MORE Tactics Police Sting Operatives Use To Frame And Murder Off Innocent People!

Common tactics Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and their civilian operatives use to terrorize and harass and frame and even murder off their targets/victims!

1. They take full control of the property their target lives on via shear numbers of their operatives!
If their target lives at a apartment building then authority’s and their civilian operatives WILL take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target with FULL KNOWLEDGE and CONSENT by the apartment manager/landlord!

2. They will acquire under cover jobs at their targets place of employment as well, police and civilian operatives always want to be close to their target so they can effect their target in covert ways that normally are not noticed by average people, most people are ignorant of these tactics which is why it is so easy for authority’s and their operatives!

The targets employers will of course cooperate with police and their civilian operatives in working under cover at their targets place of employment, and just like apartment managers/landlords the targets employer will cooperate with their “investigation” and will lie for police to keep their cover!

Now that the targets life has been completely invaded by organized trained liars trained in the art of framing people and terrorizing people, the police and their civilian operatives will begin the work of framing/blaming/vilifying their target, and it’s all done behind the targets back!

3. Police and their civilian operatives will spend the next couple to several months staging crimes using operatives as body doubles and will take photogenic photo’s of operatives staging/committing actual crimes while dressed like their target near where their target lives and or near where their target works and or near places the target frequents to build a false case against their target for future use!

4. During the framing phase of the target the under cover police and their civilian operatives WILL vilify their target behind their targets back, the operatives that pretend to be neighbors of the target will spread false accusations around the neighborhood knowing actual neighbors will spread the rumors, and because several operatives are surrounding the target that are pretending to be neighbors/tenants they have the believable factor of having multiple people living near the target saying the same things!

This has the effect of turning actual real neighbors/tenants against the target!

5. Police and their civilian operatives have used these tactics over and over again, their trained in doing these things to people, they have a lot of experience doing this to people, and average people that know nothing about organize sting operations fall for their organized lies and tactics because most people are unaware of how corrupt and organized police and their operatives are!

Most average people will be suckered by sting operatives into believing so and so living in their neighborhood is a bad guy, and real neighbors/tenants fall for the tactics and begin spreading the word on the target falsely labeling the target as a bad guy!

Most people that fall for sting tactics are actually being used by the sting operatives to help them falsely vilify someone their framing, and unfortunately most innocent people that are not sting operatives inadvertently help the operatives in the vilifying aspect not realizing it is an organized attack started and fabricated by organized sting operatives!

5. Police and their civilian operatives will troll their victim while they set up their victim, operatives will stage disasters near where their target lives and will stage street theater disasters near the target when the target is outside for the purpose of filming it for the purpose of giving blame to the target in the future!

Sting operatives enjoy making their targets life as miserable as possible and take great joy in messing up their targets life!

Sting operatives will let out their targets air in their car tires on a daily basis knowing the target will think it is a leak and will take the car in for repairs, spending money, only to have the tire continue to leak, people it is sting operatives that are in the apartment or home near the target that is doing it nightly while the target sleeps!

That is just one example as to how sting operatives troll their target, but there is no limit to the things sting operatives do to troll their targets, and most trolling of targets is tailored towards the targets needs and interests!

If the target enjoys doing puzzles for instance, then the operatives will take pieces of the puzzle away, and will most likely place those pieces for you to find in unusual places!

It sounds like a game to them don’t it? That’s because it IS a game to sting operatives!
Anyway they can mess with you and to toy with you that will bother you, THAT’S what they will do!

6. Sting operatives know how to troll their targets because they pretty much know everything about you they need to know, how? by bugging their targets home with video/audio equipment, that’s how!
Sting operatives ALWAYS,,,,,, and I cannot stress this enough,,,,,, ALWAYS,,ALWAYS,,,,,,,,,,bug their targets home with VIDEO CAMERAS and AUDIO RECORDING equipment!

So sting operatives see you in the very place where you feel you have privacy, they know everything about you because of it!

