to record posting because my old account with that website was blocked.


Terry Wagar

Sting Operatives Frame People Using Doubles And Murder Off People Using Poison!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizers and recruit women into affairs and grant those women permission to poison off husbands for life insurance money’s!

I was battered by Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s on January 18th 2005, and right after they battered me they walked away about thirty feet and started talking about using a double!

I was being gang-stalked by police and county sheriff’s ever since and my wife and her side of the family were sleeping around with and palling around with these officer’s the whole time and were trying to hide it from me!

March 2005 my wife bragged she had a new best friend named Eric Carlson, and she admitted he was a twin, I was still debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee from the battery by authority’s!

My wife started openly cheating on me with this “twin” and she started refering to him around her daughters by the nickname Doubleclick!

April 2005 I discovered my wife was hooking our daughters up with this twin Eric Carlson, and discovered he was a cop and discovered he dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me, and that this all was open knowledge at East Port Walmart where my wife worked, and discovered a ton of people was trying to hide this from me!

I tried to warn people about this, and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

I was severely severely debilitated from that, and I was surrounded by family members that were all grins and pretended nothings wrong! And two weeks after my wife first poisoned me she bragged to her daughters that SHE NOW has a nickname everyone at Walmart gave her, she said it was Dash! and her daughters with a knowing grin gave her their BLESSINGS over her nickname!

Police repeatedly interfered with me getting any form of help at any hospital by using their power of influence with the doctors at the hospitals, and because of that no doctor would help me nor would they admit I was poisoned and they just faked not knowing what is wrong!

My wife kept me in a debilitated state while she and her side of the family as well as her daughters helped their lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement to set me up for crimes using officer Eric Carlson as a photo/body double for their photogenic photo’s!

On March 26th 2007 early in the morning my wife and her daughters along with their lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement tried setting me up for a murder that officer Eric Carlson and Officer John Ray committed!

They committed breaks ins that morning and they were making child porn using volunteers, my wife’s 17 year old daughter volunteered with that and was helping them in her bedroom!

They planted evidence and porn on our computer with intent of coming back to our apartment later on with a warrant, and before they left they poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup!

They all went as a group to Clackamas Walmart where my wife Joan Wagar’s sister Vickie Rosales worked and they all bragged about it to her!

They admitted I was asleep at the time, they admitted they were framing me as a pedophile, they admitted they was in our daughters bedroom, they admitted officer Eric Carlson was on our daughters bed, they admitted they got pictures of his dick, they admitted they planted evidence in our apartment, they admitted they got it on photogenic, they started giving me blame as other Walmart employees got near them, and they admitted they needed 6:30 taken off of their female victim because officer John Ray broke in their!

They admitted to other Walmart employees officer Eric Carlson was dressed up like me, they talked about how easy it is for officer Eric Carlson to impersonate me and talked about how he copy’s my mannerisms!

These people spent the next three hours recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them, printing flyers using Walmart printers giving me the blame for their crimes, and celebrating and having sex in the back of that store!My wife Joan Wagar was having sex with officer Eric Carlson after they got the softlines department to lie for them and they discussed a female officer Eric Carlson murdered during it!

The whole store that day on March 26th 2007 is witness to their bragging and recruiting people, how do I know all this?

Because I was asleep on the couch in the living room, their break in woke me up, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse and then laid back down pretending to be asleep knowing my wife will leave for work soon!

I caught the whole thing on my audio recorder!

Portland police caught on video using officer’s and their girlfriends as photo doubles and are caught impersonating Terry Wagar and his daughter Megan Wagar in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and the two doubles were kissing for cops photogenic photo’s and ae caught in the act by Terry Wagar himself using his camcorder!

Pedophile cops using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people for crimes that OFFICER’S commit!

Joan Wagar got permission from her lovers in the Portland police to poison off plasma donors and relatives and brags in writting to her debilitated poisoned husband she is a poisoner!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Portland pedophile police department use their Fascist power of influence at hospitals to cover up poisonings at local hospitals!

Terry Wagar

Police And County Sheriff’s And Sting Operatives Ambush And Murder Innocent Victim On Video!

My two cents on this outright blatant murder/assassination committed by police and county sheriff’s and by sting operatives!

County sheriff’s and their sting operatives PLAN an ambush/attack on their victim at their victims place of residence and fake an emergency to justify murdering off the victim while sting operatives and police in uniforms prevent family members of the murdered victim from witnessing the fact that no aid or CPR is being done on the shot victim!

Piece of shit sting operatives and county sheriff’s are ambushing and murdering off their victims while their victims and the victims family members are surrounded by sting operatives!

News media is mums the wor5d about organized murders committed by sheriff’s and are very mums the word about victims and victims relatives being surrounded by sting operatives!

Terry Wagar

Tactics And Practices And Crimes Committed By Police Sting Operatives!

This is by NO MEANS a full explanation on police sting tactics and practices, but I will try to outline SOME of their known tactics that I am a first hand witness to in order to help others understand just how corrupt police and their civilian operatives truly are.

