Government Agency’s Ignore Complaints To Cover Pedophile Cops Butts And Their Poisonous Whores Butts From Prosecution!

Any and all government agency’s I contact refuse to take complaints, refuse to assign a case number, and it is pure stonewalling on their part to cover up murder charges against officer’s and their whores and it is a denial of basic human rights and denial of due process!

Here is another reply from a GOV agency refusing to take complaints from me!


Oppenheim, Shoshanah

To Me
Jan 9 at 8:52 AM

Your email does not appear to allege discrimination based on race/color/national origin but may allege police misconduct. You may file a complaint about police misconduct through The Independent Police Review Commission information available at

or the ombudspersons’ office  information available at



Shoshanah Oppenheim

ADA Title II & Civil Rights Title VI Program Manager

Office of Management & Finance

City Of Portland

503-823-2559 TTY: 503-823-6868

To help ensure equal access to City programs, services and activities, the City of Portland will provide translation, reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services/alternative formats to persons with disabilities.  For accommodations, translations, complaints, and additional information, contact me, use City TTY 503-823-6868, or use Oregon Relay Service: 711.


And my reply to them!


I was poisoned! I am on SSI, I am disabled! I am a victim and I am being discriminated against and it’s personal on the part of police agency’s, my wife worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, her buddy’s in law enforcement told her to quit her job and that they will help her to frame me as a pedophile!

The same day my wife Joan Wagar quit that fucking job is the same day the Multnomah county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to get a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door which showed up the next morning on our neighbors door!

They broke into my home and bugged it, and at the same time they had several people pressuring my disabled mother into allowing a look-a-like named Lonny move in with her!
I was fucking being framed by my wife and her fuck buddy’s in law enforcement and at the very beginning they brought in a God damn double and pressured my disabled mother into taking him into her home!

I was surrounded by these fucking pedophile cops and they were coaching my wife and her sister to turn my yard into a play ground with expensive pools and trampolines! and those officer’s coached my wife and her sister to coach our oldest daughter to hang around me for the video surveillance!

What did this all lead to? why it cost my mother her home, she got battered by that double Lonny, the Portland police was palling around with that double Lonny and they refused to arrest that double and they allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home, my mother got poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar after that, and police covered up her 911 call, and I find out three weeks later that my father was also poisoned around the same time and it took him that long to get into contact with me because he had no phone! and three days later my father Don Wagar was poisoned to death by county sheriff’s!

I was being threatened by phone after that by officer’s on the phone and they were making demands and threats, and during that time my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were all grins while they were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, right after that I discovered green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing our oldest daughter cards through her bedroom window, and that our daughter was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they were her own words!

Our daughter wrote down no actual events at all in that diary, she was being coached by county sheriff officer’s that were right next door as to how to frame me, what to write in her diary, and what to do for their video surveillance!

Shortly after discovering this I was arr4ested by police on forty four pedophile charges that tur4ned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER with no explanation from police or from prosecutors!!

They are using doubles, they are poisoning people, people died from it, they cover up 911 calls of victims, they did break ins, they corrupted minors, they made child porn by illegally spying on our children by bugging it with hidden cameras, they spent money on paraphernalia, it was a professional set up on their part and it was professional since they were being paid by big bad GOV to do this and were buying paraphernalia to frame me! and they were blackmailing me with threats and demands after they blatantly murdered my father and they flaunted their guilt afterwords wanting me to know I had no where to turn to for help!

The county sheriff’s and the Portland police have a name for this they call it pedofying! they fucking use that term when they talk to themselves about their activity’s in framing people as pedophiles, they fucking use that term,!

Now I am being discriminated against sine my 911 calls as well as my now dead parents 911 calls because my wife spreads her legs for police and works for their asses and she poisons off anyone county sheriff’s and police want dead, and because of her connections with authority’s NO ONE WILL FUCKING TAKE,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,COMPLAINT,,,,,,,,,FROM,,,,,,,ME!

Terry Wagar


Government agency’s cover their Fascist pedophile officer’s and their poisonous whores from prosecution at the cost of innocent people’s lives! lives mean nothing to Fascist government agency’s trying to cover officer’s butts from prosecution!

1999 I Did My Best To Do The Right Thing And I Tried To Protect People!

My wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen in 1999, after a month and a half working there her buddy’s in law enforcement told her to quit her job and that they will help her and her side of the family to frame me as a pedophile!

So Joan Wagar quit her job, and everyone on her side of the family were celebrating that day over the county sheriff’;s decision to frame me, they even hinted at it in my presence, and when I was more than twenty feet away from them with my back turned toward them they openly talked about it thinking I cannot overhear them when in fact I was paying attention the whole time!

The very next day the county sheriff’s put a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door, our next door tenants avoided me for the next three days, and an hour after the tenants moved out plain clothed officer’s were taking over the next door apartment to ours and were loading up the apartment with police equipment and office equipment!

Those plain clothed officers took immediate possession of that apartment and was throwing out garbage bags the old tenants left in the apartment out in the yard, and those officer’s called the landlord to pick up those garbage bags!

As our landlord showed up and started loading those garbage bags into his truck I took that time to walk over and talk to him, we were always on good terms with each other, but he was at this time not hiding the fact he was turned against me, but would not tell me why!

I already knew why because of what my wife and her side of the family were celebrating my wife’s buddy’s decision to frame me.

After these plain clothed officer’s got settled in the next day my wife announced AFTER going shopping with her sister that she wants us all out of the apartment for a day, she smirked when saying that, I am very good at reading between the lines and suspected her buddy’s in law enforcement were going to bug our apartment!

Sure enough when we got back the next day I discovered our apartment was broken into, and there was damage, and right after I noticed it my wife noticed the damage, she grinned at the damage, said nothing to me, and she grabbed her cellphone and went into the bathroom and called her sister, she told her sister that they did damage and she wanted her sister to see it, my wife is saying all this to her sister in the bathroom on her cellphone, I sat in the living room, with the TV off, and heard everything she said!

When my wife came out of the bathroom she pretended to not notice the damage and ignored it thinking I did not notice it!
The very next morning my wife’s sister came over to say hi to my wife and she went straight to where the damage was and she also grinned at it, then both my wife and her sister were making small talk with each other but were at the same time grinning from ear to ear over the blatant damage to our apartment that they think I have not noticed!

About a week after this I get a phone call from my mother who is disabled and on SSI and living in another state, and she called me up to tell me about someone she was pressured by multiple people to allow to move in with her, and she told me he was a look-a-like to me.

