County Sheriff’s Shoot Unarmed Citizens In Back While Citizen Raised Hands Surrendering!

Pinal County sheriff’s shot and killed 40-year-old Manuel Longoria after a chase by county sheriff’s, the county sheriff’s chased and side swiped Manuel Longoria and he stepped out of his vehicle to surrender to county sheriff’s only to be met with bean bag shots, fearing for his safety while being shot with bean bag bullets by county sheriff’s Manuel Longoria paniced and turned towards his vehicle with intent to duck for cover and then thought better of it and decided instead to raise hands hands high to show he is not resisting and is surrendering!

It is at this point two live bullet rounds hit Manuel Longoria by a county sheriff officer that open fired on him, apparently raising ones hands high to surrender is not good enough for county sheriff’s and they just shoot the man twice in the back while his hands are raised high in surrender!

Manuel Longoria is not attempting to run, he stands by his car after being side-swiped by county sheriff’s and not resisting, and county sheriff’s open fire on him with bean bag riffles, anyone would panic after being fired on, who wouldn’t, and Manuel Longoria made the brief decision to dive into his vehicle only AFTER he was fired upon by county sheriff’s, but he thought better of it and instead just RAISED HIS HANDS HIGH IN SURRENDER showing everyone he is not resisting and is surrendering!

THAT’S the moment a county sheriff officer open fires with two bullets into Manuel Longoria causing his death, and those two shots were from Manuel Longoria’s back!

It is impossible to surrender to people that refuse to TAKE a surrender and instead open fire upon you, Manuel Longoria tries surrendering anyway and it got him killed, shot in the back!

Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu approves his deputy’s use of deadly force stating,
“I believe even looking at it in those circumstances, if I was a patrol officer and I was forced in that same situation, I would likely have shot him before that deputy shot him.”

So county sheriff’s admit surrendering to them will only get you shot!

The official police statement read that he was shot because he attempted to reach for his gun, but no gun was found on Longoria or in the vehicle he was driving.

Joan Wagar Lies With A Denial Letter!

Joan Wagar Lies With A Denial Letter!

After multiple confessions by Joan Wagar that she is sleeping around with a cop and that she is a poisoner and a week after my 911 call was covered up by Portland police, my wife Joan Wagar decided to deny some of the accusations I made about her affair with officer Eric Carlson and about her use of antifreeze as poison.

Joan Wagar is pretty much lying about everything in this denial letter, about the only truthful thing she admits to is her affair with Eric Carlson, but the DETAILS of her affair are all lies, and she is lying about officer Eric Carlson and his partners true profession because at this time she was still trying to hide the fact that they are cops.

Joan Wagar is also lying about two of the three men’s appearances because she is still under the impression at the time of writing this that I did not know officer Eric Carlson was a close look-a-like compared to me so my wife falsely and blatantly is lying about officer Eric Carlson’s true appearance as well as his partner and brother Shannon’s appearance.

Joan Wagar is also describing a man connected with those other two men, she calls him David, and she pretends to never see him, well at the time of Joan Wagar writing this denial letter her daughter Megan Wagar was pregnant with this David’s baby at the time, so Joan Wagar is lying about never being around that man as well.

I have every reason to believe that this David was an under cover cop and that he and my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson and his partner/brother Shannon gave my wife permission to poison me to death.

I was a plasma donor when Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash was actively using antifreeze to poison me to death and three plasma donors lived under our roof at the time my wife Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter.