Doubleclick And Mrs Dash Are Sting Operatives For Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s And They Frame And Murder People FOR THEM!

officer named Eric Carlson, and my wife turned our daughters against me behind my back, and this cop dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me to frame me as a pedophile!

They had our daughters to lie for them and they had the blessings of local authority’s to frame me and officer Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double!

When I found out my wife Joan Wagar was hooking our daughters up with a cop that was acting as a double I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when I was severely poisoned by Joan Wagar!

All of my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was acting as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

Police used their power of influence to cover up the poisonings at the hospital and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police influence and interference at the hospital!

Evidence, Shawna Wagar admits in writing to making false pedophile accusations about me and this occurred when my mother and father were poisoned and murdered by local police and by my wife Joan Wagar!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted and actively used the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones!

Evidence, I confronted my wife Joan Wagar with a audio recorder over that love letter Doubleclick the body double wrote my wife and she admits it’s her love letter but refuses to admit to her nickname because she is trying to hide the fact she is a poisoner and that it is open knowledge at East Port Walmart, she still also is trying to hide the fact Eric Carlson is a cop and a look-a-like to me!

Evidence, because of police influence Joan Wagar aced a lie detector test I payed for! and two years later a detective Brian Assmus of the Oregon state police tried to over up this lie detector test by stealing the page signed by the tester, good thing I have photo copy’s of EVERYTHING!

Evidence Two months later Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash admits in her diary she lied on that lie detector test and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits to using pills and antifreeze in her diary and admits to mixing drinks with poisons and admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to poisoning a plasma donor and admits I was ill at the time!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Evidence, A week later Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter denying her ongoing affair with officer Eric Carlson and denying she is a poisoner, everything in her denial letter is a lie and even her daughters were sleeping around with officer Eric Carlson and his partners, one of her daughters got pregnant at the time of Joan Wagar writing this by Eric Carlson’s partner David!

Evidence, By the time of Joan Wagar writing this written confession that she uses antifreeze as poison I was so debilitated at this time I was bedridden, Joan Wagar tossed this at me like it was a Frisbee because she wanted to see if I could get out of bed to try and find help or not, I could not!

The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints and covers up Joan Wagar’s written confessions she is a poisoner!

Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

Evidence, The Portland police and OHSU hospital threatening me telling me they covered up my 911 calls and calls for help and covered up my wife’s written confessions and are threatening me telling me I am not welcome to go to my hospital, their admitting to cover up and threatening me!

Evidence, I try warning people by email since I was debilitated and I had no phone, and contacting the Multnomah county sheriff’s gets no official help at all and instead of contacting me back by their official office they instead contact me by their privately owned Blackberry phones and taunt me via emails!

Evidence, Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test! Officer Eric Carlson is one of the first responders to respond to my 911 call and he was NOT there to help!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the Portland police and Joan Wagar made a audio death threat and broke into my home and put it on the computer, their using sound boards to say goodbye in multiple ways!
The same day I found their audio death threat the police parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it in front of my apartment!

Evidence, Another Portland police officer caught on video acting as a double of me outside my apartment and he is with a female that is acting as a double of my daughter Megan Wagar, here is a picture of Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

And here is video of a police officer acting as a double of me and he is with a female acting as a double to my daughter Megan Wagar!

Portland police and county sheriff’s brought over several children to my apartment building and were coaching those children to pedofy me in front of my apartment while I am still inside my apartment, police told the children their getting TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to help them to murder me off by making me look like a bad guy! and they admitted their going to kill me and that family members were involved!

Two weeks later Officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the police department and my wife Joan Wagar caught by me on video outside my apartment waiting in ambush to shoot me at 5:45 am and they had my apartment flanked on all sides and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar were waiting in ambush right by my doorway and their armed with guns and flashlights and recording devices!
You can see their black car with the license plate “SAYLVU” still in the parking lot!

06-01-2014 Female sting operatives renting apartment below mine are deliberately placing small children in my path and then falsely labeling me as a pedophile!
Their guilty of trafficking and exploiting small children for their operations!

Terry Wagar

How Oregon Police Sting Operations Work!

Police/sheriff’s usually gang-stalk their targets/victims for several months operating under cover and police/sheriff’s will spend several months renting apartments surrounding their target/victim and will stage crimes near heir target/victims home using officer’s as doubles of the target/victim and police/sheriff’s will document the staged crimes of doubles using photogenic photo’s and will take side shots an back shots of the double!

Police/sheriff’s usually frame their target/victim for several crimes trying to create a false criminal history/complaints on their target/victim and will usually frame their target/victims for break ins and for sex crimes and for robbery’s and police/sheriff’s stage the crimes using officer’s as doubles and will pay their relatives/buddy’s/girlfriends to back up false criminal allegations on the target/victim!

Police/sheriff’s usually murder off the target/victim after they created/fabricate enough false crimes against their target/victim and claim/fake justification in the killing!
News media and even schools help police/sheriff’s in destroying their target/victims name and reputation and will falsely label the target/victim as a criminal and as a monster so no one will care that the person was murdered!

