Multnomah County Sheriff’s Recruit Females Tp Poison People And To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles And Are Basically Recruiting Harems Of Females That Will Lie For Them!

My name is Terry Wagar, I was married and was raising three daughters, I was a hard working man and I was respected in my community, I have a history of saving lives and putting my own life on the line to help other people.

In 1999 my wife Joan Wagar got connected with a bunch of murderers, I do not know who or how or what in that situation, what I do know is my wife Joan Wagar changed when she got with these people, and those people she got connected with were in law enforcement!

My wife got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen as a food prep person, and she completely changed after she started working there, she became secretive, and I started catching her in lies, and I noticed right away that after she got that job that everyone on her side of the family were turned against me.

After only working there for a month and a half my wife Joan Wagar admitted to me she quit her job, and she said it in a off-handed way, and when she did not provide an explanation I asked her “OH why did you quit your job?” and that question through her for a loop, she was not prepared for that question and it caught her off-guard, and she fumbled and stumbled on the spot to give me an explanation, and she was blatantly lying!

I knew something was going on, something big, just the idea that she admitted she quit her job, and then not have a prepared answer as to WHY she quit, had me suspecting some sort of foul play, my guard was up, suspecting the worse, so I started paying attention to everything and not talking much, I knew shit was going on.

That evening my wife Joan Wagar’s side of the family came over to visit, they were celebrating something, something that my wife knew about but I did not, and everyone was hinting at it in my presence but no one would tell me what was going on.

I was majorly paying attention to everything they were saying to one another trying to find out what is going on, and I discovered that if I walk away from them and stay around twenty feet away from them with my back turned towards them, then they think I am not paying attention, and they start talking about what they were celebrating, and I was overhearing it!

I got enough information at this point to know my wife and everyone on her side of the family were involved in some form of foul play, and based on how they treated me I had every reason to suspect I was the victim of whatever they were involved in.

I already suspected my wife Joan Wagar of an affair with someone in law enforcement, I was under the belief that she was cheating on me ever since she got the job at the county jail, and based on my wife’s behaviors and her side of the family’s behaviors I was suspecting foul play on their part.

From this point forward I paid attention anytime my wife spoke with one of her family members knowing they were up to know good, and it was around this time that my wife got into the habit to go into the bathroom to talk to her relatives on her cellphone, so she was not trying hard to hide the fact that she did not want me overhearing her conversations with any of her relatives.

Let me tell you in a condensed manner as to what was going on and how I and others became victim of a large murder conspiracy.

1999 Joan Wagar quit her job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, at the direction of her lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement Joan Wagar turned my yard into a playground with expensive pools and large trampolines and expensive telescopes all paid for by county sheriff’s!

County sheriff’s arranged to have a look-a-like live on my property for a month after this, and when I kicked that look-a-like off my property that look-a-like battered my mother, police refused to arrest that double and allowed that double to keep my mothers property!

Joan Wagar then poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and Valerie Quigley called 911 for help, police and county sheriff’s refused to act on Valerie Quigley’s complaint thus covered it up, around the same time my father Don Wagar was poisoned as well by law officer’s, and he warned me about it, three days later my father Don Wagar died!

I was being threatened by law officer’s after that by phone, I got several phone calls a day from officer’s making threats and demands! and at the same time my wife Joan Wagar was filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls and other paraphernalia!

I discovered seven days after my father Don Wagar was murdered that green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing cards with printed paragraphs on them through my daughter Shawna Wagar’s bedroom window and that our daughter Shawna Wagar was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they were her own words, I caught her in the act doing this, she had a big grin on her face, what she copied into her diary was amusing to her, and when I read her diary I discovered she was doing nothing but pedofying me with false pedophile accusations!

So the Multnomah county sheriff’s had my wife Joan Wagar and everyone on my wife’s side of the family as well as our oldest daughter helping them to frame me after they murdered my father and they battered and poisoned my mother!

A month later I was arrested on forty four pedophile charges that turned to ZERO ten days later without explanation!


Joan Wagar has a history of palling around with law officer’s and has a history of poisoning relatives and police have a history of covering up Joan Wagar’s victims 911 calls!

2005 My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson!

On January 18th 2005 Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson arranged to have me battered by three police officer’s and one Multnomah county sheriff officer!

I was denied emergency medical services and I was being blackmailed by the police and county sheriff’s for signed waivers a week later!

The whole month of February 2005 the police and county sheriff’s acquired several apartments surrounding ours at Arborglen apartments in s,e, Portland and were actively and publicly running around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile while I was stuck in my apartment with a broken rib and a messed up knee!

I discovered after the fact that they have a name for their activity they call it pedofying, so they pedofied me the whole month of February 2005!

March 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was openly cheating on me with officer Eric Carlson and she even admitted to me that he is a twin to me!
Joan Wagar spent the whole month of March hanging out with these cops and sleeping around with them and was partying with them and being wined and dined by them and actively was turning our daughters against me while I was in a debilitated state from being battered!

April 2005 Joan Wagar was flaunting their murder conspiracy and our daughters took my wife’s side and my wife was actively hooking her daughters up with the officer she already admitted was a twin to me!

I was still in pain and had no where to turn to for help, and I started donating plasma in an attempt to get money so that I could find help!

