There Is A History To Gang-Stalking In America And Around The World!

Gang-stalking is a relative new term in use and I believe it was popularized by the advent of the internet, but gang-stalking by definition has been around for a long long LOOONNNGGG time in America and around the world.

Gang-stalkers used to be known as groups that had their own names of which many years and even many decades ago was never really hidden from people, I am from America therefore I am familiar with American gangs and will use them as example’s.

The KKK used to operate all over the USA in 1920s and were known to gang up on people they deemed undesirable and or had a vendetta against, and were known to hang people they deemed criminals without bothering with trials.

Gangs were very common in the 1920s and 1930s in America and many people to one degree were a member of some sort of gang, many people that organized unions quite literally back in the day acted much like a gang exorcising brute force to get what they want.

Churches as well back in the 1920s and 1930s acted much like a gang whether they admit to it or not, many people in the KKK back in the 1920s and 1930s were from churches and were targeting undesirable people in their community’s and were making examples of people.

Gangs have always been around, and more often than not law enforcement is either a part of such gangs or are the organizers and funded of such gangs, which is why back in the 1920s and 1930s law enforcement completely and totally looked the other way when the KKK did hangings.

Cameras were invented back around the 1860s (just estimating.) but wide spread use of them did not happen until the 1920s and many gangs back in the day feared getting photographed by cameras when they hung people, so it became common for gangs to start wearing hoods to conceal their faces when they ganged up on people and killed them publicly.

The KKK never feared prosecution back in the 1920s and 1930s because law enforcement tended to be members of the KKK and would never arrest fellow KKK members, so gangs killing people was allowed by law enforcement back then and everyone knew it back then, common knowledge.

People that were in such gangs deemed themselves better than everyone else and they knew they had the power to take people out so those people tended to have superiority complexes and tended to be quick to look down at other people.

If anyone got singled out by any member of such a group then that group would organize to target, defame, destroy, and even kill that person, some people would be run out of town by burning down people’s homes and leaving messages on their property to leave or else.

This is history in America many decades ago, there have always been organized people that for whatever reason selectively target individuals, and many of them were very Fascist minded and tended to think in terms of their groups best interest rather than common sense way of thinking such as equal rights and such.

If twenty people are organized and willing to lie for one another no matter what and are willing to murder people then you have a gang that van quite literally get away with murder, if one gang members kills someone and the other nineteen are willing to lie about his/her whereabouts at the time of the killing then what is that exactly? why that amounts to a license to kill and get away with it.

That is the power of organized people, now keep in mind many gangs back in the day had thousands and thousands of die-hard supporters, so what kind of power is that? that’s the kind of power that can take over entire towns or county’s by simply putting members into government, and if such gangs can organize thousands and thousands of people then they can litteraly7 take over the government.

Do you think that impossible? what if everyone in government was in a gang and simply refused to admit to it? would they admit? knowing they would get targeted if they blabbed? do whistle blowers get recognized in this day and age? or are whistle blowers being mostly ignored by government and news reporters? do whistle blowers tend to get targeted?

Questions to think about.

In the 1920s and 1930s gang-stalking was common place in America, even though no one used the term gang-stalking back then, why? because back then the gangs did not really hide who they are, why? because law enforcement back then was corrupt and did not care if gangs were targeting individuals and either looked the other way and or ignored complaints or covered up any complaints from targeted individuals.

There is a lot og evidence of gang-stalking in the 1920s and 1930s and records of gangs killing people off, but there is virtually no evidence back then of individuals complaining their being targeted, the reason for that is because NO ONE WOULD TAKE THEIR COMPLAINTS! NO ONE!

Law enforcement covered up any and all complaints individuals had of gang-stalking and did not care at all if individuals were targeted, and history shows that law enforcement never wrote down any complaints from such targeted people, therefore law enforcement literally protected gang-stalking by covering up any complaints from victims by not keeping records of complaints.

If someone was being targeted by the KKK in the 1920s and 1930s then there was no one a victim can turn to back then that cared, news media back then was just as bad as law enforcement and never tried to identify who the hooded killers are and even would photograph the hung victim for the news paper as a way of making an example out of the victim.

