Belated December 12th VLOG! Sting Operatives Caught On Video Pounding Under My Kitchen Sink As Well As My Wall Next To Me!

On December 12th 2014 I was typing a complaint online to the owners of the apartment building where I live about sting operatives and the apartment manager working together to poison me off using a water filtration system they had hidden under my kitchen sink, when the next for neighbors began pounding under their kitchen sink which is next to my sink!

I started recording this VLOG to catch them pounding under the kitchen sink of which can be heard at the very beginning of this VLOG!

As I explain what is going on through my VLOG the neighbors on the other side of my apartment begin pounding on my wall right next to where I am sitting!

This is just one out of many times these murderous sting operatives FLAUNT the fact they have their victims surrounded with intent to intimidate/terrorize, and this is one of those rare times where I actually am able to catch it on video/audio!

Sting operatives are organized and are murderers and don’t give a damn if their victims know it, and they fucked me and my family over so bad I can care less about their threats!

Terry Wagar

I Am Cut Off From The Rest Of The Internet World! UPDATE!

No matter what search engine I use and no matter what word or phrase I type on a search engine I can only get around FIFTY pages to load or less!

I believe the FBI or another police agency is isolating me cutting me off from the rest of the world on the internet to prevent me from finding or getting any help!

I can type easy simple words such as dog or cat in ANY search engine and at best I get around FIFTY pages and that’s it, I known damn well I SHOULD be getting millions of pages for THOSE type of words!

It’s impossible for victims of cops to report cops crimes and their whores crimes because police just cut off their victim from communicating with the rest of the world!

No matter what I type I get the same crappy fifty pages or less regardless of what search engine I use and no matter what word or phrase I type, I bet those fifty pages or less are all canned sites fake sights made by law enforcement, government mock sites to give the impression I am communicating with the outside world when in fact they have me in a virtual bubble with only fifty pages or less regardless of what I type in search engines!

Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Pay Females Ten Thousand Dollars To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they pay females TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to back up false pedophile charges on the police/sheriff’s innocent target!

Police and sheriff’s call this pedofying and they bragged to their girlfriends at Clackamas Walmart that they kill off people by pedofying people, and they usually print out flyers after they build a false case using doubles and getting/recruiting people to lie for them!

Police/sheriff’s usually surround their target/victims apartment by taking over the surrounding apartments in order to control the surrounding area and then they stage crimes using doubles, and police/sheriff’s have no qualms using doubles and paying civilians to back up false charges on their target!

Pedofying is a common form of murder police/sheriff’s use to get away with murder, vilifying their target as a pedophile causes their target to be cut off from help and support, and no defense attorney will ever admit in criminal court police/sheriff’s frame people so it is impossible for framed innocent people to get a fair trial!

The system is so corrupt that everyone involved in courts will not admit or acknowledge that police/sheriff’s use doubles and pay people to lie for them, so almost everyone falsely charged gets railroaded into prison by our Fascist American justice system!

Everyone knows police/sheriff’s have their very own slang terms and many are in dictionary’s, but some slang terms they use are not officially recognized even though police/sheriff’s commonly use them, and the terms pedofy, pedofying, and pedofied are among their common slang terms they use!

They do not want to admit to those terms, but that don’t stop them from pedofying people using flyers and TV news stations and news websites and they even rely on schools to help them pedofy people!


I became a victim of gang-stalkers and the God damn gang-stalkers are none other than my wife Joan Wagar and her F-buddy’s in the Multnomah county jail where my wife worked at the time in 1999!

They planned it all out too, when county sheriff’s decided to frame me as a pedophile they told my wife Joan to quit her job because it would not look good for her to work their while the county sheriff’s frame and charge me, so my wife quit and lied to me about why and then she and her side of the family celebrated the county sheriff’s decision to frame me and they were not hiding the fact they were celebrating but they did not want me to know why!

The very next day my wife Joan’s F-buddy’s at the county jail were putting on 72 hour notices on our neighbors doors to evict them so they could take over those apartments and they turned my landlord against me and my landlord did not even try to hide that from me!

Four days later right after our next door neighbors moved out the county sheriff’s took immediate possession of the next door apartment and began moving police equipment into that apartment!