It was around this time I caught my wife Joan Wagar hooking her daughters up with officer Eric Carlson and at the same time I discovered this was open knowledge at East Port Walmart amongst employees and managers there!

I tried to warn people about this and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!
Everyone in our family pretended nothings wrong and I was now even more debilitated and was at their mercy from being poisoned by them!

Officer Eric Carlson along with my wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were openly calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash two weeks after she first poisoned me!


The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!
Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon is the tall man wearing the baseball hat and these people killed a female named Jessica in 2007 and I caught them in the act bragging about it and here they are in 2009 waiting in ambush outside my apartment to shoot me and I caught them in the act on video doing this.
Officer Eric Carlson the body double has a history of early morning break in’s and kills people, and here is the pedophile caught on video by my front door armed with guns and recording devices, what a coincidence because that is what he was armed with in 2007 when he and his partner officer John Ray committed a early morning break in and they killed a female child named Jessica!

A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!

Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!

Proof of Joan Wagar my wife admitting she is a poisoner, proof the OHSU hospital knows I have internal bleeding and is covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions that she is a poisoner and the OHSU is pretending to not know what’s wrong with me to cover up the poisonings!

Proof that the Portland police and the OHSU hospital is denying me emergency services and threatening me in writing with arrest if I even go to my hospital!
Proof my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife he admits to his affair with my wife in his lover letter and he admits that he calls my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in his love letter!

Proof that when I contact other law agency’s to report these crimes that other law agency’s refuse to take a complaint and refuse to assign case numbers thus demonstrating how complaints are simply completely ignored and suppressed by authority’s!

Proof that I am being blocked from contacting law agency’s outside the USA to report these crimes, I am being blocked from contacting INTERPOL!

I am even blocked from contacting Crimestoppers of Oregon and that is the website that the Portland police tells people to report local crime to the Portland police, it’s their official tip website where people are supposed to report local crimes to the Portland police! and I AM NOT WELCOME TO REPORT ANYTHING!

Even the Texas Rangers refuse to take complaints and refuse to give a case number and even refuse to give the name of the officer refusing to help me!

Proof Joan Wagar is a serial killer she admits in writing multiple times to using pills and antifreeze as poison and she admits I could not get help from police or from hospital and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson!

I have tried desperately to warn people but no one cares, Joan Wagar brags in  her diary she is a poisoner and police and news reporters flat out ignore it and cover up my calls for help and my complaints.

Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail Kitchen I and my side of the family have been gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and threatened and poisoned and framed repeatedly by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and my wife and her side of the family was helping them in framing me by planting evidence in and on my property and destroying my reputation behind my back to isolate me from help by turning everyone I know against me!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are organized murderers and always take control of their targets surrounding area around their targets home and they commonly use photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles, and they teach their whores (my wife) how to poison people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

No one in the city of Portland Oregon will take a complaint from me or any family member from my side of the family, all our calls for help are covered up by police, my father and mother were systematically poisoned off by police and county sheriff’s while they coached my wife as to how to frame me as a pedophile, and because everyone of our daughters joined into it in April 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was flaunting her murder conspiracy after she debilitated me by poisoning me!

Go watch the movie “Misery” and you will have an idea as to what kind of a murderous bitch Joan Wagar is, only Joan Wagar is far far worse since she poisons plasma donors and helps her lover officer Eric Carlson to rape children for photogenic photo’s!

Terry Wagar

One thought on “Multnomah County Sheriff’s Recruit Females Tp Poison People And To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles And Are Basically Recruiting Harems Of Females That Will Lie For Them!

  1. My daughter Shawna Wagar is whispering death threats at me when she steps out of her room to get something in the kitchen, as she heads back to her room she whispers “YOUR DEAD!” right before she goes back into her room!

    She is doing this knowing I cannot get help from police and that I am under illegal video surveillance by her f-buddy’s in law enforcement! my wife Joan Wagar was doing the same thing too, they do it knowing their fuck buddy’s have me under video surveillance, so if I act in self defense then the video surveillance will only show me appearing violent against them, which is WHY they want to to react for their video surveillance cameras!

    Whores for cops are trained to provoke their victims into reacting to their whispered threats knowing their threats will be edited out of the video surveillance by their fuck buddy’s in law enforcement!

    Shawna Wagar is just as guilty as Joan Wagar they both were palling around with pedophile cops and pedophile county sheriff officers;’s and they are trying to provoke me into anger for their fuck buddy’s video surveillance camer5asds!

    They poison their victims with antifreeze to debilitate their victims and to make their victims appear abnormal to neighbors and they harass and terrorize their debilitated victim with whispered threats and admissions knowing it will piss off their victim, and any reaction from victim gets recorded by their pedophile fuck buddy’s in law enforcement!

    I am going to have to presume the pedo-bitch bought a gun and is counting on me getting pissed and reacting to her whispered threats!

    I am disabled from being poisoned by them and their fuck buddy’s the Port;land police and Multnomah county sheriff’s cover up all my fucking calls for help!

    The bitch is daring me to drop her ass in self defense I have every reason to believe she is counting on it! and since my calls for help are covered up I am justified in acting in self defense!

    Typical of pedophile police.gang-stalkers to harass and menace and terrorize their surrounded and debilitated victims! they always count on it since they rely on video surveillance!


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