Sting operatives will know what hand you pick your nose with, how many squares of toilet paper you use to wipe your butt with, they will know if you prefer showers over baths or visa versa!
They will know what your hobby’s are and what your interests are, and because of that knowledge they know you PERSONALLY even though you know nothing about them!

7. Police sting operatives and their civilian operatives NEVER just target ONE PERSON, if they target any person then you can bet their targeting everyone that one person is close to, such as friends and family!

If their target has a wife, then the operatives will try to recruit the targets spouse into the operation, that is usually accomplished via an affair, operatives will wine and dine the targets spouse, operatives will give your wife a flat tire while she is shopping for grocery’s and you are at work and unable to help your wife!

The operatives will offer to help your wife by getting your wife’s tire fixed for your wife and will wine and dine your wife at a restaurant while the tire is getting fixed!

So sting operatives will cause disasters for the targets spouse and will act like the knights in shinning armor that are there to help your spouse!

By using such tactics the operatives can over time win over your spouse into an affair, and if it reaches that point then your spouse is no longer on your side and will lie for the operatives!

8. If the target has children then the targets children will also be targeted by children of the operatives, if the targets children cannot be recruited by the operatives into the sting then the targets children will be victimized by the operatives at school!

The targets children will get into fights more regularly, of which are completely provoked by the operatives children, all for the purpose of framing the targets children as “Problem Children” and the school system will kick the children out of school and order the parents to put the child on a prescription of which the school system insists on before the child can go back to school!

For all intents and purposes the sting operatives have used their power of influence at your children’s school to destroy the targets child’s life and to slowly poison off the children using prescriptions!

If the sting operation succeeds in recruiting the targets spouse AND the targets children into the sting then you can bet the target WILL be framed as a pedophile, that is a given!

Sting operatives have used the tactics of using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame/blame/vilify their targets for several decades and have used those photogenic photo’s they take and vilify their targets in newspapers and on TV news stations and on news websites, their used to using that tactic!

So if they recruit the targets wife and children into the sting then they can easily frame their target as a pedophile!

They will have operatives dressed like their target and will pose naked with the targets children all for PHOTOGENIC PHOTO purposes and they will take side shots and back shots of the DOUBLE using PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S, and then they just have the targets spouse and the targets children back up false accusations on the target!

9. Police sting operatives and their civilian operatives don’t give a damn about the law, nor do they give a damn about the courts, for them it’s all about controlling people’s perceptions of things/events!

Sting operatives focus on making their target look as bad as possible to everyone, and they take their time at it, and once they have their target vilified and the majority of people PERCEIVE their target as a bad guy, then the sting operatives can get away with anything they want to do to their target!

They can railroad their target into prison, or they can outright murder off their target, and NO ONE COMPLAINS about it because everyone is under the impression the target is a bad guy and deserved it!

10. The whole system is corrupt, courts are corrupt, police are corrupt, their civilian operatives are corrupt, lying is second nature to people in law enforcement, their organized and have been so for many decades and pretty much operate like a cult, and each and every one of them lie for one another, and to give you an example of the type of people they are, they will look you in the face and smirk at you while standing next to several of their cop buddy’s and outright lie to you in front of other officer’s and will smirk while doing it, and the other officer’s will smirk as well to make it known to you their liars and don’t give a damn if you know it!

That’s the type of people law enforcement and their civilian operatives are, they never give a damn if anyone finds out their corrupt and frame and murder people, as a matter of fact, they deliberately make it known to their victims because they want their victim to get angry and fight back!

Because that’s the moment the cops just open fire on their targets and will use their power of influence to have local news media vilify you for the next several years and will label you as mentally ill and will use that false label to justify killing their target!

Every town in America has had incidents where cops have either open fired on unarmed people killing them and labeling murdered victims mentally ill to justify the homicide or have battered to death people that were unarmed and labeled the murdered victims mentally ill and used that as a justification!

When this happens news media immediately jumps on the side of police and allows police to give THEIR side of the story to defend themselves and to give police a way to declare to people their justified, without ever standing trial, FOR ANYTHING!