My first question to my mother was “When did you meet him?” and she said about two weeks ago, so my mother being pressured by multiple people to take in a look-a-like coincides right after my wife quit her job and the county sheriff’s took over the apartment next door to us!

I was already linking this with what my wife and her side of the family were involved in and to those under cover police next door to us!

For the next two months my wife and her sister spent a couple thousand dollars turning our yard into a play ground with expensive pools (more than one) and an expensive trampoline, and while they worked on that, this look-a-like that was staying with my mother in another state was pressuring my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that the both of them can visit me, and that double wanted it to be a surprise to me and told my mother to not tell me about it!

I was repeatedly catching my wife and her sister directing their children to perform for video surveillance and our oldest daughter was constantly being told by my wife to stay near me for the video surveillance!

When my mother and that look-a-like showed up on my property with a large motor home I was shocked, and I was double shocked y the fact that that look-a-like made damn sure they both arrived at the beginning of the month flat broke with no mo0ney because that look-a-like spent my mothers remaining money on buying her a dog for over 500 dollars, and the both of them was expecting me to allow them to stay on my property and to pay for their food and cigarettes!

The first day they were on my property I caught that double coaching my mother to fake being in pain so I would take her to the hospital, this was a ploy by police to get me off my property, and I discovered after this that that double was immediately palling around with the plain clothed officer’s next6 door!

During this time while that double was on my property law enforcement were staging all kinds of disasters around and near my home, they even staged a dangerous car fire thirty feet away from my apartment that I had to deal with!

While this was going on, on the other side of town, my father lived alone in an apartment and he was being gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and terrorized by what he described as plain clothed police officer’s and he described the harassment they did to him, those plain clothed officer’s were using street theater tactics to harass and menace my father, and were staging crimes in front of him, my father told me he was under the impression they wanted him to intervene on their staged crimes.

I knew at this point that there were way way WAY too many people in law enforcement involved, I was under the false hope that after I prove my wife and her side of the family were framing me that I would be able to get help, now I know there were just too many people in law enforcement giving them permission to do all this!

After my mother and that double got their SSI checks I asked them to leave and go to a mobile park, and that double sabotaged my mothers motor home and claimed it will not start, so I brought out my tools and began working on it tracing the fuel line from the tank and working my way forward, I knew there was two tanks on that motor home and suspected he switched the tank onto the empty tank, and sure enough that’s what he did!

Two weeks after my mother and that double left my property that double battered my mother, and in a panic my mother called me up asking me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got there I was met by that double and by two Portland police officer’s, and those police officer’s were smirking at me while they told me I cannot take my mothers motor home!

Those police officer’s ignored the fact that look-a-like battered my mother and was telling me I have to leave that motor home with that double, and those police officer’s were not hiding the fact they were hanging out with that double waiting for me to show up to get my mother and her motor home, so I had to leave that motor home with that double because police are bros and protecting that double while he batters disabled senior citizens and those police allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

A month later my wife poisoned my mother and at the same time on the other side of town those plain clothed officer’s that were gang-stalking my father poisoned my father!

My mother called 911 and the police covered up my mothers 911 call and did nothing on it, and it was tree weeks later when I discovered my father was also poisoned, my father lives alone, he had no phone, he was so debilitated he could not leave his apartment, and those plain clothed cops were pounding on his walls yelling threats at him, my father was being terrorized by p-lain clothed police in his apartment building!

After my father warned me what happened to him, he died three days later, and for the next five days after my fathers death I was getting phone calls from two different police officer’s that were making threats and demands over the phone, and they were lying to me as to who they were!

One of them pretended to be my fathers apartment manager and he was demanding that I immediately remove my fathers belongings from his apartment, I knew he was lying because my fathers apartment manager DOES NOT HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER AND NEITHER DID MY FATHER SINCE HE NEVER USES PHONES!

Five days after my father died my wife and her sister were filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls, seven days after my father died I discovered someone was passing cards that had printed words on it to our oldest daughter and that she was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they are her own words!

After this I caught a green jacketed female county sheriff officer at our oldest daughters bedroom window outside our apartment and she was directing our daughter as to what to do for their video surveillance cameras!


I gave my mother that diary our daughter was writing, she was labeling me as a pedophile in it, she had no actual events in that diary, none of her words were HER WORDS, and giving that diary to my mother I believe cost her her life!

I uncovered a murder conspiracy early on and knew my wife and her side of the family were involved and knew there were at least two or three people in law enforcement involved, knowing I was going to be framed I hung in there to prove it in self defense unaware that they had other victims they were targeting as well!

For all intents and purposes I was being blackmailed after my father was murdered and all guilty party’s involved were flaunting it after the death of my father, fearing for the safety of my three daughters I kept my mouth shut about this!

Gang-Stalking Done By Groups Of People Is Fascism!

Gang-stalkers are police and county sheriff’s and state police and FBI and anybody else that is bros or girlfriends of them, they are Fascist, they are organized, they selectively target people for death the same way they target people for investigations, they recruit neighbors and businesses and friends and relatives into the targeting of people by operating under the pretense of an investigation!

Gang-stalkers are law enforcement operating in plain cloths and are being payed by city/county/state/federal government to target someone, and those plain clothed officer’s have a plethora of volunteers/buddy’s/girlfriends that help them in their targeting of people!

By operating under the pretense of an investigation several law officer’s can acquire several apartments surrounding their target, and set up video surveillance cameras surrounding their target, and can dress up LIKE their target and stage crimes for video surveillance in order to frame their target, and this is commo0n practice for police to do so, and it is common practice for news stations to air such fuzzy video surveillance and to accuse the police officer’s target for the crime on TV.

Gang-stalking IS organized police operations done by under cover officer’s that are operating in a area near their target and are staging/committing felony crimes, and they do all these things/deeds by acting under the pretense of an investigation.

You can be the nicest person on the face of earth, doing nothing wrong, going about your business in life, and you can still be ganged up on by gang-stalkers, and gang-stalkers control the news media and can easily stage crimes using doubles (look-a-likes) and catch those crimes on fuzzy video surveillance, and can blame you all over TV news for crimes THEY commit!

This goes on all over the USA and pretty much everywhere else in the world, police in all country’s are corrupt and cooperate with one another, so to flee gang-stalkers from one country by going to another solves nothing, because the police in your old country will just contact your new country’s police and inform them that they need to “Investigate” you, which means MORE GANG-STALKING!

You can ride your bike on a street, minding your own business, doing nothing wrong, and be pulled over by plain clothed police officer’s (gang-stalkers) and can be battered and bruised by them, and they may even have the double police assigned to frame you doing the battering against you!

