Doubleclick And Mrs Dash Are Sting Operatives For Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s And They Frame And Murder People FOR THEM!

officer named Eric Carlson, and my wife turned our daughters against me behind my back, and this cop dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me to frame me as a pedophile!

They had our daughters to lie for them and they had the blessings of local authority’s to frame me and officer Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double!

When I found out my wife Joan Wagar was hooking our daughters up with a cop that was acting as a double I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when I was severely poisoned by Joan Wagar!

All of my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was acting as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

Police used their power of influence to cover up the poisonings at the hospital and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police influence and interference at the hospital!

Evidence, Shawna Wagar admits in writing to making false pedophile accusations about me and this occurred when my mother and father were poisoned and murdered by local police and by my wife Joan Wagar!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted and actively used the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones!

Evidence, I confronted my wife Joan Wagar with a audio recorder over that love letter Doubleclick the body double wrote my wife and she admits it’s her love letter but refuses to admit to her nickname because she is trying to hide the fact she is a poisoner and that it is open knowledge at East Port Walmart, she still also is trying to hide the fact Eric Carlson is a cop and a look-a-like to me!

Evidence, because of police influence Joan Wagar aced a lie detector test I payed for! and two years later a detective Brian Assmus of the Oregon state police tried to over up this lie detector test by stealing the page signed by the tester, good thing I have photo copy’s of EVERYTHING!

Evidence Two months later Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash admits in her diary she lied on that lie detector test and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits to using pills and antifreeze in her diary and admits to mixing drinks with poisons and admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to poisoning a plasma donor and admits I was ill at the time!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Evidence, A week later Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter denying her ongoing affair with officer Eric Carlson and denying she is a poisoner, everything in her denial letter is a lie and even her daughters were sleeping around with officer Eric Carlson and his partners, one of her daughters got pregnant at the time of Joan Wagar writing this by Eric Carlson’s partner David!

Evidence, By the time of Joan Wagar writing this written confession that she uses antifreeze as poison I was so debilitated at this time I was bedridden, Joan Wagar tossed this at me like it was a Frisbee because she wanted to see if I could get out of bed to try and find help or not, I could not!

The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints and covers up Joan Wagar’s written confessions she is a poisoner!

Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

Evidence, The Portland police and OHSU hospital threatening me telling me they covered up my 911 calls and calls for help and covered up my wife’s written confessions and are threatening me telling me I am not welcome to go to my hospital, their admitting to cover up and threatening me!

Evidence, I try warning people by email since I was debilitated and I had no phone, and contacting the Multnomah county sheriff’s gets no official help at all and instead of contacting me back by their official office they instead contact me by their privately owned Blackberry phones and taunt me via emails!

Evidence, Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test! Officer Eric Carlson is one of the first responders to respond to my 911 call and he was NOT there to help!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the Portland police and Joan Wagar made a audio death threat and broke into my home and put it on the computer, their using sound boards to say goodbye in multiple ways!
The same day I found their audio death threat the police parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it in front of my apartment!

Evidence, Another Portland police officer caught on video acting as a double of me outside my apartment and he is with a female that is acting as a double of my daughter Megan Wagar, here is a picture of Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

And here is video of a police officer acting as a double of me and he is with a female acting as a double to my daughter Megan Wagar!

Portland police and county sheriff’s brought over several children to my apartment building and were coaching those children to pedofy me in front of my apartment while I am still inside my apartment, police told the children their getting TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to help them to murder me off by making me look like a bad guy! and they admitted their going to kill me and that family members were involved!

Two weeks later Officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the police department and my wife Joan Wagar caught by me on video outside my apartment waiting in ambush to shoot me at 5:45 am and they had my apartment flanked on all sides and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar were waiting in ambush right by my doorway and their armed with guns and flashlights and recording devices!
You can see their black car with the license plate “SAYLVU” still in the parking lot!

06-01-2014 Female sting operatives renting apartment below mine are deliberately placing small children in my path and then falsely labeling me as a pedophile!
Their guilty of trafficking and exploiting small children for their operations!

Terry Wagar

Corrupt Prostitution Stings Recruit Civilians As Operatives And Police And News Media Tries To Hide It!

Quotes from source.

“police said nine men were taken into custody and charged with patronizing a prostitute during the anti-prostitution mission Thursday.”

That’s a very generic term they use, patronizing, in real English it means plain clothed female whores with badges through themselves at men nearby and is paid for it by police to make innocent people look guilty by the under cover cops PERFORMANCES!

Quotes from source.

“Several Tigard detectives and members of the police department’s patrol division converged on a local hotel, at the request of hotel management.

Over the past few years, according to police, numerous Tigard businesses have contacted officers to express frustration and concerns about suspected prostitution, with hotels being the most affected.”

Well well well our local police are buddy buddy’s and in organized league with our local Hotel personnel, makes one wonder how many hotel employees and managers are actually under cover police and how many of those employees and managers that are not police are cooperating with police as civilian operatives!

I wonder if these hotel employees pal around with law enforcement and get paid under the table BY police to help police FRAME people using plain clothed dressed like whores female officer’s that are being PAID to ACT LIKE WHORES!

Quotes from source.

“Arrested Thursday in Tigard were: James Bisenius, 62; Armando Delcid, 37; Geordie Duckler, 54; Michael Frost, 40; Lakshmiraghu Gandham, 31; Evan Gonroff, 18; Hector Lopez, 32; Jose Rivera, 25; and Steven Alan Steinberg, 43.”

Well well well our local police force and our brown nosing news media wants o embarrass their targets by naming them public, fine fine fine, now give us the public the names of the female officer’s that were PAID BY POLICE to ACT LIKE WHORES!

I want to know who all these organized officer’s are that think it’s legal for them to take over businesses and to put PERFORMERS out to entrap/frame innocent people on the streets near these hotels!

I deem these pretenders and performers as organized criminals that are paid by law enforcement to perform for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap people, and to just be near these anonymous people can get an innocent person entrapped/framed!

Quotes from source.

“Street Crimes detectives worked with undercover officers to establish contact with both prostitutes and “johns” via a website. The suspects were arrested when they arrived at designated locations.”

So,,,,,in other words police just took over a hotel on a certain day and just arrested ANYONE that sets foot in that motel property!

You really expect the public to buy that? common! everyone knows police stage crimes in stings using under cover officer’s, you really expect us all to believe you can trick people online to meet up at hotels?

Any bull crap you have on a so-called online arrangements with people hooking up at hotels is just made up crap PERFORMED BY sting operatives and they just pretend in court their targets did the communications, and no one in court cares enough to call out police as LIARS! SO INNOCENT PEOPLE FALSELY ARRESTED ARE FORCED TO TAKE PLEA DEALS JUST TO GET OUT OF THE SITUATION!

No justice in this country, just ORGANIZED criminals in law enforcement and their civilian operative buddy’s running hotels framing people on yearly basis and they laugh about it!

Why don’t you give us the names of these hotel employees that are complaining, I don’t believe you when you refuse to name the people that complain, and while your at it you better show video of the officer’s using online computers to set these people up, or I will call you out as liars on that as well!

I want the name of the managers that allow police to take over their establishments in order to arrest anyone that walks in, I find that DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL hell and want to AVOID pretenders and civilian operatives that brown=nose to cops!

Quotes from source.

