Police/Sheriff Sting Operations And Their Civilian Operatives And Their Tactics!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s womanize with other people’s wives and grant those women permission to poison off relatives for life insurance money’s and authority’s use their Fascist influence at hospitals to cover up the poisonings and to deny victims any form of emergency help!
Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s pedofy anyone they want dead and will take several months to a couple of years staging crimes and faking crimes and even committing crimes using officer’s dressed as their target to frame their target for crimes!
Authority’s usually slander the hell out of their target and will do it for years to destroy their targets name and reputation in order to isolate their target from help/support from friends and coworkers and even from relatives!

Police/sheriff’s will use sting tactics to surround their target where their target lives and works and anywhere else the target frequents and will spend several months staging crimes using officers as doubles for photogenic photo’s and will stage/commit crimes dressed as their target at places where the target frequents in order to frame the target and to build a false criminal history of complaints on the target!

The goal of such a operation is the incarceration of the target or the death of the target, and police/sheriff’s always want to appear justified on any of their actions which is why they take the time to frame their targets!

News media should and ought to be considered accomplices in such crimes because news media is full well aware police/sheriff’s use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people and news media commonly helps police/sheriff’s in framing people by putting those photo’s on TV or on news websites and gives blame to the target!

News media covers up any complaints on organized plain clothed law officer’s committing crimes and covers up complaints on cops/sheriff’s use of doubles and photogenic photo’s!

Under the pretense of a sting operation police/sheriff’s are free to lie and to stage crimes and to organize civilians into conspiracy’s and to organize people against specific targets, and police/sheriff’s usually recruit their buddy’s and girlfriends and relatives into targeting people and into setting up people, TV recognizes such people as “Informants” and so do courts, but they are actually civilian operatives for police/sheriff’s and usually benefit financially from helping police/sheriff’s in their covert operations!

Civilian operatives get benefits such as cash in the thousands of dollars, and they get high paying jobs because they get recommended by people in law enforcement for high paying jobs, and some even get free houses to own!
Many civilian operatives become apartment managers because they spend their life time helping police/sheriff’s in their targeting of people and their framing of people and apartment managers always cooperate with any and all police operations and news media is known to be mums the word to the public about how cozy police/sheriff’s are with apartment managers!

Even retired cops continue to work as civilian sting operatives and help and assist police/sheriff’s in framing people, civilian sting operatives are paid by the state to act as operatives and are used to surround their target, for multiple reasons.

One reason is to control the surrounding area around their target for their operations so that they can stage crimes near the targets home and work place and anywhere else their target frequents.

Another reason is so that the operatives can influence anyone else that lives nearby the target in order to turn those people against their target via slanderous lies and attacks on their targets name and reputation!

Thirdly they surround their target so that when and if anything goes to court then all these covert civilian operatives can now testify against the target just because of their close connection/proximity to their target as “witnesses” against the target!

Under the pretense of a sting operation police/sheriff’s are free to do whatever they want, stage whatever crime they want, blame any innocent person they want, recruit civilians into their operations, and their free to commit actual crimes in order to frame/entrap innocent people, and there are many people within law enforcement that spend their life time on such operations and go from one target to the next at the drop of a hat!

The next time you hear about a prostitution sting or a drug bust sting and you think to yourself “Cops are dressing up and acting like prostitutes and drug dealers!” just keep in mind there is nothing stopping cops from dressing yup like their targets while they stage and fake and even commit crimes!

Don’t forget all that staging and faking and even commission of crimes sting operatives commit they usually commit these crimes for the performance of video cameras and for photogenic photo’s!

One last thing, don’t ever forget the fact that TV news media and even Hollywood movies try to keep the general population in the dark about such covert operations that occur everyday around us and do not want people knowing how corrupt and evil police/sheriff’s really are!

Many people are operatives, anyone that pals around with police or is related to people in law enforcement are operatives, and they lie for and help police in the targeting of people, neighborhood watch programs are a part of this targeting system we have in place in the USA and help police in the slandering of targets in order to isolate their targets from help and support within our community’s!

Terry Wagar