Police and news media does not give a damn if anyone finds out they are corrupt at all and that police and news media lies for one another to hide and conceal their Fascism, Fascist country’s always rely on the news media’s cooperation in covering up highly organized crimes committed by government and to frame/blame escape goats for their crimes.

One definition of Fascism that totally fits with police (gang-stalkers) and their tactics that you can find at the Wiki at this website is this brief statement.

“a police apparatus that prevents, controls, and represses dissidence and opposition, even by using organized terror;”

Organized terror,,,,,,,,,,,,That is gang-stalking in simplicity for you, police gang up on people all the time when in uniform, well they do the same thing in plain cloths!

This is the power or organized gang-stalkers, they are several officer’s, they pretend to “investigate” you, they tell everyone around you you are under investigation, they contact your apartment manager, they tell him/her your under investigation and that they are going to need the surrounding apartments surrounding their suspect (you) and they get the cooperation of your apartment manager.

They then bug the surrounding area with video/audio survilance cameras including the inside of your home while you are out of town or at work, they now have control of YOUR surrounding area where YOU live, what happens next?

Why they start their street theater tactics and stage crimes while dressed like you when you are not home and they stage felony cr5imes while impersonating you, and at the same time they gang-stalk you where ever you go so that they can impersonate you there too, this is how they frame people and build felony cases against their targets!

Police (gang-stalkers do not give a damn if you find out your being gang-stalked, at all, if anything it helps them that you find out because now you will look terrorized and appear paranoid to anyone you try to explain it to, because there is no such thing as a 911 call getting organized plain clothed cops arrested, it never happens, because police departments all over the USA will not admit they pay plain clothed officer’s to stalk people, so complaints get ignored and suppressed by police and by news reporters!

Police (gang-stalkers) will Gas-light their targets/victims by constantly moving things around the targets home to cause further terror in their target, and that kind of terror is designed to cause their victim to fear being at home, Home, the one place you are supposed to feel comfortable at, has now become a place of terror!

It is almost impossible to prove Gas-lighting done by police because police will not investigate it nor will they prosecute anyone for it, you can catch them in the act if you are smart about it, but you cannot be obvious about it, remember they have you inside your home under video surveillance, so if you yourself set up a camera to catch the gang-stalkers moving your things around then they will know you are recording and will not bother entering your home, or they may enter it knowing where your camera is and turn it off and then move things around and then turn your camera back on remotely as they leave your home.

So if you plan to catch them illegally entering your home to Gas-light you it is possible, but tricky, if you are smart about it then you will figure out a way, I could tell you how to, but gang-stalkers themselves read my posts all the damn time so it would be pointless for me to tell you, you just have to not be obvious about it, put it this way, ask yourself “I am under video surveillance in my own home right now,,,,how can I catch these gang-stalkers on video entering my home when I am not here without them knowing I am trying to catch them? and I am sure in time you will think of something.

Police are Fascist, many citizens are Fascist and help police in targeting/framing people and police always justify all this targeting by labeling their target to others as “Bad Guys” and police will and do label innocent people that way behind their backs, imagine how many neighbors they turn against you while you mind your own business and do nothing wrong, police have always traditionally organized mobs to get rid of people, in the old days they were called Posses!

Benito Mussolini describes Fascism as “Granted that the 19th century was the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy, this does not mean that the 20th century must also be the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy. Political doctrines pass; nations remain. We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the ‘right’, a Fascist century. If the 19th century was the century of the individual (liberalism implies individualism) we are free to believe that this is the ‘collective’ century, and therefore the century of the State.”

George Orwell describes Fascism as “…the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else … Except for the relatively small number of Fascist sympathisers, almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’. That is about as near to a definition as this much-abused word has come.[38]”

Police are bully’s, gang-stalkers are bully’s, their both Fascist as hell and they both organize terror on people, more people die in their beds from being shot by police than they do by burglars, so you are far more likely to be murdered in bed by cops that label as a “Bad Guy” after your death than you are by being killed by a  burglar and having your friends and neighbors thinking of you as a nice person and a tragic victim.

When police murder people in their beds then police AND news reporters label the victim a bad guy and will lie on TV that the killed person in bed pulled a gun on the police as they kicked down the door!

Do you live in a neighborhood where it is not appreciated to accuse police of crimes? does your neighbors mindlessly believe everything they hear on the news? are you viewed as unpatriotic by your neighbors for complaining about government and or police? Do you know what a Authoritarianism form of government is?

Authoritarianism is a form of government.[1][2][3] It is characterized by absolute or blind[4] obedience to authority, as against individual freedom and related to the expectation of unquestioning obedience.[5]


Do you know what happens when you catch several plain clothed law officer’s and their whores poisoning people and making child porn? the police (gang-stalkers) will hang out around your door with guns and recording devices in their hands and wait for you to step outside of your home, that’s what they did to me!

The use of doubles and photogenic photo’s by police (gang-stalkers) is common and they commonly stage crimes using doubles and they will also use fuzzy video surveillance and photogenic photo’s that do not completely show the face of the double, and they will give blame to their target and news reporters will back up anything police say.

Police always use these tactics and are old fashioned in it’s use, in this modern world we live in our Fascist minded police and Fascist news reporters still want us all to believe that banks cannot afford decent video surveillance cameras and always show a bank robber on fuzzy video surveillance, they always do this because they are using a double to stage a pretended bank robbery in order to frame someone the police are gang-stalking.

Excuse me but banks have the best video surveillance cameras in the country, and they even have cameras right at the tellers window right in our faces behind two way mirrors, but Fascist police have used that double-dirty trick for so many decades now that it is hard for them to break that habit, and our Fascist news reporters ignore the fact that banks have way better cameras than that and show those fuzzy video footage police provide and go along with the bull the police are spewing and back up police officer’s complaints about bank robbers.

As word of this gets around the police all over the USA will have to think twice about using fuzzy video surveillance footage from banks anymore as people wise up to their bullshit!

Police can frame anyone for anything at anytime if they are going to use doubles, and I have discovered the use of doubles by police is extremely common and I am not afraid to warn people about it!

It is 2014 police, maybe you should wake up and stop trying to convince the masses that 7elevens have better video surveillance than banks, yeah right!

When police do busts or sting operations they do so as a gang of around 15 to 30 officer’s and accomplices, they take over a surrounding area to STAGE their operations and to control the area, they set up video/audio surveillance cameras, and they perform street theater tactics to frame/entrap people for arrest!