“Prostitution and crimes associated with prostitution affect every part of our community,” said Salem Deputy Police Chief James Ferraris in a statement. “We will continue to be proactive in combating this issue and make our community an unwelcome place for those who partake in these activities.”

In other words police will continue to recruit civilians into illegal operatives that lie for the state and will continue to employ FEMALE OFFICER’S to ACT LIKE WHORES for video surveillance in order to entrap/frame ANYONE the POLICE deem unwelcome in their community’s, what a Fascist community this is, I feel safer already, can’t wait for the sting operatives to surround me again so that they can perform for video surveillance cameras, you police LOVE performing for video surveillance cameras!

Quotes from source.

“Anyone who has information about human trafficking is urged to contact your local law enforcement agency. Victims of human trafficking can also contact their local Women’s Crisis Center for assistance with safety and shelter. The Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service can be reached at their 24-hour crisis line at 503-399-7722.”

Yeah I would like to report human trafficking, I just learned the police traffic their trained and PAID female officer’s to hotels and PAY them to perform for video surveillance cameras while armed thugs grab anyone that happens to enter the hotel property even if it’s on the sidewalk!


The Portland Police ASnd Multnomah County Sheriff’s Organize Sting Operations Recruiting Civilians And Are Framing And Murdering People Using Sting Tactics!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are bros to one another and commonly organize sting operations to frame and even murder off people and they regularly recruit civilians into these operations!

I have been a victim of repeated sting operations by the3m since 199 ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen!

Not only did police3 and sheriff’s recruit my wife into sting operations they recruited EVERYONE on my wife’s side of the family into sting operations, and right away I and members of MY side of the family became targeted by them, and RIGHT AWAY police/sheriff’s took over the apartment next door to mine and BROUGHT IN a God damn body double/look-a-like of me to impersonate me for photogenic photo’s AND for fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

Their beginning stages of THEIR sting operations consists of authority’s RECRUITING civilians against their target, then they surround their target with operatives and even civilian operatives, by turning the targets family against their target, and by taking over surrounding apartments/homed around their target, and then they bring in a double to stage crimes to build a case against their target and will spend thousands of dollars doing this and will take their time taking several months to build a false criminal complaint history of their target for future use in court!

That says a lot in very few words, but does not explain their motives nor does iyt explain why they do it, Well I will tell you their motives and why they do it!

Police/sheriff’s are grinning smirking DICKS that enjoy framing people and murdering people and organizing people into murderous groups just like the mob does! as a matter of fact they ARE the mob, they run and control crime as though they have exclusive rights to it, and when someone gets on their shit-list then they FUCK THAT PERSON OVER! and their favorite way of doing that is the total destruction of their target!

Cops, anyon4e in law enforcement, are ASSHOLES! and they ENJOY fucking people over, they are the ultimate TROLLS in this world, if cops are targeting a male for any reason at all, they usually recruit that males wife into an affair in order to gain her help/cooperation in framing their target!

So in-between police using doubles to frame their target for staged crimes committed by law enforcement the police well be having sex with their targets wife and will laugh about how they are FUCKING over such and such because this is SPORT to cops! they ENJOY fucking over people!

Their paid by government to do this to people, and because they are in law enforcement neither the government nor the Fascistic controlled ne3ws media will warn people about these corrupt police sting operations!

Who are sting operatives? ANYONE in law enforcement is a TRAINED operative along with THEIR buddy’s and relatives and their girlfriends and anyone else that kisses up to police!

What are tactics sting operatives use? Sting operatives use any and every tactic they can t5hink of that6 FUCKS OVER THEIR TARGET and they have NO FREAR OF PROSECUTION and therefore are3 FREE to FUCK OVER THEIR TARGET ANYWAY THEY WANT TO!

They will use slander tactics behind the targets back to turn others against their target thus isolating their target from any form of help or support from friends/family/coworkers and will generally turn their target into a laughing stock amongst people with their constant and continued slander attacks!

Operatives will surround their target using police powers to evict their targets neighbors from their homes/apartments and it’s all done under the pretense of police “Investigations” and everyone knows how willing the masses are to cooperate with any and all investigations!

Police and civilian operatives such as the targets wife will stage crimes and put on false pretenses in order to frame their target using staged tactics directed BY the sting officer’s and they will even stage crimes using doubles and will use photogenic photo’s taking side shots and back shots of the double, never really getting a good view of the face since he/she IS a double, and will publicly give blame to t5heir target!

Sting operations can last for several months to several years depending on various reasons that can be never ending, their IS no real reason for the lengths of time they spend other than how badly they want to FUCK OVER such and such along with as long as they got blessings from their superiors then they are free to continue their assault/attack/sting operation on their target, all paid for by tax dollars!

Sting operatives are known to stage all kinds of pretenses and even stage outright crimes and get away with it because police will simply refuse to recognize a complaint on sting operations and so will prosecutors, and no records of complaints on sting operations are kept by police, it’s a crime that police simply refuse to document in their paperwork!

Police sting operations are known to stage drug busts operations as well as staging prostitution stings,  and lessor known but still admitted to by police is sting operations where they have only ONE TARGET in mind and are known to stage DEATHS in such stings to frame/entrap their target and are also known to use doubles and are caught many times in the pressence of look-a-likes to their targets, and news media is well known to look the other way when police use doubles and are mums the word about it!

Apartment managers and landlords tend to ALWAYS cooperate with these sting operations and even help sting operatives to frame their target by giving the sting operatives access to the targets apartments as well as permission to bug the apartment with audio and video recording devices and apartment managers and landlords are also closed mouthed about sting operations which makes them civilian operatives FOR police!

News reporters NEVER reveal to the public specific sting tactics at the direction of law enforcement, law enforcements covert sting operations are just that and police will not admit to most of the tactics they use and neither will the Fascist news reporters, their closed mouthed about it for a reason, because the whole system is Fascist and corrupt and covers each others butts at the lives of innocent citizens!

Because of the over-abundance of sting operations around the world along with the advent of the internet, the police organizations along with the FBI staged a propaganda campaign to hide and conceal their BLATANT and CORRUPT STING OPERATIONS by introducing the term “GANG-STALKING” onto the internet as a way of EXPLAINING what is going on WITHOUT EVER NAMING WHO,,,,IS,,,,,RESPONSIBLE,,,,,,FOR,,,,,IT,,,,,ALL to hide and conceal the fact they are actually police and civilian operatives in sting operations!

Because of the supposedly accepted term made up by a psychologist/FBI operatives they have succeeded in tricking thousands of sting operation victims into referring to the crimes as “gang-stalking” and have successfully covered up the fact that they are actually sting operations run and organized by police, including alphabet soup agency’s!

So when victims try to explain how they are being ganged up on they get tricked by Google searches into looking up “gang-stalking” and that term does everything it vcan to DISTRACT people from the fact that it is police sting operations they are victim to, not some weird occult like police and FBI want people to believe.

So police sting operations are putting out propaganda on the internet to try and distract real victims from the fact that they are victims of police and use that propaganda to give blame to “gang-stalkers” which are portrayed as occultists and mysterious people, a mystery boogy man group if you will, as a distraction from the fact that it is police doing it, it has ALWAYS BEEN the police doing it, it ALWAYS WILL BE THE POLICE DOING IT!

Victims of sting operations are not WELCOME to report crimes committed by sting operatives and will get labeled mentally ill BY the police and by first responders and their complaints are NOT TAKEN by police, thus their complaints are in effect covered up!