I got news for you, the United States of America was Fascist back in the 1920s and 1930s, very Fascist, our government and our news papers and reporters and our law enforcement and many people that were organized such as churches and unions were very much Fascist and Fascist minded.

What is Fascism? when you hear that term does the Nazi’s come to mind? it should, because the Nazi’s in Germany were very Fascist as well, and they were in a damn hurry to be Fascist, they selectively targeted their own citizens and encouraged their citizens to point finders at other citizens, I will tell you to live in such a country is like living Russian roulette because at any moment someone may point a finger at you and next thing to know the Nazi’s are kicking down your door early in the morning and you are never seen again.

Fascist people are people with power and are organized in gangs of Fascist minded people and are already organized, so for them anything that draws their attention to them will get someone targeted BY them.

The Fascist in Nazi Germany were targeting the Jews, well in America the Americans were targeting the Blacks, (The African Americans) so whats the difference? there is none.

You might be asking yourself “Hoe can this be? we have always been a free country!” and the only thing I can tell you is that you have been listening to propaganda all your life.

Fascist minded people never went away, we never got rid of that mentality in our country, when we won WW2 we beat Nazi Germany in war, and many many people in America had a strong hatred of Fascism, so the Fascist minded people inn America basically went covert, they stopped wearing their KKK hoods and uniforms and stopped pumping out Fascist flyers in the city’s and basically are underground in their activity’s.

Many Fascist minded people are and were members of the community’s throughout America and are members of churches and involve themselves in many community projects and are a strong part of our community’s, many go to churches, many work at schools, many are in law enforcement, many are working in various government agency’s and many work at utility’s.

They no longer wear their ridicules white robes and white hoods, they no longer hanging people out on the streets, but they never stopped targeting people and they have always been organized in their targeting of people, and since many Fascist minded people end up in our law enforcement agency’s they have the power and influence to target people and at the same time recruit people.

Many people that owned police scanners back in the 1970s that were gang-stalkers were pals with police and owned police scanners and used police scanners to find out who police had it out for, and those Fascist minded gang-stalkers would use that information to target such neighbor in their community’s.

Gang-stalkers favorite trick is to use defamation of character and slander tor attacks on their target, usually behind the targets back, they would tell the targets neighbors the target is a rapist or a pedophile, they use the most disgusting accusations they can think of because it is an attack that is behind the targets back and the target cannot defend against it because it is word of mouth accusations done by gang-stalkers.

You know how people talk, gossip id everywhere all over the world regardless of the language, so gang-stalkers are fond of such dirty tricks to turn people against their target, such attacks are nothing new in this world, it is commo0n practice that politicians will throw mud so to speak at their opposition in order to win a election, everyone knows that, well gang-stalkers use these tactics on their targets and they do so in such a way as to destroy their target covertly.

People in churches do not hide the fact they bad mouth people, and even schools do not hide the fact they selectively destroy people’s reputations using flyers, whether there is a trial or not, so just an accusation alone causes schools to print flyers defaming people and slandering people.

In the 1920s and 1930s church members were very Fascist minded and were quick to attack people’s reputations and good name with accusations, they think back then they are better than everyone else and tend to look down at people, now has that really changed? not really.

Who are gang-stalkers? that’s a good question, it is imposible to identify all gang-stalkers do to the fact that there are too many people that ARE gang-stalkers therefore they simply have too many people willing to lie for them, so it is near impossible to identify all of them, but generally gang-stalkers are just people living in our community’s that are organized in such a many that they try to conceal it and are and tend to gang up on people for various reasons, and the reasons are never ending.

There are many supporters of gang-stalkers that help gang-stalkers but do not take actual part in gang-stalking, and there are many people that are not involved in targeting people at all but are tricked in some way of helping gang-stalkers.

Gang-stalkers tend to be strong members in a community that are organized and target people in a organized manner and they use slander and defamation of character as a way of destroying their target and at the same time recruit others in supporting their targeting of someone.

Most police are gang-stalkers, police relatives and friends are gang-stalkers, news reporters are gang-stalkers, neighborhood watch groups are gang-stalkers, many people working in schools are gang-stalkers and are a huge influence that gang-stalkers use to defame and slander their target with, many people in churches are gang-stalkers, there are many more.