Police sting operations have been in full practice for many decades, it’s nothing new, as a matter of fact the 1960’s TV show ‘Mission Impossible” is a fiction based on copying police sting operations and are glorifying sting operatives as “Good Guys” and the TV show tries to portray sting operatives as Good guys, the show was propagandistic in the sense that it portrays police sting operatives as Good guys, Because police sting operatives are the most disgusting type of people in the world!

The TV show “Mission Impossible” was canceled by the network not because it lacked views, it was a highly popular TV show back then, the TV show was canceled because YOUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT STING OPERATIONS, AT ALL!

Now that TV show glamourizes sting operatives and portrays sting operatives as organized people covertly targeting someone that the show portrays as Bad Guys, and the show usually ends after the sting operatives frame/entrap their target and the sting operatives hop into vehicles or helicopters and leave the scène of the crime just as the police in uniforms show up to arrest the person they framed/entrapped!

Now that TV show demonstrates how sting operatives surround their target and will impersonate utility’s technicians or maids or any other profession in order to get close to their target and in order to gain control over the area their target resides in order to frame/entrap their target!

That TV show Mission Impossible DOES NOT ADMIT the operatives are in fact police sting operatives, they leave who they are and who they work for up in the air, the reason is because the TV networks already know police do this and know police want their tactics kept secret, so the network simply does not bother to explain who the operatives are and who they work for, they leave it up to viewers to figure it out without explanation, in other words we all know it’s police sting operations, it’s a given!

Now keep that old TV show in mind, that show did not come from thin air, it came from TV networks known knowledge of police sting operations, and the show was the networks attempt to glorify sting operations, just like they do with many other cop shows!

That show was taken off the air because your government, your police, your FBI, your state police, DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT STINGS!

Your government is so desperate to cover up sting operations that they invent all knew terms describing the actions and deeds of sting operatives in order to continue to try and hide sting operations!

The FBI fabricated terms invented for the purpose of covering POLICE sting operations is “Gang-Stalking” and “Gang-Stalk” and “Cause-Stalking” and police and FBI use their power of influence with publishers to PUT those newly invented terms in dictionary’s in an attempt to popularize those terms and to get people to use those terms so that police can continue to hide their sting operations!

Police and FBI not only want victims of sting operations to refer to the crimes as Gang-stalking they ALSO want victims of sting operations to NOT REFER TO THEMSELVES AS VICTIMS OF CRIMES and instead they want victim’s to refer to themselves as TI’s!

Why do they do that?

Because of the internet, if you refer to police sting operations as “Gang-Stalking” and you refer to yourself as a TI and you try to tell people about it, people will Google those terms and what do they find?

They find a million websites talking about bull-crap “Brain Wave” torture and “Mind to Skill” voices being pumped into their heads, they even talk about UFO’s and anything else stupid!

So when your government tricks you into using THEIR NEWLY INVENTED TERMS to make you look nuts, they just succeeded in discrediting you as a witness!

Most all those garbage websites that refer to Gang-Stalking are actually BOT websites run by the FBI and by other police agency’s, it’s how your government covers up police sting operations, and by tricking people into using their terminology they trick their victims into NOT exposing police sting operations and are NOT telling people they are VICTIMS OF CRIME!

Now I am going to get into the nitty gritty of police sting operatives and try to give you an understanding of what type of people they are and what type of tactics sting operatives use over and over and over again!

Beginning stages of a police sting operation involves some sort action that draws law enforcements attention on their targets, I will use my own situation to explain, I was targeted by a sting operation by the Multnomah county sheriff’s after my wife got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen as a prep cook!

My wife was cheating on me at the time while she worked there, and I uncovered the fact I was being set up and targeted by my wife and her side of the family and by my wife’s lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement!

Most people targeted by sting operations are unaware of it until it’s too late, I am the exception to that rule because I uncovered almost everything at it’s inception right at the very beginning!

I was not being targeted by a sting because I am a whistle blower or someone they wanted to silence as a witness or suspected of a crime, I was being targeted by my wife and by her side of the family and by their bro’s in law enforcement for personal reasons, and they also targeted me for sport!

Beginning stages of a police sting operation consist of recruiting people close to their target into the sting, once the sting has people close to the target such as friends/relatives/coworkers into the sting, then authority’s give the go on setting up the target, yes, to set up the target!

Police will use their police powers to take over surrounding apartments/homes that surround their target in order to have FULL CONTROL OVER THE AREA for their operations and for their staged crimes, and they bring in and select from their own ranks people that most resemble their target for them to use as a double!

Once authority’s have control over the area with their operatives they usually go into surveillance mode and spy on their target using ILLEGAL video and audio recording devices they put into their targets home!


Did I empathize that ENOUGH?

Sting operatives, once they are surrounding their target, generally take their time in framing their target, and enjoy trolling their target covertly, sting operatives are the most malicious psycho’s you could ever imagine, their assholes, their bitches, and during the course of their sting they will troll and troll and troll their targets, and there is NO LIMIT to the criminal actions they take in trolling people they target!

