The Use Of Photo Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s By Authority’s Is Common Practice And They Have A Lomg History Of Using Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s!

Most people in the USA grow up watching TV and watching movies and assume they get everything they need to know about the world and never question it, and all the TV shows such as cop shows where cops go after the bad guys and protect the innocent, and such shows display lone officer’s standing up to hoards of bad guys!

The sad reality is it is quite the reverse to that in real life, cops are very organized and have their network of bros and girlfriends they enlist to target people and to frame people and to even murder off people, and it’s all done under the false banner of cops going after bad guys when in fact it is police themselves that are the organized bad guys!

The use of doubles and photogenic photo’s by police/sheriff’s is common and they have been using that combo for decades to frame people and to make people look like bad guys in order to justify railroading an innocent person to prison, or to justify murdering off an innocent people and to appear justified!

I know! Because me and everyone on my side of the family have been victims of cops and their regular use of doubles and photogenic photo’s, since the early 1970s!

When I was only 5-6 years old I witnessed several neighbors and a Multnomah county sheriff officer in uniform framing another neighbor that was not home at the time, and the county sheriff officer was in their victims home and was acting as a double and was tossing out candy bars out of their target/victims dinning room window to some children that lived a block away, they lived just two houses away from me and I knew these people!

The children’s parents were across the street and were grinning and telling the children from across the street to pick up the candy bars, and the parents across the street were getting it all on photogenic photo’s!

The parents across the street as well as the county sheriff officer that was inside the home and tossing out candy bars were directing the actions of the children, telling them to continue and to keep picking up the candy bars the county sheriff tossed out the window!

If the children got too close to the window the county sheriff officer ordered them to back away from the window, and then would continue to toss out candy bars!

Everyone involved in this was all grins and laughs, and the whole time the children’s parents were across the street getting it all on photogenic photo’s, and after they were all done they all headed back home and they all were laughing and were making pedophile accusations and were talking about celebrating and having a pizza party!

I talked to them about what happened, I asked the mother of the children about the photo’s she took and I asked her if I could have one, and she told me they are not hers to give, and neither was the cameras, I looked at the camera in her hands, it was a large mental camera, county sheriff green in color, and it had an insignia on it that I did not recognize, as I got older I knew it was a county sheriff emblem on it, but I was only 5-6 years old at the time!

When they did all this I was too young to understand what I witnessed, but I never forgot what I witnessed, I seen the county sheriff officer in the house with his uniform on tossing out the candy bars out the window, but I did not know at the time anything about county sheriff officers, I did not even know at the time what a firefighter was either, so when all these people got done doing what they did and went home and talked about celebrating and calling the owner/renter of that house a pedophile, I at the time did not know what a pedophile was!

So in other words I witnessed the whole thing, and I never forgot about it, but I did not realize at the time they were framing someone as a criminal, that came much later in life as I matured and became wiser in life!

This crime took place around 1970 to 1971, I was only 5-6 years old at the time, I remember being treated as a part of those people’s group and felt welcome to be around them, they even gave me some of the candy bars the county sheriff officer was tossing out the window, and when I went home and walked inside my home my mother asked me where I got those candy bars from, and with no knowledge of what the word means I said to my mother “A nice pedophile gave them to us!” and I said that because all those children and the children’s parents were saying the man that lived there was a pedophile!

Needless to say my mothers jaw dropped in shock and horror at what I just told her, and I was completely oblivious at the time what my mother was thinking, I can easily imagine now!

I remember my mother storming out of our house to talk to those neighbors about this, and that’s the last I ever heard of it, my mother never questioned me about what happened after that, so I must presume those neighbors told some convincing lies to my mother to cover it up!

From this point forward me and everyone on my side of the family were being targeted by those neighbors and framed another neighbor and by their buddy’s in law enforcement, that family’s children began palling around with me and with my brother after this, and it was the neighbors parents that were encouraging this, and once again I was just too young to understand that we were being targeted, I never forgot those years of my life, I never forgot the events that took place back then, but I was just too young to understand that me and my family at this point were being targeted by those neighbors and by their buddy’s in law enforcement!

Those parents tried very hard to act friendly with my mother and to trick her into letting them take me along with them when they all went to the movies, and every time they took me to a movie it was a R rated type of movie, of course back then there were no R rating system, but they were taking me to movies that had naked people having sex in them!

