Doubleclick And Mrs Dash Are Sting Operatives For Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s And They Frame And Murder People FOR THEM!

officer named Eric Carlson, and my wife turned our daughters against me behind my back, and this cop dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me to frame me as a pedophile!

They had our daughters to lie for them and they had the blessings of local authority’s to frame me and officer Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double!

When I found out my wife Joan Wagar was hooking our daughters up with a cop that was acting as a double I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when I was severely poisoned by Joan Wagar!

All of my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was acting as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

Police used their power of influence to cover up the poisonings at the hospital and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police influence and interference at the hospital!

Evidence, Shawna Wagar admits in writing to making false pedophile accusations about me and this occurred when my mother and father were poisoned and murdered by local police and by my wife Joan Wagar!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted and actively used the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones!

Evidence, I confronted my wife Joan Wagar with a audio recorder over that love letter Doubleclick the body double wrote my wife and she admits it’s her love letter but refuses to admit to her nickname because she is trying to hide the fact she is a poisoner and that it is open knowledge at East Port Walmart, she still also is trying to hide the fact Eric Carlson is a cop and a look-a-like to me!

Evidence, because of police influence Joan Wagar aced a lie detector test I payed for! and two years later a detective Brian Assmus of the Oregon state police tried to over up this lie detector test by stealing the page signed by the tester, good thing I have photo copy’s of EVERYTHING!

Evidence Two months later Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash admits in her diary she lied on that lie detector test and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits to using pills and antifreeze in her diary and admits to mixing drinks with poisons and admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to poisoning a plasma donor and admits I was ill at the time!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Evidence, A week later Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter denying her ongoing affair with officer Eric Carlson and denying she is a poisoner, everything in her denial letter is a lie and even her daughters were sleeping around with officer Eric Carlson and his partners, one of her daughters got pregnant at the time of Joan Wagar writing this by Eric Carlson’s partner David!

Evidence, By the time of Joan Wagar writing this written confession that she uses antifreeze as poison I was so debilitated at this time I was bedridden, Joan Wagar tossed this at me like it was a Frisbee because she wanted to see if I could get out of bed to try and find help or not, I could not!

The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints and covers up Joan Wagar’s written confessions she is a poisoner!

Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

Evidence, The Portland police and OHSU hospital threatening me telling me they covered up my 911 calls and calls for help and covered up my wife’s written confessions and are threatening me telling me I am not welcome to go to my hospital, their admitting to cover up and threatening me!

Evidence, I try warning people by email since I was debilitated and I had no phone, and contacting the Multnomah county sheriff’s gets no official help at all and instead of contacting me back by their official office they instead contact me by their privately owned Blackberry phones and taunt me via emails!

Evidence, Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test! Officer Eric Carlson is one of the first responders to respond to my 911 call and he was NOT there to help!

Evidence, officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the Portland police and Joan Wagar made a audio death threat and broke into my home and put it on the computer, their using sound boards to say goodbye in multiple ways!
The same day I found their audio death threat the police parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it in front of my apartment!

Evidence, Another Portland police officer caught on video acting as a double of me outside my apartment and he is with a female that is acting as a double of my daughter Megan Wagar, here is a picture of Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

And here is video of a police officer acting as a double of me and he is with a female acting as a double to my daughter Megan Wagar!

Portland police and county sheriff’s brought over several children to my apartment building and were coaching those children to pedofy me in front of my apartment while I am still inside my apartment, police told the children their getting TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to help them to murder me off by making me look like a bad guy! and they admitted their going to kill me and that family members were involved!

Two weeks later Officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the police department and my wife Joan Wagar caught by me on video outside my apartment waiting in ambush to shoot me at 5:45 am and they had my apartment flanked on all sides and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar were waiting in ambush right by my doorway and their armed with guns and flashlights and recording devices!
You can see their black car with the license plate “SAYLVU” still in the parking lot!

06-01-2014 Female sting operatives renting apartment below mine are deliberately placing small children in my path and then falsely labeling me as a pedophile!
Their guilty of trafficking and exploiting small children for their operations!

Terry Wagar

Portland Police Give Their Whores Permission To Be Serial Killers And Cover Up Victims Complaints And Deny’s Victims Help At Hospitals!

Officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with Terry Wagar’s wife Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson gave Joan Wagar permission to poison her husband Terry Wagar to death and Terry Wagar was a regular plasma donor at the time! Their murder conspiracy was so blatant the officer Eric Carlson referred to Joan Wagar in love letters as Mrs Dash!

Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital!

Joan Wagar flaunts her affair in her denial letter and is flat out lying about everything in her denial letter, Joan Wagar is hiding the fact she and her daughters were sleeping around with three different police officer’s and Joan Wagar lies about them being cops claiming they work with her at Walmart!

One of Joan Wagar’s daughters was pregnant at the time by one of those cops when Joan Wagar writes this denial letter!

After Joan Wagar has her husband so badly poisoned and debilitated she starts taunting him by tossing signed confessions at him like they were Frisbee’s!