The next day after my wife Joan secretly met with her lovers the county sheriff’s she announced out of the blue “Were all going to the beach today!” and I asked her suspiciously “why all of a sudden you want us all out of town for a day?” and she sheepishly lied saying “I just thought of it as I was going shopping!” so we all go to the beach and even rent a motel room!

The next day we get back to our apartment after that trip and just as I suspected our apartment was broken into and there was damage, blatant damage! but nothing of value was stolen! my gut instincts told me her lovers/buddy’s broke in and bugged our home, and five minutes later my wife Joan noticed the damage and she grinned at it but said nothing to me about it, and she grabbed her cellphone and went straight to the bathroom with it and once inside the bathroom she called up her sister Vickie Rosales and told her about how her lovers/buddy’s did damage in our living room and that she wanted her to come over to look at it!

After my wife Joan left the bathroom she said nothing to me about any of it, so she was trying to hide it from me, and the next morning my wife Joan’s sister Vickie Rosales shows up for a visit and she goes straight to the damage and looks at it and she grins at it, and from that point both my wife and her sister were talking to each other in my presence making small talk, avoiding the topic of the damage, but both were grinning ear to ear at each other over it!

From this point forward my wife Joan and everyone on her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were acting as though they were performing for video surveillance cameras, I literally felt like I stepped into a TV show like “Leave it to Beaver” show where my wife and her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were faking being the most innocent people on the face of the earth! they were NOT acting like themselves anymore!

A week later I discovered that my mother was being pressured into allowing a look-a-like of me to move in with her in the state she lived in, my mother lived in Utah at the time and I lived in Oregon, so a little over two weeks after my wife quit her job at the county jail kitchen I find out that multiple people in Utah were PRESSURING my disabled mother into allowing a dude that looks like me move in with her!


The next two months my wife Joan and her sister Vickie spent turning my yard into a playground with expensive pools and trampolines while the double in Utah concentrated on talking my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that they BOTH can come to my apartment in Oregon!

By the time my wife and her sister turned my yard into a playground that double and my mother showed up and they wanted it to be a surprise, it was the doubles idea to show up by surprise, and it was that doubles idea to make sure him and my mother arrive flat broke so I would be obliged to allow them to stay with us!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s were staging all kinds of crimes in my neighborhood after this and were staging emergency’s to get me off my property so the county sheriff’s could use that look-a-like around our daughters, and at the same damn time the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s were heavily gang-stalking and harassing my father, my father lived on the other side of town and he did not have a phone and had no way of warning me about it unless he takes a bus to visit me!

Around a month of total hell going on I kicked that double off my property after he got his SSI check, and a fucking week later that fucking double the county sheriff’s hooked my m,other up with battered my mother, and the Portland police refused to arrest him for it and even allowed that double to keep my mother’s motor home! so I had to bring my mother home with me, minus her motor home that double fleeced from her!

A month later my mother was poisoned by my wife Joan, and my mother called 911, and the Portland police, being the pedophiles and murderers they are, covered up my mothers call for help and did not act in any way on her complaint!

Around the same time on the other side of town my father was being gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed cops and they poisoned him by breaking into his home and poisoning something inside his apartment!

While my father was debilitated from being poisoned he was terrorized in his home while he was bedridden by those plain clothed cops and they were yelling threats at him from the hallway where he lived!

After a couple weeks he tried to visit me by taking the bus over to my place, but my lying backstabbing whore of a wife made sure I was not home for his visit, because police warned her to get me out of my apartment because my father was on his way over and they did not want me finding out they poisoned him as well!

It was pure chance that I saw him at the bus stop on his way back to his apartment and I told my wife to pull over so I could talk to my father, and at the bus stop my father told me everything those bastard under cover cops did to him and he did so fearing for his safety and my safety and for my family’s safety, and while he is telling me what they did to him, I could hear my wife thirty feet away in our car telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car to stand next to me for the video surveillance cameras, and she did what she told her to do!

So as my father is describing a murder conspiracy he is a victim of by under cover police my wife was telling our daughter to stand next to me for her F-buddy’s in law enforcements video surveillance cameras!

I gave my father some quick advice and warned him I cannot talk about this in my daughters presence and told him I will try to cover over as soon as I can to talk with him!