Sting operations are a bunch of privileged punks making a living wearing badgr4s and are trained to use their police powers to influence people and to recruit people to lie for them and to back up lies FOR them and they are always used to getting away with whatever they do, and they tend to smirk about it!

Civilians that become friends with these3 ASSHOLES and help them in sting operations tend to acquire the same COCKY ATTITUDE their buddy cops have and also enjoy smirking at their victims, never forget their smirk, it always gives their asses away!

Sting operatives will fake any pretense to your face to make you look bad for their video surveillance cameras, and nine times out of ten THAT’S WHAT THEY CONCENTRATE ON in sting operations, they PERFORM for video surveillance in order to make their target LOOK BAD!

Corrupt sting operations that DO go to court those court cases are IGNORED by the media and downplayed because news media DOES NOT WANT THE MASSES to become AWARE of how rampant and corrupt police are when they are organized in sting operations, which is why so very few people know about sting operations!

Terry Wagar


Online StingOperations Are All Over The Internet Provoking People And Attacking People To Silence Peple’s Complaints!

I have recently tried Googling “Sting Opreration Forums” trying and attempting to find other victims of corrupt sting operations, and I THOUGHT I found one called “Governing,us” forum.

It gave the impression it was a forum of people trying to fight back against corrupt sting operations, so I registered their as username “wifepoisonedme” and started giving my side of the story to introduce myself to this forum.

Their were a little over fifty members of this forum as I checked it out, and after I posted part of my story on their forum making myself known and making it known I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation.

At first their was one person, ONLY one person, that responded to it and acted like he/she was on my side and acted supportive, everyone else in the forum ignored me.

Then I posted a story about how corrupt sting operations frame innocent people as pedophiles and I described how police do it and even provided a slang name that police use when they frame innocent people as pedophiles, police call it pedofying.

THAT story launched an all-out attack on me by virtually EVERYONE in that forum, and when I say ATTACK I mean a ATTACK!

I was beset by constant emails from those forum members ridiculing me and making fun of me and attacking my character and making even death threats against me, and during their attack one of them chimed in saying their under aged, and pointed that out for the soul purpose of saying it!

At one point during their attack one of them chimed in ADMITTING their a sting operation, which explains why one of them are acting under-aged in that forum!

After I challenged them over that so-called forum member faking being under-aged they started making death threats about poisoning me with antifreeze, and they were doing a whole lot of Lolling over it all!

Within about eight hours I got around thirty emails from them attacking me with taunts and threats and even admitting they wanted me dead!

I took some screenshots of SOME of their emails, mostly the worst ones, and took screenshots of my story that launched their attack on me.

The site is so corrupt that all their emails they sent me were supposed to show up on my post as responses to my post, but most of their responses/threats did NOT show up on my post so they were tampering with how THEIR threats made it to me but NOT on my post!

Here is the webpage where I posted my story on “What Is Pedofying?”

Now I will post screenshots of that page the day their attack kicked in in full along with screenshots of these admitted sting operatives admitting they want me poisoned/dead!


Some of their attacks showed up on other mysterious page not connected to my “What Is Pedofying?” post!


They lauched an all-out attack on me besetting me with a flood of threatening emails, all their comments were supposed to go on my post of which these attacks are connected to, the the forum moderator made sure most of their attacks did NOT show up on that page, so most of their attacks were by email sent to my email address!















So as you can see this forum CLAIMING to be a group of people FIGHTING corrupt sting operations is in FACT a sting operation in and of itself and sits there waiting for unsuspecting victims of sting operations to join so that they can concentrate on framing that person.

During their ATTACK on me they had a forum member jump into the attack for the soul purpose of labeling them-self as under-aged BECAUSE THAT is a common tactic sting operatives use in setting people, and it was so blatant that THAT was the ONLY reason that person commented, which GAVE THEM AWAY AS A STING OPERATION!

I challenged them on it which is what launched their all-out attack on me!

Their not hiding the fact they are cyber-bullying me and threatening me and admitting they want me dead and name off the weapon of their choice, sting operatives ALWAYS use poison on their targets to debilitated their victims, and these blatant sting operatives are admitting their sting operatives and admit to their choice of weapon, POISON!

They are no different than the KKK! Their organized, they target people, they are anonymous, they make it known to their victims no one will help them, and they do not even HIDE their crimes from the public, only instead of hanging people they frame people and poisoning people!

I recommend REAL VICTIMS to AVOID website!

Terry Wagar

Unofficial Police Sting Operations Are Organized Crime Commited By Under Cover Police And By Civilian Operatives!

Look up the definition of sting operations! sting operations are all about organized multiple people in law enforcement acting in criminal activity and are actually committing organized crimes and even recruiting civilians into sting operations and that it is all about THEM being deceptive in order to frame/entrap people!

Wiki “Sting Operation” don’t take my word for it, the bastards \ADMIT by definition that they are organized and are acting in deception in order to frame/entrap people AND they recruit civilians into it!

Keep that in mind, now Google past unsolved murders withing your area over the last twenty years, look up all the so-called murder/suicides that occur from time to time, watch some old TV news footage about them, and notice how every time there is a murder suicide they always show a neighbor of the dead victims CLAIMING how quiet they were and how they act and how they pretend to know nothing about the murder/suicides and fake being shocked by it!

Every time that occurs it is a sting operative either a plain clothed cop, or a civilian operative that FAKES being a neighbor and FAKES not knowing how such a thing can happen!

Every time there is a murder/suicide it is actually a double murder committed by sting operatives and they fake the suicide part in order to frame one of the murdered victims to get the blame!

On rare occasion police will admit that there is a double murder such as with OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, normally when police murder more than one person police set it up as a murder suicide, but in OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriends murders police decided to frame OJ Simpson instead for the DOUBLE murder, either way it was a sting operation and it was a sting operation that committed the murders!

When police frame someone it is NEVER just one cop doing the framing, the whole.e department does the framing and crime labs help and contribute to framing people by backing up evidence that police plant to frame people!

When police planted the gloves on OJ Simpson’s property they planted it with OJ Simpson’s blood on them!

The crime labs backed up that planted evidence and even gave detectives some of OJ Simpson’s blood so they could put OJ’s blood on the gloves, and the crime labs tried to HIDE the fact they gave detectives some of OJ Simpson’s blood to use in his vehicle and on the gloves!

OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend were murdered all right, but they were murdered by a sting operation, and that sting operation wanted OJ Simpson to get the blame, but just like all sting operations it was all done in a half-assed manner by police!

During OJ Simpson’s trial it became very apparent that police planted the gloves and even planted OJ Simpson’s blood on the gloves, and remember the crime labs BACKED UP THE POLICE ON THAT EVIDENCE! and surprise the gloves do not fit OJ Simpson!

So someone planted the gloves and wanted OJ Simpson to take the rap for double murders, so who was it? it was the very people that WANTED OJ Simpson to get the blame, the police, and OJ Simpson’s wife’s side of the family, and the prosecutors!

Now remember the definition of a “Sting Operation” because police admit in sting operations they are all about recruiting civilians into doing DECEPTIVE things in order to frame/entrap people!

Don’t you think police planting gloves on OJ Simpson’s property is DECEPTIVE? Don’t you think crime labs giving detectives vials of OJ Simpson’s blood so they can sprinkle it ON the gloves is DECEPTIVE? Don’t you think such over-zealous prosecution of OJ Simpson using planted evidence is deceptive?

