COPS Give Their Whores Permission To Poison Off People!

Officer pedophile Eric Carlson acts as a double to frame me as a pedophile WHILE he sleeps around with my wife Joan Wagar, when I find out their using him as a double and that my wife was HOOKING our daughters up with that double I tried to warn people about it, and the fucking BITCH of a wife of mine poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

Both officer look-a-like Eric Carlson and my poisonous wife Joan Wagar bragged to Walmart employees about their crimes and Walmart employees coined the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and the two adopted those nicknames and regularly used those nicknames in their cellphones and in love letters!

Joan Wagar’s fuck buddy’s in law enforcement coach her daughters to pedofy me behind my back by making false pedophile accusations about me, poisonings and pedofying is COMMON PRACTICE with the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and so is the use of officer’s acting as doubles to frame people!

I confront my wife Joan Wagar over her love letter officer Eric Carlson as well as a bloodied shirt of her’s and she admits it’s her love letter but REFUSES to admit to her nickname Mrs Dash because she is a serial killer and she tries to cover her butt! They are using those nicknames in their love letters and the poisonous bitch admits it’s her love letter! A lot of family members were debilitated and died during this time officer Eric Carlson A,K,A, Doubleclick was referring to my wife as Mrs Dash!

January 2006 Joan Wagar took a lie detector test and she passed it claiming her affair with officer Eric Carlson was over, but after she took the test and passed it the first thing she did was call officer Eric Carlson’s partner to tell her she passed it, so she could care less that I know the lie detector person deliberately passed her to cover a cops butt from prosecution!

Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital and admits she mix’s drinks with poison and she continues to try to hide the fact her lover the cop IS a cop and was a look-a-like to me! She even admits briefly to my debilitated condition I was in from being poisoned by her!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

After my wife bragged she is a poisoner in her diary and she battered me and her buddy’s in law enforcement assaulted me and covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter where she denies being a poisoner!
Everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she names off as coworkers are actually the cops she and her daughters were sleeping around with, and at the time Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter one of her daughters was pregnant by one of those officer’s at the time of writing this denial letter!

My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!
I was bedridden at the time my wife wrote this, she tossed it at me like a Frisbee knowing I was so badly poisoned that I could not even read it at the time let alone get out of bed to find help!

The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints!

Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

OHSU hospital and Portland police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital, I was already at that time reporting these crimes publicly over the internet BECAUSE my calls for help are covered up!
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!

I try warning people by email since I was debilitated and I had no phone, and contacting the Multnomah county sheriff’s gets no official help at all and instead of contacting me back by their official office they instead contact me by their privately owned Blackberry phones and taunt me via emails!

Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He and his buddy’s put in my home after they broke into my home!

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar and their buddy’s in law enforcement had my apartment surrounded early in the morning and were waiting outside my doorway in ambush to murder me and I caught them in the act on video! they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals to communicate with one another! They are caught BACKING UP their death threats!

Officer Eric Carlson and his lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to my doorway!
They would have killed me if I had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized I was not coming out, my ex wife Joan Wagar continued to hide in ambush to shoot me if I did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position Joan Wagar stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting me to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Wagar/Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement as well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants me dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for me to step outside to shoot me!

Their audio death threat says “Goodbye” in multiple ways and here they are flaunting that death threat and caught backing up their death threat and they flaunt it with a black car parked near my apartment with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it so it’s no mystery as to WHO put the death threats in my apartment!

Yes police taunt and terrorize their victims BEFORE they try to kill their victims BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK BASTARDS THAT ENJOY DOING THIS TO PEOPLE!
That black car with the license plate “SAYLVU” shows up at the same time I FOUND THEIR DEATH THREAT IN MY APARTMENT!

Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Me Outside My Home!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy me outside my apartment!

Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hang around the front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call me a pedophile in front of my apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like me that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap my window screen and to repeatedly harass me by ringing my doorbell and by making constant pedophile accusations!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make me look like a bad guy and that I was going to be shot if I went outside to confront them!

