Gang-Stalkers! Who They Are! How They Are Funded! How They Get Away With It!

There is a lot of people reporting on the internet multiple people gang-stalking them, and news reports have on rare occasion reported gang-stalking as well, but they lean towards treating it the same way they do UFO story’s in order to discredit it, but they do mention gang-stalking anyway on occasion!

I will try to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how their funded and how they get away with gang-stalking, but in order for you to understand what gang-stalking is then you need to have an understanding of history.

Historically Fascist country’s target it’s citizens with a network of people that are palled up with government/law enforcement and those people systematically target people, and the reasons tend to be for many reasons.

In Fascist Germany many citizens in that country were loyal to their government and would spy on their neighbors trying to find out if their neighbors were “Bad Guys” and would snitch on them to the government, and the government officer’s would kick down those people’s doors early in the morning and those people would be taken away, and many times they would never be seen again.

That’s history! that’s what it was like during WW2 living in Nazi Germany, and you need to realize that in order for a Fascist country/government to take over then there needs to be many willing citizens involved in that Fascism, in other words a millions of Germans were openly Fascist and would turn on their neighbors in order to better themselves and make them look good to the powers that be!

All that Fascism in Nazi Germany was open, it was publicly known that the Nazi German government was arresting Jews and putting them inn concentration camps, is that Fascism? ask yourself that, because if you want to understand gang-stalking then you need to understand Fascism and how country;’s become Fascist.

Everyone in Nazi Germany knew their government was rounding up Jews and put them in concentration camps, they all knew, and they knew that Nazi Germany was being tuff on crime by arresting many many people and locking them up, now what do you think the Nazi Germany newspapers were doing and talking about in their news in those days?

Do you think Nazi Germany news papers were labeling their government as bad? or do you think those newspapers were labeling their government as the “Good Guys” in order to maintain patriotism and loyalty amounts the German people?

Think about it, we all all over the world know what a bunch of sick twisted disgusting pieces of shit the Fascist Germans were after the fact, it took Nazi Germany losing the war in order for their high crimes to become revealed, so why on earth did all those news reporters during WW2 in Nazi Germany lie to the German people all the time like that?

Why? because Fascist country’s always take control of news media in order to control it’s citizens and to control and to further the agenda’s of the government through controlled lies!

We Americans in the 1930s and 1940s understood full well how Fascist governments and their news apparatuses control their citizenry through constant/controlled propaganda! hell Hollywood in America was teaching children back in the 1930s and 1940s about German propaganda, it was common knowledge back then that Fascist country’s control people like sheep by controlling news people get, you can watch Three Stooges shorts that demonstrate how it was common knowledge that the German government in the 1930s controlled their citizens through propaganda!

Now what did all that propaganda in Nazi Germany manage to achieve during WW2? Why it managed to turn German people against German people, everyone became paranoid of one another, they would all point fingers at one another as a way of demonstrating their loyalty to their German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and to their government!

The Nazi government encouraged people to “rat out” so to speak on other citizens, and this created a sense of mistrust that people had with one another, neighbors that had personal grudges on their neighbors could just contact their government and falsify criminal allegations and then that person would be arrested and integrated, and if released then that person would be gang-stalked by under cover officer’s and by citizen informants!

To be targeted in a Fascist country usually means to be targeted for life, and usually does not end until the target person is either dead or incarcerated.

Now you might be asking yourself right now “What the hell does all this history have to do with gang-stalking in 2014?” and that’s a good question and I will answer it, it has everything to do with it!

In 2014 we have in many country’s what can be described as covert Fascism, in other words many governments in 2014 including the USA are Fascist, and since our government prints the money and controls the money the government can easily afford and pay to keep the Fascism out of the minds of it’s citizens.

Because we as Americans rely on worthless script as money our government already controls us and we as a people don’t really give it much thought, most people have busy lives with work and entertainments and life issues that most people do not have the time to give it much thought.

After WW2 we entered into the cold war with Russia, and it was common to hear on news stations and in news papers about Russian propaganda, and I am sure that Russia probably told the same thing to their citizens about Americans.

At the end of the cold war our government stopped entirely talking about propaganda and so did our news reporters, propaganda is now simply a word not mentioned anymore, especially around newer generations of people!

The term “Propaganda” has now pretty much ceased to be used by our government and by our news reporters after the cold war, why? because our country is now Fascist and our country now control people by propaganda, and so do many other country’s, and our governments do not want the masses of people/citizens to wake up to that fact.

Now that you have a little understanding in a little history, it will now be easier to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how it’s funded and so on, but one last thing about history first.

Remember that during WW2 Fascist Nazi Germany was rounding up Jews and putting them in concentration camps, remember their Fascist, well the USA during WW2 was rounding up Japanese and putting them in concentration camps as well!