When on rare occasion my mother herself went along then we would watch a good Disney movie, a G rated type of movie, but when it was just the neighbors and me being taken along then it was movies with boobs and sex, and I was too young to even complain because I just did not understand what was going on!

These people were palling around with my older brother as well, he was a few years older than me, and he was always picked on by those people, and it was those people that tried to turn me against my brother by telling me lies about my brother, I did not realize it then, but have good reason to believe they were doing the same thing with him turning him against me!

I did not realize it at the time, but these people and their buddy’s in law enforcement were staging crimes around the neighborhood and giving my brother the blame for crimes of which no one had even the decency to even tell us about, so we at first had no idea people were destroying my brothers reputation behind our backs!

My older brother by mid 1070s was being gang-stalked by lots of people, and those people were organized by authority’s and pals with authority’s, and those people that lived two houses away from us and took so much time targeting us were involved in it, they tried to hide it from me but they did so only in a half-assed way, but I was still too young to understand what was going on!

After a while my brother told me he was hurting inside, he said it felt like there was glass cutting into him on his side above his hip, I was too young to understand or recognize the symptoms of poisoning, and so was he, all he could do was describe what the pain felt like!

The area he pointed out to me where he said it felt like glass was cutting into him was on his right side, he was pointing out his kidneys, but since I was only 8 years old I have no idea what was wrong, and neither did he, I knew when I grew up someone poisoned him, but at the time I was clueless as to what was wrong!

Around this same time my father collapsed and was taken to a hospital, I did not realize it at the time but know now he was also poisoned, and police and the hospital covered it up by refusing to take a toxicology test and by faking other problems with him!

My father was never the same again, he lost his job, he was unable to find work after this, and my brother became more and more stalked and harassed by people that any time he lift our home he was harassed and stalked and he told me about it!

Me being only 8 years old at the time I was just in a complete shut down mode because of all the constant problems we had, and I still did not understand what was going on and why it was going on!

After a while my brother had enough of the harassment he was getting and tried to find help, he was being poisoned at the time and he did not know how to communicate that to me, and no one seemed to care, and everywhere he turned to for help he found none, and he was constantly being gang-stalked and harassed!

I do not know what roll my mother played in this at the time, but she was at this time good friends with the mother of the children that were helping the county sheriff’s to frame someone, so she may have been involved and might have been coached by those neighbors how to poison off her husband and son, I do not know, what I do know is a lot of people were targeting my brother and my brother described symptoms of being poisoned to me around the same time my father dropped and went to the hospital!

Needless to say my life and my family’s lives were destroyed by organized people in law enforcement back in the 1970s and family members paid a serious price with their health just to survive those years, and like I said all their targeting of my brother back then was very public and the people doing it had no problem making false accusations about my brother to other people, they seem to rely heavily on slandering the hell out of their targets so no one will care and no oner will feel sympathy for the victims of it!

This is just the beginning of a long history of local authority’s and their bros and their girlfriends and their relatives that targeted us, and we remained targeted all our lives by these people, and no one cares!



1999 Ilearned Everything I Need To Know About Police/Sheriff Sting Operations!

1999 my wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, she was cheating on me with people in law enforcement and she and her side of the family joined into county sheriff and Portland police sting operations!

First thing they did was tell my wife to quit her job to HIDE HER CONNECTIONS with law enforcement, and the same day they filed paperwork to take over the apartments surrounding mine, and they picked amongst their numbers someone they can use to act as a double, a look-a-like to me!

They spent two months coaching my wife and her side of the family into turning my yard into a playground while authority’s made arrangements to get the double onto my property, and when they got the double onto my property law enforcement arranged to have children play in my yard while a double of me was on the property and they even staged disasters such as car fires thirty feet away from my apartment!

Two weeks after I kicked this double off my property authority’s ordered that double to batter my mother Valerie Quigley, and when I arrived where my mother lived to pick her up I was met by two police offer’s AND by that double, and police was ordering me to abandon my mothers motor home and to leave it behind for that double!

A month later my wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother while she stayed with us and at the same time on the other side of town authority’s poisoned my father Don Wagar, my mothers 911 call was covered up by police and her complaint not acted upon by them, and three weeks later I found out what they did to my father, my father told me it was law enforcement officer’s that were gang-stalking him that poisoned him!

It cost my fathers life they did to him, three days after he warned me about them he was dead, for the next several days immediately after my fathers death I was getting multiple phone calls from people in law enforcement that lied about who they are and were making threats and demands and hinting to the fact they were blackmailing me, and during this time my wife and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, and I discovered right after this that green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing cards through my oldest daughters bedroom window and were directing her as to what to write in it!


County sheriff’s were printing paragraphs on those cards and our oldest daughter was copying the paragraphs on those cards into her diary as though they are her own words when they are not, and she was using that diary to label me as a pedophile!


So my wife and her side of the family joined into local authority’s murder conspiracy’s and they began targeting me and my side of the family and were coaching their civilian operatives how to frame me and how to poison off people and how to use paraphernalia to frame people and the whole damn time they were using a damn double!


Two months later I was charged on forty four bogus felony charges that police had no intention of backing up in court because they just wanted to pedofy me so no one would care if I was murdered, they dropped all charges ten days later with no explanation, and their threats and blackmailing of me continued and the whole time I said nothing because I FEARED FOR THE SAFETY OF MY DAUGHTERS AND MY FAMILY!


So  know what kind of people law enforcement and their civilian operatives are and I known damn well they target people and frame people and murder off people for sport!

Terry Wagar

This Is Why People In America Go Postal! Why Do Planes Crash In Buildings!

Everyone has heard of people going postal it’s on the TV news all the time, what people do not know is why people go postal and your news reporters and your policing agency’s do their very best to HIDE THE REASONS WHY!

The USA is a Fascist country, it’s police agency’s with it’s many thousands and thousands of organized trained killers and trained liars that are trained to harass people and to stalk people and to stage crimes under the pretense of doing sting operations and these trained officer’s recruit their friends and r4elatives and their girlfriends into sting operations FOR police agency’s, and what do they do? They target people!

Everyone knew the German people during WW2 were controlled by a Fascist government that spewed out non-stop propaganda (government lies) to control it’s civilian population with lies and fear to justify itself in the eyes of it’s citizenry, well it’s no different in 2014 in the USA right now!

The US government is openly Fascist and organizing people into “sting operations” for the purpose of framing and killing off people, and these sting operations have no qualm recruiting civilians into sting operations thus they are and by definition civilian operatives, and they spend several months to several years targeting people that government want framed/murdered/made an example of, and those poor victims are endlessly targeted and attacked and ganged up on and bullied and poisoned and there is no one such a victim can call for help to report these crimes!

Some people in high schools are known to go postal, but no one asks the question “why?” and news media has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER in looking into it, the reason is because some students, just like some adults, get targeted by the system, and when that happens then that one individual gets ganged up on by people within the system, and no one else working in the system wil take a complaint on it, and because of this established Fascism in America the system has experience targeting and harassing and terrorizing their victims AND experience covering up their victims complaints!

So when the never ending harassment and bullying and terrorizing never stops and never lets up and there is no one the target can turn to for help they just get to a point where THEY DON’T CARE ANY MORE AND THEY WANT REVENGE AND JUSTI9CE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER WAY!

When a individual gets ganged up on by bragging people in government and when that person tries to complain he/she discovers no one cares and IGNORES the organized crimes being carried out on that person, and they become so disillusioned with their government and with their community’s that they jus5 don’t give a fuck any more and it becomes an issue of t5hat one person needing to act in self defense against their oppressors/terrorizers!

Does it ever occur to people that the system is corrupt and always has been and is filled to the brim with people that lie for one another? did it ever occur to people that in such a Fascist country where everyone is controlled by non-stop propaganda that the organized people working within the system can terrorize people in the name of sting operations until their target reaches a point of committing suicide or going postal?

Did it ever occur to people that the very Fascist people in law enforcement that run and organize sting operations have children too and that t5hose children learn from their parents how to terrorize people and how to frame people and how to make a persons life a living hell?

