I am A Lifetime Victim Of Sting Operations! Part Three! To Be Continued!

1970 I witnessed when I was a small boy of around the age 5-6 a sting operation, Multnomah county sheriff’s were involved as well as several people from the neighborhood.
I witnessed the county sheriff’s and the neighbors known as the Dunham family setting up another neighbor as a pedophile, and they were using a uniformed county sheriff officer as the double while the Dunham family provided the children and took the photogenic photo’s of their crimes!

The county sheriff officer broke into a neighbors house when he was not home and was acting as a double of the owner of the house and was tossing out candy bars to the children the Dunham family brought there and the mother of the Dunham family told the children to cross the street and to play in the yard where that house was and to pick up the candy bars that are tossed to them!

While the county sheriff officer tossed out the candy bars to the children, the mother of those children, was across the street grinning and getting it all on photogenic photo’s!

I witnessed this, but I was only 5-6 years old at the time, so I had no idea they were framing someone, but because this is something you do not see everyday I never forgot about it, as a matter of fact it was my introduction to the Dunham family, and from this point forward the Dunham family and the county sheriff’s took a great deal of interest in me and my family!

It could have been a week later, or two weeks later, maybe even three weeks later, I do not know, but it was shortly after that candy bar incident that a Multnomah county sheriff officer was knocking on our door!

A Multnomah county sheriff detectice dressed like a detective was at our front door and was acting all gruff and snobbish and was demanding my mother to allow him to enter our home for an inspection!

My mother was clearly being intimidated by this pushing detective, she did not want to let him in our home, but he was acting under color of authority and was giving my mother the impression that she had to let him in, so she gave in after he coerced her!

This detective wanted to inspect our basement, and he and my mother went into the basement, I did not go down there with them I stayed in the living room, and about four minutes later they came back up and the detective laft!

My mother was clearly upset and told me to never answer the front door again, and like I said I was only 5-6 years old at the time so you will have to forgive me as to when this occured, I did not take records or keep track of such things, but it was shortly after the candy bar incident!

After this the mother of the Dunham family made it a point to befriend my mother, and after she befriended my mother she asked my mother if she could take me along with her children to a theater to watch movies, my mother agreed, and several times the Dunham’s family took me to a theater and each time they took me to see a movie that was not appropriate for children.

Spring break type movies with boob scenes and horror movies with sex scenes in them, but I was too young to understand why they were doing this, and I was too young to complain to my mother about it either, and after they did this several times THEN they invited my mother to come along, and when my mother came along THEN we watched Disney movies!

I would like to point out that during these movie trips the Dunham family took me on I became of age to attend grade school for the first time and started going to school, I was in the first grade!

During my first year in school I was questioned by a counsilor at school which amounted to questions about my family!

After that the schoolordered my mother to get me on a type of medication, and the school told my mother I would not be allowed in school unless my mother got me on the drug the school perscribed!

So my mother took me to a doctor and the doctor read the order the school gave my mother and then perscribed the medication I was to be put on!

I did not know at the time what it was, but when I was an adult I looked into it, and the drug was speed, so in my first year in public schoool the school presrcibed speed to me after I witnessed the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framing a neighbor!

I was too young to understand what was going on, I was too young to understand what I already witnessed them doing to another neighbor, so I was oblivious to the fact that they were setting me and mostly MY MOTHER up as a pedophile, why? I do not know, other than the fact I already witnessed them framing another neighbor, and I witnessed them celebrating framing that neighbor, so my best guess is it’s sport to law enforcement and to their relatives and buddy’s and girlfriends to set people up, and when it came to these people they were not just targeting me and my mother!

After these staged planned trips to the theater to frame my mother for their crimes, they concentrated on targeting my older brother and my father.

They began trespassing onto our property late at night and planting stolen property onto our property, and they began destroying my brothers name and reputation at this time as well but they did this behind our backs!

My brother at the time was around 11-12 years old and he was mildly retarded, he was not a bad kid, he never did anything wrong, and the Dunham’s family’s children befriended him after the Dunham’s did their scene with me and my mother over at the movie theater, and the Dunham family was getting my brother into all kinds of trouble.

The Dunham’s family was heavily targeting my brother, and I did not realize it at the time, and neither did my parents, after a while people started poisoning my brother, I do not know who, my brother did not realize he was being poisoned either, but he told me the symptoms he suffered, I was too young to understand what he described, but as an adult looking back on what he told me I know damn well he was being poisoned!

Around the same time my father was also poisoned and he went to the hospital, and it was around this time the Dunham family and their buddy’s in law enforcement were trying to frame my brother as a stalker and as a rapist, they started making accusations about my brother that were false, and they were trying to hide this from me.

My brother ended up getting locked up in an institution even though he never broke a law and was never given a trial and never convicted of any crime, he was being heavily gang-stalked by dozens of people around this time, and from this point forward the Dunham family was labeling my brother as a rapist and were labeling my father as mentally ill, but they were trying to hide all this from me the whole time, so their attacks are methodical and very planned.

I did not understand what was happening, all I knew was my whole family disintegrated right before my eyes and no one was helping me to understand what was going on, I was too young to understand, but I NEVER FORGOT!

My father was disabled from this point forward and could not work, but because county sheriff’s and their civilian operatives destroyed his health they used their power of influence to make sure my father could not get help from a hospital, my brother was locked up by the government and never given a trial for anything, he was just labeled mentally insane and never given a trial and locked up with no chance of defending himself, and the government for the rest of my brothers life kept my brother medicated to the point where he could no longer function normally, how easy it is for Fascist country’s to cover up poisonings!

My mother divorced my father after this, I have reason to believe the Dunham family was instrumental in causing that separation, so my family was literally destroyed, I was left with my disabled father and my aging grandmother, and the only money we had to survive on was my grandmother’s SSI check.

I was too young to understand the fact that me and my family became targeted by corrupt sting operatives right after I witnessed them framing a neighbor as a pedophile, I did not realize they were taking me to a theater for the purpose of framing my mother as a pedophile, and I did not realize the Dunham’s family was palling around with my brother so they could set him up as a rapist/stalker, and I did not realize they poison people, debilitating people, and then label their victim’s mentally ill, it was in front of me the whole time, but I was too young to understand!

From this destroyed family I come from, and when I turned an adult I got a job and began helping my father and my grandmother with paying the bills and buying foods and paying utility’s, doing my best, what little I could, to help out the family.

After a few years I made a life for myself and started making friends and started dating a little, but not much though, and after a few more years I fell in love and me and my love of my life got married, and we had eventually three daughters.

By the time I reach my mid thirty’s I end up becoming a victim once again to local authority’s sting operations and to their criminal shenanigans, and this time they recruited my wife and her side of the family into it!

My wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen in early 1999, and during that time she was being secretive around me, and she was giving me the impression she was cheating on me and that she did not love me any more, and I was suspecting her of an affair with someone in law enforcement.

After working there only a month and a half my wife came out of the county jail kitchen and nonchalantly told me in an off-hand way that she quit her job, I waited for her explanation, and she gave none, after a LONG AKWARD pause of her saying nothing I asked her “Why did you quit your job?” and that question through her for a loop, she jolted at the question, her mind was a million miles away at that time, and she began fumbling and stumbling with words trying to make up on the spot a believable excuse, which just made her look MORE like a liar.

After we got home my wife’s relatives showed up, and they were all celebrating something and acting like their celebrating, I asked them what’s going on, and the looks they gave me told me a lot right then and their, they were looking at me and smirking as though they were going to fuck me over and could not hide their excitement over it!

They would not tell me what they were so happy about, but they WERE more than happy to hint at it, they basically hinted that something big is going on, and implied it was going to fuck me over, and their smirking the whole time they hinted and implied to this, so I was getting the strongest hint from all of them, including my wife, that what was going on was going to fuck me up.

They basically made it known they do not want me around them, which is weird considering their at MY PLACE, but since I was not welcome to be around them I was more than happy to walk off, but I still PAYED ATTENTION to what they were saying, and to my shock, horror, and surprise, all I had to do to find out what was going on was to walk away about twenty feet with my back turned towards them, and they all started talking about what was going on!

Most of the conversations I overheard them say I heard as either partial statements and was basically getting tidbits of information piecemeal style, but I got more than enough to get the jest as to what was going on.

I already was under the impression my wife did not love me any more and that she was cheating on me with someone in law enforcement, and after they pretty much gave me every reason to suspect foul play I uncovered the fact that I was going to be set up by my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement, and that everyone on my wife’s side of the family was on board with this plan and was celebrating it this day because it was this day they made the decision to set me up..

They even stated something about the next door apartment to us, so I knew that was a part of this, now at this point I realize that my wife AND her family are in celebration mode because my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement made the decision to frame me for something, and that they were all so busy celebrating it was easy for me to overhear them, and they were oblivious to that, so I deemed this an advantage on my part and decided I was going to keep this advantage, so I acted like I knew nothing and suspected nothing.

Arguing with a bunch of criminals that obviously got buddy’s in law enforcement is pointless, and under the circumstances I had no reason to believe I would be able to get help by calling 911 either, I took the cautious mode and pay attention mode and continued that until I could find out more information, and I most definitely was in no way inclined to confide in anyone over this.

The very next morning around 9 AM I woke up and started a pot of coffee, then I went outside and looked at our next door neighbors door, there was a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door, this was confirming what I already overheard my wife and her family talking about last night, and confirmed my suspicion that my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement were taking over the next door apartment.

Because it was so early in the morning when that 72 hour notice appeared on the next door neighbors door I was under the impression the paperwork for that notice was filled out the day before, the day my wife Joan Wagar quit the Multnomah county sheriff’s jail kitchen, the same day my wife and her side of the family were celebrating the decision the county sheriff’s made, the decision to frame me.

Now I already had plenty of information pointing to a conspiracy of my wife and her side of the family along with my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement, but I did not know how large of a conspiracy it was, I assumed it was a couple of bad apple’s in law enforcement because I did not know just how corrupt police/sheriff’s really are, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and so I suspected a couple people in law enforcement were involved.

I knew this was the beginning of their conspiracy and I uncovered it, and I made the decision to hang in there and to pay attention to what’s going on around me, and by acting like I suspect nothing did wonders for keeping their guards down, which helped a lot in overhearing them.