OHSU hospital covers up the poisonings by refusing to examine Terry Wagar and by refusing to take toxicology tests and by pretending nothing is reported about Joan Wagar being a poisoner and pretend those signed confessions of Joan WEagar’s does not exist and pretends to not know what’s wrong with Terry Wagar even though the hospital admits to symptoms consistent with poisonings such as abdominal pain and internal bleeding!

OHSU hospital and police threatening Terry Wagar in writting and covering up all of Terry Wagar’s calls for help, even his 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up Terry Wagar’s 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting Terry Wagar is not welcome at his hospital.
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with Terry Wagar and is covering up the fact Terry Wagar was poisoned and is ignoring the fact Terry Wagar’s wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding Terry Wagar suffered!

Police made sure Terry Wagar could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He Put On Our Computer!

Officer Eric Carlson and his lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to Terry Wagar’s doorway!
They would have Terry Wagar if he had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized Terry Wagar is not coming out while Terry Wagar’s wife continued to hide in ambush to shoot Terry Wagar if Terry Wagar did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position Terry Wagar’s wife stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting Terry Wagar to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement a well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants Terry Wagar dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for Terry Wagar to step outside to shoot Terry Wagar!

Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Terry Wagar Outside his apartment!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy Terry Wagar outside his apartment!

Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hand around the front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call Terry Wagar a pedophile in front of his apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like Terry Wagar that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap Terry Wagar’s window screen and to repeatedly harass Terry Wagar by ringing his doorbell and by making constant pedophile accusations!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make Terry Wagar look like a bad guy and that Terry Wagar was going to be shot if he went outside to confront them!

Pedofying people and poisoning people is the norm for Portland police and their whores and there is no such thing as a government agency that gives a damn that people can report these crimes to!

Terry Wagar



Myth And Facts About Police Investigations!

There is a lot of myth and misinformation out in the world when it comes to police investigations, Hollywood movies and TV shows have clouded people’s minds about what an actual investigation is and how investigations are conducted, and too many people are being fooled and mislead by Hollywood movies and TV shows about what an investigation really is.

Hollywood and TV wants you to believe that police, when investigating some, simply follows and watches their “suspect” without interfering with that person’s life, and that police do not tell other people that that person is under investigation.

How many Hollywood movies have you seen where it displays a detective in an apartment across the street looking out a window with binoculars? because for the most part THAT is what Hollywood wants people to perceive investigations!

How non-intrusive those Hollywood investigators are, watching from a distance, never interfering with their suspects lives, just watching and following,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s not how investigations work at all!

Hollywood movies and TV shows and even your news reporters lie to everyone about what an investigation really is, to be under investigation by police is to be gang-stalked by police, a real investigation is more like a sting operation than anything else and is very similar to a sting operation!

This is how a real investigation works, first and foremost cops are dicks and thugs and bully’s and used to getting away with murder and are used to lying and never have to be cross examined when they do so, so police just don’t give a damn!

Now that that’s understood, a real investigation amounts to at least several under cover officer’s, and those officer’s pretty much use the same tactics over and over again, if someone becomes of interest to police that police want to investigate so and so, then the first thing they do is they take control of the surrounding area of their target’s home in order to control the area!

They use their police power to evict neighbors out of their apartments in order to surround their targets home, then they set up video surveillance all over that controlled area that they now control through shear numbers!

All apartment managers and landlords cooperate with any and all investigations, so if you rent an apartment or home, then you can bet your landlord/apartment manager is cooperating with them, and is now completely turned against you, and will lie to your face about their investigation!

That is intrusive, they just turned a person that is important in your life against you without any trial!

Now that police have taken control of the surrounding area by shear numbers and set up video surveillance, they concentrate on destroying your reputation in your own neighborhood behind your back by asking your neighbors questions about you.

That sounds innocent enough right? TV and Hollywood movies depict police doing that all the time right? sure they do, well the reality is police will flat out make an accusation about you and THEN ask questions about you, this has the effect of causing all your neighbors into believing your a bad guy, because police just labeled you as such!

Instead of police going door to door and asking just questions about you, they will instead say to your neighbors “We are investigating a pedophile in your neighborhood and wanted to know if you recognize this man.” and then they show them a picture of you.

Lets get something straight here, you are innocent, you did nothing wrong, but this is how police turn people against their target, they are not making formal charges on you, their just pedofying you behind your back with false accusations!

Now of course that neighbor will admit that they have seen that man in the neighborhood, and then police will tell the neighbor, “Look, we are investigating this pedophile, we know he’s a pedophile, and we would appreciate it if you can get word around in the neighborhood to be on the watch for him, OK? and please contact the police if you witness him doing anything suspicious.” and of course the neighbor will agree to cooperate with police and be on the WATCH for you and will tell everyone he/she knows what the police just told him/her!

After that police will tell the neighbor “Please do not say nothing to the suspect about this because it will interfere with our investigation.” and the neighbor will promise to not tell you anything!
Now is that intrusive on your life? will that not cause everyone in your neighborhood to turn against you? is that fair? how can you even defend your reputation when such an attack is going on behind your back, and everyone is cooperating with these liars?

