Out Of Control Sting Operations In Portland Oregon!

Very view people have first hand knowledge on how law enforcement “Does Things” and rely on TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies to inform them about how their law agency’s operate.

I can tell you that you have not the faintest clue how cops and sheriff’s really are or what they are about, your TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies constantly lie to people about how our government works and how law enforcement does things!

Your government is corrupt, it always has been so, and news media has always lied to the masses about how things work in this country we call the USA, police literally run this country like dictators and can care less about the laws and think of laws the same way they think of everything on their belts, it’s just another weapon they can use against you, just like they use their guns or their billy clubs.

Wiki the term “Sting Operation” and you will find a very very VERY brief definition of sting operation, the reason it is brief is because police and your government and your news reporters do not want you knowing about them in a detailed manner, the reason for that is because almost everything police do they do under the pretense of conducting a sting operation!

As long as police operate under the pretense of a sting operation they are allowed to do whatever they want to, they are free to lie about it and not be charged with a crime, they are free to recruit people into conspiracy’s, their free to gang-stalk people and harass people and to terrorize people, their free to stage crimes using doubles for the purpose of framing their targets, their free to pay informants/civilian operatives to lie about someone to frame people, and the whole system including our news reporters constantly look the other way to cover up their crimes and to keep people in the dark about police operations!

A victim of a sting operation cannot get help in the USA because no first responder will take a complaint on sting operations, no one does, attorney’s don’t even take complaints on sting operations, if a victim of a sting operation gets battered by police then the doctors at thew hospital will not take the complaint!

Our whole system is set up to cover police operations at the cost of civilian lives and no one takes complaints about police operations!

I and my side of the family were victims to a police sting operation started by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and by the Portland police, they recruited my wife and everyone on her side of the family into that sting operation and they were trying to hide that from me and my side of the family!

Authority’s paid my wife and her side of the family to turn my yard into a playground with multiple pools and large trampolines and expensive telescopes in our yard and to fill my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, they were PAID to do this by the county sheriff’s, and it was the county sheriff’s that arranged to get a look-a-like, a double, onto my property!

After I kicked this double off my property that double battered my disabled mother and police allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

Right after this my wife and her buddy’s in law enforcement POISONED my mother and father, my mothers 911 call was covered up by police and county sheriff’s and my father was murdered by them after he warned me it was law officer’s that poisoned him!

I was getting threatening phone calls daily after that by law officer’s making threats and demands, they were blackmailing me after they poisoned my mother and father!

They did all this to me and my side of the family and they recruited civilians into it, and it was all done under the pretense of them conducting a sting operation!

They could care less if I knew what they did or what they are guilty of, the whole system is corrupt, they demonstrated how easy it is for them to frame people using doubles, they demonstrated they can battered disabled people using doubles and get away with it, they demonstrated the fact they can poison people and cover up those victims calls for help, and they demonstrated I had no where to turn to for help after they murdered my father!

When police do sting operations they take full control over the surrounding area of their target, they recruit family members against their target and they freely admit they do this in sting operations, they stage crimes using doubles in the controlled area in order to frame their target, and they have no qualms at all with sleeping around with their targets wife while they fake a sting operation!

Your government wants the masses to be as ignorant about sting operations as posible, and your government refuses to take complaints from victims of corrupt sting operations! NO ONE TAKES COMPLAINTS ON POLICE STING OPERATIONS BECAUSE OUR WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT!

Police commonly recruit children into sting operations to frame/entrap people and police commonly use doubles with children in order to frame their target as a pedophile, they even have a name for it they call it pedofying!

So police and county sheriff’s commonly all over the USA commonly use doubles and children to stage crimes and they get the double on photogenic photo’s in order to frame their target as a pedophile and they call it pedofying!

Sting operations are all about multiple organized law officer’s recruiting civilians into being civilian operatives for the purpose of staging crimes in order to frame/blame their target, and sting officer’s teach civilian operatives how to frame people, how to perform for police video surveillance cameras, and are trained how to make their target look as bad as possible for police video surveillance, and are taught how to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people, and are encouraged to recruit children into sting operations!