I tried to meet with my next door neighbors to try to get information from them, but they avoided me in a suspicious manner, so I was under the belief they were turned against me behind my back, and three days later they packed up their belongings into a moving vehicle and left in a rush, and one hour later after they vacated their apartment my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement pulled onto the property with a moving vehicle.

They were in plain cloths, they were trying to give the impression that they were a husband/wife team, but I already knew they were in law enforcement, and when they opened their moving vehicle they began loading up the vacant apartment with their police equipment and office equipment.

Their cover is already blown, and how blatant is that for them to take immediate possession of the vacant apartment only an hour after the old tenants moved out? the landlord never even got to inspect the apartment let alone to clean it, I stood out on my porch and smoked cigarettes and just watched them move in!

The man and woman under cover officer’s were nervous about me watching them move their equipment into that apartment and they did not say a word at each other the whole time and both were giving me the shifty eye treatment where they face in front of them but their eyes were turned in my direction! Because my presence made them obviously uncomfortable I decided to stay out there and have another cigarette just because, I was disgusted but said nothing!

The very next day after my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement took over that apartment my wife and her sister Vickie Rosales decided there going to go shopping together, and based on their behaviors and based on what I already knew what was going on, I took that as them needing to go meet with their buddy’s in law enforcement!

After an hour and a half my wife comes back home with nothing because she bought nothing because she was just meeting with her buddy’s in law enforcement, my wife announced that all of a sudden she wants to take the family to the beach for the day and that we all are going to stay the night at the beach.

I asked her ” What brought about such a need to leave town? and she grinned at me and half smirked and said “OH it is just on a whim,,,,,, I want out of town for a day.” so we packed up some cloths and we all went to the beach and we rented a motel at the beach and spent the night there.

The next day we all drove home and once we got inside the home I immediately began looking at the furniture to see if anything was moved, I looked at everything, scanning everything knowing my wife’s buddy’s bugged the apartment, I already knew, after about a minute I saw nothing really out of place, so I sat down, and the moment I sat down was the moment I noticed it, there was a huge crack on the ceiling, so huge it went from one side of the wall to the other side on the far side of the room, the crack was laterally ten feet long if not longer.!

As I am looking at this huge crack I noticed my wife walked past me, and then she looked up, she was standing about 3 to 4 feet away from me, and she was looking at the crack on the ceiling too, and my wife got the biggest grin on her face as she looks at the crack, she did not say a word to me, she’s still grinning and acting excited, and she grabbed her cellphone and went straight to the bathroom with her cellphone!

I sat there in the living room on my chair and just listened knowing I will be able to overhear my wife as long as I leave the TV off, and my wife called her sister Vickie Rosales and told her about the huge crack on the ceiling and she made a point to mentioning to her sister that I did not notice it yet, and she wanted her sister to come over to see it!

My wife came out of the bathroom and then acted like she knew nothing about the crack and said nothing to me, and the very next morning around 9:30 AM my wife’s sister showed up at our door pretending to come over just to say hi and she went straight to where the crack was and looked straight up at it, my wife was staring at her sister in the face the whole time with a grin on her face, then my wife’s sister looked at my wife and the both of them were grinning like Cheshire cats at each other while faking small talk and avoiding not talking about the crack on the ceiling!

I knew at this moment their criminals, guilty of felony break in and criminal conspiracy, and I was even deeming them pedophiles because we have three daughters and they are illegally bugging my home, it was MY APARTMENT in MY NAME not there’s, it was MY HOME and they had their F-buddy’s in law enforcement break in when I am not home to bug it!

I was so disgusted and angry at this moment, I was sure as hell not fearing prosecution at this moment and instead wanted to beat the crap out of them, but I decided instead that if I hang in here I will be able to prove it, I already knew how they communicated with one another, I already knew my wife and her sister are chatter boxes over their conspiracy, I knew their buddy’s in a Fascist rush mode took over the apartment next door, in other words I KNEW HOW TO PROVE THEIR GRINNING SMIRKING GUILT!

About a week later I got a phone call from my mother Valerie Quigley from Utah, she called me up to tell me she has a new roommate living with her, and she said “The guy is a look-a-like to you son.” and my first question I asked her was “WHEN did you meet him?” because I was already linking it to what my wife and her side of the family and what their buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement were guilty of and involved in, and my mother told me he is a disabled person that her friends recommended to her and people at her church and people at the clinic she new recommended to her, so she is admitting to me multiple people all at once were pressuring my mother into taking in a stranger into her home that was a look-a-like to me.

I was under the impression sting operatives (buddy’s and girlfriends and relatives to law enforcement) were taking advantage of my mother’s ignorance, but I said nothing to my mother about me being targeted and being set up because I already made the decision to hang in here at my place to prove their framing me, and I was already under the belief our phone was being bugged by my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement and did not want to tip them to the fact I know their framing me, so I said nothing to my mother about it!

Over the next several months my wife and her family were being coached almost daily by my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement that were renting the apartment next door to me as to how to set me up, it was methodical on their part and they were taking their time doing it.

Authority’s was coaching my wife and her sisters to fill my home and yard with paraphernalia and were coaching them how to PERFORM for their video and audio surveillance cameras.

The paraphernalia started with a car that my wife Joan Wagar’s sister Jan Team’s claimed to have bought and claims to have no room for it at her place and wanted my wife Joan to keep it in their yard.

I knew my wife’s sister Jan owned her own home and had a larger yard than ours so I knew this was a blatant lie on their part, and they just made up bull crap unbelievable lies as to why they put things in my yard.

After this my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales bought two very large swimming pools each costing around 350 dollars each for our yard with money we did not have, and when I questioned them about where they got the money for this they both turned to each other and grined claiming “Their making payments on them.” and they were not really trying to be believable at all and were not hiding the fact they could care less if I believe them or not!

Being females and all they purchased this crap and expected me to assemble them for them, so I began assembling these pools, and while I was working on the pools about fifteen feet away my wife’s sister Vickie Rosales was coaching her son Jesse to grab our daughter Shawna’s boob and for him to talk to Shawna about it!

Jesse and Shawna went into the back area of our yard and were whispering to one another, and then they started faking playing tag, and during this Jesse yelled out loud to Shawna saying “I grabbed your boob Shawna!” and at that I turned and looked over at them in shock at this blatant and sick act they just did, only to be met by them staring back at me grinning, and to my left about seven feet away my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales both were standing next to each other and were also staring at me grinning from ear to ear!

This moment creaped me out so badly I felt like I stepped into a twilight episode, it creaped me out so badly I just said nothing and went back to working on these pools they bought with mystery money!

That is just one example out of almost daily routine performances my wife and her sister were directing our children to perform for their buddy’s in law enforcement’s video and audio surveillance, and that whole street theater tactic they did just so they could get my reaction of what they did on video, which is another example as to how sting operatives treat what they do like a sport, it is fun for sting operatives to stage things and to cause things and to witness the shock it causes their targets, they grin about it because it’s fun to them to toy with their prey!

After this my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales bought a very large trampoline also costing around 350 dollars for the yard, and once again I asked her where she is getting the money for all this stuff, and she just grinned at me claiming she was borrowing it from her sister and by the way she talked and acted she could care less if I believed her!

After I assembled this trampoline in the yard within a few days later we had several children coming to our yard faking pretending to be friends with our children and were wanting to use the trampoline, I told them I will not let them use it unless I have a written waiver from their parents in case they get hurt, so they went and got one!

These children were not friends of our daughters, they were children connected to the law officer’s that were next door, I knew from the 1970s that law enforcement use children of their buddy’s and relatives in order to frame people, and I noticed right away these children were bossing our daughters around as though they work for them, and our children just watched them use the trampoline, our children did not play with them or act like they really knew who they were!

It appeared that my wife told our daughters that children would be over to use the trampoline and she told them to fake being friends of them, and they were going along with this, but it was obvious from the start our daughters did not actually know these children!

Either way I knew the person that wrote the written waiver was probably a sting operative or a cop, so I secretly made copy’s of it.

Right after this I get a big surprise, my mother Valerie Quigley and the look-a-like of me that moved in with her showed up at my home in a motor home, and my mother acted genuinely happy to see me and told me Lonny wanted it to be a surprise that they were coming to visit, and that she sold her home in Utah at the direction of Lonny the look-a-like so that they could buy a motor home to come and visit me!

After talking with my mother and meeting this look-a-like face to face I discover that they spent all the money they got from selling my mother’s home for this crappy looking motor home, and that now they are flat broke, and they wanted to know if it was OK for them to stay on my property until they get their next SSI checks!

I will be the first person to say that my mother is not a very bright person and is easily manipulated by people, and I was shocked to see how badly my mother was doped up on meds, I could see it in their faces they both were very doped up on meds, their speech was slurred severely and just by the way they talked I could tell they were medicated quite a bit, I was shocked at how badly my mother was medicated!

This was like the forth of the month, I think it was may 4th, it could have been June 4th, I know it was on the forth near the beginning of summer, and they showed up at my property on the forth, four days after they BOTH got their SSI checks, and were flat broke!

I was immediately poking holes in their story because their story did not make any sense at all, they just admitted to me they bought the motor home with the money they got from selling MY MOTHER’S HOME to buy the motor home, then they admit they left Utah when they got their last SSI checks TWO CHECKS. they get their SSI checks the first of every month, and four days later they are on my property and FLAT BROKE!

As I asked more and more questions I realized that this look-a-like named Lonny deliberately made sure they both would end up on my property flat broke and in need of a place to stay and in need of food and necessity’s, on the drive from Utah to Portland Oregon Lonny bought my mother a 500 dollar dog, and they were eating at expensive restaurants and even renting motel rooms on their trip to my place, so this Lonny made damn sure by the time they get to my property on the forth of the month they would be flat broke so that I would feel compelled to allow them to stay on my property!

My mother was almost child like mentality wise, she was happy she got a new dog, and when I asked in exasperation “Why would you buy a 500 hundred dollar dog at the beginning of the month just to get your-self’s broke?” she looked at me with a sad face but had no answer to the question, other than to say “Lonny was managing the money for me!” and at this I believed, it was not easy to get answers from my mother about this, seeing her in person and seeing how badly messed up she was on the meds big Fascist GOV had her on, she was almost like a child mentally and started to tear up, I knew at this point they were taking COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of her ignorance so I was not angry at my mother over this, but I was very angry at my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement along with her side of the family!

Later that same day I witnessed this Lonny directing my mother much in the same way my wife and her sister were directing their children to perform for video surveillance cameras! Lonny was whispering to my mother and telling her to act like she is in pain so that I would take her to the hospital to get pain medication, Lonny was faking acting like he wanted it for himself!

Right after he told her this she grabbed her side and acted like she was in pain, she was faking it, and telling me she needs to go to the hospital, now I had two impressions here, two possibility’s, one, Lonny told my mother before they arrived to act like she is in pain so that I would take her to the hospital for meds so that Lonny could use them as well secretly, in other words Lonny pressured her before arriving at my place to put this act on to get drugs for him, OR that is the impression he gave her just so my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement can start linking me and my mother to drugs at a hospital, either way it was discussed by them before they arrived, and I witnessed Lonny reminding her to do this FOR HIM!

So I took my mother to the hospital AT HER REQUEST and the double, the look-a-like, remainded at my place, with our children, and at the hospital my mother was talked to by a doctor but not examined, and I was shocked at how ready the doctor was to give my mother pain pills!

I pulled the doctor aside out in the hallway and told him my mother was faking her pain and to not give her any pain pills, I knew she was faking it, I overheard Lonny telling her to fake it just so I would take her to the hospital.

For the remainder of the month I had my mother and this look-a-like living in a motor home on my property, I had to feed them and cook for them and even pay for my mother’s cigarettes and take care of them along with my children, and Lonny had that motor home stinking to high heaven because he was using it to shit in and it was stinking up my whole yard!


After my mother told me Lonny was next door inside the next door neighbors apartment I went back inside my apartment, it was a hot summer day, and five minutes later Lonny walked up to my doorway and came in, he came straight from that apartment next door, he did not talk with my mother yet, and he acted like I already knew he was next door and felt a need to explain why he was next door, it was such a blatant outright lie, I heard the same type of lies from my wife and from her sisters, ANY ATTEMPT on any of their parts to conceal the fact cops were next door directing everything was half-assed at best!

All kinds of disasters started taking place around this time, for one thing my father Don Wagar came to visit me, he lived on the other side of Portland in his own apartment, and he told me he was being stalked by multiple people he believed to be in law enforcement, and he described to me they were staging street theater tactics around him.

He was being given the impression from these plain clothed stalkers that they were in law enforcement, and that they were staging crimes near him in his presence as a way of taunting him and to provoke him and was even daring him to intervene, my father described in detail to me what they did, how they were doing it, what their intentions were, and so on, and based on what he told me and based on what I already knew about what was happening to me I believed everything he said, because what was happening to him was very similar to what was happening to me!

He told me one time there was a man and a woman and they were faking being in a fight near him, he was very much under the impression they were faking it, as a way of daring him to intervene, so that they could justify shooting my father if he did, this was the impression he was getting from their performances!

Based on what these cops and county sheriff officer’s already did to me and what I already knew they were coaching my wife and her side of the family to perform for video surveillance I was very aware of the fact by this point that all under cover cops go under cover to perform various street theater tactics in order to frame or even to murder off people, my father was under the impression based on their faked performances that if he fell for it and went to the lady’s help in that fight that they would have just shot him, and that police and news media would fake justification by labeling my father as the attacker!

In other words my father believed they were under cover cops because their performance WAS a performance, and if he fell for it and tried to help the woman, then they would have just shot him and would get away with it because both the man and woman would deny after the fact they were fighting and would just label my father as an attacker, he was VERY MUCH under this impression, and based on how blatant I already knew sting operatives are when their coached to perform for cops video surveillance their act was most likely just that, a staged act!

After speaking with my father I realized this was a much LARGER conspiracy than what I initially thought it was, I was under the impression from the beginning that it was just my wife and her side of the family and that there were a couple of bad apple’s in law enforcement coaching them and directing them, NOW I find out there are several more people in law enforcement also involved, along with the confirmation that Lonny was involved as well, I realized at this point my whole family is surrounded by these sting operatives and were being terrorized and drugged and doped up and taunted and harassed!

After speaking with my father and finding out I am not the only target and that there were way more people involved than I originally thought, all hell broke loose, my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement staged a car fire thirty feet away from my apartment, the whole car exploded and was on fire, and I WAS THE ONE THAT HAD TO DEAL WITH IT!

It was on the other side of the fence in a neighbors yard, but it was only thirty feet away from my apartment and I have children, I ran outside to see if everyone is OK, then I ran over to the area where the car fire was, and there was someone there acting like he was hurt, I asked him if there was anyone inside their home that needed help getting to safety, he said no, so I asked him if he had a water hose we could use on the fire, and he said yes, so I went to where the car fire was and grabbed the hose and helped turn on the water and the dude that acted like he was hurt started watering the car while it burned!

Lonny followed me the whole time and was grinning and saying out loud “You sure know how to deal with emergency’s!” and he was grinning at that!

The fire department showed up and was charging towards the fire, and I told Lonny to get out of their way, he was very much giving me the impression he was an under cover cop at this moment because he was perfectly calm and was actually amused by how I dealt with this emergency!

After this our daughters bicycles were being stolen, almost daily, our daughters bikes were chained to the fence with bike chains, yet every other day their bikes got stolen, when my father found out about it he bought them new bikes, and within three days those bikes got stolen, I already knew who was doing it, we were after all surrounded by under cover law enforcement that my wife and her side of the family were taking orders from!

After my mother and that double got their next SSI checks I asked them to leave and get themselves to a motor home rental place where they can get hookups for their trailer so that they can have water and utility’s and such, and that’s when Lonny faked and pretended that the motor home was broken and will not start!

I immediately knew he was lying, because it worked just fine in getting them onto my property so I know it was not broken, he pretended to demonstrate that it was broken by turning over the engine and it was not starting, I still knew he was lying, being pissed and angry I grabbed my tools and began working on the motor home checking the fuel lines, and right away I noticed the motor home had duo fuel tanks, which means there is a switch in the motor home where Lonny can switch from one tank with gas, to another tank that has no gas!

I said nothing about noticing it, and instead decided to trick this bastard into admitting he’s faking it, I said out loud “I am going to dismantle the entire fuel line and work my way up to the motor until I find out where the problem is, and when I went into my house to get my tool box THAT’S WHEN Lonny just started it up, and he faked not knowing what’s wrong with it, and he and my mother got their things packed in it, and they left to get a place they could rent or their motor home!

Two weeks later that double Lonny battered my mother Valerie Quigley, and she called me up wanting me to pick her up, I did not have our vehicle my wife had it when she went to work, so I had to take the bus, and I had no idea where they were even at they were somewhere on the other side of town, it took me a couple hours to get there, and when I did I spoke to my mother and asked her what happened, and she told me he struck her, and that she did not know why!

She wanted me to get her motor home ready and wanted me to take her and HER motor home that was paid for with HER HOUSE MONEY with us, and as I was getting it ready to take back with me, Lonny the look-a-like and two Portland police officer’s strolled over to me and my mother, Lonny was about 8 feet behind the two cops!

The Two Portland cops began questioning asking me what I was doing, and I told them Lonny hit my mother and she wants out of here and away from him, and I was very disgusted by the fact that they were waiting in ambush for me to pick up my mother and they were not hiding the fact that’s what they were doing and were not hiding the fact they were on Lonny’s side not mine and not my mother’s side!

Those cops smirked at me and ignored the fact Lonny battered my disabled mother and told me “You can take your mother home with you if you want to, but you will have to leave that motor home here because the lease for the place is in Lonny’s name! They were smirking while doing this shit! OH I can see why people attack cops nowadays I really see why so many people hate cops!

I took my mother home with me minus her now lost motor home, and for a month she stayed with me at my apartment, I was at this time very worried for my family’s safety, because these people in law enforcement were not hiding the fact that they were targeting me and my side of the family, and all the old memory’s I had of growing up as a child and being gang-stalked by plain clothed people in law enforcement and by their buddy’s and relatives and such, and what they did to my brother and my father after they targeted me when I was only a small child, all those memory’s flooded in, and now here I was surrounded by these so-called sting operatives that do nothing but commit crimes themselves and gloat over it while they frame their victims for crimes that cops and civilian operatives commit!

I was thinking also about how law enforcement just used a double to batter my mother, and how two cops are questioning me about it while I was standing next to my mother, I was thinking to myself they may be getting that on photogenic photo’s just so they could give me blame later on!

About a month my mother stayed with us, and right after my mother got her next SSI check my wife Joan Wagar admitted to my mother to her face that she did not want her here and that she poisoned her, in utter shock my mother screamed and freaked out and started yelling “This is abuse this is abuse!” and she charged out of the apartment and went for a payphone to call 911!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s did not act on my mother’s 911 call and questioned no one at my place about her 911 call, but did arranged for her to get an apartment since she was disabled and on SSI, my wife was looking me in the face and acting like my mother was crazy and making it up, I knew she was lying!

My mother’s 911 call was covered up by authority’s and not acted upon, and about three weeks later I saw my father Don Wagar at a bus stop and went over to talk to him, he looked terrible, I asked him “What’s going on?” and he told me the people in law enforcement that was stalking him and terrorizing him poisoned him, he told me it happened about three weeks ago, he said he was severely debilitated from it and told me he went to my place to tell me about it and said I was not home when he came over, he told me he feared for my safety and my daughters safety, and he told me how they were hitting his walls and yelling threats at him while he was debilitated and stuck in his home, he said they were renting the apartments surrounding his and were taunting him and hitting the walls terrorizing him after they debilitated him by poisoning him!

I was scared to death at this point, I really wanted to hit myself at this moment for being so stupid as to hang in there to prove their setting me up, because all the evidence I accumulated and all the tracking of how they were doing it was pointless, because there is not a soul with a freaking badge a anywhere in the USA that gives a damn, their all corrupt, this is sport to these assholes, human life means nothing to cops and their girlfriends!