Police do the exact same thing when they investigate (gang-stalk) people but the numbers of officer’s involved are around half of a sting operation ranging around 7 to 15 officer’s and accomplices, and when police use these tactics against a individual they usually dress up as their target and stage crimes for video surveillance and or photogenic photo’s where they do not get a clear view of the face since they are using a double, and of course they give full blame to their target and are all grins about it!

All landlords and apartment managers and corporation managers always cooperate with these investigations (gang-stalking) done by police, and police will investigate (gang-stalk) their target for several months to several years, the targeting never stops, it is personal on the part of police to “Get this guy!” and they have that mentality about the people they investigate (gang-stalk) and police are very fond of committing crimes themselves using doubles if it helps them to “Get that guy” in jail, or dead, and police and even news reporters do not try very hard to hide this mentality from people.

My best advice to victims of gang-stalking is there is safety in numbers, if you already have family and friends and relatives on your side then great, keep it that way! warn people that you know that there are people in law enforcement that have it out for you, and that your government will not help you because police officer’s have it out for you, if anyone asks you “Why do they hate you?” or want any reason as to why they are doing it tell them the truth, tell them you do not know why but you do know police have always been dicks and bully’s and are fond of singling out people.

If you have no form of help either from friends or from neighbors and are alone then you are extremely vulnerable to attack and need to think in terms of self defense, if your complaints get covered up by police and your complaints are ignored and not formally acted upon by police then I recommend warning people over the internet that you fear for your life and that your complaints are covered up by police and that you are justified in warning people of their crimes publicly via the internet..

Screw slander laws and defamation of character laws, if your life is in danger and your complaints are covered up by police, then you have a right in self defense to warn people about it, and if you blog it everywhere then it is pretty damn hard for police to cover up your complaints now now is it!

If your police are so corrupt that they cover up your calls for help then it IS self defense to warn people your in danger, in a Fascist country with Fascist officer’s dictating what the law is then FUCK the law and do what is right.

You can try leaving your country but I doubt it will do any good because police all over the world are organized and police from almost all country’s cooperate with one another, so police regardless of what country you are in will gang-stalk you.

In a sense it is organized murder on the police officer’s part to do this to people, people they target end up incarcerated or dead, news reporters are mums the word on the targeting thus keeping the public unaware of the open Fascism going around, the gang-stalkers do not fear prosecution because their buddy’s, their fellow officer’s, will not arrest gang-stalkers and instead will label the victim mentally ill to discredit him/her publicly, and use that as an excuse to lock up that person without naming any charges!

You may want to consider getting a gun for self defense if you are gang-stalked, and remember police and their accomplices always surround their targets area to control it, so they are close by!

This is not legal advice since only a Fascist attorney can lie about the law, this is common sense advice from one victim to another.

Terry Wagar


There Is A History To Gang-Stalking In America And Around The World!

Gang-stalking is a relative new term in use and I believe it was popularized by the advent of the internet, but gang-stalking by definition has been around for a long long LOOONNNGGG time in America and around the world.

Gang-stalkers used to be known as groups that had their own names of which many years and even many decades ago was never really hidden from people, I am from America therefore I am familiar with American gangs and will use them as example’s.

The KKK used to operate all over the USA in 1920s and were known to gang up on people they deemed undesirable and or had a vendetta against, and were known to hang people they deemed criminals without bothering with trials.

Gangs were very common in the 1920s and 1930s in America and many people to one degree were a member of some sort of gang, many people that organized unions quite literally back in the day acted much like a gang exorcising brute force to get what they want.

Churches as well back in the 1920s and 1930s acted much like a gang whether they admit to it or not, many people in the KKK back in the 1920s and 1930s were from churches and were targeting undesirable people in their community’s and were making examples of people.

Gangs have always been around, and more often than not law enforcement is either a part of such gangs or are the organizers and funded of such gangs, which is why back in the 1920s and 1930s law enforcement completely and totally looked the other way when the KKK did hangings.

Cameras were invented back around the 1860s (just estimating.) but wide spread use of them did not happen until the 1920s and many gangs back in the day feared getting photographed by cameras when they hung people, so it became common for gangs to start wearing hoods to conceal their faces when they ganged up on people and killed them publicly.

The KKK never feared prosecution back in the 1920s and 1930s because law enforcement tended to be members of the KKK and would never arrest fellow KKK members, so gangs killing people was allowed by law enforcement back then and everyone knew it back then, common knowledge.

People that were in such gangs deemed themselves better than everyone else and they knew they had the power to take people out so those people tended to have superiority complexes and tended to be quick to look down at other people.

If anyone got singled out by any member of such a group then that group would organize to target, defame, destroy, and even kill that person, some people would be run out of town by burning down people’s homes and leaving messages on their property to leave or else.

This is history in America many decades ago, there have always been organized people that for whatever reason selectively target individuals, and many of them were very Fascist minded and tended to think in terms of their groups best interest rather than common sense way of thinking such as equal rights and such.

If twenty people are organized and willing to lie for one another no matter what and are willing to murder people then you have a gang that van quite literally get away with murder, if one gang members kills someone and the other nineteen are willing to lie about his/her whereabouts at the time of the killing then what is that exactly? why that amounts to a license to kill and get away with it.

That is the power of organized people, now keep in mind many gangs back in the day had thousands and thousands of die-hard supporters, so what kind of power is that? that’s the kind of power that can take over entire towns or county’s by simply putting members into government, and if such gangs can organize thousands and thousands of people then they can litteraly7 take over the government.

Do you think that impossible? what if everyone in government was in a gang and simply refused to admit to it? would they admit? knowing they would get targeted if they blabbed? do whistle blowers get recognized in this day and age? or are whistle blowers being mostly ignored by government and news reporters? do whistle blowers tend to get targeted?

Questions to think about.

In the 1920s and 1930s gang-stalking was common place in America, even though no one used the term gang-stalking back then, why? because back then the gangs did not really hide who they are, why? because law enforcement back then was corrupt and did not care if gangs were targeting individuals and either looked the other way and or ignored complaints or covered up any complaints from targeted individuals.

There is a lot og evidence of gang-stalking in the 1920s and 1930s and records of gangs killing people off, but there is virtually no evidence back then of individuals complaining their being targeted, the reason for that is because NO ONE WOULD TAKE THEIR COMPLAINTS! NO ONE!

Law enforcement covered up any and all complaints individuals had of gang-stalking and did not care at all if individuals were targeted, and history shows that law enforcement never wrote down any complaints from such targeted people, therefore law enforcement literally protected gang-stalking by covering up any complaints from victims by not keeping records of complaints.