No one will take a complaint from me, all my calls for help are covered up and suppressed by police/local authority’s, and doctors refused me emergency services because of my wife Joan Wagar’s affair with a cop!

Police and sheriff’s and state police and FBI will NOT take a complaint from me, because of my wife’s affair with a cop no one will take a complaint!

Our whole system is Fascist and no one working in the system TAKES COMPLAINTS ON COPS OR THEIR WHORES!

I am not their only victim on average one family member per-year died during my wife Joan Wagar’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison, and three plasma donors lived under Joan Wagar’s roof when she tossed her written confession to using antifreeze as poison at me while I was bedridden!

Terry Wagar

Poisoners And Pedophiles Caught On Video In Ambush To Murder Me!

Gang-stalkers are real! they are cops and their girlfriends and buddy’s, and because they function under the pretense of conducting investigations it is easy for them to take over surrounding apartments surrounding their targets!

These fuckers are cops and their whores! I seen these people before and know the males are cops and the females are their paid girlfriends/whores that they pay to poison people and to back up false allegations on their targets and these females are paid to also act like victims for police video surveillance so police can build false cases against their target!

Everyone knows what the fuck a prostitution sting is! a couple dozen police and their whores take over a motel and surrounding area with the motel owner/managers consent and they set up video/audio equipment everywhere, and then police pay their whores to dress up like whores and to perform for video surveillance!

Police are staging crimes doing that and they do it to frame people and or entrap people, well when police gang-stalk individuals they do the exact same thing, police and their girlfriends/whores take over several apartments surround their target, they stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to build cases against their target, and then they arrest and prosecute their target on the fabricated evidence they made out of thin air using street theater tactics!

Well their shit backfired on them, because they were paying some women and a couple of children to hang around the front of my apartment and to make false pedophile accusations about me, and it was all street theater on their part, and the male cops and their female whores the whole time was directing the children as to what to do and what to say, and I caught them in the act on video!

I have these pedophile cops and their paid for whores on video directing at least three male children to make false pedophile accusations and were directing those children to hang out in front of my home and to slap my window screen and to repeatedly ring my doorbell and run off!

The male officer was telling one of the children “Say you saw a dick!” and then the child said out loud “I think I saw a dick!” and the whole time the children were laughing, so it was fun for police and their whores and whoever those children belong to to do this to people!

That’s what we have for law enforcement in the USA people! a bunch of whores and pedophiles that stage crimes using paid actors to perform for video surveillance in order to frame people!

One of the officer’s was dressed up like me and was walking back and fortth on the sidewalk part the children and each time he got close to the children the children faked being scared for photogenic photo’s that the female whores were taking, and after an hour or so of the officer’s and their whores working these children this way one of the male officer’s spoke up telling the children to take a break!

During the children’s break the children talked and laughed amongst themselves and admitted they were being paid to make me look like a bad guy!

Near the beginning of all this the children asked how much they were being paid, and the whores and the officer’s told them ten thousand dollars!

These fuckers/pedophiles/poisoners bragged on death threats to me before this and imediately after this!


And After!


So I was expecting an attempt on my life when I caught these officer’s and their whores outside my apartment at 5:45 am waiting by my front door to shoot me!

Both the male and female by my front door are armed with guns and recording devices and were standing on the stairs next to my door just outside my apartment in ambush to shoot me!

The male officer has a gun and a camcorder both in his right hand his gun is resting alongside the camcorder, and the female whore with him was also recording with her cellphone in her right hand and she took off her shirt to conceal her gun and she put her gun inside her shirt, the hilt is still in her hand she can still easily pull the trigger with that6 gun!

She bolts into a run because she knows I caught them in attempted murder and she knows I do not have a gun and she was hoping I would get pissed off and stupidly chases after them!

The other male and female were also a part of it, they had me flanked from all sides, so if I stepped outside I would have been gunned down by these pedophiles and poisoners!

The man in the baseball hat is also a cop and he is a partner to the other male officer that took off down the street, and as soon as he realized I was catching him on video he went into “ACT LIKE A COP MODE!” and whips out his flashlight faking an investigation, he is even holding his flashlight just like cops commonly do! and he sure the fuck is not hiding the fact he is very aware of my door being opened and is not hiding the fact he has it out for me!