Three days later my father died! and it was a Multnomah county sheriff that came to my door to tell me about it, he claimed my father died of a heart attack! I knew that was bullshit! and after the county sheriff told me this he grinned/smirked and said “Before I came over to tell you this I entered your fathers home to remove his meds!” and then he left!


From this point forward my wife and her sister and our oldest daughter were not hiding their murder conspiracy from me and they were all grins and were filling my home with pedophile paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls and the county sheriff’s that had the apartment next door to ours were regularly passing cards through our oldest daughters bedroom window to her and those cards had printed paragraphs on them and our daughter was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they are her own words!
As they did this I was getting daily phone threats from two different under cover officer’s that were blatantly lying about who they were and were making demands and threats, the kind of threats and demands that suggested they are the ones that murdered my father and they wanted and threatened that they were going to frame me for his murder!

I was surrounded by these killers and they were not hiding their guilt and they already demonstrated how easy it is for them to cover up calls for help and demonstrated what happens when someone speaks up about them, I am not a coward! if it was just my life on the line I would have acted in self defense right then and there! but because I had three daughters, two of which were innocents at the time of this occurring, I did nothing and I shut the fuck up for my daughters sake and for the most part did as I was being blackmailed to do!

A month later I was formally charged on forty four pedophile charges! THAT TURNED TO ZERO TEN DAYS LATER! WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION!

So don’t fucking tell me this garbage about gang-stalkers being everyone BUT cops! because I FUCKING KNOW BETTER!




Comparing Prostitution Stings To Organized Gang Stalking And Pointing Out Similarity’s Between The Two!

There are a lot of people making mention of gang-stalking nowadays on the internet even though most people are still unaware of it or what it is, and there are a lot of people claiming to be victims of gang-stalking but do not clearly define who gang-stalkers are, and what seems to be ignored by most is how and why do organized people stalk people in the first place.

Well I am going to tackle this for you since I myself am a victim of gang-stalking and am familiar with their tactics and motivations and reasons for doing what they do.

Many people that claim they are victims of gang-stalking never make any mention of law enforcement, at all, and the reason they do this is because most people that claim they are gang-stalked are lying and are trying to distract real victims from the truth.

The truth is it is law enforcement themselves that do 99% of all gang-stalking and run gang-stalking and organize gang-stalking and fund gang-stalking, and our police forces and even news reporters try their best to distract people from the truth by putting out misinformation all over the internet!

Most reported claims of being victims of gang-stalking are false story’s made up by police themselves to distract real victims trying to learn about gang-stalking on the internet.

It is hard to explain gang-stalking to people because the term gang-stalking is a relatively new term coined by our own government and the term itself is misleading because the term gang-stalking implies it is other people and not law enforcement doing it, but it is the common term most people use therefore I use it only to make it known to those who wish to learn about it.

If anyone being targeted by multiple people tries to look this up on the internet by doing Google searches one of the first things they will find is the term “Gang-Stalking” and they will go from there, unfortunately most info they find on that term leads to multiple people claiming their being gang-stalked but at the same time admit they are mentally ill.

This is why it is so hard for real victims to find help/information on the internet and why most victims of gang-stalking are literally isolated from finding help, real help.

The reason Google searching the term gang-stalking does not find any real help is because it is police themselves that coined that term and they link that term to all kinds of false story’s with false information.

If you want a more accurate term to describe it then it would be more accurate to call it Police-Gang-Stalking since most gang-stalking is done by police, another way to put it which would be more accurate than gang-stalking is Organized Crime By Police.

It is hard for most people to accept that their police forces are conducting organized crimes because of all the non-stop propaganda news reporters in America spew out so I will try to explain it in terms that you can probably understand by comparing gang-stalking with other police operations such as prostitution stings as a comparison.

News reporters and police themselves admit to prostitution stings and even Hollywood movies and TV shows admit police do conduct prostitution stings, so lets compare that with gang-stalking and their similarity’s

Prostitution stings.

When police conduct a prostitution sting they need to select a place to do it at, lets say they pick a place where there is a motel involved, so police contact the owner/manager of the motel in advance and inform them that police will be taking over the area for such and such amount of time for their operations/investigations, and owners/managers always cooperate with police and will submit their faculty’s to the police for their operations.


