Poisoners And Pedophiles Caught On Video In Ambush To Murder Me!

Gang-stalkers are real! they are cops and their girlfriends and buddy’s, and because they function under the pretense of conducting investigations it is easy for them to take over surrounding apartments surrounding their targets!

These fuckers are cops and their whores! I seen these people before and know the males are cops and the females are their paid girlfriends/whores that they pay to poison people and to back up false allegations on their targets and these females are paid to also act like victims for police video surveillance so police can build false cases against their target!

Everyone knows what the fuck a prostitution sting is! a couple dozen police and their whores take over a motel and surrounding area with the motel owner/managers consent and they set up video/audio equipment everywhere, and then police pay their whores to dress up like whores and to perform for video surveillance!

Police are staging crimes doing that and they do it to frame people and or entrap people, well when police gang-stalk individuals they do the exact same thing, police and their girlfriends/whores take over several apartments surround their target, they stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to build cases against their target, and then they arrest and prosecute their target on the fabricated evidence they made out of thin air using street theater tactics!

Well their shit backfired on them, because they were paying some women and a couple of children to hang around the front of my apartment and to make false pedophile accusations about me, and it was all street theater on their part, and the male cops and their female whores the whole time was directing the children as to what to do and what to say, and I caught them in the act on video!

I have these pedophile cops and their paid for whores on video directing at least three male children to make false pedophile accusations and were directing those children to hang out in front of my home and to slap my window screen and to repeatedly ring my doorbell and run off!

The male officer was telling one of the children “Say you saw a dick!” and then the child said out loud “I think I saw a dick!” and the whole time the children were laughing, so it was fun for police and their whores and whoever those children belong to to do this to people!

That’s what we have for law enforcement in the USA people! a bunch of whores and pedophiles that stage crimes using paid actors to perform for video surveillance in order to frame people!

One of the officer’s was dressed up like me and was walking back and fortth on the sidewalk part the children and each time he got close to the children the children faked being scared for photogenic photo’s that the female whores were taking, and after an hour or so of the officer’s and their whores working these children this way one of the male officer’s spoke up telling the children to take a break!

During the children’s break the children talked and laughed amongst themselves and admitted they were being paid to make me look like a bad guy!

Near the beginning of all this the children asked how much they were being paid, and the whores and the officer’s told them ten thousand dollars!

These fuckers/pedophiles/poisoners bragged on death threats to me before this and imediately after this!


And After!


So I was expecting an attempt on my life when I caught these officer’s and their whores outside my apartment at 5:45 am waiting by my front door to shoot me!

Both the male and female by my front door are armed with guns and recording devices and were standing on the stairs next to my door just outside my apartment in ambush to shoot me!

The male officer has a gun and a camcorder both in his right hand his gun is resting alongside the camcorder, and the female whore with him was also recording with her cellphone in her right hand and she took off her shirt to conceal her gun and she put her gun inside her shirt, the hilt is still in her hand she can still easily pull the trigger with that6 gun!

She bolts into a run because she knows I caught them in attempted murder and she knows I do not have a gun and she was hoping I would get pissed off and stupidly chases after them!

The other male and female were also a part of it, they had me flanked from all sides, so if I stepped outside I would have been gunned down by these pedophiles and poisoners!

The man in the baseball hat is also a cop and he is a partner to the other male officer that took off down the street, and as soon as he realized I was catching him on video he went into “ACT LIKE A COP MODE!” and whips out his flashlight faking an investigation, he is even holding his flashlight just like cops commonly do! and he sure the fuck is not hiding the fact he is very aware of my door being opened and is not hiding the fact he has it out for me!

Take notice of that officer’s black car he gets into and the other black car next to it, the car next to it belongs to them as well, and it has the Oregon state license plate “SAYLVU” on it!

Remember they bragged on a audio death threat,well they are saying goodbye using multiple goodbye type words in their death threat, so they are not hiding their guilt they are flaunting it!

I caught these bastards doing this in 2009, well I have got these fucking pedophiles repeatedly in framing people and murdering people because theses pedophiles were sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, so all this targeting they do to me is personal on their part, not to mention I know too many of their dirty secret’s!

Police and their bros and girlfriends are gang-stalkers operating under the pretense of an investigation, which is how they gain the support of neighbors/coworkers/landlords and so on!

Ity is sport to police and their bros and girlfriends/whores to gang up on people and to stage crimes near their targets home for the purpose of framing their target and they always dress up like their target when they do so, Hollywood is not the only profession that uses body doubles, it’s just as common for police to do the same!

Police do not investigate! they impersonate!

These pedophile cops and their whores took over a apartment two doors away from mine, and when they realized I CAUGHT THEM ON VIDEO PAYING AND DIRECTING CHILDREN TO FRAME ME AND TO PERFORM FOR THEIR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS THEY PANICKED!

They had the county sheriff’s bring in a white van to pick up the children and then they brought the van back to quickly load it up with the children’s belongings, they were panicking because they were caught on video by me being a bunch of fucking professional pedophiles paying children to perform, so they were loading that white van up with evidence that they had children in that apartment!

Fucking pedophile cops caught trying to cover their butts, what the fuck do you think these pedophile cops were doing with children in an apartment two doors away from mine and they were using a double and they were paying children to look at their dicks for video surveillance cameras!

What the hell do you think their guilty of? their fucking pedophiles paying their whores children ten thousand dollars to perform for video surveillance cameras, their fucking cops and their also professional pedophiles!

I would like to remind people that these same bastards murdered a child named Jessica back in 2007 and their whores were printing flyers back then trying to frame me for their crimes then, so this is nothing new with these murderers and pedophiles and it’s not new for me to catch them in the fucking act since they are so fond of bragging on admissible death threats!

Terry Wagar