Sting operatives will spend several months destroying your name and reputation amongst your neighbors and amongst your coworkers and will even contact previous employers of their target in order to vilify their target to people that the target used to be connected to from past employment!

All the vilifying sting operatives do over their target is kept hidden from their target. targets of sting operations cannot defend against such attacks when the attacks are behind the back of the target, spreading rumors about the target is a common tactic of sting operatives!

Sting operatives will stage and commit crimes and document the crimes using photogenic photo’s, police LOVE photogenic photo’s because police REGULARLY use officer’s as photo doubles and those doubles will and do dress up just like their target and will stage/commit crimes while their fellow sting operatives take fuzzy photogenic photo’s from the sides and from the back of the double, so that they can use the photo’s to frame/vilify their target to other people!

Sting operatives follow their target everywhere their target goes, and sting operatives will vilify their target behind their targets back at places such as the targets favorite place to go grocery shopping!

For example, while the target is shopping at his/her grocery store doing nothing wrong and not breaking any law at all, sting operatives dressed like civilians will walk up to and approach employees at the store and tell the employee “See that man/women over there? that person is a pedophile! He/She was following children in the store!” and that’s all it takes!

No cops are called, no formal complaints backed up by someone’s name is associated with the complaint, the complaint is made anonymously by sting operatives with no intent on testifying to it, and they just succeeded in turning their target’s grocery store full of employees against their target!

No one will tell the target accusations were made about him/her and no one will tell him/her who made the accusations, but the whole store will hear about it in a panic, and the employees will stalk the target in the store and further the slander and defamation of character of the target by warning customers with children to avoid that person and will outright label the target as a pedophile!

The target has done nothing wrong, broke no law, is doing nothing but what he/she usually does at their grocery store, and is unaware the whole store they shop at has been turned against them and that the person is being vilified without a trial and without the right to defend their name and reputation and denied the right to face his/her accusers!

One brief conversation made by civilian sting operatives can turn a whole neighborhood against their target, sting operatives usually smirk at their targets after they have vilified their target, sting operatives ENJOY using such tactics knowing their target/victim cannot defend against it and sting operatives know how to manipulate innocent civilian’s into helping sting operatives destroy their targets name/reputation, all done without any formal complaint and no uniformed cops involved!

That is just one example of how sting operatives fuck over people and demonstrates how easy it is for police sting operatives to fuck over people!

Police sting operatives have a name for it, they call it pedofying, most people sting operatives pedofy usually end up dead after their publicly vilified by police and by news media!

These type of crimes and actions done by sting operatives were understood back in the 1960’s and 1970’s as sting operations, sting operations were being glorified in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, but ever since Hollywood and TV networks have gone out of their way to portray cops as lone wolf’s that may have one partner helping them!

Police and media does not want people in this day and age to realize that twenty to thirty people in law enforcement and or connected to law enforcement will and do target SINGLE INDIVIDUALS and with that many people targeting someone it becomes easy for police to frame/entrap/vilify innocent people!

There is one word that fits ALL POLICE STING OPERATIONS, and that word is PRETENSES!

Police use false pretenses in order to frame people, to recruit people into stings, to set the stage for framing their targets, and generally fake most all accusations about their targets and rely on their civilian operatives to back up those pretenses in court to frame their target!

Everyone is aware thanks to Hollywood movies and TV networks shows and by police own admissions that police can and do use pretenses to entrap people, such as prostitution stings, cops pay their female officer’s to dress up and act like prostitutes for video surveillance cameras and are paid by police to engage men in conversations on the streets and at certain locations!

Police will frame innocent people as John’s by paying female officer’s to PRETEND to be prostitutes and the female officer’s are trained in how to make/start conversations in such a way where it makes their target appear to be a John solely based on the PRETENDED PERFORMANCES of the female officer!

That’s a lot of lying and faking and pretending going on by officer’s, all for the sake of making their targets LOOK LIKE bad guys on video, I got news for you, you try avoiding these type of sting operatives, female officer’s will literally walk up to you and ask you for a light for their cigarette, they use that hand to hand exchange to MAKE THEIR TARGET LOOK LIKE A BAD GUY!

Police regularly frame people as John’s using that tactic all the time, and the female officer’s are literally dressing up like a whore in order to make innocent people look like John’s just for talking to the person!

That’s a sting operation, and the police are staging EVERYTHING and FAKING EVERYTHING in order to frame/entrap/vilify their target!

Don’t forget that pretense, because almost everything police do IS a pretense, on their part!

If police are framing a target as a rapist, then they use their civilian female operatives to set up the target, the female civilian sting operative will deliberately engage the target in conversations in front of the targets home, all for photogenic photo purposes and for video surveillance purposes, the female operative will pretend to run into you at the grocery store and fake it being a funny coincidence, all for the purpose of photogenic photo’s and for video surveillance!