Cops children are never publicly charged with crimes, schools do not punish cops children, did you know that? Do you know why? because it’s the cops that run this country and they are trained paid liars and lie all the time and are paid to lie by the government, especially when it has to do with their job, so police and people closely connected to police including their own children HAVE NO FEAR OF PROSECUTION!

Go watch the movie the Punisher and remind yourselves that sometimes lone individuals can be the good guys while organized criminals working together to murder people can and are bad guys, remind yourselves that when individuals that are being ganged up on need to stand up for themselves, especially when their ganged up on!

If you watch a movie where 9 dudes are gang-raping a women and some dude comes to the rescue and beats up those nine men and even kills them, would you deem that postal? NO YOU WOULD NOT! you would deem the person a Hero standing up to a bunch of assholes!

Well when police organize sting operations and recruit civilians into those operations and target specific people and their targets are being framed, harassed,poisoned, defamed,slandered,terrorized, non-stop by sting operatives and their target fights back by giving them WHAT THEY DESERVE then the Fascist system we have in p-lace kicks in with the propaganda immediately to cover up the sting operation AND to discredit the person that went postal as a witness by labeling the person mentally ill!

Go watch the first IRON MAN movie and remind yourselves that in the USA it is common knowledge the rich and powerful have no problem and no qualms getting fifty people to back up lies in writing in order to cover up a government interest operation! It’s so common in America that the system lies and has thousands of buddy’s and girlfriends that will lie at the drop of a hat to cover up covert operations, and slandering their target with accusations along with labeling their victim mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses is common practice in America!

Here is information about police sting operations, some you might know, others I am sure you do not know, prostitution stings are one of the most commonly known stings along with drug bust stings, in prostitution stings police will take over an entire motel for their operations WITH the knowledge of the motel owner/manager and employees and will set up anyone that enters the property and pays female officer’s and even their civilian girlfriends to pose a prostitutes in order to frame people as Johns!

In police drug bust stings police will take over a whole street in order to control the area for their operations and will pose as drug dealers while their teenaged children will set up their buddy’s in the sting by bringing their buddy’s to that street and will talk to the officer’s pretending to be drug dealers, they entrap/frame a lot of people this way, and everyone that lives on that street knows full well police are controlling that street and are deliberately framing people for faked drug deals!

But wait there’s more! police sting operations also target specific people as well, and when they do they do what they always do, they take control of the surrounding area by renting the apartments surrounding their target in order to control the area for their operations, once they have their target surrounded they simply start staging crimes near their targets home and will dress up like their target in order to frame their target and will document these staged crimes using photogenic photo’s from the sides and from the back since they ARE using a double NOT an exact twin!

If cops teenaged children have it out for someone in their school then police grant their children permission to target that student and police coached and teach their teenaged children how to pester and harass and how to slander and how to even frame their target, so cops teenaged children are recruited into the cops lifestyle of targeting people!

All teachers are a part of the government and kiss the cops butts and will not punish a cops teenaged son for slandering of another student and will instead cover up that complaining students complaints and will label that student mentally ill!Would that piss you off if they did that to you or to your children? WOULD IT?

Police do not stop there, almost everything they do nowadays they do under the pretense of a sting operation, police are allowed and permitted to lie and to commit crimes and to recruit civilians into sting operations, so under that pretense police are free to organize criminal conspiracy’s against their targets and to organize others against their targets and they never have to admit to it even if they are under oath because the government allows them and permits them to maintain covert operations AS covert so they do not get punished for lying AT ALL!

Because they are granted all these Fascist powers to target people and to harass people and to terrorize people and to stage crimes and to fake crimes and to recruit civilians into these sting operations their pretty much free to do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT WITH NO FEAR OF PROSECUTION and they make their targets lives a LIVING FUCKING HELL BECAUSE OF IT AND THEY SMIRK WHILE DOING IT!

Now when some poor sap gets targeted by these organized paid operatives and by their buddy’s and girlfriends and fights back in any fashion shape or form that person immediately gets labeled postal by the government and by the news media and the propaganda machine kicks in spitting out tons of lies to cover up the sting that was harassing the person and to destroy the persons name and reputation as well as that persons reputation to discredit that person as a witness!

Anyone that supposedly goes postal is never afforded to opportunity to explain their actions on TV and news media never tells people what the accused plead to and the person is never at any time given the opportunity to explain anything they did, instead we get the FBI giving THEIR explanation as to why the person went postal, and all the FBI does is label that person mentally ill and leaves it at that!

