Once Again I Reported Crimes To The FBI Facebook Page And Took Screenshot To Prove It!

Once again I reported crimes to the FBI’s Facebook page and took screenshots to prove it, reporting crimes to the FBI’s tip reporting website is a joke because they ignore it and never respond!

So the only way I can prove I am reporting homicides and poisonings and sting operations and the use of doubles being used by sting operations is to report it publicly and to take screenshots to document the fact I am reporting these crimes and to document the fact that all authority’s are ignoring my complaints and refusing to take or accept complaints and are covering up complaints!


Terry Wagar

March 11-2015

Portland Police Sting Operatives Caught Harassing And Terrorizing Witness/Victim!

Go here to watch the video at my Youtube account, and as a matter of fact it may be a good idea for readers of my blog to check my Youtube account because I may not be able to update this blog much longer.


Please click the Youtube link above to watch my latest battle with the Portland pedo-cops in Portland Oregon!

I will probably be uploading more video’s on Youtube than bothering with this blog much more, because I have been having trouble getting photo’s and video’s to post on this blog as of late.

Terry Wagar

Cops Plan To Use Handcuff’s To Electrocute And To Drug-Poison Off People!

Looks like the pedo-cops can now use handcuffs on children to electrocute children and to drug them as well,,,,, HOW FUCKING TYPICAL OF PEDOPHILE COPS! I bet cops whore ass girlfriends will defend such actions by cops as well, which is also TYPICAL!!!!!!!!!


PEDO COPS already use DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to rape and murder off children and they pay their whore ass girlfriends to back up complaints on the people cops frame for the crimes!

Now the fucking police pig pedo-bastards can poison off people, and to cover up the poisonings the pedo-cops can slap handcuffs on victims and inject them with drugs, TO COVER UP THE POISONINGS!

Now cops can even use such handcuffs to trigger heart attacks to murder off people, and no one will even know the person was being electrocuted because cops hide the device in the handcuff’s!


The news story is here,,,!

Cops Now Want To Use This On People They Already Have Handcuffed Including Children!

Terry Wagar

Belated December 12th VLOG! Sting Operatives Caught On Video Pounding Under My Kitchen Sink As Well As My Wall Next To Me!

On December 12th 2014 I was typing a complaint online to the owners of the apartment building where I live about sting operatives and the apartment manager working together to poison me off using a water filtration system they had hidden under my kitchen sink, when the next for neighbors began pounding under their kitchen sink which is next to my sink!

I started recording this VLOG to catch them pounding under the kitchen sink of which can be heard at the very beginning of this VLOG!

As I explain what is going on through my VLOG the neighbors on the other side of my apartment begin pounding on my wall right next to where I am sitting!

This is just one out of many times these murderous sting operatives FLAUNT the fact they have their victims surrounded with intent to intimidate/terrorize, and this is one of those rare times where I actually am able to catch it on video/audio!

Sting operatives are organized and are murderers and don’t give a damn if their victims know it, and they fucked me and my family over so bad I can care less about their threats!

Terry Wagar

October Cops Stalking Their Victims Caught On Video!

Portland police officer’s that are sleeping around with my wife and her daughters and gave my wife permission to poison me to death are renting apartments surrounding mine and are setting me up for crimes with intent of murdering me off and the apartment managers is lying for them and helping them and was trying to hide the fact my wife’s lovers in the police department have me surrounded!

The Portland police officer’s that were sleeping around with my wife and daughters and are guilty of poisoning homicides are caught on video gang-stalking me using sting tactics and are in plain cloths, renting apartments surrounding mine, and are caught wearing a Portland police jacket and driving off in their personal red pickup truck!

These are the same officer’s that gave my wife permission to poison me to death, I am not their only poisoned victim, many family members died while cops were referring to my wife in love letters by the nickname Mrs Dash, and these cops were trying to frame me for a homicide using an officer as a photo double and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder!

I have been repeatedly denied help at any and all hospitals because of police influence and I have been harassed and terrorized by police stalking me ever since and my apartment manager has been helping them the whole time in setting me up and allowing my wife’s lovers take over the surrounding apartments surrounding mine!

Terry Wagar

Imagine Catching A Murder Conspiracy And Nobody Cared! Imagine One Of The Murdered Victims Being A Child!

Imagine catching a murder conspiracy of several people and catching several people in the act of a murder, imagine finding out after the fact the murdered victim is a child, and imagine trying to warn people, only to be met by people that look at you funny and act like nothings wrong because the body was taken away by the killers after the fact, and imagine the killers are the cops and their bros and girlfriends!

Imagine being poisoned and debilitated and surrounded by people that do nor give a damn that your a victim, and do not give a damn you are a witness to a murder, imagine being surro8unded by people that are buddy’s/associates/bros/girlfriends of these officer’s that committed the murder, imagine being debilitated and surrounded by either the killers or by their bros and girlfriends, and you are unable to physically leave from these people because you are debilitated

Imagine being debilitated and desperately trying to warn other people about the murder several people committed that you witnessed, imagine getting access to a computer but no phone, imagine posting on the internet their crimes trying to warn people, only to get trolled and flamed and attacked over the internet, and your warnings go completely ignored by anyone that would and should care!

Imagine 911 first responders looking you in the face and ignoring everything you say, and imagine them smirking at you while you desperately try to convey to them what happened to you and to others, only to be treated like your mentally ill and just ignored!

Imagine these officer’s and their bros and girlfriends taking advantage of your debilitated condition and use that time to print flyers labeling you as a bad guy and distribute them throughout your neighborhood, so when you do manage to finally be able to step outside in an attempt to find help you find yourself surrounded by neighbors that are turned against you, and none of them will even tell you why!

ONLY in a Fascist country can such crimes occur, only a Fascist country would permit cops to organize civilians into a murderous mob and silence victims and witnesses!

This is what it is li9ke to be ganged up on by Fascist government officer’ and by their bros and girlfriends, and I use that term “girlfriends” loosely!