You end up a month or two later charged with the rape of that woman and the woman is backing up the complaint, and police claim they have DNA evidence to back up the complaint, and will use that statement on news TV stations and news websites to vilify the framed target, the target is innocent, is locked up, no one bothers to ask the target what happened, and the target gets railroaded into prison!


Because police pretend and fake things it is easy for police to make their targets appear to others to be bad guys! they are experts at framing people and making people look like bad guys, which is the basis of sting operations!

There are women in this world that do lap dances for ten dollars, there are women in this world that fake rape just so they can get revenge on people they have it out for, there are women in this world that sleep around with cops and are whores for cops, there are women in this world that will fake being raped for the police for a price and will back up false allegations on people police have it out for, there are women whores that have children and pal around with cops and sleep around with cops and will frame anyone cops have it out for as a pedophile by simply coaching their children to make false accusations, those type of women usually get ten grand from police to back up false pedophile charges, is that enough to think of those women as whores!?!?!?!?!

The above sounds rather extreme does it not? normal average people that are ignorant of sting operatives tactics would see the above as rather extreme, but you need to understand, sting operatives are the MOST DISGUSTING PEOPLE ON THE PLANET and the above accurately describes most of the females connected to law enforcement!

Police and their civilian operatives are liars, their devious, their psycho’s, their sex addicts, their organized, they cover each others butts, they will fake ANY PRETENSE in order to frame/entrap/vilify their target, and they usually do it while smirking!

If sting operatives can fake being prostitutes to frame/entrap people then their also free to fake being raped to frame/entrap people, if sting operatives can take over an entire motel in order to stage a prostitution sting to frame/entrap people then sting operatives are also free to take over apartment buildings to frame their targets for break ins and for rapes!

There is really no difference between one sting or another, stings are all about multiple people in law enforcement and people connected to people in law enforcement and they organize and work together in order to frame/entrap/vilify their targets and many targets of sting operations end up murdered by the sting operatives!

Police sting operative’s in Portland Oregon literally pay their girlfriends with children TEN GRAND to make their targets look like bad guys by making false pedophile accusations, and it’s a precursor to the target usually being murdered off by police!

Remember sting operations are based on PRETENSES made by the sting operatives, by operating under the pretense of investigating their target they can get away with vilifying their target, vilifying is extremely dangerous because vilifying their target literally cuts their target off from any form of help or support from neighbors/coworkers/relatives/friends and isolates their target from any normal form of help, victims of stings are literally disowned by people that know them because of the vilifying being done by sting operatives, sting operatives vilifying is done with intent to cut off and isolate their target so that their target cannot get help and can more easily be framed by sting operatives!

Poisonings are very common with sting operatives, police literally run all hospitals and maintain an office at all hospitals and use their power of influence at hospitals to decide who gets help and who DOES NOT GET HELP from doctors!

Police use their power of influence at hospitals to cover up poisonings committed by sting operatives, how do police make it known to doctors to not help someone? They vilify the patient/victim until the doctor gets the hint to not help that person!

When sting operatives poison someone and police make it known to doctors to not help the person then the doctor covers up the poisoning by JUST TAKING AN X RAY and then FAKES and PRETENDS to not know what is wrong with the patient!

I got news for you, doctors can easily recognize poisonings immediately and so can vets, but when police vilify the patient/victim then all a doctor will do is order an X RAY and then scratch their heads and PRETEND to not know what’s wrong, this tactic is used at emergency hospitals all the time!

Is that enough to deem most emergency hospitals doctors as civilian operatives FOR POLICE? If civilians lie for police and cover for police is that enough to deem them civilian operatives? YES IT IS!

FBI goes all out in covering up police sting operations, and by the thousands and thousands of bull-crap Gang-Stalking websites on the internet the FBI is using all those BOT websites to conceal police sting operations!

So your government spends tax dollars to cover up police sting operations and don’t even give a damn if anyone finds out about it!

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s sting operations were getting a lot of press and TV time and people understood back then these tactics are police sting operations, but by mid 1970’s the news media along with TV networks and Hollywood movies went into a “Don’t Talk About Sting Operations!” mode and became mums the word on stings, only prostitution stings and drug bust type stings are admitted to since then, and because of the invention and massive use of the internet the FBI and police agency’s all over the country and the world made the decision to hide and conceal police sting operations by creating all new terms to describe the deeds and actions of sting operatives WITHOUT EVER GIVING BLAME TO STING OPERATIVES!

Sting operations frame people, they entrap people, they even murder off people and frame other people to get the blame, sting operatives commit the crimes and then turn around and give blame to their targets!

Now I am going to tell you tactics police sting operatives use along with their civilian operatives!

1. Police sting operatives and their civilian operatives (buddy’s and relatives and girlfriends of cops!) enjoy targeting people and framing people and have a long history of targeting people!

Children of police tend to become sting operatives by the time their five years old, sting operatives will use their own children in sting operations and have their children pose with doubles for photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles, it’s called pedofying!