If someone was being targeted by the KKK in the 1920s and 1930s then there was no one a victim can turn to back then that cared, news media back then was just as bad as law enforcement and never tried to identify who the hooded killers are and even would photograph the hung victim for the news paper as a way of making an example out of the victim.

I got news for you, the United States of America was Fascist back in the 1920s and 1930s, very Fascist, our government and our news papers and reporters and our law enforcement and many people that were organized such as churches and unions were very much Fascist and Fascist minded.

What is Fascism? when you hear that term does the Nazi’s come to mind? it should, because the Nazi’s in Germany were very Fascist as well, and they were in a damn hurry to be Fascist, they selectively targeted their own citizens and encouraged their citizens to point finders at other citizens, I will tell you to live in such a country is like living Russian roulette because at any moment someone may point a finger at you and next thing to know the Nazi’s are kicking down your door early in the morning and you are never seen again.

Fascist people are people with power and are organized in gangs of Fascist minded people and are already organized, so for them anything that draws their attention to them will get someone targeted BY them.

The Fascist in Nazi Germany were targeting the Jews, well in America the Americans were targeting the Blacks, (The African Americans) so whats the difference? there is none.

You might be asking yourself “Hoe can this be? we have always been a free country!” and the only thing I can tell you is that you have been listening to propaganda all your life.

Fascist minded people never went away, we never got rid of that mentality in our country, when we won WW2 we beat Nazi Germany in war, and many many people in America had a strong hatred of Fascism, so the Fascist minded people inn America basically went covert, they stopped wearing their KKK hoods and uniforms and stopped pumping out Fascist flyers in the city’s and basically are underground in their activity’s.

Many Fascist minded people are and were members of the community’s throughout America and are members of churches and involve themselves in many community projects and are a strong part of our community’s, many go to churches, many work at schools, many are in law enforcement, many are working in various government agency’s and many work at utility’s.

They no longer wear their ridicules white robes and white hoods, they no longer hanging people out on the streets, but they never stopped targeting people and they have always been organized in their targeting of people, and since many Fascist minded people end up in our law enforcement agency’s they have the power and influence to target people and at the same time recruit people.

Many people that owned police scanners back in the 1970s that were gang-stalkers were pals with police and owned police scanners and used police scanners to find out who police had it out for, and those Fascist minded gang-stalkers would use that information to target such neighbor in their community’s.

Gang-stalkers favorite trick is to use defamation of character and slander tor attacks on their target, usually behind the targets back, they would tell the targets neighbors the target is a rapist or a pedophile, they use the most disgusting accusations they can think of because it is an attack that is behind the targets back and the target cannot defend against it because it is word of mouth accusations done by gang-stalkers.

You know how people talk, gossip id everywhere all over the world regardless of the language, so gang-stalkers are fond of such dirty tricks to turn people against their target, such attacks are nothing new in this world, it is commo0n practice that politicians will throw mud so to speak at their opposition in order to win a election, everyone knows that, well gang-stalkers use these tactics on their targets and they do so in such a way as to destroy their target covertly.

People in churches do not hide the fact they bad mouth people, and even schools do not hide the fact they selectively destroy people’s reputations using flyers, whether there is a trial or not, so just an accusation alone causes schools to print flyers defaming people and slandering people.

In the 1920s and 1930s church members were very Fascist minded and were quick to attack people’s reputations and good name with accusations, they think back then they are better than everyone else and tend to look down at people, now has that really changed? not really.

Who are gang-stalkers? that’s a good question, it is imposible to identify all gang-stalkers do to the fact that there are too many people that ARE gang-stalkers therefore they simply have too many people willing to lie for them, so it is near impossible to identify all of them, but generally gang-stalkers are just people living in our community’s that are organized in such a many that they try to conceal it and are and tend to gang up on people for various reasons, and the reasons are never ending.

There are many supporters of gang-stalkers that help gang-stalkers but do not take actual part in gang-stalking, and there are many people that are not involved in targeting people at all but are tricked in some way of helping gang-stalkers.

Gang-stalkers tend to be strong members in a community that are organized and target people in a organized manner and they use slander and defamation of character as a way of destroying their target and at the same time recruit others in supporting their targeting of someone.

Most police are gang-stalkers, police relatives and friends are gang-stalkers, news reporters are gang-stalkers, neighborhood watch groups are gang-stalkers, many people working in schools are gang-stalkers and are a huge influence that gang-stalkers use to defame and slander their target with, many people in churches are gang-stalkers, there are many more.

What they most all have in common is their power to influence and control other people, they are already organized, so if anyone draws their attention then that person tends to get gang-stalked, but the most comm0n way people get gang-stalked is to be targeted by law enforcement, if law enforcement has it out for someone, then all gang-stalkers in that community finds out about it vie police scanners and by word of mouth.

To be a whistle blower can get you targeted because to be a whistle blower means that person is ratting out and talking about the activity’s of a group or organization or corporation or government agency., in other words a whistle blower tends to be an individual ratting out on a group of people, a organized group of people, that do not want people knowing about something.

When I was a kid growing up I knew gang-stalkers even though I never heard the term gang-stalkers before, I never knew there was a name for it, but I witnessed gang-stalkers framing someone and they were using a double and photogenic photo’s to frame someone, I was too young then to realize what was going on, but as an adult I realized that event I witnessed was a organized group of people working together to frame someone in our community for felony crimes.

Does that make me a whistle blower for saying this? I know  full well today if I confronted the people that did this they would either smirk at me and pretend to not know what I am talking about, or would fake being angry, either way they would lie to my face, and they would not stand too close to me since they will know I know their lying they would probably fear being pounced in the face by me for lying about it, because they know I witnessed it and can describe in great detail how they did it.

As an adult and a husband and a father I became targeted myself by so-called gang-stalkers, and it was personal on their part, because the very people I witnessed when I was a child framing someone for a felony crime were the same people targeting me when I was an adult.

Ironically they were using the same tactics to frame me, they were using a double and photogenic photo’s to frame me, and they had my wife and our daughters turned against me and they done that behind my back.

So not only am I a witness to gang-stalking I am a victim of gang-stalking, and in my situation it was personal on the stalkers part!

Gang-stalkers mindsets tend to be they are better than everyone else, they think of people as “perps” rather than as people, they love and enjoy using defaming terms to descr8ibe people as a way of attacking people and at the same time making them appear better to their peers, they are arrogant and tend to have a God complexes, they love to smirk at people and are very fond of labeling anyone that questions them as mentally ill.