Well when police are investigating/gang-stalking an individual that lives at an apartment building then police will contact the owner/apartment manager and inform them that they have a tenant they are investigating and that they will need to evict nearby renters of their target to take control of those apartments for their investigations, and apartment owners/managers always cooperate with police investigations and will help police in taking possession of the surrounding apartments surrounding their target.

Prostitution stings.

After police take full control of the surrounding area they will bug the motel with audio and video recording equipment and will have several under cover officer’s manning several apartments to maintain full control of the area, and then police have their female trained officer’s and sometimes their trained girlfriends start “Performing” for video and audio surveillance cameras around the motel area.


After police take control of the surrounding area surrounding their target by taking over several apartments surrounding their target they start putting in place all over the surrounding area video and audio recording devices near the targets apartments and even inside their targets apartment when the target is not home, and then police will place several under cover officer’s in those apartments they took over as neighbor tenants and they will start “Performing” for video surveillance cameras around their targets home.

Prostitution sting.

The trained female officer’s are dressed like prostitutes and will parade around the block drawing attention to themselves and performing for video surveillance cameras, they are trained to look and act for video surveillance and their only goal is to put on a show for video surveillance and to engage men in conversations, they will trow themselves at men in order to make the men look bad on video, and these trained female officer’s will stop and harass any man walking down the sidewalk for a light or a cigarette or ask for spare change in order to get a hand-to-hand exchange on video surveillance.


Now that police have taken over the surrounding area of their target and got the area inder video surveillance the trained under cover officer’s that act as tenants will “perform” for video surveillance and will make false accusations about their target in their neighborhoods to destroy their targets reputation, under cover police will stage crimes using look-a-likes dressed like their target hanging around the targets home and police will get that on video surveillance in order to build a case against their target.

Prostitution sting.

There is no time limit on prostitution stings therefore they last until police choose to end them, and police themselves enjoy entrapping people and framing people and the female officer’s don’t hide the fact they enjoy pretending to be prostitutes to frame/entrap men, and motel managers will never admit to their costumers that police are using their facility’s for entrapping people and are mums the word to their customers about police taking control of their area/operations and thus are willing liars for police.

When police gang-stalk someone they don’t just take over the surrounding area of their targets home, they also will put a couple of under cover officer’s at the targets place of employment as well and will get the cooperation of the targets employer to put a couple under cover officer’s as coworkers to the target in order to control/effect the targets life where he/she works, and employers always cooperates with investigations.

Police will invade every aspect of their targets life, they want to know who the targets friends/relatives/coworkers are and they take over the targets life and destroy their life by interfering in interfering important to the target!

Police will recruit the targets spouse into an affair, they will turn the targets own children against them, they will turn the targets landlord/apartment manager against them, they will turn the targets neighbors against him/her with false accusations/rumors and it’s all done under the pretense of conducting an investigation.

Police have no time limit when they conduct these so called investigations and can target someone this way for several months to several years, it depends on how much law enforcement hates the person and how personal it is for law enforcement to destroy their targets life!

Under cover officer’s that gang-stalk their targets enjoy terrorizing their targets and enjoy destroying their targets reputation knowing it will turn an entire neighborhood against their target, and people that are gang-stalked by police usually end up in prison framed for a crime or end up dead.

Both prostitution stings and gang-stalking are done and conducted and operated and funded by law enforcement and with each operation police use under cover officer’s of which they refuse to identify publicly and those under cover officer’s use practiced trained techniques to entrap/frame people and are trained to perform for video and audio surveillance cameras!

Police usually take control of a given area surrounding the location where there targets are and they use as a minimum several under cover officer’s in these operations!

When police do prostitution stings there are around thirty officer’s involved in such stings and the operation goes on for a couple months, when police gang-stalk people their are at all times several under cover officer’s assigned onto their target and they control the surrounding area of their target

Police never do things in small ways, most all operations conducted by police are done by a minimum of several officer’s.

I hope this information may help someone that is being gang-stalked and once again I use the term gang-stalked only because it is the term that most likely shows up on Google searches but it would be more accurate to call it Police-Gang-Stalking and or Police Organized Crime since it is police that do this.