So Fascism is not exclusive to JUST Nazi Germany.

Unlike what some people on the internet might say about gang-stalking I can tell you that gang-stalking, by any other term, has been around for a long long LONGGGGGG TIME all over the world regardless of the country, all country’s have it, it has always been done, and it is mostly done in plain sight, and nobody that is not targeted by it gives a damn!

Every and all country’s have governments, and all those governments have some form of police/law enforcement, and it is the job of those people to TARGET IT’S CITIZENS AND THEY GET PAID TO DO SO BY GOVERNMENT AND BY CITIZEN TAXES!

Do police admit to gang-stalking people? no they do not! do police admit to investigating people? yes they do!

That right there reveals how police and their informants can target people, gang up on people, and also points out how easy it is for them to cover up their gang-stalking of people, they simply label any and all their actions “An Investigation” and simply refuse to disclose the details of their investigations!

Noe are you understanding why gang-stalking has been around for a long long LONNGGGGG TIME? gang-stalking and police investigations are the same thing! all country’s have police investigations, many people get targeted by investigations, and your and my government simply refuses to disclose the details of those investigations to the public, but they do admit to investigations!

Now ask yourself “What is an investigation?” and you will learn everything you need to know about gang-stalking, learn about investigations and learn about police sting operations and drug bust operations and covert operations done by police, and simply replace the term “Police” with the term “Gang-stalking” and you will have many of your questions answered on your own research, you do not have to take my word for it, research police operations, any and all operations, and you will find that most police operations are done by under cover plain clothed police officer’s that are staging crimes near the vicinity of their targets, and they always do so for the purpose of police-video-surveillance-cameras!

Now you might be asking yourself “How can this be? that don’t answer everything! what about all the Gas-lighting gang-stalkers do? police don’t do that do they?” and my answer to you is I told you who the gang-stalkers are, and pretty much everything you heard about gang-stalkers doing to people for the most part is true, to an extent.

Yes police Gas-light people, they do so all the time! if police are investigating someone, anyone, then you can bet they are using Gas-lighting tactics on their target!

You might ask yourself “This is crap! he is leaving out so much! I know my landlord is a gang-stalker and he is not a cop!” and I will answer you by saying not all gang-stalkers are police, but it is police that always organize and fund and run gang-stalking!

Replace the term “Investigation” with the term “Gang-stalking” and then ask yourself “How many people cooperate with investigations?” and you will have your answer as to why citizens that are not police are gang-stalkers!

Anyone and everyone that cooperates with an investigation is and or can be a gang-stalker, generally everyone that is pals/buddy’s/bros to law officer’s to one degree or another are gang-stalkers, and none of them perceive themselves that way, they just perceive themselves as a good person that is helping out with a police investigation!

Most people that cooperate with police investigations are good people that believe they are helping the good guys get rid of a bad guy, and police and TV shows and Hollywood movies ALWAYS portray police being good and going after the bad guy and everyone tends to have that propagandistic belief when it comes to police investigations! but there are many people, landlords are a good example, that not only help police but also lie for police!

You might ask the question “Why? why weould they go to all this trouble? it don’t make any sense!” and all I can tell you is is that you grew up watching propaganda all your life and you have your “Perceptions” of things that have been put in you by propaganda and all those life long lies you were told by your government and by your Fascist controlled ne3ws media are still ingrained in you and because you believe all those Hollywood lies in movies that “Government is there to help people!” you simply are blinded by the reality that our government and our news media is Fascistic controlling people through propaganda!

It is a shock to wake up one day and find out you been lied to your whole life by your government and by your local trusted news reporters, it is a shock!

I remember when I was a kid, I believed in Santa Clause, I believed in magic, I was told by my parents and by my schools and by local news reporters and I was told by Hollywood movies and I was told by neighbors and relatives and friends that Santa Clause is real! that is a lot of people willingly filling my head with lies! and those lies were backed by our government and by our news media, so guess what? Yes your government and your news reporters do indeed lie, and they do it all the time!

When kids grow up and they know all about Santa Clause not being real and they understand why everyone lies about it they usually wend up just like all the other adilts that spread and back up the lie!

Try to understand the shock a kid feels when they find out Santa is not real, think about the painful shock of that lie, it is painful because of all the people you trusted your whole life lied to you, but as you grow up you get over it and you forgive the people that lied and you in the end agree with them that it is a good lie that makes Christmas more magical and fun for children, so you in the end do the same thing everyone else does and you back up the lie to other children.

Well as an adult you deem yourself a older smarter person and much wiser too, do you not? well I got news for you, you are just as naive now as an adult as you were as a child, you known damn well government and news reporters back up lies, but you are too controlled by constant propaganda to wake up to the fact you are still, as an adult, being lied to by your government and by your news media, they do so all the time!

