How People Perceive Our Government Compared To How Our Government Actually Is

People in the USA are controlled by constant propaganda that is spewed out on a regular basis by TV and by Hollywood movies and of course by our very school systems.

We are taught/told by these mechanisms that we live in a free country and that we as a people have rights and are told that our government respects our rights and protects and guards our rights.

We are told that everyone gets fair trials and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and we are led to believe that our complaints are recognized by government.

That is all bull crap!

The reality is this is a Fascist country that fills our heads with propaganda, and when we as individuals ACTUALLY exorcise our rights and stand up to something that government does we as people get targeted and harassed and menaced by law officer’s and by their bros and their girlfriends!

In Hollywood movies you see citizens reporting a crime to law officer’s and in the movies law officer’s act like they care about people and actually respect people’s complaints and even act on people’s complaints! but the reality is if you charge a cop with a crime there is NO ONE with a badge that will take the complaint, and as you try to explain your complaint to an officer you will notice how several officer’s will start flanking you from all sides, why? because they are getting ready to attack you, Why? because you are charging a cop with a felony crime and police always batter people that charge cops with crimes!

There is no one that gives a damn if a cop commits a murder or a battery or are framing someone, no one will take a complaint, if you ever charge a cop with a murder you find out damn quick just how corrupt our system id because that’s the moment the Fascist police batter you to death and then they tell their buddy’s at the news stations to label you, the dead guy, as mentally ill so that police can discredit your complaints and to make it known to anyone you talked to before hand what happens when someone charges a cop with a felony crime!

People in the USA get framed by our government all the time, and framed innocent people get locked up in jail and get railroaded in court into prison, and most courts are nothing like what you see on TV most courts are pretty much bare empty, so when an innocent person gets railroaded into prison by court there usually is no one IN the court to bare witness to such farces!

You can do nothing wrong, and walk down the sidewalk, and a cop that is sleeping around with your wife behind your back can just pull up from the road and approach you and smirk at you while they accuse you of wrong doing, they smirk while doing this because they want you to know they KNOW you did nothing wrong, but their going to mess you up anyway, you can try to explain that you did nothing wrong and that you are just walking to the store, and the cop and his buddy’s will just smirk at you and accuse you of having drugs!

You can cooperate with such officer’s all you want to, they are making it very clear by all their smirking that they are doing this to you because they WANT to mess you up, and many of these situations ends with several cops battering the person, and many many times people that get battered by police are unarmed and end up dead from the battery, and no first responder will complain to police about it, no doctor will complain to police about it, no prosecutor will complain to police about it, because the WHOLE SYSTEM is Fascist and covers cops butts and is mums the word on crimes cops commit!

Anytime police batter someone that ends up dead then police almost ALWAYS label that murdered person mentally ill and police publicly declare themselves as justified in their actions and the officer’s responsible for the battery/murder NEVER EVER stands trial in a criminal court room!

The reason for that is because the police, prosecutors, doctors, attorney’s, first responders, news reporters, can care less if cops murder someone and do everything in their Fascist power to vilify the murdered victim to silence people with complaints.

You can go to a news website where they have a webpage devoted to a news story of a man that was battered by police and claims the man died after the beating, and you can read at least 50 or more police supporters defending the cops that committed the crime and will post comments on the news story saying something like “Yeah he deserved it! cops need to clean our streets of this trash!” and other supporting comments!

This is COMMON on news webpages where news story’s of police battering people, and all these people that make those kinds of posts do so anonymously, so dozens and dozens of anonymous supporters of police post on comments on news websites supporting the battery and death of innocent people walking on sidewalks and they flaunt it!

Our Fascist police force never stands trial when police are accused of a crime, and when police batter to death someone that tries to make a complaint against police the news reporters ignore the murder and instead vilify the murdered victim to cover the police officer’s butts and news reporters allow anonymous people to post on their websites calling out for more murders!

Excuse me but the KKK was organized in the 1920s and they were known to gang up on people and to anonymously kill off people and to vilify people in order to appear justified to the ignorant mobs of people, well in 2013 the police and news reporters encourage anonymous people to post on news websites and to anonymously support police killing unarmed innocent people on our streets!

You can Google news story’s all over the USA where someone was battered by police and that the person died, and you will discover that news reporters ALWAYS vilify the murdered victim by labeling the victim mentally ill and police label themselves justified without there ever being a trial, and that police and news reporters allow/organize anonymous people to post their support of these activity’s on the web!

If you ever heard of the term “Gang-Stalking” then you now have a better understanding of what it is!

Police are Fascist and they have many supporters that cover their butts and the system by design and intent covers up and suppresses and ignores complaints against it’s officer’s!

Last I checked the laws it was illegal for people to organize murders, well police and news reporters organize murders all the time and they public allow their anonymous supporters to call out for more murders on the streets under the pretense that police are “cleaning up” the streets!