I realized just how bad things really were I realized that no amount of evidence I get on these organized killers/framers is going to get me help, that brief feeling of anger disappeared when my fatherly instincts kicked in and I was scared to death for my daughters lives, these bastards had my whole family surrounded by these murderers, and my memory’s of what these bastards did to my brother when he was a child and how they poisoned him when he was a child reminded me that cops just don’t give a damn and will poison anyone, even children!

I told my father to go to the hospital, he was able to walk and talk, so I misjudged just how badly ill he was from it, he was risking his life to warn me because he feared for my safety and my family’s safety, I respect that, and it cost him his life, because three days later my father Don Wagar, a great man, died, trying to protect his family by warning me!

It was a Multnomah county detective that showed up at my door and told me my father died, I collapsed on my porch hearing this, and as I sat there in shock, this grinning smirking county sheriff officer continued talking as though he wanted to give me a hint, he said ” Before coming over here to tell you of his death, I went into your father’s apartment to remove his meds.” and at that statement he turned and walked to his cruiser and drove off!

My father Don Wagar was not on any meds, he was poisoned to death by these assholes!

For the next five days in a row after the immediate death of my father Don Wagar I was getting multiple daily phone calls from two different officer’s that were lying about who they were and were making daily multiple threats and demands by phone!

One officer was pretending to be my fathers apartment manager and was demanding daily and in a hurry demanding me to remove my father’s belongings from his apartment, and the other officer was pretending to be my father’s funeral home director and was demanding money for the cremation HE already did to my father without my consent!

They just got done battering my mother using a double and tried to make it look on photogenic photo that I did it, and after this they poisoned my mother and father and covered up my mother’s call for help and then murdered off my father and they admitted they removed the poison (they hinted at that) they murdered my father with, and they are now blackmailing me wanting me to set foot in my father’s home so they could frame me for his death!

I knew that’s what they planned on framing me for, and I knew they were not who they said they were, because my father Don Wagar never had my phone number in the first place, so there is no way in hell his apartment manager would have it, my father hated phones, he never owned a phone, he never liked using phones, he was old fashioned and hated phones, he never asked for my number and I never gave it to him because I already knew he hated phones, so the person pretending to be my fathers apartment manager was one of the cops responsible for my fathers death, and he wanted me in that apartment so they could frame me for the crime!

The funeral home director was not the funeral home director either, because I had not yet even tried contacting the federal home director for one thing, and the fact that they poisoned my father and then had him cremated was not my doing it was law enforcement’s doing, and they were demanding I pay for it so that they could frame me for murder! and since I never contacted then either they would have no way of knowing my phone number either!

I refused to have anything to do with my fathers apartment and refused to have anything to do with the cremation, it’s all their doing, and they were threatening me and making demands daily for five days straight, and their not hiding the fact at the very beginning they were angry and making demands and wanting me to do this and this and this and this, it was endless for five days!

On the fifth day after I got the last threatening phone call from the officer’s that murdered my father, my wife and her sister Vickie an hour later were filling my home with porn and life-sized Barbie dolls!

I already knew I was surrounded by these murderers, they had several apartments surrounding ours, I knew my wife and her side of the family was being directed by these officer’s as though they work for them under cover as civilian operatives, and I knew what they did to my mother and father and even what they did to my brother when he was a child, and here I was surrounded by these organized murderers faking a sting operation while they fake crimes and commit crimes and use doubles to stage and commit crimes, and I was scared to death for my daughters safety, my instincts were telling me STFU STGU STFU STFU or they will hurt or kill our daughters next!

Two days later I saw my oldest daughter in her bedroom, she was writing in a diary, she had the biggest goofy grin on her face you could ever imagine, and there was a card with printed words/paragraphs on it next to her diary and our daughter Shawna Wagar was copying the contents of that card into her diary, and after she got done she left the apartment to be with her sisters, and I took the time at that moment to read her diary, everything in her diary was about her labeling me as a pedophile, everything in it, and it was all made up by her, and she was using words in it she did not even know how to spell!

There is no mention in it of my mother and Lonny the look-a-likes stay with us, nothing about Lonny battering her grandmother and needing to stay with us for a month longer, nothing in there about her grandfathers very recent death, which was just seven days ago, nothing about all the pools and trampolines her mother put in our yard, just a bunch of made up story’s about me acting like a pedophile, and it all was being written by our oldest daughter, and she was getting this information from cards that were being passed to her by green jacketed county sheriff officer’s that were right next door!

I was at this moment deeming our teenaged daughter to be an accessory to murder!

From this point forward I was being blackmailed and feared for family members safety, my wife and her side of the family’s conspiracy was not really hidden and law enforcement as well was not hiding their murderous conspiracy from me!

They made it very clear who their targets are and were and demonstrated how they use sting tactics to frame people and demonstrated how they poison people and batter people and demonstrated how easy it is for them to cover up complaints and calls for help!

They demonstrated they have no qualms killing either and enjoy hinting to their targets and victims to make it known to their victims that authority’s are guilty and don’t care if their targets know it!

My wife and her side of the family and even our oldest daughter were not hiding the fact they were being coached and directed and controlled by these officer’s and wanted me to know it after my father Don Wagar was murdered!

For the most part I felt blackmailed, I know what their capable of, I know they murder and that they enjoy murder, they enjoy framing people, and I had every reason to fear for the safety of my daughters, even our oldest daughter!

I shut up and said nothing, I made no accusations, I did what I thought they wanted from this point forward and said nothing about their conspiracy!

I felt like I was walking on egg shells twenty four-seven from this point forward, and from time to time I caught female green jacketed county sheriff officer’s at my oldest daughters bedroom window and this female officer was telling our oldest daughter what to do next for their video surveillance cameras!

The whole time my whole family was surrounded by these people, and I knew if I tried to warn people or tried to attack these people in self defense that I would be shot!

About a month later I discovered that the Dunham family was involved in this, I discovered that the Dunham family, Kurt Dunham, my former so-called “Best friend” was living several blocks from my apartment, and that he moved there AFTER I moved into that neighborhood, and that his children were secretly palling around with my children at our children’s school!

One month later I was arrested and charged on forty four pedophile felony charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER with no explanation from police and prosecutors, and they used those fabricated charges to pedofy me publicly so no one would care if I am murdered!

This was also law enforcements reminder they were blackmailing me and that I did not do what they wanted yet!

To Be Continued Part Two

Terry Wagar

Online StingOperations Are All Over The Internet Provoking People And Attacking People To Silence Peple’s Complaints!

I have recently tried Googling “Sting Opreration Forums” trying and attempting to find other victims of corrupt sting operations, and I THOUGHT I found one called “Governing,us” forum.

It gave the impression it was a forum of people trying to fight back against corrupt sting operations, so I registered their as username “wifepoisonedme” and started giving my side of the story to introduce myself to this forum.

Their were a little over fifty members of this forum as I checked it out, and after I posted part of my story on their forum making myself known and making it known I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation.

At first their was one person, ONLY one person, that responded to it and acted like he/she was on my side and acted supportive, everyone else in the forum ignored me.

Then I posted a story about how corrupt sting operations frame innocent people as pedophiles and I described how police do it and even provided a slang name that police use when they frame innocent people as pedophiles, police call it pedofying.

THAT story launched an all-out attack on me by virtually EVERYONE in that forum, and when I say ATTACK I mean a ATTACK!

I was beset by constant emails from those forum members ridiculing me and making fun of me and attacking my character and making even death threats against me, and during their attack one of them chimed in saying their under aged, and pointed that out for the soul purpose of saying it!

At one point during their attack one of them chimed in ADMITTING their a sting operation, which explains why one of them are acting under-aged in that forum!

After I challenged them over that so-called forum member faking being under-aged they started making death threats about poisoning me with antifreeze, and they were doing a whole lot of Lolling over it all!

Within about eight hours I got around thirty emails from them attacking me with taunts and threats and even admitting they wanted me dead!

I took some screenshots of SOME of their emails, mostly the worst ones, and took screenshots of my story that launched their attack on me.

The site is so corrupt that all their emails they sent me were supposed to show up on my post as responses to my post, but most of their responses/threats did NOT show up on my post so they were tampering with how THEIR threats made it to me but NOT on my post!

Here is the webpage where I posted my story on “What Is Pedofying?”


Now I will post screenshots of that page the day their attack kicked in in full along with screenshots of these admitted sting operatives admitting they want me poisoned/dead!


Some of their attacks showed up on other mysterious page not connected to my “What Is Pedofying?” post!


They lauched an all-out attack on me besetting me with a flood of threatening emails, all their comments were supposed to go on my post of which these attacks are connected to, the the forum moderator made sure most of their attacks did NOT show up on that page, so most of their attacks were by email sent to my email address!















So as you can see this Governing.us forum CLAIMING to be a group of people FIGHTING corrupt sting operations is in FACT a sting operation in and of itself and sits there waiting for unsuspecting victims of sting operations to join so that they can concentrate on framing that person.

During their ATTACK on me they had a forum member jump into the attack for the soul purpose of labeling them-self as under-aged BECAUSE THAT is a common tactic sting operatives use in setting people, and it was so blatant that THAT was the ONLY reason that person commented, which GAVE THEM AWAY AS A STING OPERATION!

I challenged them on it which is what launched their all-out attack on me!

Their not hiding the fact they are cyber-bullying me and threatening me and admitting they want me dead and name off the weapon of their choice, sting operatives ALWAYS use poison on their targets to debilitated their victims, and these blatant sting operatives are admitting their sting operatives and admit to their choice of weapon, POISON!

They are no different than the KKK! Their organized, they target people, they are anonymous, they make it known to their victims no one will help them, and they do not even HIDE their crimes from the public, only instead of hanging people they frame people and poisoning people!

I recommend REAL VICTIMS to AVOID Governing.us website!

Terry Wagar

Simple Facts About Police Sting Operations!

I am going to point out simple facts about police sting operations that I am sure most people do not know about.

Fact 1, It is your governments that cover up covert sting operations by inventing other terms to describe the sting, Gang-stalking and Cause-stalking are examples as to how your government distracts people from police sting operations, governments use terms such as gang-stalking as a way of recognizing the problem WITHOUT admitting it is police doing it.