This is an investigation, this is how police target people, these are the tactics they use behind your back, and police have a name for this tactic they call it pedofying!

Without any formal trial, no due process, no right to face your accusers, no notice that people are making accusations about you, you have no way to defend against such an attack, police know this, and they count on it!

Your still innocent, you still live your life the way you always have, you are completely oblivious to these attacks on your name, but you are starting to notice that people around you are treating you differently, but no one will tell you why.

Investigations can last several month’s to several years, usually they last several month’s, but since police are dicks they will target innocent people they have it out for on and off for several years if it’s personal on the part of police!

There is a reason police take over the surrounding area around their target using several officer’s, because they have every intention of framing you, and by putting their own people around your home, they can easily fabricate any lie about you and have your next door neighbors to back up their lies in court!

Police will stage felony crimes near your home and spread false criminal rumors about you in your neighborhood, and because police took the time to pedofy you behind your back, no one in your neighborhood will even try to warn you of what’s going on!

Have you ever heard a verbal rumor in your neighborhood about a pedophile in your neighborhood? then you are a witness to the trickle effect of pedofying, police pedofy their targets knowing the accusation will spread like wild fire in the neighborhood!

I guarantee you, if someone in your neighborhood is being accused of being a pedophile and is not immediately arrested and given a trial, then you are a witness to pedofying and a witness to how gang-stalkers.police pedofy people!

Police have used pedofying tactics for many many decades and they use the same tactic over and over again and news reporters are filly aware of these tactics and lie for cops and even back up the lies police tell about people.

Pedofying people is common practice by both police and by news reporters, and they have used these tactics over and over and over again, and they get away with it because people blindly assume police are telling the truth when the reality is police just make those accusations because you have no way to defend against it, and they have the intention of framing you for the crimes they are accusing you of!

Remember I told you an investigation is very similar to a sting operation, in a sting operation police take control of a certain area via shear numbers, they set up video survilance cameras everywhere in that area for their operations, they have plain clothed offivcer’s dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes, and those officer’s stage felony crimes (street theater) in order to frame/entrap people for felony crimes!

Well police do the same damn thing when they investigate someone, only instead of dressing up like drug dealers or prostitutes, they dress up like their target and then stage felony crimes for video surveillance cameras!

Yes folks, police will dress up like the person they are investigating, and stage felony crimes for video surveillance cameras or for photogenic photo’s!

Police have no qualms about going under cover, doing covert operations, dressing up and performing felony crimes, that’s already established and admitted to by police in sting operations, so police also have no qualms about staging crimes at night while dressed like their target while their partners get them on photogenic photo’s from the back or from the sides!

When police make the decision they want so and so in jail, then police will fabricate any evidence they need to make that person appear to be a bad guy, and doubles and photogenic photo’s are in common use by police to frame people!

How can that be? you might ask,”That’s not possible! they would get caught doing that! news reporters would be all over their asses if that’s true!” and all I can tell you is that we live in a corrupt country that has always been corrupt, any and all high crimes committed by police are covered up and suppressed by news reporters and it has always been this way!

Your voting changes nothing in a corrupt country, voting only gives you the illusion that you have some form of control over your government, when the reality is nothing you do chances the government, our government has operated this way for hundreds of years, and it is always police that get to decide who goes to jail, and who is completely immune to any allegation!

Police and courts are a joke, a farce, they put on a show for the masses of being “Good Guys” in order to keep the masses asleep while the government exerts it’s Fascist control even further on the people!

Police do not investigate people, police impersonate people using doubles and photogenic photo’s or fuzzy video surveillance, and then news reporters back up everything, EVERYTHING police say publicly to give credibility to the Fascist police, and then the falsely accused innocent person gets railroaded into prison by a corrupt court that completely ignores the fact that the accused was being gang-stalked and set up by several officer’s, one of which was acting as a double!

Police do not prove guilt by accumulating evidence, they frame the accused with fabricated evidence police cr5eated by themselves using doubles and by planting evidence to frame the accused. and the corrupt court system completely ignores the fact that several officer’s spent several months destroying this person’s reputation and completely ignores the fact that under cover police were using doubles, and news reporters do the same damn thing as the courts, they ignore it!

Your police are corrupt, they always have been, your news reporters are corrupt, they always have been, your courts are corrupt, they always have been, but you have been lied to your whole life by corrupt government and by corrupt TV and by corrupt Hollywood telling you lies and lies and more lies all your life!

Remember when you were a child, you used to believe in Santa Claus, you were told by schools and your parents and TV and Hollywood movies Santa Claus is real, a lot of effort has been spent by many people to make that lie believable, now do you remember the shock you felt when you found out Santa was not real?

Do you think you became smarter after that? did you think after that that anyone can fool you? hell no! you thought to yourself “HE HE HA HA! yeah you got me on that one, but not anymore!” and from that point forward you will never be fooled again by all those liars?

I got news for you, you have been fed lies all your life, most of which involve your government, almost everything you know about government comes from TV shows or from movies or from news reporters!