That is the whole point of sting operations, sting operations ARE organized crimes committed by organized police and by organized civilian operatives! Why do your news media try to hide this from the public, do you think your news media is ALSO being deceptive in NOT telling people in more detail about sting operations?

Most sting operations are covert and NOT admitted to by police or by news media, that’s not an accident that is by design, now look up all the so-called unsolved murders in your area over the last twenty years, Google the information, and I will tell you right now the vast majority of murders in any town are done by sting operatives involved in covert sting operations!

But just like everything police do, they do half-assed, if someone is murdered and lived at an apartment, then you can bet within the next month after that person’s death that several people vacated the apartments surrounding the murdered victim, you know why? because the murdered victim was surrounded by under cover cops, and those cops are making a slow exit out of the apartment building so as to not draw suspicion from other tenants!

Their leaving BECAUSE they murdered that person, under the pretense of conducting an investigation, and are making a slow exit out of the apartment building on average of one apartment of tenants moving out each week until their all out!

How can they get away with such a thing? would not the landlord and or apartment managers KNOW police took over those apartments with WARRANTS? OF COURSE THEY DO!

Why don’t they say anything to the news media about it? because almost ALL landlords and apartment managers ARE CIVILIAN OPERATIVES FOR POLICE and help and assist police in ANY and ALL police covert operations and are FUCKING MUMS THE WORD ABOUT IT!


OJ Simpson’s attorney’s proved in open criminal court the gloves are NOT OJ Simpson’s and therefore they were planted, police AND crime labs already backed up the fact those gloves were used in the murders, they cannot take that back, and they are NOT OJ Simpson’s gloves, so WHO ELSE had OJ Simpson’s blood to put it ON the gloves? only the police detectives and the crime lab technicians!

OK so it was proved in open criminal court police in a oreganized fashion frame innocent people for murders and that they plant evidence and plant DNA in order to frame people, WHAT HAPPENED? NOTHING HAPPENED! The court and prosecutors and judge and news media glossed OVER the fact that police are caught framing OJ for murders, and the news media did it’s very Fascist best to ignore the fact OJ is being framed by police, and tried making the focus all on one detective instead as a way of distracting viewers watching the trial on TV from the blatant fact that the police department AS A WHOLE ALONG WITH THE CRIME LABS were framing OJ Simpson and backing up PLANTED EVIDENCE!

Ever since the glove fiasco the prosecutors and news reporters did everything in their power to DISTRACT people from the fact that everyone in our government was involved in framing OJ Simpson, and they tried to distract people from this fact by focusing on one detective so people could have an individual to point a finger at for blame!

For fucking sake the whole system is guilty of trying to frame OJ for double murders, and since it was NOT OJ Simpson that committed the crimes, then who? It was the entire police department operating under the pretense of a sting operation that murdered OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, and instead of using the ole murder/suicide tactics sting operations ALWAYS USE they decided to admit to a double murder, (rare for police to admit to that!) and to give blame to a LIVING person that has a POSSIBLE motive!

Remember that Kato dude living on OJ Simpson’s property? he is what you call a civilian operative, he is a part of the sting operation and was put on the property as a way of having a living witness on OJ Simpson’s property that could testify against OJ Simpson!

Sting operations always, ALWAYS, surround their target with their operatives so that their paid, willing to lie for cops, operatives, can stage crimes, plant evidence on targets property, testify against the target because he/she is a witness close to the target!

What happened after OJ Simpson was found INNOCENT by the jury? why the news media went on a huge propaganda spin telling everyone that the police and the prosecutors and even Kato are Hero’s! and the news media SHUNNED the PROVEN INNOCENT OJ SIMPSON!

The news media spinned Kato into a Hero BECAUSE he is a part of that sting operation, and media was doing everything in it’s Fascist power to protect the sting operatives from discovery by spinning everyone away from the fact that police planted the glove, police planted OJ Simpson’s blood on the glove, and police BEFORE the murders PLANTED KATO ON OJ SIMPSON’S PROPERTY BECAUSE OJ SIMPSON’S WIFE AND BOYFRIENDS MURDERS WERE PLANNED OUT BY THE STING OPERATION IN ADVANCE!

Kato is a member of the very sting operation that killed OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, it was THAT sting operation that murdered OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, and Kato was put on that property in advance of the murders by members of that sting operation BEFORE the murders took place because the sting operatives planned in advance to framing OJ Simpson for the crimes!

Cops do this to people, they did it to OJ Simpson, police all over the world do this to people all the time, most damn murders in this world are done by under cover officer’s!

Kato reeks so much as a sting operative that it is reticulated, he is either working as an under cover officer, or as a highly paid civilian operative paid to be the “Witness” and the “Connection” between what OJ Simpson wad up to at the time of the murders, and as a witness to OJ Simpson’s motive for murder!

Kato was treated the same way as the that framed OJ Simpson after the trial, news media spinned Kayo AND the police and prosecutors as Hero’s even though IT WAS PROVEN IN OPEN COURT POLICE PLANTED THOSE GLOVES TO FRAME OJ SIMPSON, and since the media was desperate to label Kato as a Hero they were desperate to cover up the POLICE STING OPERATION since Kato was a part of it they glorified him to cover up the fact he is a civilian operative and that the murders were planned and carried out by a sting operation!

There is litterally no such thing as an investigation, all we have is corrupt police and their civilian operative buddy’s that go after one target after another and they frame people, they murder people, they murder and frame people, and each and every time they plan it out in advance and they stupidly do and use the same tactics over and over and over again, witch is why they make stupid mistakes such as planting gloves on OJ Simpson’s property that clearly are too damn small for the man to be his!

All sting operatuions for the most part use the same tactics over and over again, they are organized, they have many people helping them and have many people that lie for them, so when they actively murder people and frame people they make stupid mistakes because they use the same ass tactics over and over, pretty dumb to use gloves that do not fit the man and to back up those gloves as used in the murders and to put OJ Simpson’s blood ON THOSE GLOVES!

Pretty fucking stupid of careless cops and their civilian operatives to overlook those huge hands of OJ Simpson’s when they plant gloves on the dudes property! well that’s a good example as to how stupid cops are, everything they do is half assed! but because no one with a badge cares they clearly do not fear prosecution, they only fear the masses waking up to the fact that police murder people and also frame people, which is WHY the big hoopla with the news media spinning them all into bullshit Hero’s so they could distract people from that fact!

In sting operations there are many people involved in the murders/framing, and many of them make stupid mistakes because everything they do is half assed, they don’t worry about PROVING someone’s guilt so much as they just want the people they are framing to LOOK BAD to other people!

In sting operations always, ALWAYS want their operatives as close to their target as posible, why? so they can testify against their target, and can even stage crimes near the targets home to give blame to the target, and can even plant evidence on the property over a long period of time so police can BUILD a case against their target!

Go Wiki the definition of a “Sting Operation” cops do not hide the fact that they aim to deceive people and that they recruit civilian operatives into helping them in sting operations!

The Term Gang-Stalkers Is A Misleading Term!

The term gang-stalking is a misleading term that distracts from who is responsible FOR gang-stalking, many victims of gang-stalking have no idea who or why or how they are targeted but are aware of the tactics gang-stalkers use, but many victims ask on the internet “Who are gang-stalkers?”  and that is a misleading question, it’s like asking the question “Who are sting operations?” does that make any sense asking that question? no it does not, why? because we all know police do “sting operations” so it is silly to even ask that question, well it is just as silly to ask “Who are gang-stalkers?” because gang-stalkers are under cover police targeting an individual under the pretense of doing an investigation.