They are known to gossip as a way of turning neighbors against their targets and are fond of using false accusations about their targets as a way of discrediting their target and turning others against their target and using such tactics usually gets others involved as supporters to the gang-stalkers.

Their are Neighborhood Watch signs all over American streets and there there to warn people, just like the KKK did back in the 1920s using flyers, that there are organized people in our community’s that are and want to target people, and that they have the power and influence to HAVE such signs everywhere on the streets in America, so gang-stalking is quite real, it is just officially ignored by our government and news media, just like the KKK was back in the 1920s.

The term “Gang-stalking” is a misleading term because it distracts from who and what gang-stalkers really are, it would be more accurate to describe it as “Police-gang-stalking” or as “Oraginzed-Fascists-Stalking” since so many Fascist minded people are gang-stalkers, and gang-stalkers justify their deeds the same way the KKK did back in the 1920s, they just slander and defame their target as a group until everyone stops complaining and shuts up about it.

Terry Wagar

Doubles And Poisoners!



My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a cop when she worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen and they came up with a plan to frame me as a pedophile!

Joan Wagar’s fuck-buddy’s in law enforcement told her to quit her job while they take over the next door apartment from us and they arranged to have a double move in with my disabled mother Valerie Quigley and multiple people pressured my mother Valerie Quigley to take in a man into her home named Lonny that was a close look-a-like to me while my wife’s lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement systematically took over the surrounding apartments surrounding mine!

For the next two months my wife and her side of the family, at the direction of my wife’s buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement, they spent thousands of dollars filling my yard with cars and paraphernalia turning our yard into a playground for children! and while that was occurring, the double authority’s pressured my mother into moving in with her convinced my disabled mother to sell her home to buy a motor home so that they can leave the state they were in and could show up at my place, and that double did not want me to know he was doing this and he wanted it to be a surprise to me!

After my wife Joan Wagar turned my yard into a playground, SURPRISE! my disabled mother shows up in a motor home with a fucking look-a-like to me named Lonny, and that double lonny made damn sure they both arrived flat broke by buying a five hundred dollar dog on the way to my place so that I would be obliged to allow them to stay for a month until they get their SSI checks!

From this point forward my wife Joan Wagar and her side of the family and her lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement and that double were staging all kinds of disasters and emergency’s that I HAD TO DEAL WITH!

After I kicked this double off my property two weeks later that body double battered my disabled mother Valerie Quigley and she asked me to pick her up along with her motor home!

When I arrived where my mother and that double was renting a space for the motor home I was met by Lonny and two Portland police officer’s, and those cops were smirking while telling me I cannot take my mothers motor home with us, those officer’s did not give a damn that look-a-like double battered my mother and allowed that double to keep my mothers motor-home!

After this my mother Valerie Quigley was poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar and my mothers 911 call was covered up and suppressed by police/sheriff’s, and shortly after this I discovered my father Don Wagar was being gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized by law officer’s and that they poisoned him!

My father Don Wagar lived on the other side of town, he had no transportation, no phone, and he was debilitated so badly it took him a couple weeks to get enough strength to take a bus to try and warn me about it, he had no idea what police/sheriff’s and my wife and that double did to my mother, so he did not have enough information to put it all together, but I did!

Three days later my father Don Wagar was murdered from being po9isoned by law officer’s, and a Multnomah county sheriff officer came to my door to tell me he died, and then he hinted at the fact that they are responsible by smirking and admitting he entered my fathers home before coming over to tell me of his death to remove his meds from the apartment!

My father Don Wagar was not on any meds!

From this point forward I was being threatened daily by multiple people in law enforcement by phone and they were making constant and daily threats and demands!

They were blackmailing me!

Five days after my father Don Wagar was murdered I caught my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn in our closets and putting life sized Barbie dolls into our daughters bedrooms that were not Barbie dolls if you get what I mean!

Seven days after my father was murdered I discovered our oldest daughter Shawna Wagar was being coached by someone to write a diary, and I noticed she had a card with printed words on it next to her diary and she was copying the contents of that card into her diary as though they are her own words when they clearly were not!

When I read that diary I discovered she was being coached to label me as a pedophile in that diary, that’s all that was in the diary, her making pedophile accusations about me, there was no actual event in her diary at all, no mention of what transpired over the last couple months, no mention of her grandmother getting battered by a double, no mention of her grandfathers death!

I discovered and caught after this a green jacketed county sheriff officer at my daughters bedroom window, she was the one passing the cards to our daughter, she was the one directing her words and actions and was directing her as to what to do and what to say for their video surveillance cameras!

Two weeks after this I was charged on forty four pedophile charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER because they had no intention of giving me a trial for anything, they just wanted to pedofy me so no one would care if I am murdered off!

No explanation given by prosecutors or by police, no trial occurred, and here I was, being blackmailed after they murdered my father and they publicly pedofied me with deliberate false accusations publicly with no actual intent on having any trial!

The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s have a history of using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people and they have a history of womanizing and granting those women permission to poison off relatives, and they cover up all poisonings by denying the victim emergency services and by covering up their calls for help and by coercing the doctors at hospitals into not taking toxicology tests!

Terry Wagar

Police Do Not Investigate! They Impersonate!

Gang-stalking is organized crime committed by local authority’s and by their informants and accomplices and they always operate under the pretense of conducting investigations on their target!

Law enforcement do not admit to gang-stalking but do admit to investigations and covert operations and often operate in large numbers when doing busts or sting operations and are used to operating in large numbers!

Police gang-stalk people pretty much the same way they do drug busts and prostitution stings,they take control of the surrounding area with owners/managers consent and full knowledge to conduct their operations!

Once they control the surrounding area they use under cover officer’s to stage crimes such as selling drugs or prostituting themselves (street theater) for video surveillance, and they engage their targets in conversations and or harass their targets for the purpose of performing for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap their targets!

Everyone knows police do this and do this inn  large numbers, and of course p[police have no problem what-so-ever in dressing up as drug dealers or as prostitutes to frame/entrap people, well when police gang-stalk individuals they also have no problem dressing up like their target to impersonate their target to frame their target!

Any time you see photogenic photo’s on TV showing a bank robber or anyone supposedly committing a crime and it is police that release the photo’s and the photo’s are fuzzy or do not clearly show the person’s face then you can bet it is a double police are using to frame someone!