What they most all have in common is their power to influence and control other people, they are already organized, so if anyone draws their attention then that person tends to get gang-stalked, but the most comm0n way people get gang-stalked is to be targeted by law enforcement, if law enforcement has it out for someone, then all gang-stalkers in that community finds out about it vie police scanners and by word of mouth.

To be a whistle blower can get you targeted because to be a whistle blower means that person is ratting out and talking about the activity’s of a group or organization or corporation or government agency., in other words a whistle blower tends to be an individual ratting out on a group of people, a organized group of people, that do not want people knowing about something.

When I was a kid growing up I knew gang-stalkers even though I never heard the term gang-stalkers before, I never knew there was a name for it, but I witnessed gang-stalkers framing someone and they were using a double and photogenic photo’s to frame someone, I was too young then to realize what was going on, but as an adult I realized that event I witnessed was a organized group of people working together to frame someone in our community for felony crimes.

Does that make me a whistle blower for saying this? I know  full well today if I confronted the people that did this they would either smirk at me and pretend to not know what I am talking about, or would fake being angry, either way they would lie to my face, and they would not stand too close to me since they will know I know their lying they would probably fear being pounced in the face by me for lying about it, because they know I witnessed it and can describe in great detail how they did it.

As an adult and a husband and a father I became targeted myself by so-called gang-stalkers, and it was personal on their part, because the very people I witnessed when I was a child framing someone for a felony crime were the same people targeting me when I was an adult.

Ironically they were using the same tactics to frame me, they were using a double and photogenic photo’s to frame me, and they had my wife and our daughters turned against me and they done that behind my back.

So not only am I a witness to gang-stalking I am a victim of gang-stalking, and in my situation it was personal on the stalkers part!

Gang-stalkers mindsets tend to be they are better than everyone else, they think of people as “perps” rather than as people, they love and enjoy using defaming terms to descr8ibe people as a way of attacking people and at the same time making them appear better to their peers, they are arrogant and tend to have a God complexes, they love to smirk at people and are very fond of labeling anyone that questions them as mentally ill.

They are known to gossip as a way of turning neighbors against their targets and are fond of using false accusations about their targets as a way of discrediting their target and turning others against their target and using such tactics usually gets others involved as supporters to the gang-stalkers.

Their are Neighborhood Watch signs all over American streets and there there to warn people, just like the KKK did back in the 1920s using flyers, that there are organized people in our community’s that are and want to target people, and that they have the power and influence to HAVE such signs everywhere on the streets in America, so gang-stalking is quite real, it is just officially ignored by our government and news media, just like the KKK was back in the 1920s.

The term “Gang-stalking” is a misleading term because it distracts from who and what gang-stalkers really are, it would be more accurate to describe it as “Police-gang-stalking” or as “Oraginzed-Fascists-Stalking” since so many Fascist minded people are gang-stalkers, and gang-stalkers justify their deeds the same way the KKK did back in the 1920s, they just slander and defame their target as a group until everyone stops complaining and shuts up about it.

Terry Wagar

What Is Gang-Stalking? Details Details Details!

What is gang-stalking? gang-stalking is a term law enforcement came up with to distract victims of police investigations away from the truth, gang-stalking half-way describes what it is just by saying it but it distracts from the reality that gang-stalking is actually police investigations/operations and police do not want people to realize that so police popularized the term “Gang-Stalking” to conceal the operations done by under cover officer’s.

It would be far more accurate to call it “Police-Gang-Stalking” since 99% of gang-stalking is done by local authority’s, and since law officer’s are organized while they commit felony crimes stalking people you can accurately describe it as “Organized Crime” committed by law enforcement.

For the sake of popularity I will call it gang-stalking simply because it is the popular term used on the internet even though I do not care for that misleading term in order to explain and define it for people that do not know about it.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about gang-stalking and it is deliberate on the part of the people that put the misinformation out there, most information on the internet about gang-stalking is put out there BY law enforcement and it intentionally distracts people from the fact that local authority’s and FBI are the main agency’s involved.