Who does sting operations? who does covert operations? who does drug busts? who does investigations? who does gang-stalking? the answer to all those questions is police and their accomplices/informers.

As a matter of fact an investigation IS gang-stalking, victims deem their actions gang-stalking, but police do not, instead police refer to their actions as “Conducting an investigation.” so when police break into your home and bug it and move your stuff around in the process and you notice your stuff is moved but nothings stolen that’s not Gas lighting that’s a criminal break in done by police that will not admit to it and they are on a daily basis violating your privacy within your home by spying/recording you.

When you witness plain clothed people on the streets deli8beratly gang-stalking you and they give you hints/clues that they are doing it and they also do street theater then that’s a bunch of cops and their bros and maybe some of their girlfriends and maybe some of your apartment managers friends playing mind-fuck games with you for the purpose of provoking you for police video/audio surveillance cameras.

All those gang-stalking story’s you read about on the internet told by a claimed victim of gang-stalking claiming that they are being targeted by “energy beam weapons” are actual gang-stalkers impersonating victims and are making fun of their victims by putting out thousands of fake looney toon story’s to drown out real victims calls and cries for help and to discredit real victims by association.

When they start talking about chips in the brain or energy beams then they are gang-stalkers impersonating real victims to discredit real victims by association and there are more gang-stalking story’s out there like that than there is real gang-stalking victim story’s.

If you are a victim of gang-stalking then it is your local authority’s that are the guilty party’s and any of their bros/girlfriends and anyone else they turn against you is also one of them, and any complaint you make to your local authority’s will be covered up and suppressed by local authority’s and not acted upon by them.

No first responder will help a victim of gang-stalking because all first responders know it’s police doing it and they will not rat out fellow first responders for their crimes and instead will ignore your complaints and label you on their paperwork as mentally ill to discredit you as a witness should the matter go to court for their buddy’s the police.

A sting operation is not actually a secret police and news reporters admit to sting operations and to covert operations all the time, what they do not admit to is what those officer’s are doing when they do a sting operations or a covert operation, most all covert operations police do is to gang-stalk people and to frame/entrap people.

Gang-stalking and a sting operation are almost identical, for both they take control of the surrounding area around their target, for both they put in place video/audio recording equipment, for both they use street theater tactics and dress up as criminals in order to frame/entrap people, and they both can go on for several months to a couple of years, or can go on and off for many many years against the same target as a way of harassing/menacing their target.

When police do prostitution stings they take over an entire motel, they bug every room with consent and knowledge of the motel owner/manager, and they pay female officer’s to dress up like criminals/prostitutes and to act like criminals/prostitutes, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

When police do gang-stalking of an individual  they take over an entire apartment wing, they bug every room their target is known to use with consent and knowledge of the apartment owner/manager, and they pay look-a-like officer’s to dress up like the suspect (victim) and to act like criminals/pedophiles, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

To call it Gas-lighting is also distracting, they do not move furniture around to annoy you, they do it because they had to to bug your home/apartment and to plant evidence in your home/apartment.

Remember everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation, which means their intent is either your incarceration or your death, one or the other, and if your a good guy and done nothing wrong then it is nothing for police to set up video surveillance near and around your home and to dress up like you and stage felony while impersonating you, police love dressing up and acting like criminals, they do it on drug busts, they do it on prostitution stings, and they do it to their victims when they gang-stalk people.

It would be more accurate to call it police-covert-stalking than to call it gang-stalking since gang-stalking is police operations no different than a bust or sting operation.;

Victims of gang-stalking is unable to get help BECAUSE it is police that are targeting the victim and therefore there is no one within our system that is sympathetic to victims what-so-ever and is why victims get ignored when they complain or call for help and is why many get labeled, without any examination by a doctor, as mentally ill, because that is the common way police all over the world cover up their operations, regardless of country.

Many people that claim to be victims of gang-stalking talk a lot about how gang-stalkers try to sensitize their victims to sounds or to colors as a way of further torturing/menacing their target in public in such a way that the target knows their being tortured/menaced by them but has no way of proving it to people that are not witnesses to the long term conditioning the gang-stalkers used to get the target sensitized so it is impossible for the target/victim to prove such an attack on them.

Now who else but your government are experts at such mental conditioning in order to attack their target in broad daylight and be able to get away with it, what psychologists trained in the torture of people are paid to think up such tactics? has not your government in the past or near past admitted via news that some forms of torture are being used by them? well there is your answer.

Although I would like to point out that gangs have always used colors as a way of not only identifying themselves to each other but also as a way of intimidating others that are familiar to those gang-colors, so such tactics are nothing new by any means.

When police do sting operations and or covert operations they usually go in with warrants and serve said warrants to motel owners/motel managers and inform them they are talking over the surround area for several months for a sting operation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

When police do gang-stalking of an individual they usually go get warrants and serve said warrants to the targets apartment manager/landlord and inform them they are taking over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target/suspect for the next several months for conducting an investigation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

Sting operations usually have around 15 to 30 officer’s involved in the operation, investigations usually have around 7 to 15 officer’s involved in the investigation/gang-stalking of an individual target!

Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to convince the masses of people that police do not do such things at all, but it is common knowledge that police do use thee tactics for sting operations and for covert operations.

When police do sting operations they usually dress up for video surveillance as criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance to frame/entrap people, when police gang-stalk individuals they usually dress up like their target for video surveillance and act like criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap their target.

Police enjoy menacing people on the streets and enjoy bullying people on the streets and enjoy battering unarmed people and are known to provoke people into acting in self defense in order for police to justify battering the person, well torturing and menacing and terrorizing their targets is common and they mess with their targets heads the same way they do to their prisoners that sit in jail.

Police are used to having people on video surveillance and are used to battering people and terrorizing people, everyone that sits in a jail cell or behind prison walls are under constant video surveillance, well when police have it out for someone that is innocent they gang-stalk that person on the streets and they also bug their target/victims home, their used to using embarrassing video surveillance of their target to make their target look bad and can care less if it’s legal or not because their target has no way of getting police arrested for such crimes!

In essence your country whether it admits to it or not is Fascist and just like the Nazi propaganda the Nazi Germans used to control the Germans, your country is doing the same to you and your neighbors and fellow citizens, Fascist country’s never admit they are Fascist.

If a country tortures their citizens and claims justification for it then it is Fascists, if police in any country enjoy battering unarmed citizens and claim justification and never stand trial for it and news reporters also chime in that their justified then it is a Fascist country, if citizens complaints are openly ignored and stonewalled by the government when such crimes are committed by such officer’s then it is a Fascist country.

Organized stalking of individuals in any particular country done by plain clothed officer’s is a strong sign of Fascism!

One last thing, the term “Gang-stalking” was thought up by police as a way of distracting people from the fact that it is actually police covert operations that are taking place and they want to cover up and not admit to their covert operations, so they invent terms that describe the deeds but distract from the fact of who is committing said deeds!

Terry Wagar

Police Do Not Investigate! They Impersonate!

Gang-stalking is organized crime committed by local authority’s and by their informants and accomplices and they always operate under the pretense of conducting investigations on their target!