Fact 2, Police recruit civilians into sting operations and commonly recruit people that are close to their target.

Fact 3, Police pay civilians to help them in sting operations and pay them to lie for them as well as setting up the target, civilian operatives get paid ten thousand dollars to falsely label the target as a criminal.

Fact 4, Police are womanizers that recruit married women into having affairs with police and police usually grant such women permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money’s.

Fact 5, All sting operations use Gas-lighting tactics on their targets and also use street theater tactics around or near their target, the Gas-lighting is because police want to terrorize their target, usually within the targets home, and all street theater tactics are for the purpose of PERFORMING for police video surveillance in order to frame/entrap the target.

Fact 6, All sting operations take full control of the area around/near their target, if target lives in an apartment then police will evict all tenants surrounding the target and will fill those apartments with under cover officer’s and with civilian operatives.

Fact 7, Most sting operations are covert6 and stay covert, which means most sting operations police will simply never admit6 to it.

Fact 8, Your news reporters know full well police do this to people and are mumw the word about it to the public, that should be enough for you to know that news media is just a Fascist part of a Fascist country.

Fact 9, Sting operations generally use body doubles and photogenic photo’s and may even use fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame their target for crimes committed by the sting operatives.

Fact 10, Sting operations concentrate on staging crimes and on destroying their targets reputation at the same time, and they also concentrate on recruiting people that are close to their target.

Fact 11, Your police ans news media is deliberately vague about tactics police u8se in sting operations, and that’s by design, not an over-sight.

Fact 12, There are a lot of people on the internet that spin false story’s about sting operations and try to distract people from the fact that sting operations do this to people by using terms that distract people from who is responsible, terms such as gang-stalking and Cause-stalking are good examples of it, it describes mostly what I am describing, yet it tries to conceal the fact that it is police that are the ones responsible.

Fact 13, Most victims of these corrupt covert sting operations end up dead or framed/entrapped and railroaded into prison, and this is why most covert sting operations are not admitted to by police and by news media, and is why police destroy the targets reputation and recruit people that are close to the target, so they can get away with it.

Fact 14, Sting operations can last several month’s to several years, it can stop for a year and then just like that kick into full gear again, so sting operations are done and run and organized by the controllers of the sting operations, which is why there are variances in sting operations.

In other words some cops want to get it over with and are in a hurry, while others may want to take their time destroying someone slowly over a long period of time.

Fact 15, Most average citizens regardless of what country they are from know almost nothing about sting operations, and that is by design and all news media from all country’s are responsible for the public masses ignorance of sting operations.

Fact 16, Police do not give a damn about the law, the law to them is just like everything on a cops belt, it’s just another weapon they can use on you that they have no intention ever of using on one of their own, police do indeed think themselves above the law and even think of themselves AS the law.

Fact 17, Everyone wants to put blame for these crimes on special groups such as special FBI programs, everyone falls for that because there is a ring of truth to it, FBI do indeed do these things to people, but so do every other police agency in the world.

Fact 18, Police enjoy framing people in sting operations, civilian operatives enjoy framing people in police sting operations, to them it’s fun, and when their finally done with their target they are assigned to a new target. It is a way of life for them, they were raised to target people, which is why most children of police either become cops themselves when they grow up, or they get jobs that help police maintain their power by getting jobs as prosecutors or defense attorney’s or as doctors or as firefighters.

People that grow up in that Fascist mentality want to control their power and they tend to control professional positions, the kind of positions that’s helps police hold and keep their power.

Fact 19, If you have a professional job such as a doctor or an attorney or as a firefighter and you are not willing to lie for police, then you will not keep your job long because police will make sure those kind of professionals do not get to keep their practice.

Fact 20, News media is corrupt, I do not care what country it is, it’s all corrupt, news media either flat out lies to people, or they give you tidbits of truth with tons of lies as a way of selling their lies. corrupt government cannot get away with their crimes unless they have control of the news media, in other words people everywhere are fed constant propaganda by news media.

Fact 21, to be a victim of a sting operation means to be alone, no one will help a victim of a sting operation, most sting operations are covert which means the government will lie about it and fabricate documents to hide their illegal operations, and first responders are trained to treat victims of sting operations as mentally ill as a way of discrediting them as witnesses, this is common practice all over the world with pretty much all police and all first responders.

Police Sting Operations Frame And Murder People For Sport!

Police sting operations are about framing people and killing people off! police and civilian operatives poison victims to debilitated their victims while police use doubles and photogenic photo’s and commit staged crimes to frame innocent people!

I have to post this on INTERPOL’s Facebook webpage just to prove I am reporting these crimes because police admitted in writing they are covering up my 911 calls!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizing with other people’s wives and are giving those woman permission to poison off spouses for life insurance money’s!

Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police and county sheriff’s are gang-stalking and terrorizing people they want dead and are staging crimes using doubles and are using photogenic photo’s of those doubles raping children to frame innocent people as pedophiles!

Police and sheriff’s brag to their girlfriends they poison people and they frame people as pedophiles using doubles and they brag they use flyers to publicly pedofy their victims and they brag pedofying people gets people killed!

Under the pretense of sting operations police/sheriff’s/state police/FBI are taking over apartments that surround their target and they stage crimes using doubles and they record crimes committed by officer’s dressed as their target on photogenic photo’s and also use fuzzy video surveillance in order to frame their targets for crimes and to build cases against their targets.

They may also poison off their target by entering targets home when the targets are away out of their apartment and police will poison their targets coffee pot reservoir and will do this knowing it will be the target that makes the pot of coffee and then gets poisoned!

Police cover up the poisonings by interfering with the target getting help at the hospital, police will confront the targets doctor in the hallway at the hospital and will repeatedly label their target a “Bad Guy” until the doctor gets the hint to not help the patient and to not take a toxicology test!

After my wife and her gang-stalkers buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement battered my mother using a double and poisoned my mother and father and police covered up my mother’s 911 call my wife and her lover’s/buddy’s in law enforcement murdered my father and then they coached our oldest daughter to falsely label me as a pedophile and they did that publicly so no one would care if I am murdered!


Police officer writes my wife a love letter and he admits he calls my wife Mrs Dash in it because he gave her permission to be a poisoner!


My wife admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary!


My wife tries to cover her butt lying in a denial letter over her affair with a cop and lying denying she is a poisoner, her daughter was pregnant by one of the cops she names in that denial letter!


My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!


OHSU hospital covers up the fact my wife is a poisoner by ignoring the symptoms of poisoning and refuses to take a toxicology test and fakes not knowing what’s wrong with me!



OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!



Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!



The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!


Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!


A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!


Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!


Terry Wagar

Gang-Stalking And Sting Operations Are Almost Identical!

Police/sheriff’s are the gang-stalkers mostly and they target people locally, all their gang-stalking they do to people they do under the pretense of “Conducting investigations” and they gang-stalk people in a fashion similar to a sting operation, only it is around half the size of a sting operation!

Quick definition of a sting operation.

Sting operations consist of around 15 to 30 officer’s, they take full control of a certain area to conduct their operations, such as a hotel or motel, or in a low income part of town, they set up video surveillance all around area in which they control.
They then send out several plain clothed officer’s to stage felony crimes such as acting as drug dealers or by acting as prostitutes, and those under cover officer’s dress like criminals.
Law officer’s perform street theater tactics and engage people in conversations on the streets to frame/entrap people!
Corporations and news media always cooperate with police sting operations!

That is pretty much open knowledge!

Quick definition of Gang-stalking.

Gang-stalking is actually police investigations aimed at certain specific people or persons, and consist of around 7 to 15 officer’s, they take full control of their targets home area to conduct their operations, such as surrounding apartments around their target.
They set up video surveillance all around area in which they control.
They then send out several plain clothed officer’s to stage felony crimes in the targets neighborhood, and it is already established that police perform felony crimes for video surveillance to frame/entrap people, but when police gang-stalk people police dress up like their target and stage felony crimes using street theater tactics for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap their target.
Targets employers and news media always cooperate with police investigations (Gang-stalking).

Sting operations can last for several month’s to several years, police never publicly reveal actual times lengths of sting operations and tend to be vague about details of sting operations!

Investigations/gang-stalking can last for several months to several years, police never reveal the length’s or details of investigations (gang-stalking) and most people know nothing about investigations other than what pretend Hollywood movies say about them!

Police sting operations and police investigations/gang-stalking are almost identical!

Terry Wagar

Gang-Stalking Is Organized Murder And Has Been Around For A Long Time!

Gang-stalking is organized murder and has been around for a long time, gang-stalking goes by many names, and as time passes and sucj murderous groups and their activity’s become more and more obvious to the masses the more likely that they change the names of such groups to hide their activity’s!

All gang-stalking is run and organized locally by local law enforcement, have you not seen in every neighborhood all those “Neighborhood Watch” signs? they are their for a reason, and their everywhere in the USA!

Those signs are not there for looks, they are deadly serious warning signs warning the community at large that their are gangs of people watching over said neighborhoods, and are demonstrating their power and influence with those signs.

Those people that are part of neighborhood watch are gang-stalkers, anyone that is a party to such groups deem themselves as “Good Guys” and are always on the lookout for people to target!

These people are permitted by law enforcement to gang-stalk and harass and menace anyone police deem “undesirable” within the “neighborhood” and it is usually police that give the “OK” for such groups to target people!

There is a history to gang-stalking but not an obvious one, gang-stalkers are organized criminals and are very organized and they have many members, do not ask me if they have rituals or anything because I do not know if they do or not, I doubt they do, I do not believe they deem themselves as a cult, I believe they deem themselves as normal people that have friendly connection with law enforcement members, and are granted permission by law enforcement to “Boycott” certain undesirable people and are fond of using gang-stalking tactics to target (get rid of) certain people.

I am not a gang-stalker, but I have grew up around such people and been around such people all my life, I as a child witnessed gang-stalking, though I never perceived it by such terms back then, as a child I witnessed gang-stalkers and county sheriff officer’s using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame someone in my neighborhood.