Take notice of that officer’s black car he gets into and the other black car next to it, the car next to it belongs to them as well, and it has the Oregon state license plate “SAYLVU” on it!

Remember they bragged on a audio death threat,well they are saying goodbye using multiple goodbye type words in their death threat, so they are not hiding their guilt they are flaunting it!

I caught these bastards doing this in 2009, well I have got these fucking pedophiles repeatedly in framing people and murdering people because theses pedophiles were sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, so all this targeting they do to me is personal on their part, not to mention I know too many of their dirty secret’s!

Police and their bros and girlfriends are gang-stalkers operating under the pretense of an investigation, which is how they gain the support of neighbors/coworkers/landlords and so on!

Ity is sport to police and their bros and girlfriends/whores to gang up on people and to stage crimes near their targets home for the purpose of framing their target and they always dress up like their target when they do so, Hollywood is not the only profession that uses body doubles, it’s just as common for police to do the same!

Police do not investigate! they impersonate!

These pedophile cops and their whores took over a apartment two doors away from mine, and when they realized I CAUGHT THEM ON VIDEO PAYING AND DIRECTING CHILDREN TO FRAME ME AND TO PERFORM FOR THEIR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS THEY PANICKED!

They had the county sheriff’s bring in a white van to pick up the children and then they brought the van back to quickly load it up with the children’s belongings, they were panicking because they were caught on video by me being a bunch of fucking professional pedophiles paying children to perform, so they were loading that white van up with evidence that they had children in that apartment!

Fucking pedophile cops caught trying to cover their butts, what the fuck do you think these pedophile cops were doing with children in an apartment two doors away from mine and they were using a double and they were paying children to look at their dicks for video surveillance cameras!

What the hell do you think their guilty of? their fucking pedophiles paying their whores children ten thousand dollars to perform for video surveillance cameras, their fucking cops and their also professional pedophiles!

I would like to remind people that these same bastards murdered a child named Jessica back in 2007 and their whores were printing flyers back then trying to frame me for their crimes then, so this is nothing new with these murderers and pedophiles and it’s not new for me to catch them in the fucking act since they are so fond of bragging on admissible death threats!

Terry Wagar



Merry Christmas Fucking Pedophile Portland Police And Multnomah County Sherff’s!

Merry Christmas you fucking serial killers and pedophile Multnomah county sheriff’s and Potrtland police! here is a gift to you you fucking womanizing-child porn makers-body double using-poisoning off witnesses-bragging to your whores about it all-bunch of fucking murderers!

Proof of your guilt!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police recruited my wife Joan Wagar along with everyone on her side of the family into a murder conspiracy, and I was their main target but not their only target!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s being the fat lazy pedophiles that they always have been coached my wife and her side of the family how to set me up for their video surveillance cameras, and they did fat ass damage to our apartment when they broke into it and bugged our apartment, and their too damn stupid to notice that I noticed it!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police directed my wife Joan Wagar and her side of the family to turn our yard into a playground and to fill our home with paraphernalia while the police/sheriff’s arrange to get a body double onto my property!

After I kicked this double off my property the police/sheriff’s arranged to have my mother battered by that very same double and police refused to arrest that man and allowed that man to steel/keep my mothers motor home!

After that my wife Joan Wagar and her fuck-buddy’s in law enforcement poisoned my mother and my father, and after my father warned me he was being gang-stalked and terrorized and threatened by plain clothed law officer’s he was murdered! FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING AND WARNING ME HE WAS MURDERED BY THOSE FUCKING POISONOUS PEDOPHILE POLICE/SHERIFF’S!

I was being blackmailed and threatened myself for the next five days after that by the very fucking officer’s that murdered my father! and because I had daught5ers safety to fear for I shut the fuck up trying to protect my family from these organized funded-by-the-state serial killers called law enforcement! and a month later I was charged with forty four felony charges by police that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION BY POLICE OR BY PROSECUTORS!