These operations are sting operations and covert in nature and police/sheriff’s either do not admit to them or they partially admit leaving out most of the details to keep people in the dark as to how they do this to people!

Police/sheriff’s are permitted by government to recruit civilians into sting operations and to stage/fake crimes in sting operations in order to frame/entrap people, so police/sheriff’s are free to recruit their target/victims family members against the target/victim as well as neighbors and coworkers and police/sheriff’s are allowed to recruit such people to lie for them as part of their sting operation!

Sting operations done by authority’s and their civilian operatives are allowed and permitted by government to lie to people and to deceive people and even permitted to stage crimes, it is already common knowledge police/sheriff’s do this in prostitution stings and drug bust stings, well they do it when they have specific targets in mind as well!

Because of governments view on sting operations and the non-oversight of police sting operations police/sheriff’s are free to recruit any civilians into lying for them including doctors and news reporters and landlords and apartment managers and store managers and motel managers, all for the purpose of doing sting operations and to maintain their covert operations and to keep them covert!

Because of this cooperation of police/sheriff’s and the recruiting of civilians into such operations police/sheriff’s are free to turn hundreds of people against someone and are free to frame people by staging crimes using officer’s as doubles and free to recruit schools and news media into backing up falsified charges against their target and this targeting and framing they do is permitted by government and news media is mums the word to the public of these practices!

Police/sheriff’s have used these practices for decades to frame people and the people they frame and paint as monsters are usually murdered, and there never is a criminal charge and it never goes to court, and police and news media never testify to their allegations they make on their murdered target/victim and are never cross-examined, so they are used to getting away with these crimes!

The civilian operatives police/sheriff’s recruit into their sting operations are paid by cash and by gaining high paying jobs and even get free houses or their helping police/sheriff’s in framing/murdering off people, these operatives tend to have a long history of being jurors for police/sheriff’s and polce/sheriff’s tend to fill jury pools with their buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends in order to railroad innocent people into prison and to insure an acquittal for officer’s or civilian operatives that are on trial!

For all intents and purposes only a Fascist government would allow such people to organize in such fashion and to allow they to frame/murder people!

Terry Wagar

Gang-Stalking Existed Back In The 1970s And Was Done By County Sheriff Officer’s And By People That Owned Police Scanners!

Gang-stalking, or as I prefer to call it police-gang-stalking has been going on for a very long time around the world, and there is traceable history of police gang-stalking people and many people that talk about gang-stalking fail to mention is that gang-stalking has a long history and it’s done by police, county sheriff’s, and by people connected with local authority’s.

Back in the 1940s Hollywood made movies trying to glamorize gang-stalking as community activism and promoted the idea that people in community’s should organize to get rid of undesirable people within their community’s, the Hollywood movie “Captain Boycott” made around 1946 greatly describes gang-stalking from the stalkers point of view, and the movie glorifies the stalkers as the “Good guys” getting rid of undesirable people.

So back in the 1940s, when our government had the most influence with Hollywood because of world war 2, were allowing and wanting Hollywood to glamorize gang-stalking via propaganda movies!

Now the movie portrays the victims of gang-stalking as undesirable “Bad guys” and it is that belief that the targets are bad guys that makes the gang-stalkers feel and believe that they are justified in their concentrated attack on individuals, and the movie reminds the movie goers that watch the movie that it is easy to gang up on your victims as a community.

So gang-stalking has been around for a long long time and it is always fostered and started and organized and funded by law enforcement, and once law enforcement points it’s grizzled finger at someone and labels that person, then the community of people that support government and help government to target people now know who in their community to go after, and that person gets gang-stalked!

I am a first hand witness to gang-stalking back in the early 1970s, I witnessed a county sheriff officer acting as a double inside someone’s home and the owner of the home was not there at the time, and that county sheriff officer was tossing out candy bars to children that were brought to this location by a mother, and that mother and her family were pals with law enforcement and were brown nosers to law enforcement and that family owned a police scanner.

People back in the early 1970s that owned police scvanners are bros to law enforcement and use those police scanners to find out who law enforcement is targeting, and the owners of those police scanners would help police by gang-stalking the target and help police frame the target, ussually as a pedophile, and they did this by bringing children to the targets home when the target is not there, and a county sheriff officer is inside the targets home, and he sits in a chair next to the window and tosses out candy bars to children that the people with police scvanners brought there, and the people with the police scanners would stand across the street and take photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars and would photograph the county sheriff officer’s arm handing out the window of the house!

If one of the children got two close to the county sheriff officer he would tell them to back away from him and to stay in the yard as he tosses out candy bars!

These people did this in broad daylight and did not care if anyone witnessed it, and it was the mother of the children that brought the children there that was using a special camera and was taking photogenic photo’s of all this from across the street!

When they were done then the mother rounded up the children and took them home with her, and all the children were laughing and munching on the candy bars the county sheriff’s tossed at them, and that’s when the children started laughing and saying that the person that gave them the candy was a pedophile, and while the children were laughing about this the mother was putting the photo’s from the special camera into an envelope and she was grinning about everything!