Almost every major news story you can think of is just parts of the story if not down-right lies, if the USA goes to war because of an attack on the country, then the reasons your government and your news reporters give for the war are lies!

When your government wants war with someone then your government stages an attack on itself to justify going to war and to garner support from the citizenry, and it is the job of the Fascist news reporters to SELL YOU THE WAR in order fort your support!

Government and news reporters will tell any lie they think will win over the support of the majority of it’s citizenry, your government will stage an attack on itself, tell the lies to the major media, and major news media spreads the lie in order to win support to the government for the war.

That is fact! this goes on all the time, your government and your news reporters get caught in lies all the time in these situations and it is blatantly apparent that their lies are for the purpose of winning over the majority of the country’s citizenry into supporting the war!

How many lies did the USA government and it’s news reporters tell to gain the American citizens support for the Iraqi war? how many? if it were not for all the lies the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told the American people were not for the war, which is why the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told tons of lies in order to gain support for the war!

That is propaganda! propaganda are government lies that are officially backed by the government and by all it’s controlled news media, and every news station and every news paper and every news reporter that back’s up those lies are professional propagandists that are paid to lie to people in order to control the perceptions of it’s citizens!

That’s how Nazi Germany control;ed it’s citizens during WW 2 and that’s how the USA government controls it’s citizens in 2014!

That is a lot of straying from gang-stalking now is it not? no, not really, because you need to have an understanding of propaganda and Fascism and how it’s used by governments and by news media in order to understand gang-stalking.

Gang-stalking is community policing done by police and by special informants and by trusted people that police confide in and trust and all gang-stalking is done by and run by and funded by and organized by local authority’s and by their informants!

All comunity policeing (Gang-stalking) is done in covert manners and under cover officer’s are used in these covert operations, and many citizens are enlisted/recruited by law enforcement in aidding them in their operations (gang-stalking) in monitoring their perceived enemy target/perp/suspect and police have many programs that aid them in targeting people such as “Comunity Notifications” sent out to neighbors as a way of warning people of a posible “Bad Guy” in the neighborhood and will warn people to be on guard for such suspects and may even give descriptions of the suspects!

That is pretty much common knowledge, everyone is aware of police/schools issuing out flyers to warn neighbors of possible bad guys in the neighborhood, many websites do the same thing!

That is gang-stalking people! that is a ton of organized people heavily trying to control the perceptions of their neighbors through the use of flyers, and those organized people are targeting what? why their targeting individual people and not bothering with criminal trials, they are just labeling guilt as a gang on their targets and blatantly label their targets bad guys without any way for the accused to fave his/her accusers in court!

This is not hidden from people, police and informants all over the country use these tactics when targeting someone, they do not hide these tactics from people, they simply control how you perceive these activity’s, Do news reporters portray these activity’s as lawful and good? or does our news reporters point out the fact that hundreds of people are in a organized fashion are targeting individual’s that end up dead or incarcerated after five years of this ongoing targeting?

Which is it? why our news reporters report all this targeting of individuals as normal and as a good thing and portray the targeted people as either bad guys or as mentally ill.

Now are you understanding why propaganda has a lot to do with gang-stalking? Gang-stalking goes all over the USA and in most other country’s under the pretense that the organized stalkers are trusted members of the community cooperating with police investigations!

Gang-stalking goes on all over the world this way and it’s all done in plain sight by many people, many people are wit5ness to gang-stalking, they just do not perceive it or think of it as gang-stalking, they perceive it as police operations/investigations and they perceive many citizens such as school personnel trying to identify bad guys and to getting rid of bad guys!

Because of that false perception many people have that propaganda has put in our heads our governments and it’s many agents/officer’s and their many informants/accomplices are openly targeting people and do so in a way7 that can only be described as a gang!

Gang-stalkers are organized and they have an agenda and they have a target, their crimes are public and out in the open and is openly known to people, but because of constant controlled propaganda spewed out by Fascist country’s and their news media’s most people do not perceive gang-stalking as organized crime and instead believe in the lies that they are investigations done by good people going after the bad guys!

Fascist country’s easily hide and conceal their Fascism by controlling news media thus they control what it’s citizens know and what it’s citizens do not know! For Fascism to thrive the country needs many citizen loyalists to back it up and to cover4ffor the governments lies!

Every school teacher in the USA knows the USA is Fascist and controls it’s citizens perceptions through controlled propaganda, and their mums the word about it to their students, it’s not a part of government curriculum nowadays to teach children about Fascism or about propaganda, so new generations are born and grow up knowing nothing about Fascism and no nothing about the signs of it and therefore are unable to recognize it, so Fascism in these conditions thrive on naive citizens that have their guard down!