Remember it was your government and your TV shows and your Hollywood movies and your news reporters that lied to you about Santa Claus being real, well they have never stopped lying to you!

Police murder unarmed people all the damn time in the USA and the police force Fascistly declares itself justified in suck murders and never stand trial for murder and are never cross examined in criminal courts when they do murder unarmed people, your news reporters are not earning the public that police are murdering unarmed citizens on the streets because news reporters are nothing more than paid propagandists, so police are free to do as they please, kill who=ever they want with impunity, and are never held to account by anyone!

Police are known killers of unarmed people, police are known to batter people, police are known to lie in court, police are known to plant evidence to frame people, police are known to kick down people’s doors without warrants, police are known to kill people in their own beds!

Yet your news reporters look the other way each and every time, and your news reporters still label police as good guys and so does TV and Hollywood movies!

Police investigations are nothing more than a bunch of criminals ganging up on someone, and those criminals have no qualms committing felony crimes themselves and staging crimes themselves, and they have no qualms about impersonating their target when they do so!

That’s what an investigation is, and your Fascist news reporters and Fascist courts look the other way each and every time when police gang up on someone!



Gang-Stalkers Are County Sheriff’s And Police Officer’s And They Use Doubles To Frame People And Fund Gang-stalking Using Tax Dollars!



1999 my wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail, and a month and a half later she quit her job, and she and everyone on her side of the family were celebrating something that they did not want me to know about, and since I knew they were lying to me I paid attention from a distance what they were saying to one another.
I discovered the day my wife quit her job at county jail that I was going to be framed by her buddy’s in law enforcement, and that they were going to help my wife and her side of the family to frame me!
The very next day the county sheriff’s put a 72 hour notice on our neighbors front door.

Our neighbors avoided me and after they moved out three days later plain clothed law officer’s took immediate possession of our next door neighbors apartment and began loading that apartment up with police equipment and office equipment.

After that my wife Joan Wagar announced to the family that she wants us all out of town for a day and she takes us all to the beach, and when we got back the next day I immediately discovered that our home was broken into and that there was damage.

Right after I noticed the damage my wife Joan Wagar noticed the damage, she grinned at it, said nothing to me about it, then she grabbed her cellphone and went into the bathroom and she called her sister and told her about it, and she wanted her sister to come over to look at it, when my wife came out of the bathroom she pretended the damage was not there and said nothing about it, and the next day her sister came over pretending she was just there to say hi, and she went straight to where the damage was and looked at it, then both my wife and her sister looked at each other and grinned at each other while they made small talk and said nothing about the damage.

From this point forward me and my whole family was under illegal video surveillance and my wife and everyone on her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were performing for video surveillance
 cameras and ceased acting like themselves.

A week later I got a phone call from my mother Valerie Quigley and she told me she has a new boyfriend, she told me his name saying it was a guy named Lonny, and she mentioned that multiple people where she lived was pressuring her into taking him in, and she told me he was a look-a-like compared to me, and my first question to my mother was “When did you meet him?” because I was already associating this with what my wife and her side of the family were involved in with local authority’s, and my mother told me about two weeks ago, so it coincided with my wife and her side of the family’s celebration of their murder conspiracy.;

For the net two months my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales concentrated on turning my yard into a playground buying two large pools costing around three hundred and fifty dollars each, and t5hey bought a large trampoline also costing around three hundred and fifty dollars, and while this was going on, in the state of Utah that double that moved into my mothers home was tricking my disabled mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that they BOTH can drive to Portland to visit me and that double did not want my mother to tell me about it he wanted it to be a surprise for me!

After my wife and her sister turned our yard into a playground I get a surprise, my mother Valerie Quigley shows up in a motor home with a look-a-like named Lonny and they admit they wanted it to be a surprise, that double Lonny made damn sure the both of them would arrive flat broke at the beginning of the month, he spent five hundred dollars on the trip to visit me on a dog he bought my mother, their both on SSI and their both flat broke and it was like on the forth of that month.

So that Lonny wanted me to feel obliged to allow them to stay on my ;property and to take care of them and feed them for a month.

From this point forward my wife and her side of the family, and those under cover police next door to us, as well as this Lonny the look-a-like were staging all kinds of disasters and emergency’s for me to deal with, and while this was doing on on the other side of town my father Don Wagar was being gang-stalked and menaced and terrorized by plain clothed cops!

I noticed right away this Lonny the loch-a-like was palling around with these under cover police officer’s that were right next door, and they even staged a car fire thirty feet from my apartment for ME to deal with.

After they got their SSI checks I asked my mother and her look-a-like boyfriend to leave and to get a place of their own, and that double sabotaged the motor home by switching the gas tanks to a empty tank and then faked pretending that the motor home was broken, I knew better.

After they left my property two weeks later that double battered my mother Valerie Quigley and she called me asking me to pick her up and her motor home, and when I got to the mobile trailer park they were staying at I was met by that double and by two police officer’s, and those officer’s were on the doubles side and flat out told me I cannot take my mother’s motor home with me, and they completely ignored the fact that this double battered my disabled mother!