This was a staged event staged by the county sheriff’s and by their willing accomplices to frame an innocent man that was not even in the house at the time as a pedophile, and most of the children knew it was a county sheriff officer in uniform that was tossing out the candy bars, but they immediately began pretending it was not a county sheriff officer doing it right after they made their photogenic photo’s and left the scene!

So I am a first hand witness to how gang-stalkers do this and what their motives are and what their mentality’s are all about, and how they justify it all by claiming “their getting rid of an undesirable person from the neighborhood!” kind of mentality!

The very term “Gang-Stalking” was popularized by law enforcement so as to distract people that discover it all from the base fact that it is local authority’s that are responsible for 99% of all gang-stalking activity and they are the ones that start it and run it and organize it and fund it, and yes there are a seemingly never ending list of brown nosers to police that join in on gang-stalking people!

It would be far more accurate to call it police gang-stalking since it is police that start it and run it and organize it and fund it all not to mention anyone that helps police in these activity’s becomes immune to prosecution because police will simply never arrest them, no matter what charge you charge them with, so gang-stalkers are also protected by police from prosecution!

Police-gang-stalkers concentrate on defaming their targets name and reputation while they gang-stalk their target, and they never fear being caught because they take the time to destroy their targets reputation, that is how gang-stalkers get the support from the community while they stalk people, because they defame their target first before they stalk and terrorize their target, and everyone knows how rumors in neighbors spread like wildfire and how neighbors never come forward to tell people that their getting labeled behind their backs, so targets never even see it coming until it’s too late!

These people that gang-stalk their victims finacially gain from their targeting, they are paid by law enforcement under the table for backing up false charges on innocent people and for lying for police, and since they are already organized they treat the whole thing like a game and have the mentality of “OK Who’s Next!?” and laugh, so you get the idea!

Gang-stalkers believe they are better than everyone else and go out of their way to make themselves appear better than everyone else and they always look down on people, they are cocking and act like their shit don’t stink and they carry themselves that way, and they are very very quick to criticize anyone in their neighborhoods because in a way they deem themselves the law and are always on the lookout for their next target!

They are organized, they never fear prosecution, police will never arrest them no matter what, and they know it, so when they target and harass and menace people within their neighborhoods they don’t really care if their target finds out or if anyone else finds out, they just never care!

There are a lot of trained propagandists on the internet that try to distract victims of gang-stalking by talking about bogus phoney terror groups such as the Illuminati or some other bullcrap group to point a finger at, big bad GOV ALWAYS needs a bad guy to point at to distract the masses away from the governments own crimes, so big bad GOV invents boogy man groups to blame!

Our corrupt government media even pays rap stars to sing about the Illuminati as a way of distracting the ignorant masses away from the fact that all the corruption and gang-stalking and killings going on in America are done by our own local authority’s and by their accomplices!

To even Google the term “Gang-Stalking” will get thousands of thousands of results but most everything on gang-stalking is either lies or half truths, the half truth story’s are mostly telling the truth, but COMPLETELY distract from the fact that gang-stalking is done and run and paid for by local authority’s!

Many people want people to think it is special FBI operations that run gang-stalking, well that’s another one of those half truths, because yes indeed FBI do in fact gang-stalk people, but most gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by local people, FBI don’t waste it’s time on little fish, FBI gang-stalk bigger targets, such as Michael Jackson for example!

So there are lots of information on the internet about gang-stalking, many are telling truths that have lies mixed in, many story’s will describe things/crimes that gang-stalkers do that is accurate, but then try to convince people it is occults that are doing it all to protect law enforcement operations from being exposed.

The main reason government gets away with this is because it is government that controls everything, they even control the internet, so how do you think big bad GOV hides their crimes? why they hide their crimes in plain site and simply overwhelm people that look into their activity’s with thousands and thousands of story’s that are designed to distract people from the truth!

For every factual event/crime I expose and report publicly our big bad GOV puts out thousands of false story’s to literally bury my story with their overwhelming propaganda! so it is virtually impossible for me or anyone else yo adequately warn enough people about the truth because the truth gets buried by thousands of false story’s pumped out by a government that has activity pumped out propaganda since world war 2 and has never stopped pumping out propaganda!

There are people the partly agree with me but believe that gang-stalking is not run by police because their stalkers that stalk them are not police and they know it, and all I can say to that is “Sure! police have many people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, I already know that, so yes there are lots of people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, but it still don’t change the fact that it is local authority’s that start it, run it, organize it, and fund it all!” and that is the truth.

Government will not recognize such organized crimes when victims complain and it is very common for police to cover their butts as well as their accomplices by simply labeling a victim of gang-stalking as mentally ill, and that tactic seems to be the most popular with our government and their accomplices, and they are quick to make mental illness accusations about their target right away, and they tend to smirk while doing that!

Remember, throughout our entire history there have been organized people that do not hide the fact they are organized and that they kill people, the KKK back in the 1920s were very organized and was run and organized and funded by local law enforcement then, and it was common for them to vilify anyone in their neighborhoods they wanted dead, and they would hang those people in broad daylight not caring if anyone knew it!


So yes gang-stalking is very very real, and if your Fascist police want to look people in the faces and pretend gang-stalking is not and instead label victims mentally ill to cover up such crimes then yes you live in a Fascist country!