Almost all gang-stalking is done by local officer’s and is organized by local officer’s that recruit others into it by operating under the pretense of an investigation! law enforcement can turn hundreds and hundreds of people against someone overnight with false allegations about their target without even bothering with a trial, and there are tons of local people that will gang-stalk anyone local police put the word out on about being a bad guy!

You do not have to be a bad guy to be gang-stalked, just police labeli9ng you AS a bad guy is enough to get innocent people gang-stalked by community groups that are organized by local law enforcement!

Any anonymous person, a neighbor that does not like you, a past girlfriend or boyfriend, a coworker, a past coworker, a landlord, anyone that knows you in some fashion shape or form can point a finger at you behind your back and label you as a bad guy, and that can get you targeted by gang-stalkers!

There is a history to gang-stalking, gang-stalking is portrayed in many forms and formats throughout history, and all that gang-stalking goes on by government consent and is organized and funded by government, even though many people that get no money at all join in on it under the false belief that they are getting rid of an undesirable person from the community.

Regardless of the names it goes by or the justifications the organized ct5iminals use to justify their targeting of people, HISTORY tells you what organized people do and what they get away with!

Historically organized people get away with murders, all the time, and governments do everything in their Fascist power to portray all that targeting as justified in order to win the approval of the citizens, Fascist governments will fabricate justification and will even pay people to lie in order to give the appearance of justification where none exists!

I best advice to you is to not rely on one source of information, rely on many sources and use your common sense to weed out the truths from the falsehoods, and remember to have better understandings of things it is good to know thy history, the hell with dates and times and places and names of wars, that’s the boring stuff, when I say history I mean history, try to understand what people’s mentality’s were two hundred years ago, all the targeting that went on two hundred years ago is now open knowledge, so you can learn a lot from history!

For instance in the 1920s it was common for the KKK to hand people in America without having any trials and your government did not give a damn about any of THAT gang-stalking either and the KKK got away with framing and killi9ng many people with no trials at all!

Where was the local police back then? why did local police and local sheriff’s allow the KKK to get away with it back then? I will tell you why! because local police and sheriff’s in the 1920s commonly wore white hoods and robes back then and looked the other way when their bros were murdering off people! that’s why!

99% Of All Gang-Stalking Is Done At The Local Level And Is Organized By Local Authority’s!

Gang-stalking is organized crime controlled and executed by local authority’s and all targeting they do of people is done under the pretense of them conducting an investigation!

How many police TV shows have you seen or Hollywood movies you seen of local police and their bros/informants getting together and discussing someone they are targeting? have you noticed that police want you to assume when police and their bros/informants get together that they are just sharing information and nothing else?

I got news for you! anyone that pals around with cops are bros to cops and they assist cops in targeting people, and the end result is organized stalking of an individual, and your Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to conceal the real nature of local police and their so-called buddy’s/informants!

Police and their informants gang-stalk people much the same way they stage drub busts or prostitution stings! They take control of an area and set up video surveillance cameras and they dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes and stage crimes and they engage people in conversations while performing for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap people!

What does that have to do with gang-stalking? EVERYTHING! because when police and their informants gang-stalk/target an individual they do the same thing, they take control of the surrounding area around their target and they set up video surveillance cameras and they dress up like their target and stage crimes and perform for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap their target!

This is common practice in the USA and almost every other country in the world because all police in all country’s target people and police all over the world target people this way and have done so for many many decades, and if you think otherwise then you can blame all the propaganda your country spews out to it’s citizens about the true nature of an investigation!

To be under investigation IS to be gang-stalked by multiple people that are organized and have an agenda and have it out for the person they are targeting! if you grew up under the false belief that investigations are just simple question asking done by one or two officer’s then BLAME YOUR PROPAGANDA TV SHOWS AND MOVIES BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HOW POLICE INVESTIGATE PEOPLE!

There are more people involved in gang-stalking that are not in law enforcement, but 99% of all those gang-stalkers are connected WITH law enforcement either as relatives to police or friends to police or buddy’s to police, almost all landlords/apartment managers are buddy’s/girlfriends to law enforcement, and police alwaya make sure to get those apartment manager positions filled with their informants/girlfriends/bros for a reason!

You can literally assume most all apartment managers are either related to police or are buddy’s to police and or girlfriends to police, and that they have a friendly relationship with each other, and you can bet that if police want to surround their targets apartment with under cover officer’s that the apartment manager will totally go along with it and even help the police hide it from the target!

Almost all apartment managers help police in targeting people and will always lie for police, and in return police will not arrest the apartment manager for anything, at all, and will hide in court the apartment managers involvement in the targeting/framing of the police officer’s target!