So I took my mother home with me minus her motor home, the double the county sheriff’s were using to frame me was allowed by two police officer’s to keep her motor home!

A month later my wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and she admitted to my mother she poisoned her, and my mother went to a pay phone to call police, and police did nothing on my mothers complaint but did get her a motel room to get her out of my apartment, and three weeks later I met with my father Don Wagar at a bus stop and discovered that he was poisoned, he told me the gang-stalkers/plain clothed police officer’s that were terrorizing him poisoned him and that they were yelling threats at him while he was debilitated in his apartment and were pounding on his walls while he was debilitated.

Three days later my father Don Wagar died, and a Multnomah county sheriff officer came to my door to tell me he died, and that county sheriff officer admitted to me that he entered my fathers home to remove his meds before coming over to tell me this, he smirked while saying that.
My father Don Wagar was not on any meds, he was not under the care of a doctor, he had no phone in order to call me for help, he never even had my phone number because he never owned or used a phone.

For the next five days after my father Don Wagar’s death I was being threatened and blackmailed by two law officer’s that were calling me daily by phone repeatedly making demands and making threats and they were lying about who they were.

Five days after my fathers death my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home up with porn and with life sized Barbie dolls and were all grins while doing it, and seven days after my fathers death I caught our oldest daughter Shawna Wagar in her bedroom copying the contents of a card with printed words on it into her diary as though they are her own words and she had a big grin on her face while doing this.

I just discover someone was controlling what our daughter was writing in her diary, so I took it and read it and discovered she was being coached to label me as a pedophile in it, there were no actual events in that diary at all, no mention of her grandmothers visit along with that look-a-like Lonny, no mention of her grandfathers death which was just seven days ago at the time, nothing, she was just making up lies and using words she does not even know how to spell because she is just copying the contents of what was printed on a card.

A week later I catch a female green jacketed county sheriff officer at my daughters Shawna Wagar’s bedroom window and she was telling our daughter what to do for their video surveillance cameras.
Two weeks later I was arrested on forty four pedophile felony charges that turned to ZERO ten days later because authority’s did not want a trial they just wanted to pedofy me publicly!

The entire time I was being blackmailed with repeated threats and demands and police already made it very clear I had no where to turn to and they already demonstrated how easy it is for them to cover up calls for help!

I let my mother Valerie Quigley keep our daughters diary and allowed her to read it knowing there are no actual events in it, she was just as shocked as I was about it, and it cost her her life because police poisoned her off as well, I do not know the date of her death because no one notified me of her death!

My daughter Shawna Wagar after the fact lied to me pretending that police cornered her at school and made her say those things about me, I knew better and knew they were directing her the whole spring and summer and fall for their video surveillance and knew they were using a body double!

Terry Wagar

Poisonings And Pedofying And Using Body Doubles!

My name is Terry Wagar, I have been a victim of a murder conspiracy ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen!

My wife was having an affair with a cop, and he and his buddy’s wanted to frame me as a pedophile and then murder me off, and after my wife got everyone on her side of the family on her side and even turned our oldest daughter against me she quit her job and they executed their plan, and they were not just targeting me they also were targeting my mother and father as well!

They used a body double to batter my mother, and police protected that double from prosecution by ignoring my mother and my complaints and they allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

My wife Joan Wagar after this poisoned my mother, and at the same time plain clothed cops that were harassing my father on the other side of town poisoned my father!

When my father warned me he was being gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized by plain clothed officer’s and that they poisoned him he ended up dead for warning me about it and the county sheriff’s strongly hinted they were responsible for his death!

I was being threatened and blackmailed after this daily by phone by multiple law officer’s, and while that was going on my wife and her side of the family was filing my home with paraphernalia and the county sheriff’s at the time were coaching and directing what our oldest daughter wrote in her diary!

All our daughter did with her diary was pedofy me with it, she had no actual events in it at all, all she did was make repeated pedophile accusations about me in it, but to my face she was still pretending to be a loving family member so she was trying to hide the fact she was pedofying me!

I was arrested and charged out of the blue by police and sheriff’s I was charged with forty four pedophile charges that magically turned to ZERO ten days later with no explaination from police or from prosecutors!

My daughter admitted after the fact she was coerced into backing up false charges on me and she admitted in writing her charges were false!


In 2006 after my wife Joan Wagar has me seriously debilitated from being poisoned by her with antifreeze she starts bragging in writting she is a poisoner knowinmg there is no one I can hand them to that cares, she even admits in her diary I cannot get help from police and that hospital refused to take a toxicology test!

Click to access Joan%20Wagar%20A%2CK%2CA%2C%20Mrs%20Dash%20Admits%20She%20Is%20Poisoner%21%28FILEminimizer%29.pdf

Joan Wagar officer Eric Carlson brags in love letter he calls my wife the admitted poisoner by the nickname Mrs Dash, so they are not trying hard to hide their murder conspiracy!