What are Fascists anyway? OH that’s right! their a bunch of stinking murders that enjoy killing people and getting away with it! their the people that organize the killings and targeting of people within community’s! their the ones that enjoy framing people and defaming people and smirking about it knowing the ignorant masses are too asleep to wake up to their organized murders!

Gang-stalking, regardless of what name it goes by, never changes, the labels these groups of people go by change over the decades, but their organized attacking and framing and killing of people never changes, they gang up, they vilify their target, turning neighborhoods against their target, and then they are free to do as they please, and the majority of people just go along with it as though it is normal and think themselves justified, because a lot of vilifying went on before the killing to create the illusion of justification!

This is how they did it in the 1920s, and it’s very much the same thing nowadays in 2013, only instead of the gang-stalkers wearing white hoods while gang-stalking and killing people, they now just flash their badge at people faking an investigation, either way people back off and don’t question them, now do they!?

Police-Gang-Stalkers Are Pedofying Their Victims And They Brag To Their Bros They Get People Killed By Pedofying People!

If you watch TV news or read newspapers regularly or review news websites on the internet on a regular basis or have children in school then you might notice that police and news reporters are making tons and tons of pedophile accusations, and if you pay close attenttion to it over a long period of time and even keep track of it you may discover that their are patterns to it that police and news reporters don’t want you to notice, that being the vast majority of the accusations are false and not backed up by a human being with a name.

Most all pedophile accusations made are made by police themselves, and very rarely do police give the names of the accusers, and when they do not give the names of the accusers then you have just run across one of those false accusations that police make on a regular basis.

You might ask yourself “Why would police make intentional false pedophile accusations?” and that’s a good question, critical thinking is a good thing, but the answer to that question is hard to explain unless you have a sense of history, especially when it comes to the history of crimes.
I can flat out tell you why their lying but it will not make sense to you unless you have a sense of history, the reason police make on a regular basis false pedophile accusations is because they can, and they demonstrate that by pedofying people on a regular basis.
 Police are not what your propaganda TV and Hollywood movies portray them to be and never have been, they are not public servants as your schools and TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies portray them to be, they are a armed force that runs a territory and rule with force.

Police are basically a armed military that have taken control over a territory and rule it, by force, and just like any over-baring military force it spews out non-stop propaganda to control it’s citizens and to destroy the reputations of their targets, to defame their targets is common practice with military police forces and therefore police use the news websites and TV news stations and school flyers to spread their propaganda and to organize mobs against their enemy individual targets.

Our whole government in the USA all over the USA is in the habit of making non-stop pedophile accusations on their targets and do so to destroy their target as a human being and to utterly destroy the person to the point that no one will help their target, thus isolating the target from any form of help and support.

You can call a person a asshole and that does not destroy someone’s life, you can call someone a jerk and that does not destroy someone’s life, but to call someone a pedophile can and does turn whole neighborhoods against the individual overnight, and POLICE KNOW THAT!

Imagine calling someone a asshole to your coworkers or to your friends or to your family, some people might agree with you, some might not, now imagine doing the same thing but instead of calling that person an asshole you instead call that person a pedophile, your using the term “pedophile” the same way you would if you are just calling the person an asshole, in other words you are just mad at the person and want to name call on the person, and that’s how you are treating it, well everyone else around you that hears that are going to assume, without a trial or proof or backed up charges that ity must be true, and then the rumor spreads like wild fire over the neighborhood.

After a couple of weeks there are hundreds of people spreading the false pedophile accusation, all started because someone wanted to name call on that person, their is no formal charges, no one with a actual name backing up the complaint, yet hundreds of people over a very short period of time are spreading the accusation regardless, what’s going on here people? have you never heard of false rumors before?

Everyone knows about rumors, everyone knows how easy it is for rumors to spread, and the worse of a rumor it is determines how far that rumor wil spread, will a rumor CANNOT GET ANY WORSE THAT PEDOPHILE ACCUSATIONS! and those kind of false rumors get people killed, police know this, which is why police love to use and make false pedophile accusations on people they want dead!

Police have several ways they use to falsely pedofy innocent people of which they use on a regular basis, police use our school system to pedofy people with flyers, they do this all the time, and most of the time you never hear about it because when police are targeting someone with false pedophile accusations they will only have one or two schools print flyers on it while the rest of the schools in town are not printing flyers.

Police also use news websites to pedofy innocent people and they do so via “Police Press Release”  story’s that they fax to locals news websites, the vast bast majority of news websites that post story’s of people being accused of being pedophiles are not story’s written by a news reporter at all, if you look at the bottom of the story you will see the author of the news story, it will say “Police Press Release” as the source of the news story with no mention of the news reporters name.

Such news story’s if you want to call them that, even though they are not news story’s at all, are never backed up by a human being, almost none of them, as a matter of fact they don’t even tell you which police agency is responsible for the so-called news story, to just say at the end of the story “Police Press Release” is vague and identity’s no one as the source of the false accusation.