Gang-stalkers goals are simple, they have it5 out for someone, law enforcement made it known they have it out for so and so, and everyone that is bros to law enforcement gangs up on that person or persons in an attempt to either drive them out of the neighborhood, or to destroy their targets livelihoods, or to murder off such people.

As shocking as that sounds it is simply the truth, these people are a part of something that has always been around, and over the decades it goes by many different names, in the 1920s they went by the name KKK and were fond of publicly demonstrating their power by wearing white hoods and white robes and taking over parades all over America!

People in this day and age in 2014 perceive such groups as racist and outdated, and their right to think that, but the KKK represented much more than that in the 1920s and constant propaganda has literally changed the way we in 2014 view such groups of people, the reason I point that out is because the KKK back in the 1920s did the exact same thing that gang-stalkers in 2014 do now, they go after “undesirable” people, people that they as a group have it out for.

The KKK in the q920s openly murdered people that never got trials for anything but would be labeled by the KKK as “Bad Guys” and the community would always blindly take the word of the KKK and never call out for the KKK’s arrest.

Murders done by the KKK were simply accepted at face value by the community back then as justifiable and no one sought the arrest of those KKK members, so the KKK in the 1920s had the support of the general community.

Well in 2014 gang-stalkers have the support of the general community, there are people that seek the prosecution of gang-stalkers, but there are no sympathetic ears for victims complaints to be heard

Our police forces and higher class citizens ignore victims complaints and suppress victims complaints by none action on complaints and by not recording said complaints, therefore history of complaints made by victims of gang-stalkers are not recorded and thus do not exist as a matter of record, because no one will TAKE the record, thus covering the butts of gang-stalkers!

In the 1920s no one would take and record the complaints of victims of the KKK either, so victims complaints are historically not recorded and therefore do not exist in our records and history due to community members wanting to cover up such complaints!

The county sheriff’s and local police forces historically organize and run and direct such organizations and also fund such groups of people, and it is those authority’s that look the other way or give blame to someone else in order to protect such groups of people from prosecution!

Do not get me wrong here, gang-stalkers and the KKK are not the same groups, the KKK  pretty much disbanded after WW2 because of the open hatred of Fascism in America, but such people never stopped targeting people, they never stopped receiving support from law enforcement, and to this day still target people, even though they do not think of themselves as the kkk, they still think pretty much like the KKK when they target people!

There was a strong hatred for Fascism after WW2 in America, and that is the reason such groups became more covert in their operations and in their targeting of people, but the end result of their targeting is still incarceration or death of their target!

It is a shame our Fascist school systems made history class the most boring class in school, because it is history that can answer most questions of people and most mystery’s in this world!

Fascist people lived all over the USA after WW2 and Hollywood started putting out training movies that taught the Fascists how to continue their targeting of people without appearing Fascist to people, a post WW2 movie that does that is the 1946 movie “Captain Boycott” Captain Boycott (1947)”. which is just one example of our governmental system trying by major media to reorganize Fascists into a more covert group of people, and by demonstration teaches the Fascist how they can continue to target people and get away with it!

Hollywood even put out movies teaching these Fascists how to mentally torture people and how to terrorize people without getting caught, movies such as “Gaslight” staring ngrid Bergman in the 1944 film Captain Boycott (1947)”. New York Times. Retrieved 4 August 2011.

I would like to point out that Gs-lighting is one of the most commonly used tactics modernly used in 2014 by the system in general, you can witness crimes committed by gang-stalkers, you can catch gang-stalkers on video committing crimes, but you will be Gas-lighted by almost everyone within the system for reporting it, all first responders are trained to use Gas-lighting on people and will immediately pretend you are mentally ill for reporting gang-stalking, that’s Gas-lighting done by your very own emergency response people all paid for by your tax dollars!

When police do sting operations they also use Gas-lighting on people, when police investigate people police will constantly Gas-light their target endlessly knowing it drives their targets nuts with frustration, and when you try to tell people what is happening no one will believe you!

Gas-lighting is real, people do and use those tactics all the time, and there is no one that cares when you report it, so it is a form of attack gang-stalkers love to use!

Police and their accomplices enjoy using these tactics as well as doctors, if you try to tell your doctor that there are people Gas-lighting you then your doctor will just slightly smirk and then prescribe pills for mental disorder, that’s how your Fascist government treats victims of such tactics even though doctors already know such torture is in common use in 2014.

That is how Fascist our society is and that’s how the higher classes protect the gang-stalkers from prosecution, by labeling the victim mentally ill they effectively cut off from the victim any form of real help and discredit the victim as a witness by mere agreement that the victim is mentally ill, and therefore the victims complaints are not acted upon or recorded as valid complaints thus the crimes committed by victims of gang-stalking i buried or simply not kept, therefore they do not exist historically anyway.

News media is Fascist and does the same thing, they never report crimes about police unless the news story came from the police themselves, only police approved news story’s ever see the light of day and become public information and aired on TV news, all other news story’s are buried and never aired and never put on news websites and news reporters work together to bury news story’s that police do not want going public!

Gang-stalking is rarely mentioned on TV or on popular websites because police do not want such information going public, on rare occasion news reporters make brief mention of gang-stalking, but they treat the news story like they do UFO story’s to give viewers the impression to not take it seriously.

Gang-stalking is real and done all the time and all gang-stalking operates under the pretense of police “Conducting Investigations” and that is admitted to all the time by police and by news reporters!

What are news reporters admitting to when they state on the news that police are conducting investigations? they are admitting that a organized agency is targeting someone, do news reporters describe the METHODS police use in their investigations? no they do not! Why is that? Because news reporters always hide and conceal the true nature of police operations and what they are about and what methods police use.

Why? because the government is covertly Fascist in nature and does not want the general masses to know how police target people, and news media is nothing more than controlled propaganda that government controls, therefore your Fascist government through controlled media control what you know, and more importantly what you do not know!

Gang-stalking is every day and in plain sight all around people, but the masses are indoctrinated in not recognizing any of it as gang-stalking, instead we are taught to view such actions as “Ongoing Investigations” performed by law enforcement, and that lie is backed up by Fascist news reporters that deliberately try to keep the masses ignorant of such methods police use!

Police systematically frame and or murder the people they target and are known to use street theater tactics in order to frame their target, and are known to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to stage crimes in order to frame their target, you do not need to be a bad guy to get arrested, because it is nothing for police to stage crimes themselves dressed like their target!

Police commonly frame innocent people they target as robbers, and they commonly use doubles and fuzzy video surveillance cameras in order to frame people, even bank robbery’s are done this way, everyone knows banks have excellent video surveillance cameras, but police to this day still use fuzzy video surveillance that does not clearly show the robbers face, it is such a habit for police to use these tactics that they just keep doing it even though everyone already knows banks have way better cameras than that in banks, and even have cameras right at the teller window to get your face on video!

Police still use that bullshit tactic, and our Fascist news reporters also continue to honor the police and back up such bullshit for them so that police can frame someone they are gang-stalking to get him/her incarcerated!

The Term Gang-Stalkers Is A Misleading Term!

The term gang-stalking is a misleading term that distracts from who is responsible FOR gang-stalking, many victims of gang-stalking have no idea who or why or how they are targeted but are aware of the tactics gang-stalkers use, but many victims ask on the internet “Who are gang-stalkers?”  and that is a misleading question, it’s like asking the question “Who are sting operations?” does that make any sense asking that question? no it does not, why? because we all know police do “sting operations” so it is silly to even ask that question, well it is just as silly to ask “Who are gang-stalkers?” because gang-stalkers are under cover police targeting an individual under the pretense of doing an investigation.

Who does sting operations? who does covert operations? who does drug busts? who does investigations? who does gang-stalking? the answer to all those questions is police and their accomplices/informers.

As a matter of fact an investigation IS gang-stalking, victims deem their actions gang-stalking, but police do not, instead police refer to their actions as “Conducting an investigation.” so when police break into your home and bug it and move your stuff around in the process and you notice your stuff is moved but nothings stolen that’s not Gas lighting that’s a criminal break in done by police that will not admit to it and they are on a daily basis violating your privacy within your home by spying/recording you.

When you witness plain clothed people on the streets deli8beratly gang-stalking you and they give you hints/clues that they are doing it and they also do street theater then that’s a bunch of cops and their bros and maybe some of their girlfriends and maybe some of your apartment managers friends playing mind-fuck games with you for the purpose of provoking you for police video/audio surveillance cameras.

All those gang-stalking story’s you read about on the internet told by a claimed victim of gang-stalking claiming that they are being targeted by “energy beam weapons” are actual gang-stalkers impersonating victims and are making fun of their victims by putting out thousands of fake looney toon story’s to drown out real victims calls and cries for help and to discredit real victims by association.

When they start talking about chips in the brain or energy beams then they are gang-stalkers impersonating real victims to discredit real victims by association and there are more gang-stalking story’s out there like that than there is real gang-stalking victim story’s.

If you are a victim of gang-stalking then it is your local authority’s that are the guilty party’s and any of their bros/girlfriends and anyone else they turn against you is also one of them, and any complaint you make to your local authority’s will be covered up and suppressed by local authority’s and not acted upon by them.

No first responder will help a victim of gang-stalking because all first responders know it’s police doing it and they will not rat out fellow first responders for their crimes and instead will ignore your complaints and label you on their paperwork as mentally ill to discredit you as a witness should the matter go to court for their buddy’s the police.

A sting operation is not actually a secret police and news reporters admit to sting operations and to covert operations all the time, what they do not admit to is what those officer’s are doing when they do a sting operations or a covert operation, most all covert operations police do is to gang-stalk people and to frame/entrap people.

Gang-stalking and a sting operation are almost identical, for both they take control of the surrounding area around their target, for both they put in place video/audio recording equipment, for both they use street theater tactics and dress up as criminals in order to frame/entrap people, and they both can go on for several months to a couple of years, or can go on and off for many many years against the same target as a way of harassing/menacing their target.

When police do prostitution stings they take over an entire motel, they bug every room with consent and knowledge of the motel owner/manager, and they pay female officer’s to dress up like criminals/prostitutes and to act like criminals/prostitutes, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

When police do gang-stalking of an individual  they take over an entire apartment wing, they bug every room their target is known to use with consent and knowledge of the apartment owner/manager, and they pay look-a-like officer’s to dress up like the suspect (victim) and to act like criminals/pedophiles, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

To call it Gas-lighting is also distracting, they do not move furniture around to annoy you, they do it because they had to to bug your home/apartment and to plant evidence in your home/apartment.

