Dalia Dippolito Is Being Framed By Police And Her Husband In Sting Operation!

Everyone on this video is performing for video surveillance and putting on false pretenses and outright lying!
Police admit EVERYTHING on the video and everyone in it including the police along with the bogus police tape le is bogus!

So now that you know their all lying and pretending and putting on bull crap show for video surveillance,,,,,,,,,,WHY on Earth are you taking these people’s word for anything!

I see why it’s so easy for cops to frame people by st6aging crimes, they recruit civilians into sting operations, they stage and fake deaths and recruit civilians into that, then they fake a cr5ime scene putting up phoney crime scene tape, and FAKE an emergency, all for putting on a bull crap show to frame/entrap someone!

Police even admit the woman’s husband is in on it all and meets with her at the police station!

This woman is caught doing nothing wrong, but police and the woman’s husband are caught lying about his death and are caught faking and staging crimes and filing false police reports and blocking streets using false pretenses, all for the sake of framing someone!

Police even admit their in conspiracy with the woman’s husband!

This Fascist USA government and it’s corrupt officer’s and it’s brown nosing news media is corrupt and staging crimes and faking crimes to frame/entrap people!

Every single cop on that video is a liar and faking crimes and faking emergency’s to make their target LOOK guilty when in fact it is police in conspiracy with her husband that are guilty of crimes!

Oh that’s right, were all supposed to be dumb sheep and trust what our cops and news media says, and ignore the fact cops themselves are the ones committing the crimes and staging crimes!

Everyone of those stinking cops needs to be punched in the face and arrested for wasting tax dollars on framing people and for conspiring with civilians in framing people, just because their dressed like cops does not change the fact they are all guilty of criminal conspiracy!

And since cops are so fond of staging deaths in sting operations it’s high time police provide proof of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s deaths, because I do not believe for a second their even dead either and are probably living under new identity’s as sting operatives!

Keep lying for video surveillance cops! keep it up! show the whole world what you really are!

Now I am going back to once again watching detective Mark Fuhrman plead the FIFTH some more!

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