One of my own daughters was already turned against me my wife and her side of the family recruited our teen daughter to back up false pedophile charges to cover their asses! in other words they had no intention of having a trial! they just wanted to pedofy me so no one would care if I am murdered, and they tried ever since repeatedly to kill and or frame me, and I was constantly gang-stalked by these fucking officer’s!

I got no trial let alone any conviction! but they still pedofied me on TV and in news papers and by word of mouth, and they even used flyers to pedofy me, so pedofying is nothing but organized murder done by officer;s against people they want dead, and they had no intention of having a trial!

My own daughter that backed up those charges against me admitted to me after the fact that police/sheriff’s locked her in a room at school and pressured her into making those charges, I knew better, I  knew my wife and her side of the family turned her against me and she voluntarily performed for law enforcements video surveillance cameras and was constantly being directed by those officer’s because they were next door to us and were constantly standing at my daughters bedroom window and telling her what to do for the video surveillance cameras!


So right there I just proofed that their FORTY FOUR FELONY CHARGES ARE A BUNCH OF CRAP!

Five years later I was battered by the fucking pedophile Portland police department and Multnomah county sheriff’s and after they battered me they walked off around thirty feet and they immediately began discussing using a double to set me up as a pedophile! they must think I am deaf or something! they already tried that five years before hand! GOD DAMN THESE PEDOPHILE COPS FUCKING HAVE DOUBLES ON THE BRAIN ALL THE TIME! IT’S THEIR GO-TO SOLUTION FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING!

I was denied emergency treatment because no doctor in Portland Oregon will help someone that police/sheriff’s want dead or want to frame! and I had a broken rib and a messed up knee!

Two months later I discover that my wife Joan Wagar is palling around with and sleeping around with a officer Eric Carlson, and I found out he was the double police/sheriff’s were using to once again set me up with! only this time my wifge Joan Wagar was hooking her daughters up with this double! at the very place where I was battered by police/sheriff’s!

My wife and her daughters and my wife’s coworkers knew officer Eric Carlson was acting as a double, and were calling him by the nickname Doubleclick because he was acting as a double while police/sheriff’s and my wife took photo’s of him around our daughters!

I was donating plasma at the time even though I was debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee because I had no way to get help and was surrounded by people that were involved in their crimes and I needed money to find help, and when I tried to warn people about what they did to me and that they were using a fucking double my wife poisoned me with antifreeze and everyone in the family just pretended nothings wrong!

Everyone at my wife’s place of employment then gave my wife Joan Wagar a nickname, they all started calling her by the nickname Mrs Dash! and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted those fucking ni9cknames and bragged about their nicknames not caring if anyone knew because they had the blessings of local law enforcement to frame/murder people!

Officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar actively used those nicknames after they poisoned me with antifreeze!


All attempts on my part to get help were covered up and suppressed by police/sheriff’s and by family members and even by doctors, my doctor at first recognized the signs and knew right away I was poisoned and he wanted to help me, until my wife’s pedo-fuck buddy’s in law enforcement showed up at the hospital, they coerced my doctor with repeated hints to shut the fuck up about me bring poisoned, and that doctor never came back into my E,R, room again because of it! LAW ENFORCEMENT RUNS ALL HOSPITALS AND PICK AND CHOOSE WHO GETS HELP AND WHO DOES NOT GET HELP!

I repeatedly tried even in my debilitated condition to find help! I knew my wife’s fuck buddy’s in law enforcement gave my wife permission to be a serial killer! I WAS A PLASMAS DONOR AND THOSE PEDO COPS GAVE HER PERMISSION TO POISON ME TO DEATH! My doctor knew I was poisoned and wanted to help me but police have complete say at hospitals as to who gets help and who does not!

My wife Joan Wagar was having fun toying with me while I was in a debilitated state from her poisoning me, she was much like that bitch in the Stephan King movie ‘Misery” she continued to pretend to be a loving wife to me but would poison m,e again each time I would show signs of getting better and try to leave the apartment to find help, she would just dose me again with antifreeze!