Law enforcement do not admit to gang-stalking but do admit to investigations and covert operations and often operate in large numbers when doing busts or sting operations and are used to operating in large numbers!

Police gang-stalk people pretty much the same way they do drug busts and prostitution stings,they take control of the surrounding area with owners/managers consent and full knowledge to conduct their operations!

Once they control the surrounding area they use under cover officer’s to stage crimes such as selling drugs or prostituting themselves (street theater) for video surveillance, and they engage their targets in conversations and or harass their targets for the purpose of performing for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap their targets!

Everyone knows police do this and do this inn  large numbers, and of course p[police have no problem what-so-ever in dressing up as drug dealers or as prostitutes to frame/entrap people, well when police gang-stalk individuals they also have no problem dressing up like their target to impersonate their target to frame their target!

Any time you see photogenic photo’s on TV showing a bank robber or anyone supposedly committing a crime and it is police that release the photo’s and the photo’s are fuzzy or do not clearly show the person’s face then you can bet it is a double police are using to frame someone!

It is common practice for police to use these tactics, have you not noticed in recent times police will show someone robbing a bank, and the photo does not show the robbers face accurately and is slightly fuzzy?

Common you and I both know banks have cameras aimed at everyone’s face that use bank tellers, and you know full well banks have much better cameras than police will lead you to believe.

It is common for police to stage crimes themselves to frame/entrap people and they do so when they rob banks, and they always dress up as their target when they stage crimes!

Police do not investigate people! police impersonate people!

Police frame people by staging crimes and by using doubles to commit the crimes, it is just as common for police to use doubles as it is for Hollywood to use doubles!

When police investigate/target people they do not gather evidence, they plant evidence!

There are a lot of people that lie for police so police can frame anyone for anything and they always have volunteers that will back up false allegations on their target, so it is just a matter of police fabricating evidence so that they have something in court to use against their targets, and using doubles just so happens to be one of their ways of gaining evidence they can use against their targets!

Police commonly frame people for battery’s or for rapes or for being a pedophile or for bank robbery’s and they always use crappy video surveillance footage and is either fuzzy or does not clearly show the suspects face, and of course news reporters are fully aware police do this and help police in framing people by presenting such evidence to the public and news reporters portray it as accurate to back up the false clai9ms of police!

There are literally hundreds of example’s of so-called crappy video footage or photogenic photo’s of bank robbery’s on the internet and the vast vast majority of them are crappy with terrible resolution and does not clearly show the face even though it is common knowledge that banks have cameras aimed at anyone’s faces as they stand at tellers!

Are you that naive to believe that banks cannot afford decent cameras in their banks that clearly show people’s faces?

News reporters Fascistly sell that belief to you via newspapers and news stations, and nobody questions it, that’s why it is so easy for police to frame people, because news reporters are just as much a part of the problem as police are, and both police and news reporters sell bull to people all the time, they are like bed-fellows both working together to pull the wool over the citizens eyes!

News reporters and police do not give you news, they give you fabricated content just like many You-tubers do nowadays to entertain people!

Video Gives A Accurate Discription Of Gang-Stalking But Refuses To Admit Police Are The Main Stalkers And Are Who Run And Fund Gang-Stalking!

This video explains most accurately what gang-stalking is with the exception that it tries to distract people from the fact that it is local law enforcement that starts and runs and organizes and funds gang-stalking!

The actual deeds committed by gang-stalkers described in this video is correct, but just like all information out there about organized gang-stalking it tries to put blame on cults and tries to separate law enforcement from the deeds.

This video is a good source of information of factual action done by gang-stalkers but at the same time tries to distract who runs and controls and funds the gang-stalkers.

It also fails to mention that police, operating under the pretense of an investigation, take over the surrounding apartments of their targets in order to control the surrounding area where the target lives in order to stage crimes using street theater tactics and using doubles!

Many tactics described in the video are tactics police use when they operate under the pretense of conducting an investigation, and police are already known from drug busts and prostitution stings to take over large areas and to use under cover officer’s dressed up and performing for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap people, so it is stupid to try and conceal police involvement in gang-stalking when it is police that are already known to do these things to people via drug busts and prostitution stings!

The maker of this video wants people to believe in them by being factual with the actions/crimes described by gang-stalkers but at the same time wants to cover local authority’s involvement and control of gang-stalking by distracting people away from it by not mentioning it!

So this video does accurately describe gang-stalking but protects the actual people/main people involved and responsible for gang-stalking, the police/county sheriff’s!

Are Fascist system will blame everybody except the Fascist police and sheriff’s! even though it is already public knowledge that police and sheriff’s do all these things while operating under the pretense of an investigation!

How many people try to cover the police and sheriff’s butts from prosecution? it is publicly known that it is police that always slander people with false accusations because police never go to jail for lying!

Police and sheriff’s slander people all the time with false pedophile accusations and they do so knowing they will not be arrested for lying and they know the false accusation destroys their targets reputation!

Police and county sheriff’s commonly use body doubles to make child porn to frame people as pedophiles and police and county sheriff’s pay their friends/girlfriends that have children ten thousand dollars to make false pedophile accusations and they smirk while they do this to people!

The police and county sheriff’s are grinning and smirking pedophiles for using body doubles to pose for photogenic photo’s with children!

It Is Common Knowledge That Police Do Street theater In Groups To Frame/Entrap People!

I recently read on another persons blog about how that person was being gang-stalked and that this person has taken quite a few years describing his/her situation and describe quite a lot og gang-stalking activity done against him/her and he/she described how these gang-stalkers rented apartments surrounding him/her and that they made noises to harass him/her and that they were using electric shocks aimed at him/her somehow and that his/her apartment manager gave those stalkers the key to his/her apartment.

This person describes how he/she is followed everywhere he/she goes and that they perform street theater on the streets and surround him/her and harass him/her and try to provoke him/her into getting angry at them, and he/she admits they have him/her on video surveillance cameras.

This person describes many many forms of torture that these gang-stalkers have done to him/her, and when I pointed out the fact on his/her blog that police do all these things and that it is common knowledge that police do operations where they take over a surrounding area and set up video surveillance cameras and that they pay/train officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras in order to frame/entrap people, and the person that authored that blog refused to admit that police do these things to people and refused to admit that policegang-stalk people.

This person admits multiple people are stalking him/her and that many people are helping those stalkers and admits his/her landlord/apartment manager is giving their keys to the stalkers, yet he/she refuses to admit/accept the fact that landlords/apartment managers always cooperate with police investigations and refuses to acknowledge that police do in fact take over large areas for their operations and that police pay/train officer’s to do street theater to frame and entrap people on the streets.

It is common knowledge that police do drug busts and prostitution stings and they do those operations in a large scale consisting of around fifteen to thirty officer’s for such operations, and that they use several officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras, that is just common knowledge, but the majority of people that claim they are gang-stalked refuse to even mention police let alone suspect police of using similar operations to target individuals.

I am under the belief that there are many law officer’s that blog on the internet and fake being gang-stalked in order to distract real victims from the truth that it is local authority’s that run and organize and fund gang-stalking much in the same way they run and organize and fund drug busts and prostitution stings and that they use similar tactics on drug busts and prostitution stings to target individuals.

When police do a large scale bust or sting operation they take over the surrounding area to control it and they bug the entire area with video and audio recording devices, and they pay several under cover officer’s to perform FOR those video surveillance cameras, and that they are trained to make the people they talk to on the streets look as bad as possible FOR police video surveillance in order to frame/entrap people.