It is common practice for police to use these tactics, have you not noticed in recent times police will show someone robbing a bank, and the photo does not show the robbers face accurately and is slightly fuzzy?

Common you and I both know banks have cameras aimed at everyone’s face that use bank tellers, and you know full well banks have much better cameras than police will lead you to believe.

It is common for police to stage crimes themselves to frame/entrap people and they do so when they rob banks, and they always dress up as their target when they stage crimes!

Police do not investigate people! police impersonate people!

Police frame people by staging crimes and by using doubles to commit the crimes, it is just as common for police to use doubles as it is for Hollywood to use doubles!

When police investigate/target people they do not gather evidence, they plant evidence!

There are a lot of people that lie for police so police can frame anyone for anything and they always have volunteers that will back up false allegations on their target, so it is just a matter of police fabricating evidence so that they have something in court to use against their targets, and using doubles just so happens to be one of their ways of gaining evidence they can use against their targets!

Police commonly frame people for battery’s or for rapes or for being a pedophile or for bank robbery’s and they always use crappy video surveillance footage and is either fuzzy or does not clearly show the suspects face, and of course news reporters are fully aware police do this and help police in framing people by presenting such evidence to the public and news reporters portray it as accurate to back up the false clai9ms of police!

There are literally hundreds of example’s of so-called crappy video footage or photogenic photo’s of bank robbery’s on the internet and the vast vast majority of them are crappy with terrible resolution and does not clearly show the face even though it is common knowledge that banks have cameras aimed at anyone’s faces as they stand at tellers!

Are you that naive to believe that banks cannot afford decent cameras in their banks that clearly show people’s faces?

News reporters Fascistly sell that belief to you via newspapers and news stations, and nobody questions it, that’s why it is so easy for police to frame people, because news reporters are just as much a part of the problem as police are, and both police and news reporters sell bull to people all the time, they are like bed-fellows both working together to pull the wool over the citizens eyes!

News reporters and police do not give you news, they give you fabricated content just like many You-tubers do nowadays to entertain people!

Gang-Stalkers! Who They Are! How They Are Funded! How They Get Away With It!

There is a lot of people reporting on the internet multiple people gang-stalking them, and news reports have on rare occasion reported gang-stalking as well, but they lean towards treating it the same way they do UFO story’s in order to discredit it, but they do mention gang-stalking anyway on occasion!

I will try to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how their funded and how they get away with gang-stalking, but in order for you to understand what gang-stalking is then you need to have an understanding of history.

Historically Fascist country’s target it’s citizens with a network of people that are palled up with government/law enforcement and those people systematically target people, and the reasons tend to be for many reasons.

In Fascist Germany many citizens in that country were loyal to their government and would spy on their neighbors trying to find out if their neighbors were “Bad Guys” and would snitch on them to the government, and the government officer’s would kick down those people’s doors early in the morning and those people would be taken away, and many times they would never be seen again.

That’s history! that’s what it was like during WW2 living in Nazi Germany, and you need to realize that in order for a Fascist country/government to take over then there needs to be many willing citizens involved in that Fascism, in other words a millions of Germans were openly Fascist and would turn on their neighbors in order to better themselves and make them look good to the powers that be!

All that Fascism in Nazi Germany was open, it was publicly known that the Nazi German government was arresting Jews and putting them inn concentration camps, is that Fascism? ask yourself that, because if you want to understand gang-stalking then you need to understand Fascism and how country;’s become Fascist.

Everyone in Nazi Germany knew their government was rounding up Jews and put them in concentration camps, they all knew, and they knew that Nazi Germany was being tuff on crime by arresting many many people and locking them up, now what do you think the Nazi Germany newspapers were doing and talking about in their news in those days?

Do you think Nazi Germany news papers were labeling their government as bad? or do you think those newspapers were labeling their government as the “Good Guys” in order to maintain patriotism and loyalty amounts the German people?

Think about it, we all all over the world know what a bunch of sick twisted disgusting pieces of shit the Fascist Germans were after the fact, it took Nazi Germany losing the war in order for their high crimes to become revealed, so why on earth did all those news reporters during WW2 in Nazi Germany lie to the German people all the time like that?

Why? because Fascist country’s always take control of news media in order to control it’s citizens and to control and to further the agenda’s of the government through controlled lies!

We Americans in the 1930s and 1940s understood full well how Fascist governments and their news apparatuses control their citizenry through constant/controlled propaganda! hell Hollywood in America was teaching children back in the 1930s and 1940s about German propaganda, it was common knowledge back then that Fascist country’s control people like sheep by controlling news people get, you can watch Three Stooges shorts that demonstrate how it was common knowledge that the German government in the 1930s controlled their citizens through propaganda!

Now what did all that propaganda in Nazi Germany manage to achieve during WW2? Why it managed to turn German people against German people, everyone became paranoid of one another, they would all point fingers at one another as a way of demonstrating their loyalty to their German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and to their government!

The Nazi government encouraged people to “rat out” so to speak on other citizens, and this created a sense of mistrust that people had with one another, neighbors that had personal grudges on their neighbors could just contact their government and falsify criminal allegations and then that person would be arrested and integrated, and if released then that person would be gang-stalked by under cover officer’s and by citizen informants!

To be targeted in a Fascist country usually means to be targeted for life, and usually does not end until the target person is either dead or incarcerated.

Now you might be asking yourself right now “What the hell does all this history have to do with gang-stalking in 2014?” and that’s a good question and I will answer it, it has everything to do with it!

In 2014 we have in many country’s what can be described as covert Fascism, in other words many governments in 2014 including the USA are Fascist, and since our government prints the money and controls the money the government can easily afford and pay to keep the Fascism out of the minds of it’s citizens.

Because we as Americans rely on worthless script as money our government already controls us and we as a people don’t really give it much thought, most people have busy lives with work and entertainments and life issues that most people do not have the time to give it much thought.

After WW2 we entered into the cold war with Russia, and it was common to hear on news stations and in news papers about Russian propaganda, and I am sure that Russia probably told the same thing to their citizens about Americans.

At the end of the cold war our government stopped entirely talking about propaganda and so did our news reporters, propaganda is now simply a word not mentioned anymore, especially around newer generations of people!

The term “Propaganda” has now pretty much ceased to be used by our government and by our news reporters after the cold war, why? because our country is now Fascist and our country now control people by propaganda, and so do many other country’s, and our governments do not want the masses of people/citizens to wake up to that fact.

Now that you have a little understanding in a little history, it will now be easier to explain gang-stalking and what it is and how it works and how it’s funded and so on, but one last thing about history first.