After I was battered by Joan Wagar and assaulted by Portland police and police covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes this denial letter and she is lying about everything in it, she is trying to hide her ongoing affair and hiding the fact that the three men she names off are cops and she even lies about their real appearances thinking I do not know what they look like when I already knew! and one of Joan Wagar’s daughters was pregnant at the time she wrote this BY ONE OF THOSE OFFICER’S THAT IS PARTNERED WITH OFFICER ERIC CARLSON!


After repeated attempts on my part to find help with no avail my wife had me so badly poisoned and debilitated that I could not get out of bed or yell or eat or sleep and was so much in pain that I was just stuck and at their mercy, that’s when Joan Wagar tossed this written confession at me, she tossed it like a Frisbee at me and told me “Go ahead and use that against me!” and she sneered as she said it! I was so badly poisoned I could not even read it let alone get up to hand it to someone!


The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s have a history of womanizing and using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles and bank robbers and 7eleven robbers and officer Eric Carlson the police officer that was having an affair with my wife dyed his hair blond like mine and was having fun framing me as a pedophile! I have officer Eric Cartlson on video outside my apartment with his partners and he is dressed up like me and is ordering children to look at his dick while his partners take side shots and back sahots of him so that they can blame me after they kill me off!


Officer Eric Carlson and his whores/girlfriends and partners caught on video outside my apartment hiding in ambush to shoot me, both officer Eric Carlson and his whore Joan Wagar were waiting on the stairs nest to my door to ambush and shoot me, if I stepped outside I would have been shot by them! they are both carrying guns and recording devices, officer Eric Carlson has his handgun and his camcorder in his right hand as he reviews his hiding spot, and Joan Wagar is recording with her cellphone in her right hand and she has her handgun concealed inside her shirt in her left hand!

Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon is wearing the baseball hat and he is not even hiding his face nor the fact he wants me dead!

Officer Eric Carlson and his partners and whores brag on audio death threats they put in my home knowing I have no one I can call that cares!

They even email death threats at me because there is no one that cares and no one I can call for help that will help me!


All call for help I make to government agency’s go ignored and not acted upon and after the fact pretend nothing is reported so it is organized crime that police are so willing to lie and cover for their fellow criminal officer’s to cover their backs even when police murder people!

Poisoning people and pedofying people and using body doubles and photogenic photo’s in common practice with law officer’s and since they all lie for one another and kill for one another there is no one that cares and no one will help me!

Doubleclick and Mrs Dash the body double and the poisoner had this planned out when Mrs Dash quit her job at the county jail kitchen!

Terry Wagar

Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Pay Females Ten Thousand Dollars To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they pay females TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to back up false pedophile charges on the police/sheriff’s innocent target!

Police and sheriff’s call this pedofying and they bragged to their girlfriends at Clackamas Walmart that they kill off people by pedofying people, and they usually print out flyers after they build a false case using doubles and getting/recruiting people to lie for them!

Police/sheriff’s usually surround their target/victims apartment by taking over the surrounding apartments in order to control the surrounding area and then they stage crimes using doubles, and police/sheriff’s have no qualms using doubles and paying civilians to back up false charges on their target!

Pedofying is a common form of murder police/sheriff’s use to get away with murder, vilifying their target as a pedophile causes their target to be cut off from help and support, and no defense attorney will ever admit in criminal court police/sheriff’s frame people so it is impossible for framed innocent people to get a fair trial!

The system is so corrupt that everyone involved in courts will not admit or acknowledge that police/sheriff’s use doubles and pay people to lie for them, so almost everyone falsely charged gets railroaded into prison by our Fascist American justice system!

Everyone knows police/sheriff’s have their very own slang terms and many are in dictionary’s, but some slang terms they use are not officially recognized even though police/sheriff’s commonly use them, and the terms pedofy, pedofying, and pedofied are among their common slang terms they use!

They do not want to admit to those terms, but that don’t stop them from pedofying people using flyers and TV news stations and news websites and they even rely on schools to help them pedofy people!

Pedofying Is The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s And Their Whores Way Of Murdering Off People Along With Poisoning People And They Don’t Try To Hide It!

Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got that job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen she and her side of the family have whore themselves out to the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and have been helping them to murder people and to frame people for their crimes!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police taught my wife Joan Wagar and her side of the family how to poison off people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

They will befriend you to your face while they poison your coffee pot reservoir’s as they go out their target/victims door so that they are no where near the target when the target gets poisoned, and to pedofy their target to other people by making false pedophile accusations behind their targets back, and how to plant evidence in their targets home without raising the targets suspicions!

The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s refer to these crimes they commit and teach to their whores by the terms pedofying and medicating!

They will severely debilitated their victim by poisoning the victims coffee pot with antifreeze, and then they will tell other people that that person is a pedophile and a drug attic, they call the target a drug attic because he/she can no longer function normally after being poisoned with antifreeze, and the police/sheriff’s simply deny the victim medical treatment at any hospital he/she goes to by interfering with the doctor and coercing the doctor into not helping the victim and to not take a toxicology test!

While the victim is debilitated the police/sheriff’s will stage crimes in the target/victims neighborhood using a officer as a double, the double will simply dress up like the target/victim and stage crimes while his/her partner will get photogenic photo’s from the sides and from the back of the double!