Joan Wagat was writing a diary while she toyed with me when I was bedridden from being poisoned by her, and it was her intention that I read it while I was debilitated because she knew I knew she was lying in it!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Joan Wagar is admitting in her diary she is poisoning a plasma donor!

After Joan Wagar wrote that diary I was battered by my wife Joan Wagar for calling 911 for an ambulance, and it was the police instead that showed up, and they refused to take my complaint/information and assaulted me in front of a dozen firefighters, and because of that none of the first responders would help me! I was left there with no help at all! calling 91 does not get help when my wife and her daughters are sleeping around with police officer’s!

A week after I called 911 and was battered and assaulted for my trouble my wife Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter in response to my accusations and because I called 911 to report she poisoned me and is a admitted poisoner of a plasma donor!


Everything in her denial letter is a lie! she lies about officer Eric Carlson’s true employment as a cop and lies about his appearance and she is doing the same for officer Eric Carlson’s partners Shannon and David! and one of her own daughters was pregnant at the time by one of those officer’s when Joan Wagar wrote this, so she knew full well that I knew she was lying in it, she wanted me to know there is no one I can hand it to that gives a damn!


After this she poisoned me again, and I almost died! I was so severely debilitated that I could not get out of bed, I could not automatically breath for Christs sake! I could not eat because there was already food in my stomach but I was not digesting it, it just sat in my stomach and rotted! I could not go to the bathroom! and NO ONE WAS HELPING ME OR TAKING CARE OF ME! I WAS SURROUNDED BY THE VERY PEOPLE THAT DID THIS TO ME, AND THEY ALL WAITED FOR ME TO DIE OFF!

One day while I was in this situation my wife Joan Wagar stormed into our bedroom and she wrote this note down in a hurry! she was pissed and not hiding it and she tore the piece of paper she was writing on from a note pad and tossed it at me like it was a Frisbee! and said “Here!,,,,,,Go ahead and use that against me!” and she grinned a wicked grin and then stepped out of my bedroom! I was so badly poisoned and debilitated I could not even read it, I just grabbed it and put it in my pocket and immediately forgot about it!


Like I said the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizers and they love to frame and murder off people! it’s sport to them, and if and when they recruit their whores into targeting people then those whores get full permission from local authority’s to murder off people, and there is no one that will take a complaint or help someone that police/sheriff’s do this to!













Even hospitals as well as the police/sheriff’s cover up my 911 calls and emergency visits to the hospital and they cover up my wife Joan Wagar’s written confessions to using poison and repeatedly deny me emergency services and refuse to take toxicology tests to cover up the fact my wife was poisoning me!




All this and police/sheriff’s and even my wife and her daughters and her relatives brag on audio death threats and on email death threats and can care less if anyone knows their serial killers and pedophiles by using doubles to make child porn!


I caught officer Eric Carlson and my Ex wife Joan Wagar, now known as Joan Carlson,waiting in ambush by my front door at 5:45 am backing up their death threats, and they were armed with guns and recording devices, so they were going to kill me and record it, and I even caught officer Eric Carlson’s partner, the man my wife describes as “Shannon” as well he was out there too, so I would have been ambushed from all sides and killed if I stepped outside!

So fuck you pedophile Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s! I hope you have fun teaching your whores how to poison people! I hope you enjoyed using body doubles and photogenic photo’s to make child porn! I hope you are proud of the fact that you admitted on one of your admissible death threats that you usually use doubles this way and that you usually kill people after you frame them! That’s one hell of a Legacy for you pedophile bastards!



Marry Christmas you fucking murderers!


Terry Wagar

Pedofying Is The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s And Their Whores Way Of Murdering Off People Along With Poisoning People And They Don’t Try To Hide It!

Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got that job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen she and her side of the family have whore themselves out to the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and have been helping them to murder people and to frame people for their crimes!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police taught my wife Joan Wagar and her side of the family how to poison off people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

They will befriend you to your face while they poison your coffee pot reservoir’s as they go out their target/victims door so that they are no where near the target when the target gets poisoned, and to pedofy their target to other people by making false pedophile accusations behind their targets back, and how to plant evidence in their targets home without raising the targets suspicions!