Police love flaunting the misinformation of gang-stalkers and they love to put mental illness allegations with most story’s about gang-stalking because it is common practice for police to label anyone that witnesses police committing crimes as mentally ill, so police will commonly associate falsified story’s such as “computer chips planted in body” story’s and other such nonsense story’s WITH gang-stalking story’s to make victims of police investigations appear mentally ill to other readers and or researchers.

It is common to find gang-stalking story’s on the internet where the claimed victim says they are being gang-stalked and then admit they are mentally ill and they will make claims such as “Electronic energy beam weapons” being aimed at them all the time, these type of story’s are written by police and they do it for fun to make fun of real victims of gang-stalking and to further discredit real victims complaints.

Why? because 99% of all gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by other law agency’s, and such agency’s yes indeed commit felony crimes against their targets/victims and police are always trying to discredit their victims by making false mental illness allegations.

When police illegally batter someone most of the time law enforcement labels the battered victim as mentally ill, it is standard procedure for police to do this to discredit the victim as a witness, well police also commonly refer to victims of gang-stalking as mentally ill for the same reason, to discredit them as witnesses.

Gang-stalking is operations done by police, usually done by local authority’s, and everything they do they do under the pretense of an investigation, so it is easy for police to gang-stalk people and to harass people and to terrorize people, and many people that are not in law enforcement voluntarily help police do this thinking they are helping police in their investigations.

Let me give you a small example that will help you under stand gang-stalking better, most everyone is familiar with prostitution stings right? everyone has heard about those on the news from time to time, a prostitution sting is very similar to police-gang-stalking.

When police do a prostitution sting police will take over a hotel somewhere and will rent several rooms and will have at all times at least 15 officer’s on the site and they will plant audio and video recording devices all over the hotel and in the parking lot and on the sidewalk near the hotel.

Police literally take full control over the area with the owner/manager of the hotels cooperation and full knowledge, and then law enforcement starts staging felony crimes using paid actors, mostly female officer’s, but police are not above using and training their girlfriends in these operations at all.

These woman are trained by police to pretend to be prostitutes and to perform for video surveillance cameras, and they are trained to know and use every dirty trick you could ever imagine to make the men they communicate with look as bad as possible FOR the video surveillance cameras.

Now this is a police operation not an investigation, and what are police doing? they take over a large area and place video cameras all over the place, then they pay performers to act/pretend/lie on video surveillance and to do everything in their power to make the men they talk to look as bad as they can for prosecution and building a case against people.

There are a lot of people in law enforcement involved in this operation and their are voluntary civilians involved as well such as the hotel manager/owner and even the hotel employees too, that’s a lot of people spending a great deal of effort and time and money staging crimes to entrap/frame innocent people/travelers either passing by on the sidewalk or on the street and to people wanting to rent a hotel room.

These trained female officer’s and police officer’s girlfriends will approach innocent people walking on the sidewalk and ask for a light or for a cigarette or for spare change, anything to cause a hand-to-hand exchange, and these trained officer’s are entrapping/framing an innocent person doing this knowing they are getting the hand-to-hand exchange on video surveillance.

I will tell you right now that police are liars and framers and that they stage these stings because they enjoy framing people and entrapping people, and the female officer’s that do all the performing ENJOY acting like prostitutes to frame people, they are all grins while they put on their performances because they really enjoy entrapping/framing people, it is fun and sport for law enforcement to do this to people.

For every one female officer pretending to be a prostitute there are two armed male police officer’s inside a motel room nearby listening to everything via audio equipment wore by the female officer’s and police are recording everything by video surveillance.

When police start making arrests of men on the streets the female officer’s are not arrested or charged with anything, and the males are labeled “Johns” by police and are arrested and news reporters report the tally of arrests made by police on these prostitution stings but never disclose details of such operations.

What does this have to do with gang-stalking? a lot! because when police target an individual they target that person the same way they do prostitution stings

If the police have a target that is renting an apartment, then police will contact the landlord/apartment manager and inform them they are investigating such and such tenant and that they need to evict several apartments surrounding their target in order to take control of the area, systematically several apartments will be evicted surrounding the target and under cover police will take over those apartments.

Police have already got the landlord/apartment managers cooperation and landlords/apartment managers always cooperate with all police investigations. police will tell the landlord/apartment manager that their target is a bad guy right off the bat to turn them against their target and to destroy the targets reputation.