Sting operations organize people and those people gang up on people like a Fascist goon squad, and when their terrorized victims have had enough of their shit they go get a gun and give those fuckers what they deserve, and the Fascist government covers up the Fascist sting operation and protects it by labeling their terrorized traumatized fed-up victim as mentally ill for FIGHTING BACK!

Your government does not want people to think for themselves and to rationalize events for themselves, they want the American people to just turn on their TV’s and let the Fascists tell you what the events mean and to take THEIR word on everything, your Fascist government will spew any lie to cover for it’s own Fascism, your Fascist government wants you to think that people living in caves can mastermind attacks on America, your government wants you to think airports were not secure and that people with box cutters took control of several planes and crashed them into buildings for an attack!

Your Fascist American government does not want people to know that the US government plans out terrorist attacks in order to gain more Fascist power from fear of the American people, your government does not want people to use their memory and to remember that in 1984-1985 the US government practiced crashing hundreds of full-sized airplanes by remote control!


So I know damn full well those plane crashing on 911 were remote controlled by our very government and the attack was staged by the government so it could justify invading several country’s and to justify further expanded Fascist powers within the US itself, and it’s Fascist Allies joined in on the Fascist bandwagon and helped the USA to invade other country’s under the pretense of fighting terrorists!

Google full sized airplanes crashed 1984-1985 and look it up for yourselves, your government is Fascist and practiced using full sized airplanes as weapons in 1994-1985 and your news media is faking a huge memory loss on those crash testing your government did!



Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Taunt Their Victims And Brag To Their Victims!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are pedophiles and womanizers and grant their newly conquests/whores permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance and even train their new conquests/whores with children how to frame innocent people as pedophiles by using officer’s as doubles that pose with those women children to make child porn!

They call it pedofying, they laugh and brag to their whores and girlfriends about it and even recruit MORE women to lie for them in order to pin their crimes on innocent people!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s BRAG to their victims and TAUNT their victims with admissible threats and confessions knowing their is no one their victims can turn to for help!

Officer Eric Carlson brags in writing he is having an affair with my wife and brags he calls my wife by nickname Mrs Dash while she poisoned me using antifreeze in my coffee!

Officer Eric Carlson also brags in writing he is the DOUBLE police and sheriff’s are using to frame me by FLAUNTING his nickname Doubleclick!

Officer Eric Carlson’s new WHORE Joan Wagar BRAGS in writting in her diary she is poisoner, and brags I cannot get help from police or from hospital and FLAUNTS the fact the hospital refuses to even take a toxicology test to cover up her crimes because of police influence and then immediately starts talking about her lover officer Eric Carlson!

Officer Eric Carlson’s whore, the bitch he refers to in love letters as Mrs Dash, BRAGS in writting to using antifreeze as poison!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s made damn sure I could not get help at any hospital and told the hospital to cover up the fact my wife poisoned me by refusing to take toxicology tests even though hospital admits to symptoms of poisoning and I told them I was poisoned they still refused to help or even examine me!

OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital.
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!

Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s recruited our under-aged daughter to lie for them and to pedofy me behind my back while the county sheriff’s and Portland police murdered off my parents and our daughter admitted after the fact she was coached by law enforcement to pedofy me and that her charges/allegations against me were false and were done by her at the direction of law enforcement!

Officer Eric Carlson’s and his buddy’s and whores broke into my home and put this Death Threat On Our Computer in an attempt to blackmail me!

Officer Eric Carlson and his buddy’s and their whores got on video waiting in ambush to murder me, I noticed one of them dive behind the van and trailer across the street so I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and started recording!

Officer Eric Carlson and my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson, were on the stairs next to my door waiting in ambush and they were armed with guns and recording devices, their not hiding their recording devices but they ARE TRYING TO HIDE THEIR GUNS!

The man in the baseball cap is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is NOT HIDING the fact they all had my front doorway flanked from all sides and that he wanted me dead!

This is them backing up their death threat, and they even flaunt the fact their backing up their death threat with one of their cars in the parking lot with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it and it’s parked next to officer Eric Carlson’s partners car!

