MORE Facts About Police/Sheriff Sting Operations!

Police/sheriff sting operations are responsible for tens of thousands of murders every year in the USA!

Zero police/sheriff sting operations are charged with murder by prosecutors!

Police/sheriff sting operations are responsible for hundreds of thousands of people being seriously injured and or permanently injured and disabled every year!

Zero complaints are taken by anyone on police/sheriff sting operations!

Police/sheriff sting operations gang-stalk and harass and terrorize children and will target such children for years and even for decades!

Police/sheriff sting operations murder children!

Nobody in our ball less government takes complaints on police/sheriff sting operations!

When police/sheriff sting operations decides to target someone they will literally target everyone in their targets family including children!

Police/sheriff sting operations cause most all major disasters via sabotage and by tampering!

If police/sheriff sting operations can stage and fake drug deals on the streets then they can just as easily stage and fake terrorist attacks at airports!

When police/sheriff sting operations sabotage amusement rides at amusement parks they do so with the intent of murdering/killing dozens of children so that they can use the disaster to justify closing the park!

Calling 911 will get a dozen or so first responders to your door but it will get you zero people that will take a complaint on police/sheriff sting operations!

Killing an armed cop/sheriff IS self defense since no one within government takes complaints on them!

If a cop is killed then there is a child somewhere that has been saved because said child was targeted by that cop/sheriff!

Police/sheriff sting operations pay in cash their own buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends to target people law enforcement has it out for and even pays these people to back up false complaints on their targets!

Courts do not hold police/sheriff sting operations accountable for anything because authority’s simply fill the jury pool with their civilian sting operatives so that they can control the outcome of any trial!

The more law enforcement increases their ranks the more people commit suicide!

The more law enforcement increases their ranks the more people go postal!

It is police3/sheriff sting operations that distribute drugs in our schools and on our streets!

It is police/sheriff sting operations that harass citizens on the streets and try to sell drugs to pedestrians on the streets!

Every person on the streets that approaches you requesting a light or requesting a cigarette or offering to buy or sell you drug’s IS a police/sheriff sting operation!

Every person in your neighborhood that takes an unusual interest in you IS a police/sheriff sting operation!

All assaults on the streets are started by police/sheriff sting operations!

When children get targeted by police/sheriff sting operations then that child will stay a target of sting operations for the rest of his/her life!

To call cops/sheriff’s “Kid-Killers” is an understatement!

Calling 911 does NOT get cops/sheriff’s arrested!

Cops/sheriff’s are never publicly cross-examined when they kill/murder someone, their actions/crimes simply get rubber stamped and approved by their superior’s!

Women sting operatives will fake being raped or pretend their child was molested in order to frame a target of a sting with a felony crime!

Police/sheriff’s sting operations use doubles and photogenic photo’s to commit crimes and to stage crimes in order to frame their target for crimes!

POISONING is the most common form of murder committed by police/sheriff sting operations!

POISONING’S are the easiest crimes for police/sheriff sting operations to cover up because victim needs doctors to agree the victim was poisoned in order to prove poisonings and doctors have a history of lying for police/sheriff sting operations!

To kill a cop IS to save a child!

2 thoughts on “MORE Facts About Police/Sheriff Sting Operations!

  1. If your children get lice at public schools then your children as well as their parents are a victim/target of police/sheriff sting operations!

  2. Police/sheriff sting operations target children as well as adults, if a sting is targeting your children then civilian sting operatives that are close neighbor’s to you will befriend you in order to gain access to your children, and the sting operatives will use your young children to pose with doubles to frame other people they target as pedophiles!

    Afterwords the sting will target you as well as your children and you will get gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized and vilified at your place of employment!
    At the same time all that happens to you your children are at the same time being bullied and ganged up on and regularly beaten by bullies at school and they will be gang-stalked and terrorized by the bullies when they go to school and when they walk home from school!

    Your employer will blame you for every problem the sting operatives cause at your place of employment and you will lose your job, your children will be blamed for everything the sting operatives children do and the children’s school councilor will label your children as mentally ill to discredit them as well as being able to use that against you in court!

    The school system will then kick your children out of school and mail you instructions to put your child/chuildren on a prescription from a doctor before they can return to school, in other words your being pressured/blackmailed into poisoning your children with prescriptions!

    The police/sheriff’s will use their great influence with local utilities to get a water filtration system hooked up to your water tap line and the police/sheriff’s will once a month fill it with meth ingredients to slowly poison you and your whole family as well as your children to death!

    Because of sting operatives influence it will be impossible to get help or recognition that you and your family are victims of organized crime!
    As you and your family slowly get ill and as you and your family members try to get help at hospital or from doctor visits you will be faced with a blank wall of constant denial!
    No doctor will admit you and your family are being slowly poisoned to death by a sting operation, all doctor’s will do is pretend to not know what’s wrong with you and your family and ignore the poisoning symptoms and will behind you and your family’s backs will fill out medical paperwork labeling you and your family as mentally and as drug attics to cover up the fact you are being poisoned!

    This is how thousands and thousands of people in the US are murdered off and victimized by organized people carrying badges and by people related/connected to badge carriers!

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