This is common knowledge, everyone knows police do this for drug busts and prostitution stings, that’s common knowledge information and anyone can look up drug busts and sting operations on Google and learn about it, so why is it impossible for people that claim to be a victim of such activity’s to admit that police do in fact do these things.

I find it odd that there are hundreds of people on the internet that claim they are victims of gang-stalking and describe how the gang-stalkers treat them and describe how they are targeted, and yet pretend to know nothing about police operations and pretend police have nothing to do with street theater when it is already common knowledge that police do this to people.

Most victims of gang-stalking admit they are stalked by multiple people, and that they get keys to their home and break into their home and plant evidence in their home and bug their home and that they surround their home and they harass them while renting an apartment next door, and that they are harassed by multiple people performing street theater and that they do it for video surveillance cameras, but these victims REFUSE to admit that police are already known to do these things to people when police do certain operations such as drug busts and sting operations.

It is frustration to run into someone’s blog and hear them describe how gang-stalkers are destroying their lives and yet they refuse to admit that their gang-stalkers might be police officer’s, they seem to want to blame everyone BUT police officer’s, as though the only reason they are on the internet is to distract people from the fact that police are already known to do these things.

What Is Gang-Stalking? Details Details Details!

What is gang-stalking? gang-stalking is a term law enforcement came up with to distract victims of police investigations away from the truth, gang-stalking half-way describes what it is just by saying it but it distracts from the reality that gang-stalking is actually police investigations/operations and police do not want people to realize that so police popularized the term “Gang-Stalking” to conceal the operations done by under cover officer’s.

It would be far more accurate to call it “Police-Gang-Stalking” since 99% of gang-stalking is done by local authority’s, and since law officer’s are organized while they commit felony crimes stalking people you can accurately describe it as “Organized Crime” committed by law enforcement.

For the sake of popularity I will call it gang-stalking simply because it is the popular term used on the internet even though I do not care for that misleading term in order to explain and define it for people that do not know about it.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about gang-stalking and it is deliberate on the part of the people that put the misinformation out there, most information on the internet about gang-stalking is put out there BY law enforcement and it intentionally distracts people from the fact that local authority’s and FBI are the main agency’s involved.

Police love flaunting the misinformation of gang-stalkers and they love to put mental illness allegations with most story’s about gang-stalking because it is common practice for police to label anyone that witnesses police committing crimes as mentally ill, so police will commonly associate falsified story’s such as “computer chips planted in body” story’s and other such nonsense story’s WITH gang-stalking story’s to make victims of police investigations appear mentally ill to other readers and or researchers.

It is common to find gang-stalking story’s on the internet where the claimed victim says they are being gang-stalked and then admit they are mentally ill and they will make claims such as “Electronic energy beam weapons” being aimed at them all the time, these type of story’s are written by police and they do it for fun to make fun of real victims of gang-stalking and to further discredit real victims complaints.

Why? because 99% of all gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by other law agency’s, and such agency’s yes indeed commit felony crimes against their targets/victims and police are always trying to discredit their victims by making false mental illness allegations.

When police illegally batter someone most of the time law enforcement labels the battered victim as mentally ill, it is standard procedure for police to do this to discredit the victim as a witness, well police also commonly refer to victims of gang-stalking as mentally ill for the same reason, to discredit them as witnesses.

Gang-stalking is operations done by police, usually done by local authority’s, and everything they do they do under the pretense of an investigation, so it is easy for police to gang-stalk people and to harass people and to terrorize people, and many people that are not in law enforcement voluntarily help police do this thinking they are helping police in their investigations.

Let me give you a small example that will help you under stand gang-stalking better, most everyone is familiar with prostitution stings right? everyone has heard about those on the news from time to time, a prostitution sting is very similar to police-gang-stalking.

When police do a prostitution sting police will take over a hotel somewhere and will rent several rooms and will have at all times at least 15 officer’s on the site and they will plant audio and video recording devices all over the hotel and in the parking lot and on the sidewalk near the hotel.

Police literally take full control over the area with the owner/manager of the hotels cooperation and full knowledge, and then law enforcement starts staging felony crimes using paid actors, mostly female officer’s, but police are not above using and training their girlfriends in these operations at all.

These woman are trained by police to pretend to be prostitutes and to perform for video surveillance cameras, and they are trained to know and use every dirty trick you could ever imagine to make the men they communicate with look as bad as possible FOR the video surveillance cameras.

Now this is a police operation not an investigation, and what are police doing? they take over a large area and place video cameras all over the place, then they pay performers to act/pretend/lie on video surveillance and to do everything in their power to make the men they talk to look as bad as they can for prosecution and building a case against people.

There are a lot of people in law enforcement involved in this operation and their are voluntary civilians involved as well such as the hotel manager/owner and even the hotel employees too, that’s a lot of people spending a great deal of effort and time and money staging crimes to entrap/frame innocent people/travelers either passing by on the sidewalk or on the street and to people wanting to rent a hotel room.

These trained female officer’s and police officer’s girlfriends will approach innocent people walking on the sidewalk and ask for a light or for a cigarette or for spare change, anything to cause a hand-to-hand exchange, and these trained officer’s are entrapping/framing an innocent person doing this knowing they are getting the hand-to-hand exchange on video surveillance.

I will tell you right now that police are liars and framers and that they stage these stings because they enjoy framing people and entrapping people, and the female officer’s that do all the performing ENJOY acting like prostitutes to frame people, they are all grins while they put on their performances because they really enjoy entrapping/framing people, it is fun and sport for law enforcement to do this to people.

For every one female officer pretending to be a prostitute there are two armed male police officer’s inside a motel room nearby listening to everything via audio equipment wore by the female officer’s and police are recording everything by video surveillance.

When police start making arrests of men on the streets the female officer’s are not arrested or charged with anything, and the males are labeled “Johns” by police and are arrested and news reporters report the tally of arrests made by police on these prostitution stings but never disclose details of such operations.

What does this have to do with gang-stalking? a lot! because when police target an individual they target that person the same way they do prostitution stings

If the police have a target that is renting an apartment, then police will contact the landlord/apartment manager and inform them they are investigating such and such tenant and that they need to evict several apartments surrounding their target in order to take control of the area, systematically several apartments will be evicted surrounding the target and under cover police will take over those apartments.

Police have already got the landlord/apartment managers cooperation and landlords/apartment managers always cooperate with all police investigations. police will tell the landlord/apartment manager that their target is a bad guy right off the bat to turn them against their target and to destroy the targets reputation.

Police will put at least two under cover officer’s in the targets place of employment as well and they get the employers cooperation because employers always cooperate with police investigations, and if the target has a wife then at least two under cover officer’s will get a job where the targets wife works as well.

These type of operations usually involve several officer’s at any given time for the most part because gang-stalking done by law enforcement usually goes on for at least several months to a couple of years, but try to understand that is a general average but it may be more or less depending on the situation.

Once police have control of the surrounding area to their target and have under cover officer’ planted in the targets place of employment they start PERFORMING for the purpose of framing/destroying their target.

Under cover officer’s will destroy the targets reputation with his employer with false accusations, and it will be done behind the targets back, and under cover police will befriend the targets wife at her place of employment at the same time and will try to woo her into an affair, remember framing people and destroying people is sport to law enforcement and they enjoy doing this to people. and police that are renting the apartments surrounding the target will stage crimes around and near the targets home and will spread false criminal rumors about the target to the neighbors and will admit to neighbors that the target is “Under Investigation” and will tell neighbors to not warn him about it.