Nine times out of ten police use doubles and photogenic photo’s in sting operations to frame their target for crimes, types of crimes police use doubles for consist of but are not limited to, break ins, robbery’s, rapes,attempted rapes,pedophiles,bank robbery’s,store robbery’s,murders,assault and battery’s,poisonings!

2.Police and civilian operatives ENJOY framing people and targeting people, law enforcements entire life style is all about targeting people they have it out for and spend their whole lives targeting people, they get a high out of committing the crimes themselves and they celebrate while giving their targets to blame for crimes committed by sting operatives!

3. Sting operatives treat the targeting of people as a sport and greatly enjoy trolling their targets covertly and laugh about it, they will nightly leak air out of your car tires as an example of their trolling, and if you set up a camera to catch the person doing it then they wont do it because the sting operatives already have their target under video surveillance within the targets home and are aware the target is trying to catch them!

4. Sting operatives have spent their whole lives living a life-style of targeting and framing people and even murdering off people, if you think of them as a Clan then it gets easier to understand how it works and how they get away with it, sting operatives always lie for one another and will cover for one another!

5. Sting operatives run local TV news stations and newspapers and they lie for police as well, which is why most people know next to nothing about sting operations!

Is that enough to deem news reporters as civilian operatives? YES IT IS!

6. Sting operatives always surround their target where their target lives with operatives so that they can stage/commit crimes near the targets residence in order to frame/blame the target and so that the operatives surrounding the target can testify against the target because of how near the operatives are in relation to the target!

7. Sting operatives not only frame people using sting tactics, they also murder off people using sting tactics, when sting operatives want to murder someone they usually use either poison to poison their target or they vilify their target and then just outright shoot their target and fake and PRETEND justification on local news websites!

8. Sting operatives are sex addicts and womanizers and notorious for recruiting their targets wife into their sting operations and usually accomplish this by having a sting operative wine and dine the targets wife and recruit her into an affair!

It is these type of sting operations where sting operatives try to frame their target for sex crimes, because they can get all the semen they want to frame their target through their targets wife!

9. Sting operatives are cops, people connected to cops, they live a life-style of targeting people, for them framing people is like winning the super bowl, they celebrate when they successfully frame people and they do not really try to hide that fact from people, it is possible to catch law enforcement celebrating the framing of people!

10. Children of police are civilian sting operatives and practice and exorcise sting operations themselves at grade schools and high schools and at colleges and regularly gang up on and bully people in schools!

Teachers in schools lie for and cover for children of cops that target other children in the schools, many children get so badly ganged up on by these type of children that a child loses it after discovering they cannot get help by reporting the bully’s and usually go postal seeing it as their only way to get justice/revenge!

11. Sting operatives give their civilian operatives special whistles that when you blow on them it sounds like a little girl screaming, those whistles are given out to sting operatives that specialize in framing people as pedophiles, sting operatives that target someone will blow their whistle constantly near the targets home to give neighbors the impression that the target is exposing himself to children when all it really is is sting operatives that are renting apartments surrounding their target are just blowing whistles!

12. Female sting operatives are the ones that do most of the vilifying by spreading rumors behind their targets back, and it is the female sting operatives that provide the children to pose with officer’s acting as doubles of their target, and it is female sting operatives that fake being victims in order to further portray their target as a bad guy, and it is usually female sting operatives that coach children and or other women into how to act like a victim for video surveillance, in other words how to perform for video surveillance!

13. Street theater tactics are extremely common with sting operatives, prostitution stings and drug bust stings have officer’s faking being criminals and perform street theater tactics FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE in order to frame/entrap people, and also use street theater to harass and provoke their targets FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE in the hopes that the sting operatives can get video of the target acting angry!

14. Sting operatives will say any lie or put on any PRETENSE in order to frame/entrap people and usually grin and smirk at their target when their target becomes aware of their crimes, sting operatives NEVER FEAR prosecution and can care less if people discover their guilty of crimes, sting operatives will just smirk at you and PRETEND your mentally ill to discredit you as a witness!

15. Sting operatives break into their targets home and will bug it illegally and not give a rats ass if you find out about it, NO ONE takes complaints on sting operatives so sting operatives break the law all the time and don’t give a damn if their target discovers it!

16. Sting operatives not only use children in their sting operations they even pay the children to back up false complaints, in Portland Oregon local police pay their girlfriends with children TEN GRAND to back up false accusations and they still get to stay anonymous while backing up complaints!

Sting operatives are a lot like the KKK was back in the 1920’s, so if you think of sting operatives as a Clan then everything is much more easy to understand!

17. Sting operatives recruit other civilians into their sting operations and tend to favor female civilians over male civilians, remember sting operatives are womanizers and enjoy enlarging their harem of female operatives!

18. Sting operatives vilify and vilify and vilify their target none-stop and usually do it behind their targets back so that the target is unaware of it and cannot defend against it, rumors and false accusations that are not backed up in court are used to slander and defame the sting operatives targets in order to cut off the target from help/support from others!

