Corrupt Prostitution Stings Recruit Civilians As Operatives And Police And News Media Tries To Hide It!

Quotes from source.

“police said nine men were taken into custody and charged with patronizing a prostitute during the anti-prostitution mission Thursday.”

That’s a very generic term they use, patronizing, in real English it means plain clothed female whores with badges through themselves at men nearby and is paid for it by police to make innocent people look guilty by the under cover cops PERFORMANCES!

Quotes from source.

“Several Tigard detectives and members of the police department’s patrol division converged on a local hotel, at the request of hotel management.

Over the past few years, according to police, numerous Tigard businesses have contacted officers to express frustration and concerns about suspected prostitution, with hotels being the most affected.”

Well well well our local police are buddy buddy’s and in organized league with our local Hotel personnel, makes one wonder how many hotel employees and managers are actually under cover police and how many of those employees and managers that are not police are cooperating with police as civilian operatives!

I wonder if these hotel employees pal around with law enforcement and get paid under the table BY police to help police FRAME people using plain clothed dressed like whores female officer’s that are being PAID to ACT LIKE WHORES!

Quotes from source.

“Arrested Thursday in Tigard were: James Bisenius, 62; Armando Delcid, 37; Geordie Duckler, 54; Michael Frost, 40; Lakshmiraghu Gandham, 31; Evan Gonroff, 18; Hector Lopez, 32; Jose Rivera, 25; and Steven Alan Steinberg, 43.”

Well well well our local police force and our brown nosing news media wants o embarrass their targets by naming them public, fine fine fine, now give us the public the names of the female officer’s that were PAID BY POLICE to ACT LIKE WHORES!

I want to know who all these organized officer’s are that think it’s legal for them to take over businesses and to put PERFORMERS out to entrap/frame innocent people on the streets near these hotels!

I deem these pretenders and performers as organized criminals that are paid by law enforcement to perform for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap people, and to just be near these anonymous people can get an innocent person entrapped/framed!

Quotes from source.

“Street Crimes detectives worked with undercover officers to establish contact with both prostitutes and “johns” via a website. The suspects were arrested when they arrived at designated locations.”

So,,,,,in other words police just took over a hotel on a certain day and just arrested ANYONE that sets foot in that motel property!

You really expect the public to buy that? common! everyone knows police stage crimes in stings using under cover officer’s, you really expect us all to believe you can trick people online to meet up at hotels?

Any bull crap you have on a so-called online arrangements with people hooking up at hotels is just made up crap PERFORMED BY sting operatives and they just pretend in court their targets did the communications, and no one in court cares enough to call out police as LIARS! SO INNOCENT PEOPLE FALSELY ARRESTED ARE FORCED TO TAKE PLEA DEALS JUST TO GET OUT OF THE SITUATION!

No justice in this country, just ORGANIZED criminals in law enforcement and their civilian operative buddy’s running hotels framing people on yearly basis and they laugh about it!

Why don’t you give us the names of these hotel employees that are complaining, I don’t believe you when you refuse to name the people that complain, and while your at it you better show video of the officer’s using online computers to set these people up, or I will call you out as liars on that as well!

I want the name of the managers that allow police to take over their establishments in order to arrest anyone that walks in, I find that DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL hell and want to AVOID pretenders and civilian operatives that brown=nose to cops!

Quotes from source.

“Prostitution and crimes associated with prostitution affect every part of our community,” said Salem Deputy Police Chief James Ferraris in a statement. “We will continue to be proactive in combating this issue and make our community an unwelcome place for those who partake in these activities.”

In other words police will continue to recruit civilians into illegal operatives that lie for the state and will continue to employ FEMALE OFFICER’S to ACT LIKE WHORES for video surveillance in order to entrap/frame ANYONE the POLICE deem unwelcome in their community’s, what a Fascist community this is, I feel safer already, can’t wait for the sting operatives to surround me again so that they can perform for video surveillance cameras, you police LOVE performing for video surveillance cameras!

Quotes from source.

“Anyone who has information about human trafficking is urged to contact your local law enforcement agency. Victims of human trafficking can also contact their local Women’s Crisis Center for assistance with safety and shelter. The Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service can be reached at their 24-hour crisis line at 503-399-7722.”

Yeah I would like to report human trafficking, I just learned the police traffic their trained and PAID female officer’s to hotels and PAY them to perform for video surveillance cameras while armed thugs grab anyone that happens to enter the hotel property even if it’s on the sidewalk!


3 thoughts on “Corrupt Prostitution Stings Recruit Civilians As Operatives And Police And News Media Tries To Hide It!

  1. I deem these anonymous officer’s as just as deadly and dangerous as the anonymous KKK was back in the 1920s and they use their self righteous attitudes the same as the KKK did back in the 1920s, not knowing ones history has a way of causing history to repeat itself!

    In the 1920s the cops got away with murdering people and framing people and organizing civilians into murderous mobs against individuals while staying anonymous wearing white robes and white hoods!

    Nowadays the cops get away with murdering people and framing people and organizing civilians into murderous mobs against individuals while staying anonymous by labeling themselves as sting operatives and by refusing to disclose their names and by news media’s non-admitted to agreement to not disclose names and pictures of sting operatives whether they are officer’s or are civilians!

  2. In America there is no such thing as prostitution, all there is in America are sting operations, and THAT’S IT!
    Any and all females walking the streets of America dressed like prostitutes and flirting with men on the streets are sting operatives either carrying badges or are civilian operatives PAID under the table BY police to frame/entrap people!

    Sting operatives are PAID,TRAINED,LIARS, that are free to put on any performance for video surveillance in order to make their targets appear guilty of crimes by the sting operatives actions and performances!

    An innocent person walking the sidewalk can be at any time approached by female operatives performing as prostitutes and can be made to LOOK LIKE he is a bad guy by the shear effort and actions of the sting operatives without any actual action done by the target, the shear trained performances of sting operatives alone can make innocent people appear guilty even though they are doing nothing wrong and are even unable to avoid being approached by such operatives!

    ONLY law enforcement runs and organizes prostitution on the streets and all street prostitutes are in fact sting operatives, therefore it is police themselves committing the crimes offering prostitution on the streets and it is police that pock and choose WHO gets services from prostitutes and who gets busted/entrapped/framed for just being near these performers for police!

    If police are going to pay female sting operatives to dress up like whores and to perform as whores for video surveillance then in reality they ARE WHORES performing services for male operatives and are being paid to perform for video surveillance amounts to them being semi-porn stars!

    There is no such thing as real whores walking the streets of America and it is propaganda for police and news media to pretend otherwise!

    If you see women on the streets dressed like prostitutes and throwing themselves at men then you can assume they are sting operatives PERFORMING for video surveillance!

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