1999 Ilearned Everything I Need To Know About Police/Sheriff Sting Operations!

1999 my wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, she was cheating on me with people in law enforcement and she and her side of the family joined into county sheriff and Portland police sting operations!

First thing they did was tell my wife to quit her job to HIDE HER CONNECTIONS with law enforcement, and the same day they filed paperwork to take over the apartments surrounding mine, and they picked amongst their numbers someone they can use to act as a double, a look-a-like to me!

They spent two months coaching my wife and her side of the family into turning my yard into a playground while authority’s made arrangements to get the double onto my property, and when they got the double onto my property law enforcement arranged to have children play in my yard while a double of me was on the property and they even staged disasters such as car fires thirty feet away from my apartment!

Two weeks after I kicked this double off my property authority’s ordered that double to batter my mother Valerie Quigley, and when I arrived where my mother lived to pick her up I was met by two police offer’s AND by that double, and police was ordering me to abandon my mothers motor home and to leave it behind for that double!

A month later my wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother while she stayed with us and at the same time on the other side of town authority’s poisoned my father Don Wagar, my mothers 911 call was covered up by police and her complaint not acted upon by them, and three weeks later I found out what they did to my father, my father told me it was law enforcement officer’s that were gang-stalking him that poisoned him!

It cost my fathers life they did to him, three days after he warned me about them he was dead, for the next several days immediately after my fathers death I was getting multiple phone calls from people in law enforcement that lied about who they are and were making threats and demands and hinting to the fact they were blackmailing me, and during this time my wife and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, and I discovered right after this that green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing cards through my oldest daughters bedroom window and were directing her as to what to write in it!


County sheriff’s were printing paragraphs on those cards and our oldest daughter was copying the paragraphs on those cards into her diary as though they are her own words when they are not, and she was using that diary to label me as a pedophile!


So my wife and her side of the family joined into local authority’s murder conspiracy’s and they began targeting me and my side of the family and were coaching their civilian operatives how to frame me and how to poison off people and how to use paraphernalia to frame people and the whole damn time they were using a damn double!


Two months later I was charged on forty four bogus felony charges that police had no intention of backing up in court because they just wanted to pedofy me so no one would care if I was murdered, they dropped all charges ten days later with no explanation, and their threats and blackmailing of me continued and the whole time I said nothing because I FEARED FOR THE SAFETY OF MY DAUGHTERS AND MY FAMILY!


So  know what kind of people law enforcement and their civilian operatives are and I known damn well they target people and frame people and murder off people for sport!

Terry Wagar

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