On March 26th 2007 several officer’s conspired with their girlfriend/whores to commit a murder and to make child porn in the process and to plant evidence in my home in order to try and frame me for their crimes, and my wife Joan Wagar along with her daughters were the girlfriends/whores that were helping them!

With the help of Joan Wagar and one of her daughters these officer’s broke into my home through my wife Joan Wagar’s bedroom window and these officer’s were having sex with my wife and our daughter in their bedrooms while I was asleeep in the living room on my couch!

I woke up in the living room hearing what sounded like sex noises and male and female whispering, thinking I was catching my wife Joan Wagar in her affair with a armed police officer that was trespassing in my home I put a audio recorder in my wife Joan Wagar’s purse and they laid back down on the couch and pretended to still be asleep knowing I am catching them in the at of their affair and catching them trespassing!

I had no intention of confronting armed cops in the commission of felony break in, especially since I already knew my wife and daughters were turned against me long ago behind my back, I knew shit was going on and that whatever they are doing I am catching them in the act, so I laid on the couch knowing my wife Joan Wagar will be leaving for work soon, and will be taking her purse with her!

To make a long story short, I was catching several officer’s, two of whom were male and three female officer’s, helping my wife and her daughter to make child porn, and one of the officer’s, a Eric Carlson, was dressed up like me while he had sex with our daughter, and another male officer named John Ray was taking photogenic photo’s of officer Eric Carlson from the sides and from the back in order to frame me for the crimes!

There was also another female with them, a child or a teenager, I don’t know, what I do know was her name was Jessica, and that they woke her up, and that they raped and photographed her being raped and they murdered!

Those officer’s carried the females body out the bedroom window the same way they broke into my home! and after officer John Ray carried the body out the bedroom window officer Eric Carlson and my wife Joan Wagar began planting evidence in my apartment!

They planted my camcorder right next to my couch thinking I was still asleep, I was wide away and listening to their movements throughout the apartment, they then booted up our computer and Joan Wagar put in a flash card or a USB device in the computer, and officer Eric Carlson was whispering to Joan Wagar saying “Copy!” and then she copied whatever onto the computer!

After this both officer Eric Carlson and my wife Joan Wagar sneaked past me and went into the kitchen, and Joan Wagar opened the patio shade so that officer Eric Carlson’s partners outside the apartment can take photogenic photo’s of him poisoning my coffee pot reservoir and my coffee cup! remember that cop is still dressed up li8ke me, so he is acting as a double to frame me for his crimes!

When he was done doing that my wife Joan Wagar planted poison somewhere in the kitchen, and then my wife Joan Wagar closed the patio shade and she grabbed her purse and the both of them sneaked past me again and they both together walked out the front door!

Now how do I know all that? because I was awake and listening to what they were doing, and right after they left my apartment they met up with the other law officer’s outside and had a pow wow over what they just did, and they admitted to everything I am telling you, and my audio recorder is still running in my wife Joan Wagar’s purse and it caught the whole damn thing!

It don’t end their though, that audio recorder was running the whole damn day, and it caught them bragging to dozens and dozens of people that they were framing me as a pedophile and that they were using officer Eric Carlson as a double, and it caught them recruiting my wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers at Clackamas Walmart to lie for them and they were asking those Walmart employees to lie for them and to help them by backing up the flyers they were printing giving me the blame!

It was officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray’s whores/girlfriends that were printing the flyers giving me the blame for their crimes, my wife Joan Wagar was one of them, a black lady by the name Adrian was another one of them, and they took over the printers at Clackamas Walmart for printing those flyers!

Joan Wagar was on the clock and was being paid by Walmart to print those flyers giving me the blame for their crimes, so Walmart was technically paying my wife Joan Wagar to frame me and to pedofy me with fucking flyers!

It was complete open knowledge amongst Walmart employees and managers that officer Eric Carlson was dressed unlike me that morning and that he was acting as a double, everyone in the back of that store was cracking jokes about how he was dressed up like me, SO IT WAS OPEN KNOWLEDGE HE WAS ACTING AS A DOUBLE!

Joan Wagar and that black lady Adrian spent around three hours printing those flyers from a corporate printer capable of printing thousands of flyers in that time, and around the time they got done doing that everyone that worked the softlines department that day agreed to lie for them and to back up those flyers they just got done printing, and my audio recorder is still running catching everything!

So officer Eric Carlson, after discovering they just got a bunch of people to lie for them, started acting as a double again, inside Clackamas Walmart, and female Walmart employees from the softlines department were having fun taking photo’s with their cellphones of officer Eric Carlson while he followed children around in the store, and they made a special point to mention that they were only taking side shots and back shots when they did that! MY AUDIO RECORDER CAUGHT THAT TOO!

OH Lord OL Lord how many innocent people sit behind prison walls because police are such pedophiles and how disgusting that so many women will whore themselves out to these officer’s and kiss their feet and lie for them like obedient harems!


After things quieted down and it was just my wife Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson in the back of the store they both went into a room near the break room, I will presume it was the coat room, and they had sex. and during their sex Joan Wagar was asking officer Eric Carlson which one got to kill her, and he answered her questi8on by being more vigorous in his love making!

Their coat room is behind the lockers, my wife’s purse was in her locker, my audio recorder was still running inside it and CAUGHT THAT TOO!

Terry Wagar

2 thoughts on “MURDER!

  1. Officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar poison people’s coffee pot reservoir’s with antifreeze and they rape and photographed and murder children and they sit around the Clackamas Walmart break room and brag to females about their crimes and they ask people to lie for them while they print flyers giving innocent people blame for their crimes! They call it pedofying and they brag that they kill off people also by pedofying with flyers!

  2. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are pedophiles and they use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to make child porn and to frame innocent people and they call it pedofying and they brag to their girlfriends and even to their victims that they kill off people by pedofying people with flyers and by constant pedophile accusations against their victims!

    A lot of people end up dead after police/sheriff’s pedofy them so it is common practice for organized law enforcement to do this to people!

    Police/sheriff’s commit the crimes themselves and then vilify their target/victim for the crimes that officer’s commit and they call it pedofying!

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