That is how police/sheriff’s frame people and of course they have lots of friends/relatives/girlfriends/whores/fellow officer’s that will back them up, so it boils down to police/sheriff’s and their civilian accomplices to destroy their targets reputation to cut off any form of help to the victim and to debilitate the victim so that the victim cannot warn people about any of it, and to fabricate evidence by using doubles and staged crimes!

Police/sheriff’s dress up and stage crimes all the time when they do busts or sting operations, so it is nothing for police/sheriff’s to stage crimes, they do it all the time, and they dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes when they do drug busts or prostitution stings, so nit bis nothing for them to dress up like their target/victim as well!

This is common practice with law enforcement and their bros and their girlfriends/whores and there is no one that will take a complaint!

The pedofying they do to people is very public they do not hide that from other people at all and schools and news reporters join in on pedofying people police/sheriff’s want dead, and they commonly use flyers as well as word of mouth accusations as well as TV news spots and news websites to pedofy people, and at no time are the people being accused allowed to deny the accusations, so people’s rights to defend their names and reputations and the right to deny the allegations are completely denied to the victims!

Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Organize Gang-Stalking And Kill And Frame Their Victims As Pedophiles Using Doubles!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are palling around and sleeping around with Joan Wagar A,K,A, Joan Minor A,K,A, Joan Carlson A,K,A, Mrs Dash and her side of the family as well as the Dunham family in Portland Oregon and they are organized stalkers and they gang-stalk people and they destroy people’s reputations behind their backs by pedofying people with false pedophile accusations and they poison off people and they commit break ins to plant evidence to frame people as pedophiles and they even use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles and they have done this to people since the early 1970s!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s cover up all victims calls for help and pedofy the victims using flyers and by stalking their target/victim and pedofying their target/victim where ever they go!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s always use body doubles and photogenic photo’s and they pay their girlfriends that have children to back up false charges on their target/victims and they have been doing this to people for decades and they brag pedofying gets their target/victims killed off!


I became a victim of gang-stalkers and the God damn gang-stalkers are none other than my wife Joan Wagar and her F-buddy’s in the Multnomah county jail where my wife worked at the time in 1999!

They planned it all out too, when county sheriff’s decided to frame me as a pedophile they told my wife Joan to quit her job because it would not look good for her to work their while the county sheriff’s frame and charge me, so my wife quit and lied to me about why and then she and her side of the family celebrated the county sheriff’s decision to frame me and they were not hiding the fact they were celebrating but they did not want me to know why!

The very next day my wife Joan’s F-buddy’s at the county jail were putting on 72 hour notices on our neighbors doors to evict them so they could take over those apartments and they turned my landlord against me and my landlord did not even try to hide that from me!

Four days later right after our next door neighbors moved out the county sheriff’s took immediate possession of the next door apartment and began moving police equipment into that apartment!

The next day after my wife Joan secretly met with her lovers the county sheriff’s she announced out of the blue “Were all going to the beach today!” and I asked her suspiciously “why all of a sudden you want us all out of town for a day?” and she sheepishly lied saying “I just thought of it as I was going shopping!” so we all go to the beach and even rent a motel room!

The next day we get back to our apartment after that trip and just as I suspected our apartment was broken into and there was damage, blatant damage! but nothing of value was stolen! my gut instincts told me her lovers/buddy’s broke in and bugged our home, and five minutes later my wife Joan noticed the damage and she grinned at it but said nothing to me about it, and she grabbed her cellphone and went straight to the bathroom with it and once inside the bathroom she called up her sister Vickie Rosales and told her about how her lovers/buddy’s did damage in our living room and that she wanted her to come over to look at it!

After my wife Joan left the bathroom she said nothing to me about any of it, so she was trying to hide it from me, and the next morning my wife Joan’s sister Vickie Rosales shows up for a visit and she goes straight to the damage and looks at it and she grins at it, and from that point both my wife and her sister were talking to each other in my presence making small talk, avoiding the topic of the damage, but both were grinning ear to ear at each other over it!

From this point forward my wife Joan and everyone on her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were acting as though they were performing for video surveillance cameras, I literally felt like I stepped into a TV show like “Leave it to Beaver” show where my wife and her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were faking being the most innocent people on the face of the earth! they were NOT acting like themselves anymore!

A week later I discovered that my mother was being pressured into allowing a look-a-like of me to move in with her in the state she lived in, my mother lived in Utah at the time and I lived in Oregon, so a little over two weeks after my wife quit her job at the county jail kitchen I find out that multiple people in Utah were PRESSURING my disabled mother into allowing a dude that looks like me move in with her!


The next two months my wife Joan and her sister Vickie spent turning my yard into a playground with expensive pools and trampolines while the double in Utah concentrated on talking my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that they BOTH can come to my apartment in Oregon!