19. If a sting operation targets someone that is innocent and committed no crime, then the sting operation will frame the target for crimes, doubles and photogenic photo’s and planting evidence in the targets home and vilifying their target and recruiting their targets relatives such a a wife into the sting are tactics sting operatives use to frame their targets!

20. Poisonings are very common with sting operatives they poison people all the time, if they turned your wife against you then the sting operatives will just tell your wife to poison your coffee pot while your wife switches over to using an espresso machine for her coffee!

If you are on guard of being poisoned then police will simply hook up a water filtration system to your water tap line and tell others that live in the home that joined into the sting to not use the tap water!

All poisonings committed by sting operatives are covered up at hospitals by direct influence being exorcized by police officers that will chat with the targets doctor out in the ER hospital hallway, they will just vilify the target until the doctors gets the hint to not help the target, no toxicology test will be taken because of police sting operatives influence with doctors!

21. Sting operatives have been doing this to people for decades people, it’s nothing new, do you have a grinning/smirking apartment manager that acts like she’s better than everyone else around? chances are she is a sting operative!

Sting operatives are stuck up people that think their better than everyone else, they tend to look down at other people, they tend to smirk a lot while bad mouthing people, they seem to enjoy doing that!

Most all apartment managers are female and most all apartment managers are sting operatives, now you know why it is so easy for police to take over surrounding apartments surrounding their targets!

22. Vilifying the target is a large part of a sting operations tactics, vilifying of the target takes place on day one of the sting operation and continues even after the target is incarcerated or murdered!

23. Sting operatives will target people just because their target witnessed the sting operatives committing the crimes, sting operatives usually murder off witnesses, sting operatives even poi9son off children that witness sting operatives using doubles and photogenic photo’s!

I told you there is nothing worse than sting operatives! THEY ARE THE LOWEST PIECES OF SHIT ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!

24. Sting operatives want to appear justified in everything they do, which is why they frame their target using doubles and vilify their target for several months to a couple years without having a trial, so that they can destroy their target and appear justified in it!

The more sting operatives vilify their target, the more sting operatives appear justified in their targeting of the target!

25.Female sting operatives are like paid whores that work for police, female sting operatives will seduce their target into having sex so that it can be recorded by police so that later on they can frame the target for rape charges, prostitutes have sex for money, female sting operatives have sex to frame targets of cops for money, is that enough to deem female sting operatives as whores? YES IT IS!

If women will have sex as prostitutes for fifty dollars to a hundred dollars, then there are female sting operatives that will have sex to frame a target of cops for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I told you sting operatives are low life’s and can care less, the END justifies the MEANS as far as sting operatives opinions go, they will commit ANY CRIME in order to frame/blame their target!

26. You can profile sting operatives the same way sting operatives profile others by their traits!

Sting operatives traits are they are stuck up, they smirk a lot, they bad mouth people wanting to vilify people behind those people’s backs, they usually have people with them that try to back up the vilifying so they tend to vilify in small groups to appear to have more credibility!

Sting operatives have shifty eyes and tend to face forward but their eyes will be turned onto you and their trying to hide it, that is a dead giveaway of a sting operative whether they are a under cover cop or a civilian operative, ALL sting operatives have the shifty eye!

Sting operatives fuck over people and enjoy it and tend to smirk in the direction of the people their targeting, that is ALSO a dead giveaway of a sting operative!

There are many senior citizens that are also sting operatives, they are retired cops usually, once a sting operative always a sting operative, so retired police tend to continue targeting people by acting as civilian operatives so that they can testify against their target, police will usually use their retired officer’s to act as nearby neighbors of the target so that they can help in framing the target and can testify against the target!

Talking directly to your face and mumbling their words is an old tactic many senior sting operatives love to use on their targets, targets don’t want to be rude to people and say “I don’t understand you!” and targets will instead just nod their head and humor the mumbler, senior sting operatives use that tactic knowing most people will just act like they understand and will nod to what the senior citizen is saying, after the fact police can change the audio of that video surveillance of that conversations and make it look like the target is nodding to admitting to committing crimes!

So mumbling seniors tend to be retired sting operatives that just don’t want to give up framing people and that is a dead giveaway of a sting operative!

Anyone that tries to label your complaints on sting operatives as RANTS are themselves sting operatives and are covering up your formal complaints to your face and are trying to provoke you into anger FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS!

27. Sting operatives are quick to label people they target as mentally ill, it is how they discredit victims of sting operations as witnesses! If you try to report a crime to people and they immediately smirk at you and PRETEND your mentally ill, then you just identified another sting operative, our government is filled with people that lie for cops and with no hesitation will label the victim/witness as mentally ill, it is the governments way of covering up formal complaints on government officer’s and their civilian operatives!

Now what can people do about sting operations? What can victims of sting operations do to get help? not much really, no one takes complaints on sting operations!

Your best bet is there is safety in numbers, if you have friends and relatives and coworkers that like you, then keep it that way and warn them your being targeted, DON’T use terms such as “Gang-Stalking” and “TI’S” and tell people you’re a victim of organized crime committed by corrupt sting operatives, if people ask why tell them you don’t know but you suspect it is personal on the part of authority’s to target you, chances are it’s true!