The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s refer to these crimes they commit and teach to their whores by the terms pedofying and medicating!

They will severely debilitated their victim by poisoning the victims coffee pot with antifreeze, and then they will tell other people that that person is a pedophile and a drug attic, they call the target a drug attic because he/she can no longer function normally after being poisoned with antifreeze, and the police/sheriff’s simply deny the victim medical treatment at any hospital he/she goes to by interfering with the doctor and coercing the doctor into not helping the victim and to not take a toxicology test!

While the victim is debilitated the police/sheriff’s will stage crimes in the target/victims neighborhood using a officer as a double, the double will simply dress up like the target/victim and stage crimes while his/her partner will get photogenic photo’s from the sides and from the back of the double!

That is how police/sheriff’s frame people and of course they have lots of friends/relatives/girlfriends/whores/fellow officer’s that will back them up, so it boils down to police/sheriff’s and their civilian accomplices to destroy their targets reputation to cut off any form of help to the victim and to debilitate the victim so that the victim cannot warn people about any of it, and to fabricate evidence by using doubles and staged crimes!

Police/sheriff’s dress up and stage crimes all the time when they do busts or sting operations, so it is nothing for police/sheriff’s to stage crimes, they do it all the time, and they dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes when they do drug busts or prostitution stings, so nit bis nothing for them to dress up like their target/victim as well!

This is common practice with law enforcement and their bros and their girlfriends/whores and there is no one that will take a complaint!

The pedofying they do to people is very public they do not hide that from other people at all and schools and news reporters join in on pedofying people police/sheriff’s want dead, and they commonly use flyers as well as word of mouth accusations as well as TV news spots and news websites to pedofy people, and at no time are the people being accused allowed to deny the accusations, so people’s rights to defend their names and reputations and the right to deny the allegations are completely denied to the victims!

Several Law Officer’s And Their Whores Committed A Early Morning Break In And They Raped And Photographed And Killed A Female Child!

On March 26th 2007 several law officer’s along with their whores committed a early morning break in and they raped and photographed and killed a female child named Jessica!

In January 18th 2005 I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and it was my wife Joan Wagar that got me in that situation, I got a broke3n rib and a messed up knee and was denied emergency services and was not taken to a hospital!

My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair at the time with a officer Eric Carlson at the time and that cop was a close look-a-like to me, well after I was battered my wife and her lover the cop and his bros in law enforcement decided they were going to frame me as a pedophile and officer Eric Carlson dyed his brunette hair blond to impersonate me and to act as a photo double!

After my wife Joan Wagar turned our daughters against me I discovered that my wife was hooking our daughters up with this look-a-like cop in April 2005 at the very place where I was battered by police and county sheriff’s!

I tried to warn people about this and my wife poisoned me because I tried to warn people and I was repeatedly denied emergency services at the hospital because of police interference with my doctor at the hospital, police coerced my doctor into bnot helping me and to not take a toxicology test!

For the next year and a half I tried repeatedly and desperately to find help to no avail, police covered up my 911 calls and any hospital visits I made were ignored by doctors and by police, it is impossible to tall anyone what is wrong when surrounded by people that will not listen, and our Fascist police force have a lot of pull with doctors at hospitals so I was simply ignored in the emergency lobby by nurses and was never helped!

By 2007  I was mostly bedridden and unable to get around and hardly able to talk because of the pain I was in, and on March 26th 2007 I woke up on the couch in my living room hearing what sounded like sex noises coming from one of our bedrooms!

Suspecting that I was catching my wife once again in her affair with a armed cop-look-a-like I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse so that I could prove that my wife was sneaking her lover into our apartment through her bedroom window!

What I caught on that audio recorder was several law officer’s along with my wife and our youngest daughter all having sex in ou7r daughters bedroom and they were photographing the sex they were having (making child porn) and they have a female named Jessica in there with them and they killed her!