Police also use local TV news stations to pedofy innocent people but never do so unless police are planning on having a trial over it, but many times there is not a criminal trial and you never here on local news stations about the false accusations being dropped after the fact, so TV news stations do also help police in pedofying innocent people and never mention when the charges are dropped, and most of the time the charges are dropped, why? because the charges are false and police know it and realize after the fact they don’t have a case so the prosecutor drops the charges, and when that happens nine times out of ten TV news reporters are mums the word on the dropped charges to the public.

Police and news reporters are buddy buddy’s and cater to each other all the time, police give news reporters hot story’s for the press and at the same time news reporters choose to not publicize story’s that are highly unfavorable to police, so they scratch each others backs all the time and they have a regular working relationship with each other, so when police have it out for someone and they pedofy that person then news reporters jump onto the pedofying bandwagon with police to destroy that persons name and reputation, and when their is no trial or no formal accusations and or charges are dropped then news reporters are mums the word on THAT story.

Now I should not have to remind you that slander and defamation of character are felony crimes, everyone knows that, but in this day and age police and news reporters love to pedofy people, and most of the pedofying that takes place happens because police ordered the pedofying and news reporters jump onto the bandwagon, like sharks swirling their bleeding pray going in for the kill.

Police are immune to being charged for false accusations as long as police did not intentionally make false accusations, so that’s why police don’t go to jail for slandering someone, police are corrupt, they lie all the time, they are never held to account for lying, so they are used to slandering anyone and getting away with it! so police commonly pedofy innocent people they have it out for and are immune to being prosecuted themselves so they freely lie to destroy their target and even can be caught grinning about it while they lie, the government is the police oyster and they flaunt their Fascist police powers and use the laws as a shield to cover their butts while they maliciously destroy and murder people, and news reporters are much like lap dogs to the police and police throw their lap dogs a bone once in a while and tell them “Good boy! good boy!” while the news reporters wag their tail at their masters the police!

Because our system is so corrupt police can and do pretty much whatever they want to, police have lots of friends and many of those friends will lie to protect police from prosecution and even lie to help police railroad innocent people into prison on false charges, this is so common that their is just no where innocent people can turn to for help!

Our system is so corrupt that is proof came to light that a person was wrongfully put into prison and was framed by several officer’s that this system would rather destroy that evidence than to admit that several officer’s conspired to put an innocent person into prison, our police kill innocent people all the time and news reporters do everything in their power to destroy the murdered victims reputation they can to cover police officer’s butts.

Because police cannot be prosecuted for making false accusations police are in the habit of making false allegations all the time and do so regularly at the drop of a hat, if you ask a cop a question the cop does not like then that cop will probably pretend your resisting arrest, yes cops do that, many people that ask a cop a question gets beaten by police, and then police will pretend the act of you trying to protect your face with your hands constitutes resisting arrest, so yes cops commonly make false accusations and flaunt it and everyone knows it, and as usual news reporters do everything in their power to draw the masses attention AWAY for that fact!

Many times police frame people as pedophiles and they commonly use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and police have many civilian volunteers that will lie for police and back up false allegations so that police can railroad innocent people into prison!

Body doubles and photogenic photo’s are common use tactics that police use to frame people, and many innocent people that are under investigation by police are usually stalked by cops that routinely dress up like their target to impersonate the target and to pose for photogenic photo’s in order to build a falsified case against their target!

Most people that are being framed by police are being framed by several officer’s that will take several months to a couple of years to frame/set up and they do indeed dress up like their target to frame their target and they do it for photogenic photo’s that they intend to use in court in a later date (building a case!) and most of the time their target is unaware that this is even happening to them because it is done behind the targets back.

Police commonly brag to their friends and girlfriends that they trust that they kill off people by pedofying people, pedofying is their term and they use it regularly amongst fellow officer’s and around people they trust, but they will never admit to it publicly, why? because they kill people that way, that’s why!



What Is Gang-Stalking And Why Do Gang-Stalkers Stalk People?

Because of the creation of the internet it has become possible for the first time in history for people to communicate with large amounts of people over a very short period of time and many things never known before commonly are starting to get noticed by people and word of mouth over the internet has a way of getting around.

One such thing that has come to light via word of mouth over the internet is gang-stalking, or at least that is the general term most people use in describing it, others may refer to it as cause-stalking or other similar terms, but most people think it is a myth or just rumors.

I can tell you that gang-stalking is in fact real and very common especially in the USA, I cannot speak for other country’s because I do not live in other country’s, but in the USA it is very very common and many times it is right in front of many people’s faces but do not recognize it as gang-stalking!

Average people that are not being stalked are not able or trained to recognize gang-stalking which is why it is so easy for gang-stalkers to get away with their crimes on their targets/victims, and it’s really easy for victims of gang-stalkers to recognize it because they are the ones being victimized by it and repeatedly catch these stalkers at places where the victim goes to.

There is a reason average people know nothing about gang-stalking and that reason is because news reporters are mums the word on it and do not warn people about it, at all!

You might be asking yourself “Why would news reporters not say anything about it? that don’t make any sense!” and the only thing I can tell you is it makes perfect sense, you are just not ready to accept the truth as to why it is so.