Think of it as Fascism, because Fascism best describes what these organized killers/gang-stalkers are, they are already organized, you do not have to do anything wrong to be targeted by them, anything that draws their attention to you can get you or anyone else targeted, and everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation!

In most parts of the USA police and landlord/apartment managers have by-yearly meetings that are not open to the public and news stations and news reporters are mums the word about it, out of sight out of mind, and that’s how our Fascist news reporters conceal the Fascism, by simply not pointing it out to people AS Fascism!

You do not have to take my word on that, I am sure you can easily Google info on Landlord/apartment managers meetings with police/sheriff’s and how they have yearly and or by yearly meetings!

So our Fascist police forces maintain cozy relations with landlords/apartment managers so that police can way more effectively target and gang-stalk and harass and terrorize people and can easily get away with it because of landlord/apartment managers cooperation!

Since police hace such cozy relations with landlord/apartment managers police can easily take over several apartments surrounding their target in order to control the surrounding area, and then police start staging crimes near and or in front of their targets home using look-a-likes and by spreading false accusati8ons about their target they can easily destroy their targets reputation at the same time thus cutting off from the target any form of help/support/sympathy from neighbors!

Police and their informants, all of them gang-stalkers, will spend several months to a couple of years targeting/investigating their target and they will destroy every aspect of their targets life in the process, targeting people for police and their buddy’s is much like sport to them and they enjoy coming up with ways to make their targets life as miserable as possible for the police and their informants amusements, which brings us to what is commonly known as Gas-lighting!

Gas-lighting is a common tactic police use against their target during their so-called investigations to harass and menace and terrorize their target and to generally cause major harm to the target in ways that are hard for a target to prove, byut since Gas-lighting is a known term and does happen to people, but you never hear about police arresting anyone for it, GEE! I wonder why?

Police are never prosecuted for lying or staging felony crimes or for Gas-lighting people and no attorney will help a victim that is being targeted this way and no court will recognize any complaints about police investigations what-so-ever and even TV news reporters are completely mums the word on the tactics police use while they investigate people!

Lets get something straight here! police are dicks! they are thugs! they need trained PR people to do the talking for them BECAUSE they are dicks and thugs! and they quite literally deem themselves the law since they are the ones backing up the law and no one in law enfo5rcemenmt will hold a police officer let alone a group of police officer’s accountable for their crimes!

Police would rather murder off innocent people than to admit police are organized criminals that prey on innocent people by gang-stalking them! so there literally is no one a citizen can turn to for help, the system would rather ignore victims complaints and maybe label their victims mentally ill than to recognize an actual complaint against investigators!

Police and news reporters admit to investigations all the time, but if someone is victimized by organized investigators/gang-stalkers then no one will take the complaint and government officer’s and most all first responders will immediately label the victim mentally ill so as to discredit the victim as a witness should any of it go to court!

There is a ton of propaganda on the internet telling people that all this gang-stalking going on is the Illuminati or the CIA or whatever, that’s just bullshit, a Fascist government will always fabricate a boogy man group to give blame for the Fascism to distract the ignorant masses from the Fascism committed by government!

Sure the CIA is a bunch of murderers they are no different than the FBI, but they concentrate on BIG FISH TYPE OF TARGETING and don’t waste their time on little people such as myself!

Most all targeting of people in the USA and abroad are done by local authority’s and by their informant/bros/girlfriends/kiss ups to law enforcement, and it has always been this way, and all governments that do this to people conceal it with Fascist propaganda lies told by news reporters and or the press or by whatever name you want to refer to news tellers, because they are an extension of a Fascist system and no Fascist system can take root unless that government has control of the news!

There is a reason your school systems make history the most boring class in school, because if you knew history better then you would recognize Fascism when you saw it, and would know why your country is so corrupt!

The USA government never admitted it was Fascist, but it was openly Fascist BEFORE WW2! and it was after WW2 that the USA government wanted to conceal the Fascism in the USA! so groups such as the KKK which was openly murdering people on the streets BEFORE WW2 ceased wearing their robes and hoods after WW2! but that did not stop them from still targeting and killing people and framing people!

After WW2 all the Fascism in the USA went into a covert mode, but it never went away! instead of openly organized groups wearing hoods and robes murdering people on the streets openly in mid 1920s they went to more covert measures after WW2! but the targeting of people never stopped, and gang-stalkers now always operate under the pretense of conducting an investigation to gain other people’s cooperation in targeting people!

Right after WW2 there were some movies that were made, propaganda movies, teaching Fascists to be more covert in their targeting of people and teaches the Fascists how to better hide their crimes, the movie “Captain Boycott” made in 1946 is a good example of Fascist propaganda trying to teach Fascists to better conceal their operations!