Remember everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation, which means their intent is either your incarceration or your death, one or the other, and if your a good guy and done nothing wrong then it is nothing for police to set up video surveillance near and around your home and to dress up like you and stage felony while impersonating you, police love dressing up and acting like criminals, they do it on drug busts, they do it on prostitution stings, and they do it to their victims when they gang-stalk people.

It would be more accurate to call it police-covert-stalking than to call it gang-stalking since gang-stalking is police operations no different than a bust or sting operation.;

Victims of gang-stalking is unable to get help BECAUSE it is police that are targeting the victim and therefore there is no one within our system that is sympathetic to victims what-so-ever and is why victims get ignored when they complain or call for help and is why many get labeled, without any examination by a doctor, as mentally ill, because that is the common way police all over the world cover up their operations, regardless of country.

Many people that claim to be victims of gang-stalking talk a lot about how gang-stalkers try to sensitize their victims to sounds or to colors as a way of further torturing/menacing their target in public in such a way that the target knows their being tortured/menaced by them but has no way of proving it to people that are not witnesses to the long term conditioning the gang-stalkers used to get the target sensitized so it is impossible for the target/victim to prove such an attack on them.

Now who else but your government are experts at such mental conditioning in order to attack their target in broad daylight and be able to get away with it, what psychologists trained in the torture of people are paid to think up such tactics? has not your government in the past or near past admitted via news that some forms of torture are being used by them? well there is your answer.

Although I would like to point out that gangs have always used colors as a way of not only identifying themselves to each other but also as a way of intimidating others that are familiar to those gang-colors, so such tactics are nothing new by any means.

When police do sting operations and or covert operations they usually go in with warrants and serve said warrants to motel owners/motel managers and inform them they are talking over the surround area for several months for a sting operation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

When police do gang-stalking of an individual they usually go get warrants and serve said warrants to the targets apartment manager/landlord and inform them they are taking over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target/suspect for the next several months for conducting an investigation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

Sting operations usually have around 15 to 30 officer’s involved in the operation, investigations usually have around 7 to 15 officer’s involved in the investigation/gang-stalking of an individual target!

Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to convince the masses of people that police do not do such things at all, but it is common knowledge that police do use thee tactics for sting operations and for covert operations.

When police do sting operations they usually dress up for video surveillance as criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance to frame/entrap people, when police gang-stalk individuals they usually dress up like their target for video surveillance and act like criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap their target.

Police enjoy menacing people on the streets and enjoy bullying people on the streets and enjoy battering unarmed people and are known to provoke people into acting in self defense in order for police to justify battering the person, well torturing and menacing and terrorizing their targets is common and they mess with their targets heads the same way they do to their prisoners that sit in jail.

Police are used to having people on video surveillance and are used to battering people and terrorizing people, everyone that sits in a jail cell or behind prison walls are under constant video surveillance, well when police have it out for someone that is innocent they gang-stalk that person on the streets and they also bug their target/victims home, their used to using embarrassing video surveillance of their target to make their target look bad and can care less if it’s legal or not because their target has no way of getting police arrested for such crimes!

In essence your country whether it admits to it or not is Fascist and just like the Nazi propaganda the Nazi Germans used to control the Germans, your country is doing the same to you and your neighbors and fellow citizens, Fascist country’s never admit they are Fascist.

If a country tortures their citizens and claims justification for it then it is Fascists, if police in any country enjoy battering unarmed citizens and claim justification and never stand trial for it and news reporters also chime in that their justified then it is a Fascist country, if citizens complaints are openly ignored and stonewalled by the government when such crimes are committed by such officer’s then it is a Fascist country.

Organized stalking of individuals in any particular country done by plain clothed officer’s is a strong sign of Fascism!

One last thing, the term “Gang-stalking” was thought up by police as a way of distracting people from the fact that it is actually police covert operations that are taking place and they want to cover up and not admit to their covert operations, so they invent terms that describe the deeds but distract from the fact of who is committing said deeds!

Terry Wagar

Gang-Stalkers! Who They Are! How They Are Funded! How They Get Away With It!

There is a lot of people reporting on the internet multiple people gang-stalking them, and news reports have on rare occasion reported gang-stalking as well, but they lean towards treating it the same way they do UFO story’s in order to discredit it, but they do mention gang-stalking anyway on occasion!

I will try to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how their funded and how they get away with gang-stalking, but in order for you to understand what gang-stalking is then you need to have an understanding of history.

Historically Fascist country’s target it’s citizens with a network of people that are palled up with government/law enforcement and those people systematically target people, and the reasons tend to be for many reasons.

In Fascist Germany many citizens in that country were loyal to their government and would spy on their neighbors trying to find out if their neighbors were “Bad Guys” and would snitch on them to the government, and the government officer’s would kick down those people’s doors early in the morning and those people would be taken away, and many times they would never be seen again.

That’s history! that’s what it was like during WW2 living in Nazi Germany, and you need to realize that in order for a Fascist country/government to take over then there needs to be many willing citizens involved in that Fascism, in other words a millions of Germans were openly Fascist and would turn on their neighbors in order to better themselves and make them look good to the powers that be!

All that Fascism in Nazi Germany was open, it was publicly known that the Nazi German government was arresting Jews and putting them inn concentration camps, is that Fascism? ask yourself that, because if you want to understand gang-stalking then you need to understand Fascism and how country;’s become Fascist.

Everyone in Nazi Germany knew their government was rounding up Jews and put them in concentration camps, they all knew, and they knew that Nazi Germany was being tuff on crime by arresting many many people and locking them up, now what do you think the Nazi Germany newspapers were doing and talking about in their news in those days?

Do you think Nazi Germany news papers were labeling their government as bad? or do you think those newspapers were labeling their government as the “Good Guys” in order to maintain patriotism and loyalty amounts the German people?

Think about it, we all all over the world know what a bunch of sick twisted disgusting pieces of shit the Fascist Germans were after the fact, it took Nazi Germany losing the war in order for their high crimes to become revealed, so why on earth did all those news reporters during WW2 in Nazi Germany lie to the German people all the time like that?

Why? because Fascist country’s always take control of news media in order to control it’s citizens and to control and to further the agenda’s of the government through controlled lies!

We Americans in the 1930s and 1940s understood full well how Fascist governments and their news apparatuses control their citizenry through constant/controlled propaganda! hell Hollywood in America was teaching children back in the 1930s and 1940s about German propaganda, it was common knowledge back then that Fascist country’s control people like sheep by controlling news people get, you can watch Three Stooges shorts that demonstrate how it was common knowledge that the German government in the 1930s controlled their citizens through propaganda!

Now what did all that propaganda in Nazi Germany manage to achieve during WW2? Why it managed to turn German people against German people, everyone became paranoid of one another, they would all point fingers at one another as a way of demonstrating their loyalty to their German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and to their government!

The Nazi government encouraged people to “rat out” so to speak on other citizens, and this created a sense of mistrust that people had with one another, neighbors that had personal grudges on their neighbors could just contact their government and falsify criminal allegations and then that person would be arrested and integrated, and if released then that person would be gang-stalked by under cover officer’s and by citizen informants!

To be targeted in a Fascist country usually means to be targeted for life, and usually does not end until the target person is either dead or incarcerated.

Now you might be asking yourself right now “What the hell does all this history have to do with gang-stalking in 2014?” and that’s a good question and I will answer it, it has everything to do with it!

In 2014 we have in many country’s what can be described as covert Fascism, in other words many governments in 2014 including the USA are Fascist, and since our government prints the money and controls the money the government can easily afford and pay to keep the Fascism out of the minds of it’s citizens.

Because we as Americans rely on worthless script as money our government already controls us and we as a people don’t really give it much thought, most people have busy lives with work and entertainments and life issues that most people do not have the time to give it much thought.

After WW2 we entered into the cold war with Russia, and it was common to hear on news stations and in news papers about Russian propaganda, and I am sure that Russia probably told the same thing to their citizens about Americans.

At the end of the cold war our government stopped entirely talking about propaganda and so did our news reporters, propaganda is now simply a word not mentioned anymore, especially around newer generations of people!

The term “Propaganda” has now pretty much ceased to be used by our government and by our news reporters after the cold war, why? because our country is now Fascist and our country now control people by propaganda, and so do many other country’s, and our governments do not want the masses of people/citizens to wake up to that fact.

Now that you have a little understanding in a little history, it will now be easier to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how it’s funded and so on, but one last thing about history first.

Remember that during WW2 Fascist Nazi Germany was rounding up Jews and putting them in concentration camps, remember their Fascist, well the USA during WW2 was rounding up Japanese and putting them in concentration camps as well!

So Fascism is not exclusive to JUST Nazi Germany.

Unlike what some people on the internet might say about gang-stalking I can tell you that gang-stalking, by any other term, has been around for a long long LONGGGGGG TIME all over the world regardless of the country, all country’s have it, it has always been done, and it is mostly done in plain sight, and nobody that is not targeted by it gives a damn!

Every and all country’s have governments, and all those governments have some form of police/law enforcement, and it is the job of those people to TARGET IT’S CITIZENS AND THEY GET PAID TO DO SO BY GOVERNMENT AND BY CITIZEN TAXES!

Do police admit to gang-stalking people? no they do not! do police admit to investigating people? yes they do!

That right there reveals how police and their informants can target people, gang up on people, and also points out how easy it is for them to cover up their gang-stalking of people, they simply label any and all their actions “An Investigation” and simply refuse to disclose the details of their investigations!

Noe are you understanding why gang-stalking has been around for a long long LONNGGGGG TIME? gang-stalking and police investigations are the same thing! all country’s have police investigations, many people get targeted by investigations, and your and my government simply refuses to disclose the details of those investigations to the public, but they do admit to investigations!