The point is gang-stalking goes on all the time, and we as Americans raised and educated by our government schools system have been taught to not question our government and to always give it our support and benefit of the doubt and to be fully loyal to it, well it’s that very loyalty that blinds most people from the truth of many many things in this world!

Gang-stalking is real, and to wake up to that fact is to also wake up to the fact that our news reporters are flat out hiding it from the American people and make virtually no mention of it!

Sorry people but most people are sheep minded and act like a heard, and as long as the majority of people are calm and not panicked then people stay calm, so when one person tries to speak up saying their being gang-stalked and targeted and desperately try to warn people, to most people this one person appears to be crazy because everyone else around this person is acting calm and acting like nothings wrong!

It is very easy for people to assume someone acting panicked and saying their being gang-stalked to appear mentally ill to other people because other people are not witnessing it and are acting like nothings wrong!

This is one of the main reasons gang-stalkers get away with their crimes because no one will take the victims cries for help seriously and will just presume their mentally ill, and everyone knows police and news reporters love labeling people as mentally ill now don’t they!

Most people reading this may have never knowingly witnessed gang-stalking and cannot relate to it or to victims, but most people do from time to time watch TV news and read up on news blogs from time to time and BOY OH BOY do the police and news reporters just flat out love non-stop labeling people mentally ill now don’t they?

As a matter of fact most people ARE AWARE police and news reporters commonly label people mental and wacko and crazy and love to use terms such as “gun nuts” in describing people that you NEVER EVER GET TO HEAR THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY!

It may not have occurred to most people in the USA but this country is openly Fascist and is openly lying to the American people on a regular basis on the news and is openly controlling the majority of people’s opinions via repeated propaganda in order to control the American people!

Do you disagree with that? well I can assure you the USA government and it’s news reporters commonly lie to the American people, and that this country is so openly Fascist that most Americans are scared to admit they are disgusted with their government out of fear of being targeted BY their government.

Americans feel like they have to be loyal and patriotic to their country or fear being targeted by their country, that is a genuine fear whether news reporters want to admit to it or not!

What does this have to do with gang-stalking? everything! because gang-stalking goes by another term that your police and your news reporters do not want you associating with gang-stalking, it’s called AN INVESTIGATION! DUNH DUNH DUUUUNNNNHHHHH!

Are you starting to see why gang-stalking is extremely common and many times is right in front of many people’s faces yet mosty people do not regognize it, it’s because your very own government and it’s many henchmen/lackey’s do not describe their activity’s as gang-stalking, but they do admit to investigating people, some people they investigate the hell out of!

Victims of gang-stalking have describes themselves as being gang-stalked for several years, well police on occasion have admitted to investigations that last for several years, what a coincidence!

Hoe can this be? victims of gang-stalkers don’t describe the stalkers as uniformed police they describe them as being dressed as civilians!

Easy! because everyone commonly knows police use under cover officer’s that do not while on their job wear any uniform and dress as civili9ans and that under cover police do this ALL THE TIME!

Victims of gang-stalkers say that their stalkers break into their homes and move furniture around but do not steal anything of value!

What a coincidence because when police get a warrant to enter your home they do not always do so when you are home, they are free to do so when you are not home, and police love to plant evidence in their targets home for future prosecution and everyone knows law enforcement loves using video surveillance so you can imagine what police are doing when they remove your wall power outlets and replacing the guts of it with audio and video recording devices!

If you have doubt’s about law enforcement loving their video surveillance then just Google some YouTube video’s of police drug busts and police prostitution stings and watch all the video surveillance law enforcement loves to use to entrap people with! educate yourself!

Victims of gang-stalkers say that they are followed everywhere they go by gang-stalkers and that they interfere with their everyday lives and even destroy their reputations with false accusations!

Well if that don’t describe police following people and questioning people about you thus destroying your reputation i9n the process then I don’t know what is!

Gang-stalkers claim that they get harassed by stalkers that are renting apartments next door to them and that they are always making noises in such a way as to make it known to the victim that their watching your movements inside your home!

See entering your home with warrant when you are not home to bug your home above!

Gang-stalkers always seem to be able to follow you where ever you go even if you leave town!

Police conducting an investigation on you will hell yes follow you everywhere you go and on the spur of the moment can always obtain a apartment near you because ALL landlords and apartment managers ALWAYS cooperate with police investigations!

Many victims say that their foods are being poisoned and that no police will help them!

It is true many police do in fact poison people knowing that it is one of the easiest things police can cover up, not to mention you most likely are not a witness to them poisoning your foods and they can easily deny such an accusation!

You might be saying to yourself right now “How is this possible? people would know if cops are doing this and would be reporting this to the police and even to news papers and news reporters!” and all I can tell you is that you are not ready to hear the truth to the answer to tha5 question!

You! as an American, have been fed all your life propaganda lies by your government and because of those propaganda lies that you believe in you are unable and unwilling to accept the truth that your, our, government is corrupt and that it always has been so, and that are Fascist system has done everything 9in it’s Fascist power to control what and when and how and why we as a people see and know things!