Many people that are gang-stalkers make a living targeting people, but they do not go by the term gang-stalkers, they instead call themselves investigators! and they do not think of their victims as TI’s or as victims they think of them as perps!

Gang-Stalking Existed Back In The 1970s And Was Done By County Sheriff Officer’s And By People That Owned Police Scanners!

Gang-stalking, or as I prefer to call it police-gang-stalking has been going on for a very long time around the world, and there is traceable history of police gang-stalking people and many people that talk about gang-stalking fail to mention is that gang-stalking has a long history and it’s done by police, county sheriff’s, and by people connected with local authority’s.

Back in the 1940s Hollywood made movies trying to glamorize gang-stalking as community activism and promoted the idea that people in community’s should organize to get rid of undesirable people within their community’s, the Hollywood movie “Captain Boycott” made around 1946 greatly describes gang-stalking from the stalkers point of view, and the movie glorifies the stalkers as the “Good guys” getting rid of undesirable people.

So back in the 1940s, when our government had the most influence with Hollywood because of world war 2, were allowing and wanting Hollywood to glamorize gang-stalking via propaganda movies!

Now the movie portrays the victims of gang-stalking as undesirable “Bad guys” and it is that belief that the targets are bad guys that makes the gang-stalkers feel and believe that they are justified in their concentrated attack on individuals, and the movie reminds the movie goers that watch the movie that it is easy to gang up on your victims as a community.

So gang-stalking has been around for a long long time and it is always fostered and started and organized and funded by law enforcement, and once law enforcement points it’s grizzled finger at someone and labels that person, then the community of people that support government and help government to target people now know who in their community to go after, and that person gets gang-stalked!

I am a first hand witness to gang-stalking back in the early 1970s, I witnessed a county sheriff officer acting as a double inside someone’s home and the owner of the home was not there at the time, and that county sheriff officer was tossing out candy bars to children that were brought to this location by a mother, and that mother and her family were pals with law enforcement and were brown nosers to law enforcement and that family owned a police scanner.

People back in the early 1970s that owned police scvanners are bros to law enforcement and use those police scanners to find out who law enforcement is targeting, and the owners of those police scanners would help police by gang-stalking the target and help police frame the target, ussually as a pedophile, and they did this by bringing children to the targets home when the target is not there, and a county sheriff officer is inside the targets home, and he sits in a chair next to the window and tosses out candy bars to children that the people with police scvanners brought there, and the people with the police scanners would stand across the street and take photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars and would photograph the county sheriff officer’s arm handing out the window of the house!

If one of the children got two close to the county sheriff officer he would tell them to back away from him and to stay in the yard as he tosses out candy bars!

These people did this in broad daylight and did not care if anyone witnessed it, and it was the mother of the children that brought the children there that was using a special camera and was taking photogenic photo’s of all this from across the street!

When they were done then the mother rounded up the children and took them home with her, and all the children were laughing and munching on the candy bars the county sheriff’s tossed at them, and that’s when the children started laughing and saying that the person that gave them the candy was a pedophile, and while the children were laughing about this the mother was putting the photo’s from the special camera into an envelope and she was grinning about everything!

This was a staged event staged by the county sheriff’s and by their willing accomplices to frame an innocent man that was not even in the house at the time as a pedophile, and most of the children knew it was a county sheriff officer in uniform that was tossing out the candy bars, but they immediately began pretending it was not a county sheriff officer doing it right after they made their photogenic photo’s and left the scene!

So I am a first hand witness to how gang-stalkers do this and what their motives are and what their mentality’s are all about, and how they justify it all by claiming “their getting rid of an undesirable person from the neighborhood!” kind of mentality!

The very term “Gang-Stalking” was popularized by law enforcement so as to distract people that discover it all from the base fact that it is local authority’s that are responsible for 99% of all gang-stalking activity and they are the ones that start it and run it and organize it and fund it, and yes there are a seemingly never ending list of brown nosers to police that join in on gang-stalking people!

It would be far more accurate to call it police gang-stalking since it is police that start it and run it and organize it and fund it all not to mention anyone that helps police in these activity’s becomes immune to prosecution because police will simply never arrest them, no matter what charge you charge them with, so gang-stalkers are also protected by police from prosecution!

Police-gang-stalkers concentrate on defaming their targets name and reputation while they gang-stalk their target, and they never fear being caught because they take the time to destroy their targets reputation, that is how gang-stalkers get the support from the community while they stalk people, because they defame their target first before they stalk and terrorize their target, and everyone knows how rumors in neighbors spread like wildfire and how neighbors never come forward to tell people that their getting labeled behind their backs, so targets never even see it coming until it’s too late!