Police will put at least two under cover officer’s in the targets place of employment as well and they get the employers cooperation because employers always cooperate with police investigations, and if the target has a wife then at least two under cover officer’s will get a job where the targets wife works as well.

These type of operations usually involve several officer’s at any given time for the most part because gang-stalking done by law enforcement usually goes on for at least several months to a couple of years, but try to understand that is a general average but it may be more or less depending on the situation.

Once police have control of the surrounding area to their target and have under cover officer’ planted in the targets place of employment they start PERFORMING for the purpose of framing/destroying their target.

Under cover officer’s will destroy the targets reputation with his employer with false accusations, and it will be done behind the targets back, and under cover police will befriend the targets wife at her place of employment at the same time and will try to woo her into an affair, remember framing people and destroying people is sport to law enforcement and they enjoy doing this to people. and police that are renting the apartments surrounding the target will stage crimes around and near the targets home and will spread false criminal rumors about the target to the neighbors and will admit to neighbors that the target is “Under Investigation” and will tell neighbors to not warn him about it.

Now these several officer’s over a period of several months are completely destroying this person behind his back, the target knows stuff is going on, he hears people from a distance saying his name and talking about him, but no one will volunteer anything to him as to what is going on, and everyone in his life seems to be turning against him and he does not know why.

All this is done by several police officer’s acting under the pretense of an investigation, and the attack on the target is compartmentalized to other people so neighbors are unaware that police are sleeping around with the targets wife and are unaware that police are destroying the targets reputation as well at his place of employment, and same thing with the targets coworkers, the coworkers will think the target is a bad guy and that he is under investigation by police, but will know nothing about the staged crimes performed by officer’s at the targets home and are unaware that police are sleeping with the targets wife.

You get the point here? law enforcement, under the pretense of conducting investigations, do this to people all the time, police will take several months to a couple of years destroying their target this way and the whole time police are building a case against their target by staging crimes.

It is common for police to break into their targets home to plant audio and video recording devices within their targets home, they do not care if it is illegal because no one will arrest police for doing this and most of the time the target never knows about it, and police will even plant paraphernalia in the targets home for future use should police decide to kick down the targets door with a warrant.

It is also common for police to stage crimes using look-a-likes that dress up like the target and to stage crimes using look-a-likes so police can get photogenic photo’s of someone matching the description of their target committing a crime.

Remember police have no qualms about dressing up like prostitutes to frame people as Johns, well police ALSO have no qualms using look-a-likes to stage crimes as well and it is common as hell in the USA for police to do this, as a matter of fact most investigations done by police police use look-a-likes and photogenic photo’s to build false cases against their targets.

If police recruit the targets wife into their set up then the wife may join in on it by performing for video surveillance FOR police in order to make the target appear to be a bad guy, and it depends on what police are framing the person for what the wife will do.

Since police are investigating/targeting their target the targets landlord/apartment manager will have no problem giving police a copy of your apartment key because they always cooperate with investigations and police and even news reporters are always mums the word on how landlord/apartment managers help police to target people.

By several months the targets life has been turned upside down and he knows it, everyone at his job hates him including his friends and bosses and will not tell him why, he knows they talk about him behind his back, and when he is home he overhears neighbors whispering about him and giving him dirty looks and they wont tell him what’s going on either, and even his wife does not act normally anymore even though she still acts like she loves him.

At least the nearby neighbors don’t avoid him, as a matter of fact they act friendly towards him and engage him in conversation every time he leaves home or arrives home, they seem to be the only people that like him.

It is the under cover officer’s renting the surrounding apartments that are pretending to be friendly and engage him in conversation for video surveillance purposes.

The target is aware there are problems and may feel paranoid and feel like he is being set up and of course there is no one at this point he can turn to, the only people he has to talk to in his life at this point is his wife and the neighbors surrounding him, everyone else seems to hate him and want nothing to do with him.

It is at this point that the target has been destroyed behind his back and is aware of it somewhat but does not understand why, and he is surrounded by law officer’s that did this to him and his wife was turned against him as well and she just pretends to love him and as she performs for law enforcements video surveillance cameras.