None of these people on this video live there, they are cops and their whores and they were waiting in ambush to shoot me IF I had stepped outside!

Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Me Outside My Home!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy me outside my apartment!

Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hang around the front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call Terry Wagar a pedophile in front of his apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like Terry Wagar that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap Terry Wagar’s window screen and to repeatedly harass Terry Wagar by ringing his doorbell and by making constant pedophile accusations!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make Terry Wagar look like a bad guy and that Terry Wagar was going to be shot if he went outside to confront them!

No one will take a complaint from me, all my calls for help are covered up and suppressed by police/local authority’s, and doctors refused me emergency services because of my wife Joan Wagar’s affair with a cop!

I am not their only victim on average one family member per-year died during my wife Joan Wagar’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison, and three plasma donors lived under Joan Wagar’s roof when she tossed her written confession to using antifreeze as poison at me while I was bedridden!

Terry Wagar


Out Of Control Sting Operations In Portland Oregon!

Very view people have first hand knowledge on how law enforcement “Does Things” and rely on TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies to inform them about how their law agency’s operate.

I can tell you that you have not the faintest clue how cops and sheriff’s really are or what they are about, your TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies constantly lie to people about how our government works and how law enforcement does things!

Your government is corrupt, it always has been so, and news media has always lied to the masses about how things work in this country we call the USA, police literally run this country like dictators and can care less about the laws and think of laws the same way they think of everything on their belts, it’s just another weapon they can use against you, just like they use their guns or their billy clubs.

Wiki the term “Sting Operation” and you will find a very very VERY brief definition of sting operation, the reason it is brief is because police and your government and your news reporters do not want you knowing about them in a detailed manner, the reason for that is because almost everything police do they do under the pretense of conducting a sting operation!

As long as police operate under the pretense of a sting operation they are allowed to do whatever they want to, they are free to lie about it and not be charged with a crime, they are free to recruit people into conspiracy’s, their free to gang-stalk people and harass people and to terrorize people, their free to stage crimes using doubles for the purpose of framing their targets, their free to pay informants/civilian operatives to lie about someone to frame people, and the whole system including our news reporters constantly look the other way to cover up their crimes and to keep people in the dark about police operations!

A victim of a sting operation cannot get help in the USA because no first responder will take a complaint on sting operations, no one does, attorney’s don’t even take complaints on sting operations, if a victim of a sting operation gets battered by police then the doctors at thew hospital will not take the complaint!

Our whole system is set up to cover police operations at the cost of civilian lives and no one takes complaints about police operations!

I and my side of the family were victims to a police sting operation started by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and by the Portland police, they recruited my wife and everyone on her side of the family into that sting operation and they were trying to hide that from me and my side of the family!

Authority’s paid my wife and her side of the family to turn my yard into a playground with multiple pools and large trampolines and expensive telescopes in our yard and to fill my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, they were PAID to do this by the county sheriff’s, and it was the county sheriff’s that arranged to get a look-a-like, a double, onto my property!

After I kicked this double off my property that double battered my disabled mother and police allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

Right after this my wife and her buddy’s in law enforcement POISONED my mother and father, my mothers 911 call was covered up by police and county sheriff’s and my father was murdered by them after he warned me it was law officer’s that poisoned him!

I was getting threatening phone calls daily after that by law officer’s making threats and demands, they were blackmailing me after they poisoned my mother and father!

They did all this to me and my side of the family and they recruited civilians into it, and it was all done under the pretense of them conducting a sting operation!

They could care less if I knew what they did or what they are guilty of, the whole system is corrupt, they demonstrated how easy it is for them to frame people using doubles, they demonstrated they can battered disabled people using doubles and get away with it, they demonstrated the fact they can poison people and cover up those victims calls for help, and they demonstrated I had no where to turn to for help after they murdered my father!

When police do sting operations they take full control over the surrounding area of their target, they recruit family members against their target and they freely admit they do this in sting operations, they stage crimes using doubles in the controlled area in order to frame their target, and they have no qualms at all with sleeping around with their targets wife while they fake a sting operation!

Your government wants the masses to be as ignorant about sting operations as posible, and your government refuses to take complaints from victims of corrupt sting operations! NO ONE TAKES COMPLAINTS ON POLICE STING OPERATIONS BECAUSE OUR WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT!