These people that gang-stalk their victims finacially gain from their targeting, they are paid by law enforcement under the table for backing up false charges on innocent people and for lying for police, and since they are already organized they treat the whole thing like a game and have the mentality of “OK Who’s Next!?” and laugh, so you get the idea!

Gang-stalkers believe they are better than everyone else and go out of their way to make themselves appear better than everyone else and they always look down on people, they are cocking and act like their shit don’t stink and they carry themselves that way, and they are very very quick to criticize anyone in their neighborhoods because in a way they deem themselves the law and are always on the lookout for their next target!

They are organized, they never fear prosecution, police will never arrest them no matter what, and they know it, so when they target and harass and menace people within their neighborhoods they don’t really care if their target finds out or if anyone else finds out, they just never care!

There are a lot of trained propagandists on the internet that try to distract victims of gang-stalking by talking about bogus phoney terror groups such as the Illuminati or some other bullcrap group to point a finger at, big bad GOV ALWAYS needs a bad guy to point at to distract the masses away from the governments own crimes, so big bad GOV invents boogy man groups to blame!

Our corrupt government media even pays rap stars to sing about the Illuminati as a way of distracting the ignorant masses away from the fact that all the corruption and gang-stalking and killings going on in America are done by our own local authority’s and by their accomplices!

To even Google the term “Gang-Stalking” will get thousands of thousands of results but most everything on gang-stalking is either lies or half truths, the half truth story’s are mostly telling the truth, but COMPLETELY distract from the fact that gang-stalking is done and run and paid for by local authority’s!

Many people want people to think it is special FBI operations that run gang-stalking, well that’s another one of those half truths, because yes indeed FBI do in fact gang-stalk people, but most gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by local people, FBI don’t waste it’s time on little fish, FBI gang-stalk bigger targets, such as Michael Jackson for example!

So there are lots of information on the internet about gang-stalking, many are telling truths that have lies mixed in, many story’s will describe things/crimes that gang-stalkers do that is accurate, but then try to convince people it is occults that are doing it all to protect law enforcement operations from being exposed.

The main reason government gets away with this is because it is government that controls everything, they even control the internet, so how do you think big bad GOV hides their crimes? why they hide their crimes in plain site and simply overwhelm people that look into their activity’s with thousands and thousands of story’s that are designed to distract people from the truth!

For every factual event/crime I expose and report publicly our big bad GOV puts out thousands of false story’s to literally bury my story with their overwhelming propaganda! so it is virtually impossible for me or anyone else yo adequately warn enough people about the truth because the truth gets buried by thousands of false story’s pumped out by a government that has activity pumped out propaganda since world war 2 and has never stopped pumping out propaganda!

There are people the partly agree with me but believe that gang-stalking is not run by police because their stalkers that stalk them are not police and they know it, and all I can say to that is “Sure! police have many people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, I already know that, so yes there are lots of people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, but it still don’t change the fact that it is local authority’s that start it, run it, organize it, and fund it all!” and that is the truth.

Government will not recognize such organized crimes when victims complain and it is very common for police to cover their butts as well as their accomplices by simply labeling a victim of gang-stalking as mentally ill, and that tactic seems to be the most popular with our government and their accomplices, and they are quick to make mental illness accusations about their target right away, and they tend to smirk while doing that!

Remember, throughout our entire history there have been organized people that do not hide the fact they are organized and that they kill people, the KKK back in the 1920s were very organized and was run and organized and funded by local law enforcement then, and it was common for them to vilify anyone in their neighborhoods they wanted dead, and they would hang those people in broad daylight not caring if anyone knew it!


So yes gang-stalking is very very real, and if your Fascist police want to look people in the faces and pretend gang-stalking is not and instead label victims mentally ill to cover up such crimes then yes you live in a Fascist country!

What are Fascists anyway? OH that’s right! their a bunch of stinking murders that enjoy killing people and getting away with it! their the people that organize the killings and targeting of people within community’s! their the ones that enjoy framing people and defaming people and smirking about it knowing the ignorant masses are too asleep to wake up to their organized murders!

Gang-stalking, regardless of what name it goes by, never changes, the labels these groups of people go by change over the decades, but their organized attacking and framing and killing of people never changes, they gang up, they vilify their target, turning neighborhoods against their target, and then they are free to do as they please, and the majority of people just go along with it as though it is normal and think themselves justified, because a lot of vilifying went on before the killing to create the illusion of justification!

This is how they did it in the 1920s, and it’s very much the same thing nowadays in 2013, only instead of the gang-stalkers wearing white hoods while gang-stalking and killing people, they now just flash their badge at people faking an investigation, either way people back off and don’t question them, now do they!?