When you are fed propaganda lies all your life telling you that your free and that you have rights and that your government is good and that it protects and guards our rights, that it is near impossible to wake up and accept the fact that it was all lies and our government does not give a damn about my rights or your rights or anyone Else’s rights and that i9t is only interested in controlling everything and everyone and that from time to time our Fascist government sends out it’s thugs to target/destroy people it wants dead/eliminated!

If you know anything at all about police drug busts and police prostitution stings then you know full well police go all out and have in total around thirty officer’s involved in such so-called investigations and that they rely heavily on video surveillance for such activity’s they do and that they flat out entrap people with such tactics!

Well when police gang-stalk/investigate people, individuals, they still go all out and have a couple dozen people target that person on and off there will be at least several people at any given time stalking someone and yes they are being paid to do this and yes they punch out and the new shift takes over, which is why being gang-stalked/targeted can be overwhelming to the victim because the harassing and menacing done by police tends to never stop!

Why do gang-stalkers/police stalk/investigate people? because IT IS THEIR JOB! IT IS HOW THEY MAKE A LIVING! and police have for many many decades concealed their stalking activity’s by covering it up by using the generic term “{investigation” to hide and conceal their real and full activity’s that they are involved in!

Police gang-stalk/investigate people for many reasons, the only reason police will ever admit to is that they suspect the person of a crime thus are investigating that person, but there are many many more reasons police gang-stalk/investigate people!

Most gang-stalking occurs simply because police themselves are already organized and wanting/looking for targets, and any ole thing will do, if a police officer is having an affair with your wife then that’s more than good enough for that cop to put you on a watch lists and yes you will be targeted/gang-stalked/investigated by police and no they will not admit to you you are under investigation at all!

Police are the kind of people that target people, it’s their living, and once they frame their target and get their target in prison, or they murder off their target after terrorizing him/her for a couple of years, they are on the lookout for their next target, in other words they have the mentality of “Who’s next?!” way of thinking!

How can this be? you might be asking, it’s easy, for them anyway, since our system of government has always been this way and that you as a American citizen have always been lied to by your government!

Innocent people get railroaded into prison all the time! what you have never given that any thought in your life? WOW schools really do dumb people down nowadays now don’t they!

Sorry! any chance I get to poke at our corrupt schools I take it, but remember this country has always ALWAYS been this way, and your TV shows and Hollywood movies and other entertainments and life issues and work and life in general have kept most people too busy to verify anything about hardly anything, so people just blindly take the word of our news reporters and our favorite TV shows and favorite Hollywood movies as to how the “REAL”world works, and don’t really question anything!

That my friends is the perfect civilization for a Fascist country to thrive in, a whole country of people that blindly believes what it’s Television tells them is a controlled people!

TV has taught you that when an innocent person gets arrested that it was an honest mistake on the part of authority’s and that the courts give people a fair chance to defend against any allegations and have the right to face their accusers and that their are dozens of witnesses in court to bare witness that the trial was a fair trial!

What a laugh!

The reality is is that when most people are charged with a crime it was several law officer’s that set that person up for the crime, such as planting evidence and entrapping, and police, along with their bros in the news media, will bash the crap out of your name and reputation all over the news and websites and at no time while they do that are you allowed to defend your name and reputation publicly the same way they destroy it, and when you go to trial you see your court room is almost empty because NO ONE CARES and your court appointed defense attorney is only meekly defending you thus giving the case over to the prosecutor, and your own defense attorney will deliberately fail the case thus insuring that you get railroaded into prison, and because it was the work of several officer’s framing you to put you in prison no one will want to help you and court will even help police to cover up any evidence that proves your innocent!

How can this be? because it has always been this way! were you told in school that your government was broken into three sections to diverse the power to help prevent tyranny? were you told that we have the legislative government, the executive government, and the judicial government, and that because their powers are separated that are freedoms are assured or some other such nonsense?

I got news for you then, and your schools and news reporters are mums the word on this and downplay the crap out of it to hide it, your executive government has always controlled the jury pool!

I will give you a minute to think about that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you heard that correct, your police have complete control of the jury pool, and it has always been this way, do you realize what kind of power that is? that means the police can frame anyone they want to with anything, and police can arrange to fill the jury pool with their bros anytime they want t6o to ensure a conviction or a acquittal on anyone over anything!

If a cop murders someone and public pressure wants that cop prosecuted then police simply fill the jury pool with people that are pro police and it does not matter who the prosecutor and the defense attorney selects, because the police have stacked the jury pool with their bros/relatives/friends/people willing to cover cops butts!

You never heard of a stacked jury before? WOW it is amazing how Hollywood erases history by simply not mentioning things to people!

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY! our government is corrupt, it always has been, and it’s lap dogs the news reporters and TV personality’s have done everything i9n their Fascist power to pull the wools over the American people’s eyes!

How many times have you been told the propaganda lie by government and news reporters that most country’s hate our freedoms which is why we are so badly hated all over the world!

Common how many times did you hear that crap back in the 80s and 90s?

Did it ever occur to you that our country is so badly hated because it is openly Fascist towards other country’s and that it is our news reporters that tell us lies to try to hide the Fascism from us?