They were trying to be quiet because they did not want to wake me up, and after they killed this Jessica they sneaked out of our daughters room and went into my wife’s bedroom and they were whispering to each other, a officer John Ray carried this Jessica’s body out the bedroom window and after that my wife Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson the look-a-like they keep using as a double started planting evidence quietly in our house trying not to wake me, and I laid on the couch wide awake and listened and new if they found out that I was awake that officer Eric Carlson would have immediately shot me so I acted like I was asleep while listening!

My wife sat down quietly at the computer and booted it up, and after it booted up officer Eric Carlson whispered to Joan Wagar saying “Copy!” and then Joan Wagar put a USB device or flash card into the computer and then copied something, and then they both went into my wife’s bedroom again and whispered to each other and were whispering to another female officer that was outside my wife’s bedroom window, and then they both came into the living room and sneaked quietly past me and they went into the kitchen!

My wife Joan Wagar opened our patio shade and then went into the kitchen with officer Eric Carlson and she pointed out which coffee cup was mine to officer Eric Carlson, and then my wife stepped out of the kitchen by the patio shade while officer Eric Carlson, dressed like me, poisoned my coffee cup!

After this officer Eric Carlson poisoned my coffee pot, and when they were done with this my wife Joan Wagar closed the patio shade and grabbed her purse and the both of them, officer Eric Carlson first, opened the front door and they both stepped outside our apartment!

I continued to lay on the couch wide awake and listened for my wife’s car to start up, after a minute and a half went by it still did not start up, so I got up and went over to our front window and peaked out the window shade towards my wife’s car, I saw my wife sitting in the front seat of our car and I could see a dude (officer Eric Carlson) sitting next to her on the front passenger seat, and there was a lady dressed like a detective standing at my wife’s driver side window and they were talking to each other!

I could not hear what they were saying and not really worried about it since whatever they are saying to each other MY AUDIO RECORDER IN MY WIFE’S PURSE IS CATCHING IT so I just laid back down on the couch and waited, after another minute went by my wife started her car up and drove away!

I immediately started looking for everything they messed with thinking they planted stuff in my home, I noticed right away that my camcorder was moved and not in the place where I put it and it was not plugged in like it normally was!

I checked what was on the film and did not notice anything on it, then I checked the flash card on my cazmcorder and noticed that their were what appeared to be porn pictures on it, knowing I was being framed but not having all the details I deleted it in disgust, then I went into the kitchen and checked my coffee cup since I heard my wife pointing it out to her lover in the kitchen, it smelled like there was some kind of chemical/poison in it!

I rinsed it out and cleaned it and then checked my coffee pot, it also has a chemical smell inside the coffee pot so I thoroughly rinsed it out as well and then made myself a pot of coffee to wake up!

After this I sat down to find out what my wife did on our computer knowing she copied something on it, I checked the history to find out what she did on it since she DID NOT BOTHER TO TURN THE COMPUTER OFF and low and behold she put what appeared to be porn photo’s in my personal folder!

I was really pissed and really scared at the same time, I calmed myself down knowing I AM GOING TO HAVE TO SAY NOTHING UNTIL MY WIFE RETURNS SO I CAN GET MY HANDS ON THAT AUDIO RECORDER I PUT IN MY WIFE’S PURSE!

What is on that audio recorder? why several law officer’s and their whores making child porn and having sex and they were using officer Eric Carlson A,K,A, Doubleclick the look-a-like as a photo double to set me up, and my traitorous wife and daughter were helpi9ng them in this and apparently they dragged some other female into this that they killed because they were framing me for that as well!

Well my audio recorder caught them in the act doing all this AND planting evidence in my home to frame me for their crimes and before they went out the front door they poisoned my coffee cup and coffee pot and it was the double doing that as well and my wife opened the shade so officer Eric Carlson’s partners standing outside our apartment could photograph Officer Eric Carlson doing it so that they could frame me for that as well!

All these officer’s and their whores with the exception of our daughter left the apartment and talked about all this with each other, then they got into their vehicles and they headed for Clackamas Walmart where my wife Joan Wagar worked at the time!