By the time my wife and her sister turned my yard into a playground that double and my mother showed up and they wanted it to be a surprise, it was the doubles idea to show up by surprise, and it was that doubles idea to make sure him and my mother arrive flat broke so I would be obliged to allow them to stay with us!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s were staging all kinds of crimes in my neighborhood after this and were staging emergency’s to get me off my property so the county sheriff’s could use that look-a-like around our daughters, and at the same damn time the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s were heavily gang-stalking and harassing my father, my father lived on the other side of town and he did not have a phone and had no way of warning me about it unless he takes a bus to visit me!

Around a month of total hell going on I kicked that double off my property after he got his SSI check, and a fucking week later that fucking double the county sheriff’s hooked my m,other up with battered my mother, and the Portland police refused to arrest him for it and even allowed that double to keep my mother’s motor home! so I had to bring my mother home with me, minus her motor home that double fleeced from her!

A month later my mother was poisoned by my wife Joan, and my mother called 911, and the Portland police, being the pedophiles and murderers they are, covered up my mothers call for help and did not act in any way on her complaint!

Around the same time on the other side of town my father was being gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed cops and they poisoned him by breaking into his home and poisoning something inside his apartment!

While my father was debilitated from being poisoned he was terrorized in his home while he was bedridden by those plain clothed cops and they were yelling threats at him from the hallway where he lived!

After a couple weeks he tried to visit me by taking the bus over to my place, but my lying backstabbing whore of a wife made sure I was not home for his visit, because police warned her to get me out of my apartment because my father was on his way over and they did not want me finding out they poisoned him as well!

It was pure chance that I saw him at the bus stop on his way back to his apartment and I told my wife to pull over so I could talk to my father, and at the bus stop my father told me everything those bastard under cover cops did to him and he did so fearing for his safety and my safety and for my family’s safety, and while he is telling me what they did to him, I could hear my wife thirty feet away in our car telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car to stand next to me for the video surveillance cameras, and she did what she told her to do!

So as my father is describing a murder conspiracy he is a victim of by under cover police my wife was telling our daughter to stand next to me for her F-buddy’s in law enforcements video surveillance cameras!

I gave my father some quick advice and warned him I cannot talk about this in my daughters presence and told him I will try to cover over as soon as I can to talk with him!



Three days later my father died! and it was a Multnomah county sheriff that came to my door to tell me about it, he claimed my father died of a heart attack! I knew that was bullshit! and after the county sheriff told me this he grinned/smirked and said “Before I came over to tell you this I entered your fathers home to remove his meds!” and then he left!


From this point forward my wife and her sister and our oldest daughter were not hiding their murder conspiracy from me and they were all grins and were filling my home with pedophile paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls and the county sheriff’s that had the apartment next door to ours were regularly passing cards through our oldest daughters bedroom window to her and those cards had printed paragraphs on them and our daughter was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they are her own words!
As they did this I was getting daily phone threats from two different under cover officer’s that were blatantly lying about who they were and were making demands and threats, the kind of threats and demands that suggested they are the ones that murdered my father and they wanted and threatened that they were going to frame me for his murder!

I was surrounded by these killers and they were not hiding their guilt and they already demonstrated how easy it is for them to cover up calls for help and demonstrated what happens when someone speaks up about them, I am not a coward! if it was just my life on the line I would have acted in self defense right then and there! but because I had three daughters, two of which were innocents at the time of this occurring, I did nothing and I shut the fuck up for my daughters sake and for the most part did as I was being blackmailed to do!

A month later I was formally charged on forty four pedophile charges! THAT TURNED TO ZERO TEN DAYS LATER! WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION!

So don’t fucking tell me this garbage about gang-stalkers being everyone BUT cops! because I FUCKING KNOW BETTER!




I Charged The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s With Murder While They Used Photo Double To Frame Me For Their Crimes!


Anyone listening? ,,,,,,,no?,,,,,,,, Hey world! I charged them,,,,,,,,,, Why am I being ignored? don’t I as a citizen have a right to charge murderers with murder? ,,,,,,,,why are my complaints being ignored?

Hey world! the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizers and teach their newly acquired whores how to poison people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

They brag about it all at Clackamas Walmart! they even brag they break into people’s homes dressed up like the owner of the home and molest children and they photograph it, they laugh and brag they use doubles! they use doubles, to make child porn, and their girlfriends help them, Hey world are you listening?

Police laugh and brag that they kill people this way, by framing people as pedophiles and then pedofying their victim with flyers, and they use doubles and photogenic photo’s to do this!

Are you shocked by this? are you shocked that news reporters are mums the word on these crimes? these people brag about this! it’s common practice for them and they brag to their girlfriends about it and laugh!

Have you ever in your life paid attention to the shear amount of people law enforcement pedophiles over the internet? did you know most people law enforcement pedofy’s ends up dead? did you know police teach their girlfriendes how to pedofy and frame people? did you know this is what most female detectives do for a living? did you know they coach children how to pedofy people as well?

Did you know law enforcement, as a gang, does this to people all the time? did you know it’s not just males police frame this way, police also pedofy woman as well with false pedo accusations, did you know police do this knowing it get’s people killed? did you know that’s the main reason police and sheriff’s use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles?

Did you know it is such a common practice that law enforcement has a name for it? they call it pedofying!


Fascist world!