If the target lives alone and does not have family or a wife living with him then the surrounding police will use what is known as gas-lighting tactics to terrorize and to further torment their target.

When the target is away from his home then police will move things around in his apartment, why? because when the target comes home HE WILL NOTICE IT! now what? should he call the police to report it? what do you think police will do? they will just smirk at him and tell him to go see a shrink.

This is why most people that are gang-stalked by police get gas-lighted because the target/victim KNOWS someone is entering his home when he is not there and moving things, but if he tells anyone about it he is immediately labeled mentally ill, pretty much by everyone.

There is no one the target/victim can turn to for help with such an attack, and the attack itself is to drive the victim crazy with frustration because the target/victim knows someone is doing it and wont stop doing it and the target/victim fears telling anyone about it because he will just be perceived as mental.

Because of this perception most people have police LOVE doing this to the people they target/investigate knowing it messes with them badly and it amounts to terrorizing the victim intentionally and police know full well there is no one the target can call that will care.

If it is hard for you to understand then I m sorry, but police are not the “Good Guys” propaganda TV and Hollywood movies portray them to be and they never have been good guys, police are thugs and always have been and are used to messing people up and enjoy it and no one with a badge will arrest a cop for terrorizing and framing people, such arrests are non-existent and everyone knows that.

Why do you think every time police are involved in a shooting where police shot someone instead of having the officer’s involved in the shooting make a public statement the police instead use PR officer’s that are TRAINED to act professionally for news cameras? because most cops are thugs and talk like thugs and think like thugs and behave like thugs, so they need PR people trained in the art of lying to talk to the press.

Cops love to frame people, they love to womanize with other people’s wives, especially with their targets wives, because it makes framing their target more fun for the officer’s, and because law enforcement is going to all this trouble they have every intention of either framing and or murdering their target, one or the other, or both.

Which is why there are not very many real victims of gang-stalking reporting it on the internet.

I would like to point out that many many people that are not in law enforcement also gang-stalk people, but most of those people are recruited into the gang-stalking by the law officer’s that started it and it is law enforcement that starts these gang-stalkings and organizes gang-stalking and funds it, all done under the pretense of several officer’s conducting an investigation.

Back in the 1970s it was common for people that were not in law enforcement but were bros to cops and would help cops target/gang-stalk people usually had and used police scanners in order to find out who police had it out for and would back in those days help the police in destroying their targets reputation within their neighborhoods.

There are a lot of people that know some civilians owned and used police scanners but never gave it much thought as to why civilians would even want to listen to police scanners, well now you know, or course none of those people that owned police scanners back then will admit to that.

Gang-stalking is no different than a Witch Hunt done by colonists a couple hundred years ago or hangings done by the KKK back in the 1920s, it’s all about the powers that be wanting to target and either kill or frame people, and they did so as a gang each and every time.

If police have it out for someone and that someone does nothing wrong, then police will frame the person to justify their targeting of the person, everyone knows that organized targeting of individuals have gone on all throughout our American history, but in 2013 it is common for government officer’s to ignore history and to label victims of gang-stalking mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses, and now you know why they do that as well.

Hollywood wants you to think that if you are under investigation that only one or two officer’s will be assigned to spy on you and will rent an apartment, one apartment, across the street and will only watch your comings and goings with binoculars from a window, that is the biggest bunch of bull crap ever and you know it.

Real investigations on individuals are done by at least several officer’s and they will use their power of authority to coerce your landlord and your employer and to influence your neighbors and to even effect how your friends see you by completely invading your life and to disrupt it using the appearance of “Conducting an investigation” and everyone they contact will cooperate with them and will lie for them because police will tell them you are under investigation and to not say anything to you, so no one will tell you.

You of course are having your life destroyed before your eyes, everyone you know is turning against you and no one will tell you why, under such circumstances you have every right to feel paranoid, who wouldn’t?

Law enforcement has always been this way and has always operated this way, and it is your government and your TV shows and Hollywood movies that try to conceal this fact from average people.

Now you know why it is more accurate to describe these crimes as Police-Gang-Stalking as well as Organized Crime because that’s what it is and what they are guilty of and much more accurately describes what is going on.