Police commonly recruit children into sting operations to frame/entrap people and police commonly use doubles with children in order to frame their target as a pedophile, they even have a name for it they call it pedofying!

So police and county sheriff’s commonly all over the USA commonly use doubles and children to stage crimes and they get the double on photogenic photo’s in order to frame their target as a pedophile and they call it pedofying!

Sting operations are all about multiple organized law officer’s recruiting civilians into being civilian operatives for the purpose of staging crimes in order to frame/blame their target, and sting officer’s teach civilian operatives how to frame people, how to perform for police video surveillance cameras, and are trained how to make their target look as bad as possible for police video surveillance, and are taught how to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people, and are encouraged to recruit children into sting operations!

The Term Gang-Stalkers Is A Misleading Term!

The term gang-stalking is a misleading term that distracts from who is responsible FOR gang-stalking, many victims of gang-stalking have no idea who or why or how they are targeted but are aware of the tactics gang-stalkers use, but many victims ask on the internet “Who are gang-stalkers?”  and that is a misleading question, it’s like asking the question “Who are sting operations?” does that make any sense asking that question? no it does not, why? because we all know police do “sting operations” so it is silly to even ask that question, well it is just as silly to ask “Who are gang-stalkers?” because gang-stalkers are under cover police targeting an individual under the pretense of doing an investigation.

Who does sting operations? who does covert operations? who does drug busts? who does investigations? who does gang-stalking? the answer to all those questions is police and their accomplices/informers.

As a matter of fact an investigation IS gang-stalking, victims deem their actions gang-stalking, but police do not, instead police refer to their actions as “Conducting an investigation.” so when police break into your home and bug it and move your stuff around in the process and you notice your stuff is moved but nothings stolen that’s not Gas lighting that’s a criminal break in done by police that will not admit to it and they are on a daily basis violating your privacy within your home by spying/recording you.

When you witness plain clothed people on the streets deli8beratly gang-stalking you and they give you hints/clues that they are doing it and they also do street theater then that’s a bunch of cops and their bros and maybe some of their girlfriends and maybe some of your apartment managers friends playing mind-fuck games with you for the purpose of provoking you for police video/audio surveillance cameras.

All those gang-stalking story’s you read about on the internet told by a claimed victim of gang-stalking claiming that they are being targeted by “energy beam weapons” are actual gang-stalkers impersonating victims and are making fun of their victims by putting out thousands of fake looney toon story’s to drown out real victims calls and cries for help and to discredit real victims by association.

When they start talking about chips in the brain or energy beams then they are gang-stalkers impersonating real victims to discredit real victims by association and there are more gang-stalking story’s out there like that than there is real gang-stalking victim story’s.

If you are a victim of gang-stalking then it is your local authority’s that are the guilty party’s and any of their bros/girlfriends and anyone else they turn against you is also one of them, and any complaint you make to your local authority’s will be covered up and suppressed by local authority’s and not acted upon by them.

No first responder will help a victim of gang-stalking because all first responders know it’s police doing it and they will not rat out fellow first responders for their crimes and instead will ignore your complaints and label you on their paperwork as mentally ill to discredit you as a witness should the matter go to court for their buddy’s the police.

A sting operation is not actually a secret police and news reporters admit to sting operations and to covert operations all the time, what they do not admit to is what those officer’s are doing when they do a sting operations or a covert operation, most all covert operations police do is to gang-stalk people and to frame/entrap people.

Gang-stalking and a sting operation are almost identical, for both they take control of the surrounding area around their target, for both they put in place video/audio recording equipment, for both they use street theater tactics and dress up as criminals in order to frame/entrap people, and they both can go on for several months to a couple of years, or can go on and off for many many years against the same target as a way of harassing/menacing their target.

When police do prostitution stings they take over an entire motel, they bug every room with consent and knowledge of the motel owner/manager, and they pay female officer’s to dress up like criminals/prostitutes and to act like criminals/prostitutes, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

When police do gang-stalking of an individual  they take over an entire apartment wing, they bug every room their target is known to use with consent and knowledge of the apartment owner/manager, and they pay look-a-like officer’s to dress up like the suspect (victim) and to act like criminals/pedophiles, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

To call it Gas-lighting is also distracting, they do not move furniture around to annoy you, they do it because they had to to bug your home/apartment and to plant evidence in your home/apartment.

