How City Of Portland Sting Operations Sabotaged Oaks Park Rides! “Work-in-progress!”

Oaks Park is an amusement park in Portland Oregon, in 1983 the park was run by Funtasic shows owned by Mr Burback.
In 1984 Funtastic surrendered control of Oaks Park over to the city of Portland and Funtastic pulled out of Oaks Park.
The city of Portland turned Oaks Park into a non-profit organization to hide the fact that the city of Portland is controlling Oaks Park and hired a CEO for the park to run the park.

The city of Portland hired Joe Norling to be CEO of this non-profit organization called Oaks Park and the CEO hired his henchmen into the park.
Only a handful of experienced employees and one manager from the Funtastic era hung in there and continued to work at Oaks Park, everyone else is new and hired by the new management.

Dick Connor is the only manager from the Funtastic era that hung in there at the park and he was kept on as general manager of the park by the new CEO Joe Norling.
A ride foremen named Mahar also from the funtastic era also hung in there and continued to work at Oaks Park as well as a couple of experienced ride operator’s.
I Terry Wagar am one of those experienced ride operator’s that hung in there.

Everyone else is new and hired by the new administration, including the new maintenance team.

From 1985 to 1990 Dick Connor’s work at Oaks Park as general manager and was the ONLY manager that knew how to run a amusement park, and in 1990 Dick Connor’s was getting ready to retire and before he retired he trained the maintenance team on how to balance the premiem ride the Monster Mouse ride, and shortly afterwords Dick Connor’s retired.

Right after Dick Connor’s retired the city managers running Oaks Park and their maintenance team carried themselves as though they were children that were just let loose in a candy store with no parental supervision.

Just one week after Dick Connor’s retired the CEO Joe Norling suspiciously ordered his maintenance team to move the Monster Mouse ride to a new location within the park and to set up that ride in the new location.

The maintenance team moved the ride to it’s new location near the end of the season, and they promptly and visibly sabotaged the Monster Mouse ride by not balancing the ride.

All amusement rides that are designed to be torn down and set up in new locations must be balanced, otherwise the ride will over several months tear itself apart and cracks will develop on the tracks as well as on the posts supporting the tracks.

It was on my last day in the season of 1990 that I noticed the maintenance team left all the boards on the posts in place on all the posts, they are supposed to remove those boards as they disassemble the ride because it makes it a lot easier to disassemble the ride and to relocate the ride at a new place, not to mention you have to remove the boards anyway in order to re-balance the ride, so there is no legitimate reason at all for leaving those boards in place.

There are only two reasons why the maintenance team would leave those boards in place on all the posts!

1. They are sabotaging the ride because they have no intention of balancing the ride and by leaving the boards in place the ride will appear to the untrained eye to be balanced when in fact the ride is not balanced.

2. The maintenance team thinks they figured out a cheat they could use in order to get out of all the labor of balancing the ride, and since there are no cheats that work on that ride it still amounts to willful sabotage on the part of the maintenance team.

When I was hired back by Oaks Park in 1991 I was surprised to see that management got rid of one of the best ride foreman’s Oaks Park ever had, they got rid of Mahar, and in his place management hired one of their henchmen as the lead ride foremen, his name is bill.

I noticed when I came back to Oaks Park that the Monster Mouse was not balanced, I was suspecting sabotage and was thinking it was sabotage, but because of managements and the maintenance teams behavior in 1990 and because our best ride foremen was now gone I did not know who to turn to for help in this situation, I did not trust the city managers nor did I trust their henchmen.

Instead of making sabotage accusations I simply reported to the maintenance team the Monster Mouse was not balanced, and to my surprise and horror Tim Greeley of the maintenance team grinned at me in an evil manner and said “Well, We’ll get around to it.” and he just continued to grin in an evil way.

Tim Greeley looked me in the face and admitted he and the rest of the maintenance team did not balance the Monster Mouse, and the ride was open and running for customers.

I waited two weeks thinking they will fix the ride, and nothing happened, they did nothing about the ride being out of balance and they kept the ride open.
I have no trust or faith in Bill the new lead foremen, but there is no one else other than management themselves I can report this to, and it’s policy in the park that employees follow the chain of command, so I told Bill the new lead ride foremen the Monster Mouse was out of balance.
Bill told me “I’ll take care of it!” and what Bill the new lead ride foremen did was to punish me by placing me permanently on the Ferris Wheel ride and to work me seven days a week on that ride to force me to quit!
The Ferris Wheel ride is the hardest ride in the park at the time to run, it is a burn out ride, I can handle that ride five days a week, but not seven days a week.

While I was running the Ferris Wheel I noticed that the maintenance team was sabotaging the Ferris Wheel, every morning before the park opened up the maintenance team would ,loosen the cable on the Ferris Wheel, and when it is time for the park to open and time for me to clock in to go run the Ferris Wheel I noticed right away the cable on the Ferris Wheel was loosened by maintenance team.

For two weeks each morning every-time I clocked in to run the Ferris Wheel I noticed the cabled was dangerously loosened and would have to get a foremen to call the maintenance team to the ride to tighten the cable.

This went on for almost two weeks, and when the maintenance team realized I am just going to keep calling them out to the ride to tighten up the cable they realized their just waiting their time with this tactic.
Because I was a ride operator they just assumed I was some noob that knows nothing, I was one of the most experienced employees in the park, and I know how to identify sabotage, but I was the last person left from the Funtastic era, there was no one left, and apparently management hired a police/sheriff sting operation within Oaks Park to sabotage the rides, why? because the city of Portland wanted to c,lose Oaks Park down in the early 1980’s so they can put condo’s on the waterfront property where Oaks Park is.

That was open knowledge at Oaks Park in 1983 and everyone in the park talked about it in 1983, and now that the city of Portland is running and controlling Oaks Park they got rid of the knowledgeable people and replaced them with plain clothed sting operatives hell-bent on sabotage of the park, and their not trying very hard to hide it.

I believe I was overlooked by them as an experienced employee because I was at the time just a ride operator working seasonally for minimum wage.

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