One more thing, there are many people that are bros and girlfriends to police that join in on gang-stalking people so there are people that are not in law enforcement that also target people by gang-stalking, but it is almost always started by law enforcement and funded by law enforcement and organized by law enforcement and thus it is protected by law enforcement as a result.


The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Are Womanizing With People’s Wives And Giving Them Permission To Poison Off Husbands For Life Insurance Money’s!

My name is Terry Wagar, I had a wife and three children, and my life and my relatives on my side of the family were destroyed when my wife Joan Wagar started sleeping around with and palling around with law enforcement officer’s!

While my wife was cheating on me with law officer’s I and my relatives were systematically being targeted and killed off by law officer’s and police concealed their criminal activity’s by operating under the pretense of conducting an investigation!

Under the pretense of an investigation police were sleeping around and palling around with my wife and members of her side of the family and were spying on me and members of my side of the family and in essence were interfering in our lives in such away as to destroy our lives literally!

Law enforcement officer’s were helping my wife and her side of the family to frame me as a pedophile, and at the same time in another state police hooked my divorced mother up with a look-a-like of me, and that look-a-like convinced my mother to sell her home so that they could buy a motor home, of which the look-a-like purchased with my mothers money and he put the motor home in his name, in effect stealing the money from my mother!

While this went on my father lived on the other side of town in the same town I live in and plain clothed law officer’s were gang-stalking him and terrorizing him and were staging crimes in front of him daring him to do something about it!

Everyone knows police stage crap and fake crap all the time but most people never really give it much thought, we all know cops take over certain areas to stage drug busts and prostitution stings and pay officer’s to stage crimes by acting as drug dealers or prostitutes, that is common knowledge police do this, well I discovered the hard way along with my side of the family that police also do their street performances when they are targeting individuals as well!

This targeting of me and my side of the family was personal on the part of law enforcement sense law officer’s were palling around and sleeping around with my wife and with other members of her side of the family, and the fact that they tried to hide their connections while they terrorized my side of the family and spent money in trying to frame me is enough to know they actively try to hide their motives!

My mother was battered by that look-a-like that police set her up with and police refused to arrest him and refused to allow my mother to keep that motor home that they purchased with HER MONEY and my mother was poisoned by my wife after that, and around the same time on the other side of town my father was poisoned by the plain clothed officer’s that were gang-stalking and harassing him!

After my father warned me about it the police and county sheriff’s murdered him, and from that point forward I was getting daily threatening phone calls from a couple of police officer’s threatening me and making demands!

For all intents and purposes law enforcement officer’s that were targeting me and my sidfe of the family were threatening me and blackmailing me into silence and they were not hiding the fact as to what happens when someone speaks up about them!

My wife Joan Wagar is a paid whore to the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and she and her female relatives will do anything for their f-buddy’s in law enforcement! anything!

They will poison anyone police want dead with antifreeze and they will at the very same time run around the victims neighborhood and label their poisoned debilitated victim a pedophile so no one will care if the person was poisoned, they were taught how to do this by police and county sheriff’s, they call it pedofying!

Police and county sheriff’s are always pedofying people, and that’s the term they use to describe it when they are talking with their bros/girlfriends/fellow officer’s, and pedofying people is one of the most common things police do in any major city in the USA!

Once in a blue moon you hear about police doing a drug bust or a prostitution sting, but when it comes to pedofying people THAT is a every day thing police do, and news reporters are major accomplices to the police when it comes to pedfofying people!

Police are womanizers and grant their new girlfriends permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money’s all the time in this country, and police teach their girlfriends how to pedofy their husbands to cut their husband off from any form of help and support in the neighborhood by pedofying them!

This is a common form of murder that goes on all over the USA and news reporters are mums the word on all the deaths associated with police and their girlfriends running around and pedofying people!

Most pedofying done by police and their girlfriends are done at the local level because if it was not done that way the people would be hearing about hundreds and hundreds of people being pedofied at the same time, so police and their girlfriends mostly pedofy people at the local level!

For instance if someone lives in a certain neighborhood that police and their girlfriends want pedofied then they will contact one local school within that one neighborhood and have only that one school print flyers calling so and so a pedophile!

That is how police pedofy people and turn hundreds of people against someone over night, but what most people don’t realize it is only THAT ONE SCHOOL that is printing the flyers, not all the schools in town!

Police have to do it this way because with the shear amount of people they pedofy in one given town the whole town would be awash in flyers all the time none stop with all the pedofying police do!

Sounds weird don’t it, does not make sense to normal people reading this does it, well it makes perfect sense to you police and to news reporters sense police are at any given time pedofying around twenty or thirty people at the same time!

This is why most people that are being pedofied are never mentioned on TV news until police Formally charge them, but the pedofyoing police and their girlfriends do goes on for several months before police do an actual arrest!

Just like police pay under cover females to pretend to be prostitutes police will also pay look-a-likes of the people they pedofy to follow children around in a neighborhood and police will take side shot and back shot photogenic photo’s of the double doing this for them to fabricate a case against an innocent person!

Everyone knows police do drug busts and prositution stings from time to time and that they use under cover officer’s to perform for video survilence cameras to frame/entrap people on the streets, this is common knowledge, well when police pedofy people, (which is a far more common thing police do to people) they pay under cover officer’s to stage cr5imes in the targets neighborhood and they also pay photo doubles to act “suspicions” when they are around children, and police will get fuzzy video surveillance of that and will even use photogenic photo’s staging crimes this way to set people up as pedophiles!

There are teams of people in law enforcement that are trained to frame people as pedophiles and they use these tactics over several months to frame innocent people as pedophiles, and of course police go out of their way to completely destroy their targets reputation by making their false allegations as public as possible!

Most people don’t realize it because our news reporters are fucking mums the word on it but most people police pedofy end up dead within five years after they are pedofied, and it has been this way for many decades, so pedofying people is premeditated murder and police know this, pedofying people gets people killed, which is why pedfofying people is so common with police!

Anyone police have it out for and want dead 5hey pedofy whether there is a trial or not! and even news reporters help police in these killings by pedofying people on their webpages and at no time are the people that are being pedofied allowed to give their side of the story publicly, so people that are publicly pedofied by police are not allowed or afforded the right to defend their name and reputation publicly!

I don’t care whsat town you live in, it don’t matter, because all police pedofy people they want dead, and pedofying of people is way WAY more common than any drug busts or prostitution stings for the most part pedofying people has become a sport to police!

It has become popular for many young adults and teenagers to pedofy people because pedofying has become popular with this new generation, there are many YouTubers that will at the drop of a hat call someone a pedophile, many do it as a joke, many do it just to make their buddy’s laugh at the expense of someones name and reputation, but that is a good example as to how there are many many people that throw around that pedophile term knowing the person did nothing wrong but they want to attack that persons name and reputation anyway just to appear to be cool to their buddy’s!

Unlike YouTubers pedofying people for jokes or for laughs the police do it KNOWING it will get that person killed off, and it is the police themselves that describe their activity’s AS pedofying people!

Pedofying is one of the most co0mmon forms of activity police are involved in and they frame people as pedophiles pretty much the same way they conduct drug busts and prostitution stings, they take control of the surrounding area of their targets home and plant several under cover officer’s into apartments and or homes surrounding their target, and they stage crimes using look-a-likes dressed like their target and they perform for video surveillance to build a fabricated case and will spend several months doing this!

Police pay female officer’s to dress up like prostitutes and harass men on the streets and they perform FOR video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap men on the streets, well when police frame someone as a pedophile they pay female officer’s that have children to be a neighbor to the target and to make false pedophile accusations about the target to frame/set up the3 target!!

If police don’t have a female officer on the force that have young children to do this then police look into their reserve of girlfriends that have children to volunteer to help them set the person up, police usually pay these woman and their children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to live in an apartment next door or near the police targets and police coach the woman and their children how to perform for their video surveillance cameras!


Police will coach those children to play in front of the targets home/apartment and to make verbal pedophile accusations about the target, they are coached by police to pretend that the person in the apartment stood at the window with his dick hanging out, and the children are TOLD TO SAY THIS OUT LOUD BY THE POLICE SO POLICE CAN GET IT ON VIDEO SURVEILLANCE!

This is how police frame/stage crimes and just like they pay actors to be prostitutes and actors to pretend to be drug dealers police also pay children to hand out in front of people’s homes and to make false pedophile accusations!