Officer Eric Carlson rode with my wife in her car and as my wife drove to Clackamas Walmart she started talking about the female they killed, and officer Eric Carlson was asking Joan Wagar for help with Jessica’s body, and after this my wife started telling her lover officer Eric Carlson to not execute the arrest warrant until she comes home for it because she WANTS TO BE HOME TO WITNESS HER F-BUDDY’S IN LAW ENFORCEMENT KICKING DOWN MY DOOR AND ARRESTING ME3 FOR CRIMES THEY THEMSELVES COMMITTED!

When they got to Clackamas Walmart my wife’s sister Vickie Rosales was waiting for them in the parking lit at Walmart, she knew what their plan was, and when they all got together inside the front lobby of Clackamas Walmart they all started telling my wife’s sister Vickie Rosales how it all went, in other wor5ds they admitted to everything they did and admitted they were framing me as a pedophile and they admitted they broke in and they admitted they got pictures of officert Eric Carlson’s dick and they admitted they poisoned my coffee pot and admitted my wife helped them with that and they admitted they got it all on video surveillance and they admitted they needed 6:30 taken off because they broke in there, well it was between 6:00 am to 6:14 am that they did all these things!

As other Walmart employees started showing up my wife and her sister and their buddy’s in law enforcement started putting on a phoney show of busting me as a pedophile and claiming they caught me in the act, too bad that before they started doing that they admitted I WAS ASLEEP AT THE TIME IT ALL HAPPENED AND WAS ON THE COUCH WHICH IS WHY THEY WERE USING THE BEDROOMS WINDOWS TO ENTER AND HOW THEY SNEAKED THE MURDERED CHILD OUT THE WINDOW!

My wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales and officer Eric Cartlson the look-a-like went into the break room in the back of Walmart and started bragging to Walmart employees about how they just got done framing me, and Walmart employees in the break room were cracking jokes about how officer Eric Carlson was dressed up like me!

One of the female Walmart employees asked officer Eric Carlson “What was your name again?” and both officer Eric Carlson and Vickie Rosales spoke at the same time saying “Eric!” and then my wife Joan Wagar chimed in saying “Terry!” in a childish coy voice, and everyone in the break room broke out into laughter!

While this was going on in the break room, several feet away out in the hallway just outside the break room a female black police officer named Adrian was printing out THOUSANDS of flyers with my picture on it calling me a pedophile, and police was doing this with Walmart office printers with managers permission, and this was open knowledge with everyone at the store because their printer is out in the hallway just outside the break room by the time clock!

So everyone clocking in or out or going to the break room or going to work from the break room had to pass Adrian in the hallway printing out all those flyers while a look-a-like police officer was just several feet away sitting with my wife and her sister in the break room!

I was being framed as a pedophile and I was poisoned by these pedophile cops and by their whores and they committe3d a murde4r that morning and wanted their video surveillance erased because THEY ARE THE GUILTY ONES and they just wanted to use photogenic photo’s to frame me since they have my wife and daughters to lie for them not to mention a look-a-like!

So while I wait at home for my wife to get back with my audio recorder my wife and her relatives and their lovers in law enforcement spent that whole day printing flyers with Walmart permission and supply’s and were pedofying the hell out of me destroying my reputation and were partying the whole day in the back of the store with Walmart employees and cops!

When they succeeded in recruiting the entire softlines department to lie for them they got real cocky and one of officer Eric Car;lson’s female superiors walked up to my wife Joan Wagar as she was putting a stack of flyers into her locker and that female officer asked my wife Joan Wagar “Are you ready to murder your husband now!?” and I am going to have to assume the bitch nodded her head yes to that!

Around 10:45 am my wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson went behind the lockers somewhere, I believe it was a coat room where employees can hang up their coats, to have sex, and during their sex behind the lockers my wife Joan Wagar asked officer Eric Carlson if he got to be the one to kill her, r5dfering to the female child they killed, and officer Eric Carlson answered that question by being more vigorous in his love making with Joan Wagar!


This is what we have as law enforcement and government in general in Portland Oregon!