I Am Cut Off From The Rest Of The Internet World!

No mater how many searches I do using Google or any other search engine and regardless of what word or phrase I type in search engines I get a BEST around 50 pages of hits on my search word or search phrase!

Now I know that’s flat out crap right there, is the FBI rerouting my engine search results to a special sever that LIMITS how many hits I get on a search engine?

Does our Fascist controlled USA government control all the first FIFTY pages for any given search regardless of search engines? Does our Fascist controlled USA government  isolate their targets/victims by cutting off their victims from any REAL communications with the rest of the world by only allowing me to go through a special sever they have set up just to isolate people from the rest of the world?

Common I can type a simple word like “Dog” or “Cat” on any search engine and all I get is around FIFTY PAGES and that’s it!

This fucking Fascist country reply’s on silencing their victims by rerouting their victims to special servers law enforcement runs in order to cut off and isolate their targets from contact with the outside world!

I will try to figure out how I can get this on video there must be some kind of free software that records desktops screens, if I get it on video I will post it on here, assuming anyone actually cares.

It does not matter what I tupe in a search engine or what search engine I use I only get around FIFTY pages each and every time!

Terry Wagar