Nine times out of ten when police do this to someone that person gets publicly pedofied on websites and police never reveal WHO the accusers are, the reason for this is because the police have no intention of having a trial at all, they just want to pedfofy the person, so police will publicly accuse someone of being a pedophile on websites but never give you the names of the accusers!

The same way under cover female officer’s act like prostitutes for video surveillance cameras to frame people as John’s is the same way under cover female officer’s or girlfriends of officer’s with children act like victims for video surveillance cameras to frame people as pedophiles!

Each time they are being directed by several law officer’s that have taken control of the surrounding areas and it’s all done under the pretense of them conducting investigations!

Don’t ever forget landlords and apartment managers ALWAYS cooperate with these operations so civilians take part in framing innocent people and helping police in framing people, all done under the pretense of an investigation!

Police direct the children in much the same way they direct their female officer’s that pretend to be on the streets as prostitutes and will harass people on the streets asking for a light or asking for a cigarette or asking people for spare change just so they can get a hand-to-hand exchange on video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap the person!

People are framed as pedophiles in pretty much the same way, police take control of the surrounding area around the targets home, and they plant their girlfriends that have children in apartments next to yours, and because they are your neighbors you have no way of avoiding them!

Every time you step outside of your apartment the mothers in those apartments next to yours will tell the children to go outside and they will immediately point at you and use say the word “pedo” while they grin and play, and every time you leave your home or go to home those children will be out their hanging around your home area, they are doing this because they are told to for the video surveillance cameras!

Police can get a ton of video’s of you near children this way and it makes it easier for police to frame you when it comes time for police to back up formal charges against you!

The same way police frame people for drugs or for prostitution is the same way they frame people as pedophiles, a bunch of performers putting on a show for video surveillance just to make you look bad on video/film when you are actually doing nothing more than leaving or entering your home!

You would be surprised at how disgusting police are, and police have used these tactics to frame people for fucking decades, and most people police frame as pedophiles do not survive it so it is premeditated murder on the part of police to pedofy people,cops and their girlfriends/whores love performing for police video surveillance cameras! they don’t hide the fact they have fun while they perform for video surveillance so it is sport for organized officer’s to frame people this way and they don’t really hide the fact they have fun setting people up this way!

How Many People Are Behind Prison Walls Because Police Used Photogenic Photo’s To Frame Them?

How many people are behind prison walls because police framed them using photogenic photo’s? because I have detective Brian Assmus and officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray along with several other people admitting they committed a murder and that they got it on photogenic photo’s and that they used a body double to frame me for the crime!

How many people behind prison walls can get a retrial because police are now caught on a audio recorder admitting to killing someone and framing someone for it using photo doubles and photogenic?

Do you people have friends or relatives that are behind prison walls because police got them convicted on photogenic evidence?

Do you realize how common it is for police to use photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame/convict innocent people?

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

I am a victim of a murder conspiracy, my wife was having an affair with a cop that was a close look-a-like of me, and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like I tried tyo warn people about it, and my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

For the next couple years I have been gang-stalked by my wife’s lover and by his buddy’s in law enforcement and I have been repeatedly poisoned by my wife and her lover in the Portland police department and the police repeatedly interfered with me getting any help from 911 or from a hospital!

To be poisoned is much like being shot with a gun, there is bleeding and organ damage, but the wounds are internal not external, but because poisoning does damage on the inside it is very easy for cops to ignore and complaint about being poisoned and police in Portland cover up poisonings by pretending the victim is mentally ill.

At the hospital the police repeatedly interfered with me getting medical treatment, at one point my doctor realized I was poisoned and he ordered a toxicology test to be taken.

But five minutes later police officer’s were in the hallway outside my e,r, room and they were labeling me to my doctor as a bad guy, repeatedly, until my doctor got the hint to walk off and to not take a toxicology test.

In 2006 my wife Joan Wagar confessed in her diary she is a poisoner and she admitted to my face she is a poisoner, I called 911, and while I was talking to the 911 operator my wife attacked me and tried to knock me down the stairs, I calmed her down by talking to her until police arrived, and when the police arrived they started treating me like a criminal and were assaulting me and threatening me, and my wife was smirking during this.

No first responder took my info no one asked me if I needed help and I was left there completely denied emergency services and the first responders left without taking any info from me at all about my 911 call.

In 2007 my wife poisoned me again and I went to the hospital, and I had severe internal bleeding, and the hospital admitted to that on there paperwork, but the hospital once again refused to take a toxicology test and only took an MRI and then the doctor started acting like he did not know what’s wrong.

I was never even given an examination by a doctor, I was just given liquid to drink and then had an MRI taken, at no time was my vitals taken and no examination took place, I was lat out denied any help because of their cover up of me being poisoned.

In 2008 I was desperately trying to find help, I was badly poisoned and debilitated and knew 911 will not get me help and in 2008 I did not have use of a phone, so I did the next best thing I could, I sent emails to police and state police and to FBI and to INTERPOL and to local hospitals and any other place I thought at the time might help me.

I sent copy’s of my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and I sent copy’s of my wife’s lover’s love letter to show that my wife was having an affair with a cop, I was asking my hospital for help, I even left phone messages with my hospital telling them that police will not help me when I contact 911.

This document is a Portland police officer’s response to my calls for help, a Sgt Walker of the Portland police and a representative of my hospital is admitting in writting that they are covering up all my calls for help and my 911 calls for help and my emergency visits to the hospital by pretending that any contact that I make with them is “Electronic Harassment” and they are pretending to know nothing about me being poisoned and they are covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and they are acting like they know nothing about the severe internal bleeding and severe pain I was in!

In WRITING they are admitting to covering up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP AND EMERGENCY VISITS TO THE HOSPITAL by pretending all contact with them is “Electronic Harassment” since when is calling 911 or going to a hospital or reporting a poisoner amounts to “Electronic Harassment”!?

Sgt Walker is guilty of denial of emergency services and is an accomplice to my wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson’s crimes and Sgt Walker is covering up all my calls for help and is covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she uses antifreeze as poison!

A lot of deaths occurred in our family while the Portland police covers up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP!

Sgt Walker does not want me as a witness she just wants me dead, and because of this ALL hospitals in my area are refusing to help me.

A family member that was living with my wife at the time of this document died around this time.

Joan Wagar Lies With A Denial Letter!

Joan Wagar Lies With A Denial Letter!

After multiple confessions by Joan Wagar that she is sleeping around with a cop and that she is a poisoner and a week after my 911 call was covered up by Portland police, my wife Joan Wagar decided to deny some of the accusations I made about her affair with officer Eric Carlson and about her use of antifreeze as poison.

Joan Wagar is pretty much lying about everything in this denial letter, about the only truthful thing she admits to is her affair with Eric Carlson, but the DETAILS of her affair are all lies, and she is lying about officer Eric Carlson and his partners true profession because at this time she was still trying to hide the fact that they are cops.

Joan Wagar is also lying about two of the three men’s appearances because she is still under the impression at the time of writing this that I did not know officer Eric Carlson was a close look-a-like compared to me so my wife falsely and blatantly is lying about officer Eric Carlson’s true appearance as well as his partner and brother Shannon’s appearance.

Joan Wagar is also describing a man connected with those other two men, she calls him David, and she pretends to never see him, well at the time of Joan Wagar writing this denial letter her daughter Megan Wagar was pregnant with this David’s baby at the time, so Joan Wagar is lying about never being around that man as well.

I have every reason to believe that this David was an under cover cop and that he and my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson and his partner/brother Shannon gave my wife permission to poison me to death.

I was a plasma donor when Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash was actively using antifreeze to poison me to death and three plasma donors lived under our roof at the time my wife Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter.

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Used Their Nicknames Doubleclick And Mrs Dash In Love Letters!

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Used Their Nicknames Doubleclick And Mrs Dash In Love Letters!

Officer Eric Carlson was a close look-a-like compared to me and he was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar, and my wife and her coworkers nicknamed officer Eric Carlson “Doubleclick” because he dyed his hair to match mine, and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like I tried to warn people about it and that’s when my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee! Two weeks later my wife’s coworkers were calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash and she was actively using both nicknames in her cellphone! Everyone in the family was trying at the time to conceal their affair from me and they pretended nothings wrong when my wife poisoned me! This is a Portland police officer’s signed love letter he wrote my wife after my wife poisoned me!