Police Control The Internet The Same As They Do The Streets And They Block People From Reporting Crimes Police Commit!

I cannot use any search engine to report police crimes other than to approved websites of major news media websites, and all of those are Fascistly controlled by government and do nothing but spew none stop propaganda!

I typed in Google search engine “News Tips” and got millions and millions of results, and I skipped the first fifty pages because I am not going to waste my time reporting crimes to Fascist big-time news organizations that are more concerned about hiding the Fascist murders police commit than they are of reporting crimes police commit, and I discovered that police already made sure I cannot access any news website OTHER THAN their approved websites!

When I am on page 45 of my “news tips” search results there are 1,890,000,000 results on the page! see example.


When I go to the next page page 46 then I get only 455 results and all the pages simply end with no more pages to view! see example.


The USA is a Fascist country that covers up crimes committed by police and police control search engines thus they control who gets information and WHO DOES NOT GET INFORMATION thus they can easily suppress any news story through their Fascist tactics!

There is no freedom on the internet the internet is in Fascist hands and only approved Fascists news media sites are allowed by our Fascist government to receive new tips!

I see why it is so easy for police to suppress news story’s thus covering their butts when they are caught committing felony crimes such as murder!