Now ask yourself “What is an investigation?” and you will learn everything you need to know about gang-stalking, learn about investigations and learn about police sting operations and drug bust operations and covert operations done by police, and simply replace the term “Police” with the term “Gang-stalking” and you will have many of your questions answered on your own research, you do not have to take my word for it, research police operations, any and all operations, and you will find that most police operations are done by under cover plain clothed police officer’s that are staging crimes near the vicinity of their targets, and they always do so for the purpose of police-video-surveillance-cameras!

Now you might be asking yourself “How can this be? that don’t answer everything! what about all the Gas-lighting gang-stalkers do? police don’t do that do they?” and my answer to you is I told you who the gang-stalkers are, and pretty much everything you heard about gang-stalkers doing to people for the most part is true, to an extent.

Yes police Gas-light people, they do so all the time! if police are investigating someone, anyone, then you can bet they are using Gas-lighting tactics on their target!

You might ask yourself “This is crap! he is leaving out so much! I know my landlord is a gang-stalker and he is not a cop!” and I will answer you by saying not all gang-stalkers are police, but it is police that always organize and fund and run gang-stalking!

Replace the term “Investigation” with the term “Gang-stalking” and then ask yourself “How many people cooperate with investigations?” and you will have your answer as to why citizens that are not police are gang-stalkers!

Anyone and everyone that cooperates with an investigation is and or can be a gang-stalker, generally everyone that is pals/buddy’s/bros to law officer’s to one degree or another are gang-stalkers, and none of them perceive themselves that way, they just perceive themselves as a good person that is helping out with a police investigation!

Most people that cooperate with police investigations are good people that believe they are helping the good guys get rid of a bad guy, and police and TV shows and Hollywood movies ALWAYS portray police being good and going after the bad guy and everyone tends to have that propagandistic belief when it comes to police investigations! but there are many people, landlords are a good example, that not only help police but also lie for police!

You might ask the question “Why? why weould they go to all this trouble? it don’t make any sense!” and all I can tell you is is that you grew up watching propaganda all your life and you have your “Perceptions” of things that have been put in you by propaganda and all those life long lies you were told by your government and by your Fascist controlled ne3ws media are still ingrained in you and because you believe all those Hollywood lies in movies that “Government is there to help people!” you simply are blinded by the reality that our government and our news media is Fascistic controlling people through propaganda!

It is a shock to wake up one day and find out you been lied to your whole life by your government and by your local trusted news reporters, it is a shock!

I remember when I was a kid, I believed in Santa Clause, I believed in magic, I was told by my parents and by my schools and by local news reporters and I was told by Hollywood movies and I was told by neighbors and relatives and friends that Santa Clause is real! that is a lot of people willingly filling my head with lies! and those lies were backed by our government and by our news media, so guess what? Yes your government and your news reporters do indeed lie, and they do it all the time!

When kids grow up and they know all about Santa Clause not being real and they understand why everyone lies about it they usually wend up just like all the other adilts that spread and back up the lie!

Try to understand the shock a kid feels when they find out Santa is not real, think about the painful shock of that lie, it is painful because of all the people you trusted your whole life lied to you, but as you grow up you get over it and you forgive the people that lied and you in the end agree with them that it is a good lie that makes Christmas more magical and fun for children, so you in the end do the same thing everyone else does and you back up the lie to other children.

Well as an adult you deem yourself a older smarter person and much wiser too, do you not? well I got news for you, you are just as naive now as an adult as you were as a child, you known damn well government and news reporters back up lies, but you are too controlled by constant propaganda to wake up to the fact you are still, as an adult, being lied to by your government and by your news media, they do so all the time!

Almost every major news story you can think of is just parts of the story if not down-right lies, if the USA goes to war because of an attack on the country, then the reasons your government and your news reporters give for the war are lies!

When your government wants war with someone then your government stages an attack on itself to justify going to war and to garner support from the citizenry, and it is the job of the Fascist news reporters to SELL YOU THE WAR in order fort your support!

Government and news reporters will tell any lie they think will win over the support of the majority of it’s citizenry, your government will stage an attack on itself, tell the lies to the major media, and major news media spreads the lie in order to win support to the government for the war.

That is fact! this goes on all the time, your government and your news reporters get caught in lies all the time in these situations and it is blatantly apparent that their lies are for the purpose of winning over the majority of the country’s citizenry into supporting the war!

How many lies did the USA government and it’s news reporters tell to gain the American citizens support for the Iraqi war? how many? if it were not for all the lies the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told the American people were not for the war, which is why the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told tons of lies in order to gain support for the war!

That is propaganda! propaganda are government lies that are officially backed by the government and by all it’s controlled news media, and every news station and every news paper and every news reporter that back’s up those lies are professional propagandists that are paid to lie to people in order to control the perceptions of it’s citizens!

That’s how Nazi Germany control;ed it’s citizens during WW 2 and that’s how the USA government controls it’s citizens in 2014!

That is a lot of straying from gang-stalking now is it not? no, not really, because you need to have an understanding of propaganda and Fascism and how it’s used by governments and by news media in order to understand gang-stalking.

Gang-stalking is community policing done by police and by special informants and by trusted people that police confide in and trust and all gang-stalking is done by and run by and funded by and organized by local authority’s and by their informants!

All comunity policeing (Gang-stalking) is done in covert manners and under cover officer’s are used in these covert operations, and many citizens are enlisted/recruited by law enforcement in aidding them in their operations (gang-stalking) in monitoring their perceived enemy target/perp/suspect and police have many programs that aid them in targeting people such as “Comunity Notifications” sent out to neighbors as a way of warning people of a posible “Bad Guy” in the neighborhood and will warn people to be on guard for such suspects and may even give descriptions of the suspects!

That is pretty much common knowledge, everyone is aware of police/schools issuing out flyers to warn neighbors of possible bad guys in the neighborhood, many websites do the same thing!

That is gang-stalking people! that is a ton of organized people heavily trying to control the perceptions of their neighbors through the use of flyers, and those organized people are targeting what? why their targeting individual people and not bothering with criminal trials, they are just labeling guilt as a gang on their targets and blatantly label their targets bad guys without any way for the accused to fave his/her accusers in court!

This is not hidden from people, police and informants all over the country use these tactics when targeting someone, they do not hide these tactics from people, they simply control how you perceive these activity’s, Do news reporters portray these activity’s as lawful and good? or does our news reporters point out the fact that hundreds of people are in a organized fashion are targeting individual’s that end up dead or incarcerated after five years of this ongoing targeting?

Which is it? why our news reporters report all this targeting of individuals as normal and as a good thing and portray the targeted people as either bad guys or as mentally ill.

Now are you understanding why propaganda has a lot to do with gang-stalking? Gang-stalking goes all over the USA and in most other country’s under the pretense that the organized stalkers are trusted members of the community cooperating with police investigations!

Gang-stalking goes on all over the world this way and it’s all done in plain sight by many people, many people are wit5ness to gang-stalking, they just do not perceive it or think of it as gang-stalking, they perceive it as police operations/investigations and they perceive many citizens such as school personnel trying to identify bad guys and to getting rid of bad guys!

Because of that false perception many people have that propaganda has put in our heads our governments and it’s many agents/officer’s and their many informants/accomplices are openly targeting people and do so in a way7 that can only be described as a gang!

Gang-stalkers are organized and they have an agenda and they have a target, their crimes are public and out in the open and is openly known to people, but because of constant controlled propaganda spewed out by Fascist country’s and their news media’s most people do not perceive gang-stalking as organized crime and instead believe in the lies that they are investigations done by good people going after the bad guys!

Fascist country’s easily hide and conceal their Fascism by controlling news media thus they control what it’s citizens know and what it’s citizens do not know! For Fascism to thrive the country needs many citizen loyalists to back it up and to cover4ffor the governments lies!

Every school teacher in the USA knows the USA is Fascist and controls it’s citizens perceptions through controlled propaganda, and their mums the word about it to their students, it’s not a part of government curriculum nowadays to teach children about Fascism or about propaganda, so new generations are born and grow up knowing nothing about Fascism and no nothing about the signs of it and therefore are unable to recognize it, so Fascism in these conditions thrive on naive citizens that have their guard down!

Almost all gang-stalking is done by local officer’s and is organized by local officer’s that recruit others into it by operating under the pretense of an investigation! law enforcement can turn hundreds and hundreds of people against someone overnight with false allegations about their target without even bothering with a trial, and there are tons of local people that will gang-stalk anyone local police put the word out on about being a bad guy!

You do not have to be a bad guy to be gang-stalked, just police labeli9ng you AS a bad guy is enough to get innocent people gang-stalked by community groups that are organized by local law enforcement!

Any anonymous person, a neighbor that does not like you, a past girlfriend or boyfriend, a coworker, a past coworker, a landlord, anyone that knows you in some fashion shape or form can point a finger at you behind your back and label you as a bad guy, and that can get you targeted by gang-stalkers!

There is a history to gang-stalking, gang-stalking is portrayed in many forms and formats throughout history, and all that gang-stalking goes on by government consent and is organized and funded by government, even though many people that get no money at all join in on it under the false belief that they are getting rid of an undesirable person from the community.

Regardless of the names it goes by or the justifications the organized ct5iminals use to justify their targeting of people, HISTORY tells you what organized people do and what they get away with!

Historically organized people get away with murders, all the time, and governments do everything in their Fascist power to portray all that targeting as justified in order to win the approval of the citizens, Fascist governments will fabricate justification and will even pay people to lie in order to give the appearance of justification where none exists!

I best advice to you is to not rely on one source of information, rely on many sources and use your common sense to weed out the truths from the falsehoods, and remember to have better understandings of things it is good to know thy history, the hell with dates and times and places and names of wars, that’s the boring stuff, when I say history I mean history, try to understand what people’s mentality’s were two hundred years ago, all the targeting that went on two hundred years ago is now open knowledge, so you can learn a lot from history!

For instance in the 1920s it was common for the KKK to hand people in America without having any trials and your government did not give a damn about any of THAT gang-stalking either and the KKK got away with framing and killi9ng many people with no trials at all!

Where was the local police back then? why did local police and local sheriff’s allow the KKK to get away with it back then? I will tell you why! because local police and sheriff’s in the 1920s commonly wore white hoods and robes back then and looked the other way when their bros were murdering off people! that’s why!