Gang-Stalkers And The KKK Have A Lot In Common They Are Run By Law Officer’s!

Everyone has heard of the term “investigation” and that term is mentioned all the time on TV news stations and by press releases issued by police themselves, but no one actually describes what an “investigation” entails and no one describes in detail what “investigators” actually do for several months to several years while they “investigate” someone.

I can tell you what a “investigation” is and define it for you, it means many people in law enforcement is targeting someone.

No surprise there now is there, well the surprise is that when many people in law enforcement are targeting someone then they have it out for that person, period.

If several cops spy/investigate someone they have it out for and that person does nothing wrong, then those investigators will start setting that person up for crimes, what people don’t realize is is that when cops target someone enough to spy on them for months then they just don’t let go of the fact they have it out for that person and they wont give up targeting that person.

Many people in law enforcement target people for sport, lets face it, if you charge a cop with a felony crime do you really think there are anyone within the system that cares? do you?

What we have is a Fascist system and are system i so corrupt that when several people in law enforcement illegally gang-stalk and harass people and frame people and murder people there are no people within government regardless of what country you live in that cares.

A big giant Fascist system will squash any individual and if anyone complains then the system, many many people within the system, will ignore your complaints and pretend your mentally ill to discredit you as a witness.

No one in the system wants to admit publicly that many people within are police forces target people for personal reasons, and there are many sites on the internet that want to to think in terms of “COINTELPRO” or FBI” or “CIA” or some other nonsense term.

OH don’t get me wrong here I have no doubt that those agency’s are responsible for many horrible things, but for the majority of us victims it is local authority’s that do most of the gang-stalking on people.

If you doubt that then call 91 and talk to your local first responders and see for yourself if they care or not, pay attention if you do you will notice a lot of smirking going on between the cops themselves along with any other first responders.

Many websites want you to believe that only important people get targeted or whistle blowers or such, and I am sure many of them do get targeted, but for the majority of people that get targeted get targeted by local authority’s and that they are doing it for sport or for personal reasons that they don’t want you to know about, or both.

There are websites that want people to think that this kind of targeting of people is relatively new in this day and age, and that is just simply false.

Targeting of people have been going on for all of human history, I am an American and know a little of American history, and I can tell you that it has ALWAYS been easy and common for local authority’s in this country to organize gangs of people against people.

Back in the days when the USA was just colony’s in the America;’s under the rule of Great Briton there used to be Witch Hunts in the colony’s and many people were targeted and killed and many many many people joined into all that targeting of people, and all that targeting was done by local authority’s and organized by it.

Back in the 1930’s in the USA it was common to hear about the KKK and many people either feared them or were sympathetic to them and on their side, and it was common especially in the south, but not exclusive to, for there to be many hangings of people that was done publicly by people wearing white hoods and white robes, and those hangings were back then based on accusations of which the accused is never given or afforded a trial over.

I would like to point out that the KKK was very organized back in the 1930’s and was very much known for killing people and not bothering with trials, and back in the 1930’s most people back in the day understood that most people in the KKK were law officer’s and that they are the ones organizing such killings/targeting of human beings.

In the 1930’s there never were people in the KKK that stood trial for all those killings, and it was very understood by people back in the day that it was law officer’s that ran and controlled the KKK back in those days, the KKK was very prominent back in the 1930’s, and it was World War Two that took the KKK out of the spotlight back in the 1930’s.

Now here it is 2013 and when people get targeted by large groupd of people what does our government do when we report it, why our government smirks at us like a bunch of Nazi’s and pretends mental illness to discredit us as witnesses and as victims.

So our own governments ignore history of organized crime/criminal and attacks the credibility of the victims/witnesses, why this is no different than how people were treated almost a hundred years ago if they got targeted by the KKK, it’s no different.

The KKK used to kill people all the time and the KKK controlled our community’s back around the 1930’s especially in the south, and nowadays if anyone tries to report organized crime/gang-activity’s then the person reporting such crimes gets labeled mental.

I am sure you people can Google some photo’s of the KKK marching the streets at our DC capital back in the 1930’s, they were organized and they targeted people and they killed people and they acted outside our laws and got away with it because it was law officer’s that were running that criminal organization back then, and our schools systems now in America wants people to believe that people NEVER organize for criminal activity’s and instead wants people to believe that when someone speaks up about such crimes to think of them as mentally ill.and to ignore them.

The next time your Fascist government officer’s look you in the face and smirk at you for reporting you are a victim of gang-stalking just remember it is law officer’s that run and organize gang-stalking and they have a history of it, so when those officer’s smirk at you you will know WHY they are smirking, because they are the ones that are guilty, and their smirking because they are flaunting it.

My two cents.

Terry Wagar