Now these several officer’s over a period of several months are completely destroying this person behind his back, the target knows stuff is going on, he hears people from a distance saying his name and talking about him, but no one will volunteer anything to him as to what is going on, and everyone in his life seems to be turning against him and he does not know why.

All this is done by several police officer’s acting under the pretense of an investigation, and the attack on the target is compartmentalized to other people so neighbors are unaware that police are sleeping around with the targets wife and are unaware that police are destroying the targets reputation as well at his place of employment, and same thing with the targets coworkers, the coworkers will think the target is a bad guy and that he is under investigation by police, but will know nothing about the staged crimes performed by officer’s at the targets home and are unaware that police are sleeping with the targets wife.

You get the point here? law enforcement, under the pretense of conducting investigations, do this to people all the time, police will take several months to a couple of years destroying their target this way and the whole time police are building a case against their target by staging crimes.

It is common for police to break into their targets home to plant audio and video recording devices within their targets home, they do not care if it is illegal because no one will arrest police for doing this and most of the time the target never knows about it, and police will even plant paraphernalia in the targets home for future use should police decide to kick down the targets door with a warrant.

It is also common for police to stage crimes using look-a-likes that dress up like the target and to stage crimes using look-a-likes so police can get photogenic photo’s of someone matching the description of their target committing a crime.

Remember police have no qualms about dressing up like prostitutes to frame people as Johns, well police ALSO have no qualms using look-a-likes to stage crimes as well and it is common as hell in the USA for police to do this, as a matter of fact most investigations done by police police use look-a-likes and photogenic photo’s to build false cases against their targets.

If police recruit the targets wife into their set up then the wife may join in on it by performing for video surveillance FOR police in order to make the target appear to be a bad guy, and it depends on what police are framing the person for what the wife will do.

Since police are investigating/targeting their target the targets landlord/apartment manager will have no problem giving police a copy of your apartment key because they always cooperate with investigations and police and even news reporters are always mums the word on how landlord/apartment managers help police to target people.

By several months the targets life has been turned upside down and he knows it, everyone at his job hates him including his friends and bosses and will not tell him why, he knows they talk about him behind his back, and when he is home he overhears neighbors whispering about him and giving him dirty looks and they wont tell him what’s going on either, and even his wife does not act normally anymore even though she still acts like she loves him.

At least the nearby neighbors don’t avoid him, as a matter of fact they act friendly towards him and engage him in conversation every time he leaves home or arrives home, they seem to be the only people that like him.

It is the under cover officer’s renting the surrounding apartments that are pretending to be friendly and engage him in conversation for video surveillance purposes.

The target is aware there are problems and may feel paranoid and feel like he is being set up and of course there is no one at this point he can turn to, the only people he has to talk to in his life at this point is his wife and the neighbors surrounding him, everyone else seems to hate him and want nothing to do with him.

It is at this point that the target has been destroyed behind his back and is aware of it somewhat but does not understand why, and he is surrounded by law officer’s that did this to him and his wife was turned against him as well and she just pretends to love him and as she performs for law enforcements video surveillance cameras.

If the target lives alone and does not have family or a wife living with him then the surrounding police will use what is known as gas-lighting tactics to terrorize and to further torment their target.

When the target is away from his home then police will move things around in his apartment, why? because when the target comes home HE WILL NOTICE IT! now what? should he call the police to report it? what do you think police will do? they will just smirk at him and tell him to go see a shrink.

This is why most people that are gang-stalked by police get gas-lighted because the target/victim KNOWS someone is entering his home when he is not there and moving things, but if he tells anyone about it he is immediately labeled mentally ill, pretty much by everyone.

There is no one the target/victim can turn to for help with such an attack, and the attack itself is to drive the victim crazy with frustration because the target/victim knows someone is doing it and wont stop doing it and the target/victim fears telling anyone about it because he will just be perceived as mental.

Because of this perception most people have police LOVE doing this to the people they target/investigate knowing it messes with them badly and it amounts to terrorizing the victim intentionally and police know full well there is no one the target can call that will care.

If it is hard for you to understand then I m sorry, but police are not the “Good Guys” propaganda TV and Hollywood movies portray them to be and they never have been good guys, police are thugs and always have been and are used to messing people up and enjoy it and no one with a badge will arrest a cop for terrorizing and framing people, such arrests are non-existent and everyone knows that.

Why do you think every time police are involved in a shooting where police shot someone instead of having the officer’s involved in the shooting make a public statement the police instead use PR officer’s that are TRAINED to act professionally for news cameras? because most cops are thugs and talk like thugs and think like thugs and behave like thugs, so they need PR people trained in the art of lying to talk to the press.

Cops love to frame people, they love to womanize with other people’s wives, especially with their targets wives, because it makes framing their target more fun for the officer’s, and because law enforcement is going to all this trouble they have every intention of either framing and or murdering their target, one or the other, or both.

Which is why there are not very many real victims of gang-stalking reporting it on the internet.

I would like to point out that many many people that are not in law enforcement also gang-stalk people, but most of those people are recruited into the gang-stalking by the law officer’s that started it and it is law enforcement that starts these gang-stalkings and organizes gang-stalking and funds it, all done under the pretense of several officer’s conducting an investigation.

Back in the 1970s it was common for people that were not in law enforcement but were bros to cops and would help cops target/gang-stalk people usually had and used police scanners in order to find out who police had it out for and would back in those days help the police in destroying their targets reputation within their neighborhoods.

There are a lot of people that know some civilians owned and used police scanners but never gave it much thought as to why civilians would even want to listen to police scanners, well now you know, or course none of those people that owned police scanners back then will admit to that.

Gang-stalking is no different than a Witch Hunt done by colonists a couple hundred years ago or hangings done by the KKK back in the 1920s, it’s all about the powers that be wanting to target and either kill or frame people, and they did so as a gang each and every time.

If police have it out for someone and that someone does nothing wrong, then police will frame the person to justify their targeting of the person, everyone knows that organized targeting of individuals have gone on all throughout our American history, but in 2013 it is common for government officer’s to ignore history and to label victims of gang-stalking mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses, and now you know why they do that as well.

Hollywood wants you to think that if you are under investigation that only one or two officer’s will be assigned to spy on you and will rent an apartment, one apartment, across the street and will only watch your comings and goings with binoculars from a window, that is the biggest bunch of bull crap ever and you know it.

Real investigations on individuals are done by at least several officer’s and they will use their power of authority to coerce your landlord and your employer and to influence your neighbors and to even effect how your friends see you by completely invading your life and to disrupt it using the appearance of “Conducting an investigation” and everyone they contact will cooperate with them and will lie for them because police will tell them you are under investigation and to not say anything to you, so no one will tell you.

You of course are having your life destroyed before your eyes, everyone you know is turning against you and no one will tell you why, under such circumstances you have every right to feel paranoid, who wouldn’t?

Law enforcement has always been this way and has always operated this way, and it is your government and your TV shows and Hollywood movies that try to conceal this fact from average people.

Now you know why it is more accurate to describe these crimes as Police-Gang-Stalking as well as Organized Crime because that’s what it is and what they are guilty of and much more accurately describes what is going on.