Remember they have you under video surveillance within your home, so if you try to catch them staging/committing crimes or catch them doing street theater tactics chances are they will see you getting your camera before you get a chance to use it, so in order to catch the sting operatives committing crimes YOU NEED TO BE UNPREDICTABLE AND CREATIVE!

If I tell you how to catch them then I would just be warning the sting operatives that read my blog and they would be on guard for it, suffice it to say it is possible to prove their sting operation yourself but you need to be covert in your catching them to keep the sting operatives guard down!

Proving you’re a victim of a corrupt sting operation may convince your relatives and friends your being framed, but it will NOT GET COPS ARRESTED NOR WILL IT GET THEIR CIVILIAN OPERATIVES ARRESTED!

Calling 911 does not get cops or sting operatives arrested!

You can buy a gun and make it known to people you are being targeted and framed by a sting operation in preparation in acting in self defense, it is legal to use lethal force if you believe your life is in danger, especially if it is sting operatives targeting you because STING OPERATIVES ARE ARMED AND FRAMING YOU!

Publicize the sting operations crimes, warn people what they did to you and others if applicable, and call 911 to report their crimes, but if you do call 911 make damn sure you got someone on your side recording your complaint you make with the cops!

If the sting operatives continue to harass you and are not prosecuted then you have no other choice than self defense, you may have to shoot one of them in self defense and to get recognition of your ignored complaints!


Terry Wagar Is A Bull-Crap Sting Operation!

Victims of police sting operations get directed to police run sting operations online when victims seek help, victims get directed to bogus help sites that are designed to further troll victims and to further frame victims by conference calls!


My video complaint on this sting operation website that fakes being there to help victims when all they do is further troll their victims and use conference calls to frame victims of sting operations!

All so-called gang-stalking websites are bull-crap run by police sting operatives and by their civilian operatives and they continue their targeting of people by tricking people into referring to police sting operations as gang-stalking and by tricking victims into NOT ADMITTING their victims and instead to label themselves TI’s!

Terry Wagar

2009 Police Sting Operatives Bragged On Audio Death Threats, They Paid Several Children To Make Their Victim Look Like A Bad Guy, They Tries Ambushing Their Victim To Try And Shoot Their Victim, They Paid Body Doubles To Impersonate Their Victim!

The best way I can give you a feeling as to the mentality of police sting operatives and to better understand their motives when they commit crimes is to think of cops and their girlfriends like this!

Grinning Smirking Sting Operative!

Look at this grinning smirking prick and you will have a better understanding of what type of people we actually have in law enforcement, this photo hits their personality’s very well!

In 2009 I was debilitated from being poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar and by her lover officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police, I was partially paralyzed and bleeding internally constantly and was weak constantly from bloodless, and I was in severe severe debilitating pain from being poisoned!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s covered up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls, and I was stuck, if you ever seen the movie Misery then you would understand the concept of being debilitated and at the mercy of killers!

In early July 2009 I found a audio death threat put on our computer and it was in my folder on the computer, it was a cryptic audio death threat made by officer Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement and by my wife Joan Wagar, they are using the Simpson cartoon characters to use sound-board messages on it!

Their making it known their going to kill me, their making an attempt to blackmail me, and their promising a surprise at the end of it, and the same day I found their audio death threat is the same day their parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” in front of my apartment!

Three days later I caught several officer’s outside my apartment that were coaching and directing several little children that did not live at the apartment building to ring my doorbell repeatedly and to hang out in front of my apartment and to make false pedophile accusations about me, it was my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson and his partners that were directing the children to do this!

I knew this was related to their very recent audio death threat they put in my home, I was under the immediate impression they were trying to piss me off by harassing me in front of my own apartment and were wanting me to go outside to confront them, most likely to be shot by them, I was too debilitated for any confrontation so I turned on my camcorder to record their harassment but left my shades closed knowing they would probably open fire on me if I opened them!

Near the begining of the video, within ten minutes at start you can hear the children asking the officer’s how much their getting for this, and an officer responded TEN GRAND and then the children admitted their aware this was a murder attempt by saying “Why don’t Shawna kill him?”!

Shawna is Terry Wagar’s daughter, she was at work at Domino’s pizza at the time this took place, so these officer’s and the children their paying to frame and murder Terry Wagar are admitting it is a murder conspiracy verbally and are admitting family members are involved!

Officer’s were directing everything the children did for the next hour or so and can be heard telling the children to slap the window screen and to ring the doorbell and you can here officer’s telling the children “Say you saw a dick!” and then a child speaks up saying “I think I see a dick!” so the children words and actions were fully directed by these adult officer’s!

After an hour of this going on a officer speaks up telling the children “Take a break,,,,,,were DONE with Terry for now!” and you can here the children jumping up and down saying “Terry’s done Terry’s done Terry’s done!