Remember everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation, which means their intent is either your incarceration or your death, one or the other, and if your a good guy and done nothing wrong then it is nothing for police to set up video surveillance near and around your home and to dress up like you and stage felony while impersonating you, police love dressing up and acting like criminals, they do it on drug busts, they do it on prostitution stings, and they do it to their victims when they gang-stalk people.

It would be more accurate to call it police-covert-stalking than to call it gang-stalking since gang-stalking is police operations no different than a bust or sting operation.;

Victims of gang-stalking is unable to get help BECAUSE it is police that are targeting the victim and therefore there is no one within our system that is sympathetic to victims what-so-ever and is why victims get ignored when they complain or call for help and is why many get labeled, without any examination by a doctor, as mentally ill, because that is the common way police all over the world cover up their operations, regardless of country.

Many people that claim to be victims of gang-stalking talk a lot about how gang-stalkers try to sensitize their victims to sounds or to colors as a way of further torturing/menacing their target in public in such a way that the target knows their being tortured/menaced by them but has no way of proving it to people that are not witnesses to the long term conditioning the gang-stalkers used to get the target sensitized so it is impossible for the target/victim to prove such an attack on them.

Now who else but your government are experts at such mental conditioning in order to attack their target in broad daylight and be able to get away with it, what psychologists trained in the torture of people are paid to think up such tactics? has not your government in the past or near past admitted via news that some forms of torture are being used by them? well there is your answer.

Although I would like to point out that gangs have always used colors as a way of not only identifying themselves to each other but also as a way of intimidating others that are familiar to those gang-colors, so such tactics are nothing new by any means.

When police do sting operations and or covert operations they usually go in with warrants and serve said warrants to motel owners/motel managers and inform them they are talking over the surround area for several months for a sting operation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

When police do gang-stalking of an individual they usually go get warrants and serve said warrants to the targets apartment manager/landlord and inform them they are taking over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target/suspect for the next several months for conducting an investigation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

Sting operations usually have around 15 to 30 officer’s involved in the operation, investigations usually have around 7 to 15 officer’s involved in the investigation/gang-stalking of an individual target!

Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to convince the masses of people that police do not do such things at all, but it is common knowledge that police do use thee tactics for sting operations and for covert operations.

When police do sting operations they usually dress up for video surveillance as criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance to frame/entrap people, when police gang-stalk individuals they usually dress up like their target for video surveillance and act like criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap their target.

Police enjoy menacing people on the streets and enjoy bullying people on the streets and enjoy battering unarmed people and are known to provoke people into acting in self defense in order for police to justify battering the person, well torturing and menacing and terrorizing their targets is common and they mess with their targets heads the same way they do to their prisoners that sit in jail.

Police are used to having people on video surveillance and are used to battering people and terrorizing people, everyone that sits in a jail cell or behind prison walls are under constant video surveillance, well when police have it out for someone that is innocent they gang-stalk that person on the streets and they also bug their target/victims home, their used to using embarrassing video surveillance of their target to make their target look bad and can care less if it’s legal or not because their target has no way of getting police arrested for such crimes!

In essence your country whether it admits to it or not is Fascist and just like the Nazi propaganda the Nazi Germans used to control the Germans, your country is doing the same to you and your neighbors and fellow citizens, Fascist country’s never admit they are Fascist.

If a country tortures their citizens and claims justification for it then it is Fascists, if police in any country enjoy battering unarmed citizens and claim justification and never stand trial for it and news reporters also chime in that their justified then it is a Fascist country, if citizens complaints are openly ignored and stonewalled by the government when such crimes are committed by such officer’s then it is a Fascist country.

Organized stalking of individuals in any particular country done by plain clothed officer’s is a strong sign of Fascism!

One last thing, the term “Gang-stalking” was thought up by police as a way of distracting people from the fact that it is actually police covert operations that are taking place and they want to cover up and not admit to their covert operations, so they invent terms that describe the deeds but distract from the fact of who is committing said deeds!

Terry Wagar