This is how most people targeted by sting operatives meet their fate,their battered to death by cops or their shot to death by cops, either way the target never gets recognized as a victim by the system, and police and news media use their combined influence to justify the homicide by vilifying/mentalfying their victim so no one will care or complain!

Actually most people authority’s target get railroaded into prison, but the select few people that are targets that become aware their being framed/targeted by organized people usually get murdered off by authority’s, and authority’s get away with it by vilifying their target, by having operatives that are not in the police force to back up allegations on the target, and by using their power of influence combined with the influence of news media to control HOW PEOPLE PERCEIVE the killing!

Terry Wagar

One thought on “MORE Tactics Police Sting Operatives Use To Frame And Murder Off Innocent People!

  1. I and others are and were victims of a corrupt sting operation of which my wife and everyone on her side of the family joined into when my wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen!

    My wife Joan Wagar and her buddy’s in law enforcement coached our daughters to make false pedophile accusations about me after they murdered my father Don Wagar and they poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and the police covered up my mother’s 911 call!

    Our daughter admitted in writing after the fact her charges were false!

    Officer Eric Carlson starts calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters he writes her AFTER she poisoned me with antifreeze, I was a active plasma donor at the time!

    I confront my wife Joan Wagar over her love letter officer Eric Carlson as well as a bloodied shirt of her’s and she admits it’s her love letter but REFUSES to admit to her nickname Mrs Dash because she is a serial killer and she tries to cover her butt!

    January 2006 Joan Wagar took a lie detector test and she passed it claiming her affair with officer Eric Carlson was over, but after she took the test and passed it the first thing she did was call officer Eric Carlson’s partner to tell her she passed it, so she could care less that I know the lie detector person deliberately passed her to cover a cops butt from prosecution!

    Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital and admits she mix’s drinks with poison and she continues to try to hide the fact her lover the cop IS a cop and was a look-a-like to me! She even admits briefly to my debilitated condition I was in from being poisoned by her!

    Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

    After my wife bragged she is a poisoner in her diary and she battered me and her buddy’s in law enforcement assaulted me and covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter where she denies being a poisoner!
    Everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she names off as coworkers are actually the cops she and her daughters were sleeping around with, and at the time Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter one of her daughters was pregnant by one of those officer’s at the time of writing this denial letter!

    My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!
    I was bedridden at the time my wife wrote this, she tossed it at me like a Frisbee knowing I was so badly poisoned that I could not even read it at the time let alone get out of bed to find help!

    The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints!

    Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

    OHSU hospital and Portland police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
    Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital, I was already at that time reporting these crimes publicly over the internet BECAUSE my calls for help are covered up!
    Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!

    I try warning people by email since I was debilitated and I had no phone, and contacting the Multnomah county sheriff’s gets no official help at all and instead of contacting me back by their official office they instead contact me by their privately owned Blackberry phones and taunt me via emails!

    Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

    Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

    Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He and his buddy’s put in my home after they broke into my home!

    Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar and their buddy’s in law enforcement had my apartment surrounded early in the morning and were waiting outside my doorway in ambush to murder me and I caught them in the act on video! they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals to communicate with one another! They are caught BACKING UP their death threats!

    Officer Eric Carlson and his lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to my doorway!
    They would have killed me if he had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

    Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized I was not coming out, my ex wife Joan Wagar continued to hide in ambush to shoot me if I did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position Joan Wagar stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting me to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

    Joan Wagar/Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

    The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement as well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants me dead!

    None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for me to step outside to shoot me!

    Their audio death threat says “Goodbye” in multiple ways and here they are flaunting that death threat and caught backing up their death threat and they flaunt it with a black car parked near my apartment with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it so it’s no mystery as to WHO put the death threats in my apartment!

    Yes police taunt and terrorize their victims BEFORE they try to kill their victims BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK BAST$%DS THAT ENJOY DOING THIS TO PEOPLE!
    That black car with the license plate “SAYLVU” shows up at the same time I FOUND THEIR DEATH THREAT IN MY APARTMENT!

    Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Me Outside My Home!
    These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy me outside my apartment!

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