This country invades one country and then another and then another while the propagandists spin the lies about our freedoms to keep the masses from panicking over all the wars!

Back to gang-stalking, it is our police forces that gang-stalk people, but they themselves do not describe their actions as gang-stalking, police and even news reporters admit that their actions are “investigations” so in essence I have given you the answers to the question “What is gang-stalking” and “Why they do it” so now it boils down to “Are you open minded enough to wake up to the fact that this country is messed up?

Gang-Stalkers And The KKK Have A Lot In Common They Are Run By Law Officer’s!

Everyone has heard of the term “investigation” and that term is mentioned all the time on TV news stations and by press releases issued by police themselves, but no one actually describes what an “investigation” entails and no one describes in detail what “investigators” actually do for several months to several years while they “investigate” someone.

I can tell you what a “investigation” is and define it for you, it means many people in law enforcement is targeting someone.

No surprise there now is there, well the surprise is that when many people in law enforcement are targeting someone then they have it out for that person, period.

If several cops spy/investigate someone they have it out for and that person does nothing wrong, then those investigators will start setting that person up for crimes, what people don’t realize is is that when cops target someone enough to spy on them for months then they just don’t let go of the fact they have it out for that person and they wont give up targeting that person.

Many people in law enforcement target people for sport, lets face it, if you charge a cop with a felony crime do you really think there are anyone within the system that cares? do you?

What we have is a Fascist system and are system i so corrupt that when several people in law enforcement illegally gang-stalk and harass people and frame people and murder people there are no people within government regardless of what country you live in that cares.

A big giant Fascist system will squash any individual and if anyone complains then the system, many many people within the system, will ignore your complaints and pretend your mentally ill to discredit you as a witness.

No one in the system wants to admit publicly that many people within are police forces target people for personal reasons, and there are many sites on the internet that want to to think in terms of “COINTELPRO” or FBI” or “CIA” or some other nonsense term.

OH don’t get me wrong here I have no doubt that those agency’s are responsible for many horrible things, but for the majority of us victims it is local authority’s that do most of the gang-stalking on people.

If you doubt that then call 91 and talk to your local first responders and see for yourself if they care or not, pay attention if you do you will notice a lot of smirking going on between the cops themselves along with any other first responders.

Many websites want you to believe that only important people get targeted or whistle blowers or such, and I am sure many of them do get targeted, but for the majority of people that get targeted get targeted by local authority’s and that they are doing it for sport or for personal reasons that they don’t want you to know about, or both.

There are websites that want people to think that this kind of targeting of people is relatively new in this day and age, and that is just simply false.

Targeting of people have been going on for all of human history, I am an American and know a little of American history, and I can tell you that it has ALWAYS been easy and common for local authority’s in this country to organize gangs of people against people.

Back in the days when the USA was just colony’s in the America;’s under the rule of Great Briton there used to be Witch Hunts in the colony’s and many people were targeted and killed and many many many people joined into all that targeting of people, and all that targeting was done by local authority’s and organized by it.

Back in the 1930’s in the USA it was common to hear about the KKK and many people either feared them or were sympathetic to them and on their side, and it was common especially in the south, but not exclusive to, for there to be many hangings of people that was done publicly by people wearing white hoods and white robes, and those hangings were back then based on accusations of which the accused is never given or afforded a trial over.

I would like to point out that the KKK was very organized back in the 1930’s and was very much known for killing people and not bothering with trials, and back in the 1930’s most people back in the day understood that most people in the KKK were law officer’s and that they are the ones organizing such killings/targeting of human beings.

In the 1930’s there never were people in the KKK that stood trial for all those killings, and it was very understood by people back in the day that it was law officer’s that ran and controlled the KKK back in those days, the KKK was very prominent back in the 1930’s, and it was World War Two that took the KKK out of the spotlight back in the 1930’s.

Now here it is 2013 and when people get targeted by large groupd of people what does our government do when we report it, why our government smirks at us like a bunch of Nazi’s and pretends mental illness to discredit us as witnesses and as victims.

So our own governments ignore history of organized crime/criminal and attacks the credibility of the victims/witnesses, why this is no different than how people were treated almost a hundred years ago if they got targeted by the KKK, it’s no different.

The KKK used to kill people all the time and the KKK controlled our community’s back around the 1930’s especially in the south, and nowadays if anyone tries to report organized crime/gang-activity’s then the person reporting such crimes gets labeled mental.

I am sure you people can Google some photo’s of the KKK marching the streets at our DC capital back in the 1930’s, they were organized and they targeted people and they killed people and they acted outside our laws and got away with it because it was law officer’s that were running that criminal organization back then, and our schools systems now in America wants people to believe that people NEVER organize for criminal activity’s and instead wants people to believe that when someone speaks up about such crimes to think of them as mentally ill.and to ignore them.

The next time your Fascist government officer’s look you in the face and smirk at you for reporting you are a victim of gang-stalking just remember it is law officer’s that run and organize gang-stalking and they have a history of it, so when those officer’s smirk at you you will know WHY they are smirking, because they are the ones that are guilty, and their smirking because they are flaunting it.

My two cents.

Terry Wagar