Police Officer’s Caught On Video Pedofying Me Outside My Apartment And They Are Using A Double Of My Daughter Megan Wagar To Pedofy Me!

My wife Joan Wagar’s lover officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police has gotten several of his police buddy’s to rent apartments surrounding mine and they were staging crimes using doubles around and near and even in my apartment when I was not home!

For all intents and purposes these cops are operating under the pretense of a sting operation, but the reality is they are my wife’s lovers buddy’s in law enforcement and are using their police powers to acquire apartments surrounding mine to STAGE CRIMES THEMSELVES in order to frame/blame me for it!

After I caught them on video using my wife’s lover as a double to frame me as a pedophile, a few weeks later I catch these officer’s outside my apartment pedofying me, as they put it, by making loud false pedophile accusations about me!

And once again their using doubles, this time they are using a female to act as a look-a-like to my daughter Megan Wagar!

This is common practice with local police and news media to stage crimes using look-a-likes and they have framed people this way for decades, and the sheeple that watch TV news always falls for police and news media’s bull crap! So local authority’s in Portland Oregon are used to getting away with this!

When my wife started sleeping around with cops she in turn turned our daughters against me, and the first thing her buddy’s in law enforcement taught her was to pedofy me behind my back so no one will care if I am murdered off, they then taught her how to be a poisoner!

Joan Wagar’s daughter Megan Wagar was sleeping around with cops as well as my wife was, here is a photo of ouyr daughter Megan Wagar with my wife’s lovers partner David!

So yes local police do in fact use doubles, and on a regular basis, and their used to getting away with it!

Their going to all this trouble framing me because they are all guilty of murders and were trying to frame me for their crimes, AND I KEEP CATCHING THEM USING DOUBLES!

3 thoughts on “Police Officer’s Caught On Video Pedofying Me Outside My Apartment And They Are Using A Double Of My Daughter Megan Wagar To Pedofy Me!

  1. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s stage crimes and use doubles to do the crimes to frame people!
    Police use doubles and photogenic photo’s to make child porn to frame people!
    Police use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as robbers!
    Police use doubles and photogenic photo’s to commit br5eak ins to frame people!

    Every bros and girlfriend to a cop IS a civilian operative FOR police and help police in staging/committing cri9mes using doubles and photogenic photo’s!
    For them it’s all about building a case against their target/victims using staged crimes committed by officer’s acting as doubles, and to have their civilian operatives to back up their fabricated evidence/complaints against their targets!

    After police/sheriff’s and their bros and girlfriends spend several months staging crimes to frame someone they either arrest their target/victim and railroad them into prison while destroying their names and reputations via news media, OR they staged a faked emergency and outright murder their target/victim and destroy their murdered target/victims name and reputation via news media!

    Because news media lies for police and also backs up all the bull crap police/sheriff’s spew out it boils down to a smear campaign against their target/victim either way, and if anyone tries stinking up for the accused/murdered accused publicly then those people get ganged yup on by police and by civilian operatives and get ganged up on online as well to silence complaints/descent!

    All these operations done by police/sheriff’s and their civilian bros and girlfriends are covert operations and are treated as sting operations by authority’s!
    Police/sheriff’s use investigative funds to pay their civilian bros and girlfriends for their unofficial help in framing/murdering off people and they usually get cash, good paying jobs, and even houses, from authority’s!

  2. When cops frame someone they stage crimes using doubles and they record their crimes using photogenic photo’s usually at a distance so that they can get away with using doubles and or they use fuzzy video surveillance that does not clearly show the criminals face in detail!

    Corrupt police agency’s have been framing people by these tactics for decades and news media knows all about it and looks the other way and even helps police give blame to innocent people for crimes committed by plain clothed cops dressed like their target!

    Almost all bank robbery’s are committed by plain clothed cops dressed like their target which is why they always use fuzzy video surveillance at a distance, so are most 7eleven robbery’s, most of those as well are done by cops impersonating someone they are framing!

    Police get away with this because the whole system is corrupt and can care less if they get caught doing it because no one gives a damn if cops are under cover dressing up in plain cloths and staging crimes!

    If police do get caught by several people that complain, then police will just fake a sting operation and then threaten and charge the people complaining with interfering with a police officer!

    Under the guise of sting operations police are free to engage in any falsehood and any false pretense they wish with immunity from prosecution, which is why cops never give a damn and commonly use doubles to stage/commit crimes to frame someone!

    Police are literally corrupt to the point where murdering off people means nothing to police, all police care about is how they look and how their target looks, police want to look justified and police want their targets to look like bad guys!

    So police as a group will over the course of several months stage crimes and commit crimes using doubles, all the while spreading false accusations about their target throughout the targets neighborhood, so when police finally make an arrest on their target they already have everyone in the targets neighborhood alienated against the target!

    I am surprised no one seems to give a damn, does anyone know people, loved ones, that got railroaded into prison? because not only do I have cops on video using doubles I got cops on audio recordings admitting they frame people as doubles and that they use photogenic photo’s and video surveillance when they do use doubles!

    How many rich people do you know that wants a get out of jail free card?

  3. March 26th 2007 I caught several people committing a early morning break in and they raped and murdered a child! I am still waiting for someone to take my complaint on it, but apparently too many people in this world would rather murder me off to silence me than to take a complaint on the people that committed the crimes!

    I caught their crimes on a audio recorder, and it also caught them all as a group going to Clackamas Walmart where they laughed and bragged to their girlfriends there about what they did and they recruited everyone in the clothing department at Walmart to lie for them!

    I am still waiting for people to give a shit!

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