During the children’s break the children talked amongst themselves and admitted their being paid to make Terry Wagar look like a bad guy and admitted Terry will be shot!

Two weeks later these adult officer’s were waiting in ambush to shoot Terry Wagar at 5:45 am and are caught in the act by Terry Wagar who is sitting on his couch in the living room and catching them in the act on his camcorder!

The officer’s are officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police and his taller cap wearing partner Shannon, the female carrying the gun concealed inside a shirt in her hand is Terry Wagar’s ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson since she married officer Eric Carlson, the other female I do not know who she is but she is one of the operatives that brought the children to the apartment building and was directing those children two weeks prior!

Their armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are trespassing since they do not live there!

Their black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” can be clearly seen on the video in the parking lot!

These officer’s got caught by me again about a month later outside my apartment, they had a man and a women standing in front of my apartment kissing, I went to get my camcorder and ran out the door to catch them on video!

The man and women are law enforcement officer’s that were impersonating me and one of my daughters Megan Wagar, their both damn close look-a-likes to me and my daughter!

Cops use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people for all kinds of serious crimes, usually for break ins and for sex crimes, and in this case their trying to frame me as a pedophile using photo-doubles, and their caught in the act!

Here is a photo of my real daughter Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

And here is the video of the officer’s impersonating me and my daughter Megan Wagar outside my apartment!

All my 911 calls and calls for help are covered up by police, my evidence I upload when catching these murderers in their crimes gets edited after the fact by authority’s, so they actively prevent me from proving their crimes by taking their blatant admissions to their guilt and editing them out after I upload evidence on the net!

Changing passwords and using different venues does nothing from stopp9ing law enforcement from covering their butts and they don’t even care if I know their doing it!

To call cops “Pigs” is an understatement, they are murderers and torture their debilitated victims and toy with their victims just like a cat with a mouse it caught, all the while they grin and smirk while destroying lives of innocent people!

Grinning Smirking Sting Operative!

Fucking assholes, charging their asses only gets smirks from cops and only gets me more death threats from them, so does anyone want to donate a handgun to me so I can defend myself from these organized grinning smirking pedophile cops?

ONLY street justice is possible with cops, because cops and courts do not recognize felony complaints on cops!

Terry Wagar

July 2009 Sting Operatives Caught Framing And Caught In Attempted Murder Of Terry Wagar And Their Caught ADMITTING!

Several police sting operatives paid their girlfriends with children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to make their victim look like a bad guy and the officer admits their paying them TEN GRAND and the children admitted verbilly it was a murder conspiracy by making the statement “Why don’t Shawna kill him?”!

Terry Wagar is the poisoned debilitated victim trapped without a phone inside his apartment and is surrounded by police sting operatives consisting of Portland police officer’s and Multnomah county sheriff’s!

On the day of July 10th 2009 several officer’s brought several children to the apartment building where Terry Wagar lived, and those officer’s were coaching those children to hang out in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and to make false pedophile accusations in order to anger Terry Wagar and to lure Terry Wagar outside to confront them with the intent of opening fire on Terry Wagar!

The officer’s were outside with the children and were directing the children’s actions and words and were telling the children to ring Terry Wagar’s door bell and were telling the children to make false accusations!

Terry Wagar was inside his apartment, debilitated from already being poisoned by these people and could hear them outside the apartment building making commotions outside his apartment and he turned on his camcorder to record the harassment he was getting!

Near the begining of the video, within ten minutes at start you can hear the children asking the officer’s how much their getting for this, and an officer responded TEN GRAND and then the children admitted their aware this was a murder attempt by saying “Why don’t Shawna kill him?”!

Shawna is Terry Wagar’s daughter, she was at work at Domino’s pizza at the time this took place, so these officer’s and the children their paying to frame and murder Terry Wagar are admitting it is a murder conspiracy verbally and are admitting family members are involved!

Officer’s were directing everything the children did for the next hour or so and can be heard telling the children to slap the window screen and to ring the doorbell and you can here officer’s telling the children “Say you saw a dick!” and then a child speaks up saying “I think I see a dick!” so the children words and actions were fully directed by these adult officer’s!

After an hour of this going on a officer speaks up telling the children “Take a break,,,,,,were DONE with Terry for now!” and you can here the children jumping up and down saying “Terry’s done Terry’s done Terry’s done!

During the children’s break the children talked amongst themselves and admitted their being paid to make Terry Wagar look like a bad guy and admitted Terry will be shot!

Two weeks later these adult officer’s were waiting in ambush to shoot Terry Wagar at 5:45 am and are caught in the act by Terry Wagar who is sitting on his couch in the living room and catching them in the act on his camcorder!

The officer’s are officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police and his taller cap wearing partner Shannon, the female carrying the gun concealed inside a shirt in her hand is Terry Wagar’s ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson since she married officer Eric Carlson, the other female I do not know who she is but she is one of the operatives that brought the children to the apartment building and was directing those children two weeks prior!

Their armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are trespassing since they do not live there!

Their black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” can be clearly seen on the video in the parking lot!