Something is going on!

Something is going on and this may be my last post on here because of it, I recently discovered authority’s were still poison9ng me with a water filtration system they had connected to my water tap under the kitchen sink, and they told my apartment manager to lie to me telling me it was a broken garbage disposal!

When I next left my apartment I went to the bank to get my SSI money and to buy my grocery’s for the month, and when I got back it was gone, removed, and there were all new hoses connected to my faucet, when when it was my time to go to the bank a month later to get my SSI check I went to Best Buy store to buy a cheap cellphone so I could get video of the new hoses and hook ups under the sink!

I got video of it along with paraphernalia my oldest daughter has been planting in my home, and just this morning I ordered over the internet a USB cord so that I could get the video onto my computer for future upload onto this blog, well this afternoon my daughter left the apartment for an hour and then came back with several boxes and she went into her room and was loading them up with her stuff!

It appears she is getting ready to move out and has no intention of telling me or admitting to it, I cannot afford the rent at this apartment on my own and I may become homeless soon based on what my daughter is now doing!

Also this afternoon someone speaking Russian came to my door with a clip board and started speaking Russian at me after he knocked on my door, it is RARE anyone goes to my door, and along with that my wife’s lovers in law enforcement are at it again with directing children outside my apartment to pedofy me!

So there is a lot of activity of these organized poisoners and pedofyers today, I guess their not happy about me getting on video their poisoning handy work and getting all the paraphernalia they keep planting in my home on video!

So shits about to go down one way or another, and if my daughter leaves here I wont be able to afford rent and internet, and I am too disabled to find help and have no help!

Terry Wagar

Detective Brian Assmus Was Helping My Wife And Her Lovers In Law Enforcement To Poison And Frame Me In 2006!

Go to this webpage and you can see a video of detective Brian Assmus, this dick was helping my wife Joan Wagar in 2006 to poison me and to frame me by using officer Eric Carlson as a photo double and this detective Brian Assmus was gang-stalking me at the time I was debilitated from being poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar!

Detective Brian Assmus was gang-stalking me and was removing my daughters garbage bags from her dumpsters right after my wife admitted to me she was a poisoner and police covered up my 911 calls and made sure I could not get help at any hospital!

My wife Joan Wagar admitted in March 2006 she is a poisoner in her diary and she also admitted I could not get help from police or from hospital and admitted I could not get a toxicology test because of police interference!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

In April 2006 I caught detective Brian Assmus and his taller more balding partner at Clackamas Village apartment and they were removing my daughters garbage bags from her dumpster and they were dressed like detectives while doing this and did not care if I noticed them doing it!

Detective Brian Assmus was dressed like this in the video the same as he was when he was removing my daughters garbage bags so I get the impression he always likes to appear as a detective and always dresses this way most of the time!

Excuse me but my wife Joan Wagar was being coached by law officer’s as to how to poison me and police towed our vehicles away to keep me isolated and stuck at home and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police interference so I was stuck and debilitated and weak from internal bleeding of which my hospital would not help me with and police officer’s and detectives were constantly gang-stalki9ng me and relatives while they slept around with my wife and her daughters!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and Oregon state police covered up my calls for help and covered up my wife’s signed confessions and repeatedly interfered with me getting any help from any doctor and from any hospital!

While I was debilitated and repeatedly poisoned by my wife my wife and her daughters and their f-buddy’s in law enforcement were PUBLICLY PEDOFYING ME WITH FALSE PEDOPHILE ACCUSATIONS AND WERE,,,,NOT,,,,,,TRYING,,,,,,TO,,,,,HIDE,,,,,THIS,,,,,FROM,,,,ANYONE,,,,,,BUT,,,,,ME!