Remember that during WW2 Fascist Nazi Germany was rounding up Jews and putting them in concentration camps, remember their Fascist, well the USA during WW2 was rounding up Japanese and putting them in concentration camps as well!

So Fascism is not exclusive to JUST Nazi Germany.

Unlike what some people on the internet might say about gang-stalking I can tell you that gang-stalking, by any other term, has been around for a long long LONGGGGGG TIME all over the world regardless of the country, all country’s have it, it has always been done, and it is mostly done in plain sight, and nobody that is not targeted by it gives a damn!

Every and all country’s have governments, and all those governments have some form of police/law enforcement, and it is the job of those people to TARGET IT’S CITIZENS AND THEY GET PAID TO DO SO BY GOVERNMENT AND BY CITIZEN TAXES!

Do police admit to gang-stalking people? no they do not! do police admit to investigating people? yes they do!

That right there reveals how police and their informants can target people, gang up on people, and also points out how easy it is for them to cover up their gang-stalking of people, they simply label any and all their actions “An Investigation” and simply refuse to disclose the details of their investigations!

Noe are you understanding why gang-stalking has been around for a long long LONNGGGGG TIME? gang-stalking and police investigations are the same thing! all country’s have police investigations, many people get targeted by investigations, and your and my government simply refuses to disclose the details of those investigations to the public, but they do admit to investigations!

Now ask yourself “What is an investigation?” and you will learn everything you need to know about gang-stalking, learn about investigations and learn about police sting operations and drug bust operations and covert operations done by police, and simply replace the term “Police” with the term “Gang-stalking” and you will have many of your questions answered on your own research, you do not have to take my word for it, research police operations, any and all operations, and you will find that most police operations are done by under cover plain clothed police officer’s that are staging crimes near the vicinity of their targets, and they always do so for the purpose of police-video-surveillance-cameras!

Now you might be asking yourself “How can this be? that don’t answer everything! what about all the Gas-lighting gang-stalkers do? police don’t do that do they?” and my answer to you is I told you who the gang-stalkers are, and pretty much everything you heard about gang-stalkers doing to people for the most part is true, to an extent.

Yes police Gas-light people, they do so all the time! if police are investigating someone, anyone, then you can bet they are using Gas-lighting tactics on their target!

You might ask yourself “This is crap! he is leaving out so much! I know my landlord is a gang-stalker and he is not a cop!” and I will answer you by saying not all gang-stalkers are police, but it is police that always organize and fund and run gang-stalking!

Replace the term “Investigation” with the term “Gang-stalking” and then ask yourself “How many people cooperate with investigations?” and you will have your answer as to why citizens that are not police are gang-stalkers!

Anyone and everyone that cooperates with an investigation is and or can be a gang-stalker, generally everyone that is pals/buddy’s/bros to law officer’s to one degree or another are gang-stalkers, and none of them perceive themselves that way, they just perceive themselves as a good person that is helping out with a police investigation!

Most people that cooperate with police investigations are good people that believe they are helping the good guys get rid of a bad guy, and police and TV shows and Hollywood movies ALWAYS portray police being good and going after the bad guy and everyone tends to have that propagandistic belief when it comes to police investigations! but there are many people, landlords are a good example, that not only help police but also lie for police!

You might ask the question “Why? why weould they go to all this trouble? it don’t make any sense!” and all I can tell you is is that you grew up watching propaganda all your life and you have your “Perceptions” of things that have been put in you by propaganda and all those life long lies you were told by your government and by your Fascist controlled ne3ws media are still ingrained in you and because you believe all those Hollywood lies in movies that “Government is there to help people!” you simply are blinded by the reality that our government and our news media is Fascistic controlling people through propaganda!

It is a shock to wake up one day and find out you been lied to your whole life by your government and by your local trusted news reporters, it is a shock!

I remember when I was a kid, I believed in Santa Clause, I believed in magic, I was told by my parents and by my schools and by local news reporters and I was told by Hollywood movies and I was told by neighbors and relatives and friends that Santa Clause is real! that is a lot of people willingly filling my head with lies! and those lies were backed by our government and by our news media, so guess what? Yes your government and your news reporters do indeed lie, and they do it all the time!

When kids grow up and they know all about Santa Clause not being real and they understand why everyone lies about it they usually wend up just like all the other adilts that spread and back up the lie!

Try to understand the shock a kid feels when they find out Santa is not real, think about the painful shock of that lie, it is painful because of all the people you trusted your whole life lied to you, but as you grow up you get over it and you forgive the people that lied and you in the end agree with them that it is a good lie that makes Christmas more magical and fun for children, so you in the end do the same thing everyone else does and you back up the lie to other children.

Well as an adult you deem yourself a older smarter person and much wiser too, do you not? well I got news for you, you are just as naive now as an adult as you were as a child, you known damn well government and news reporters back up lies, but you are too controlled by constant propaganda to wake up to the fact you are still, as an adult, being lied to by your government and by your news media, they do so all the time!

Almost every major news story you can think of is just parts of the story if not down-right lies, if the USA goes to war because of an attack on the country, then the reasons your government and your news reporters give for the war are lies!

When your government wants war with someone then your government stages an attack on itself to justify going to war and to garner support from the citizenry, and it is the job of the Fascist news reporters to SELL YOU THE WAR in order fort your support!

Government and news reporters will tell any lie they think will win over the support of the majority of it’s citizenry, your government will stage an attack on itself, tell the lies to the major media, and major news media spreads the lie in order to win support to the government for the war.

That is fact! this goes on all the time, your government and your news reporters get caught in lies all the time in these situations and it is blatantly apparent that their lies are for the purpose of winning over the majority of the country’s citizenry into supporting the war!

How many lies did the USA government and it’s news reporters tell to gain the American citizens support for the Iraqi war? how many? if it were not for all the lies the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told the American people were not for the war, which is why the USA government and it’s Fascist news reporters told tons of lies in order to gain support for the war!

That is propaganda! propaganda are government lies that are officially backed by the government and by all it’s controlled news media, and every news station and every news paper and every news reporter that back’s up those lies are professional propagandists that are paid to lie to people in order to control the perceptions of it’s citizens!

That’s how Nazi Germany control;ed it’s citizens during WW 2 and that’s how the USA government controls it’s citizens in 2014!

That is a lot of straying from gang-stalking now is it not? no, not really, because you need to have an understanding of propaganda and Fascism and how it’s used by governments and by news media in order to understand gang-stalking.

Gang-stalking is community policing done by police and by special informants and by trusted people that police confide in and trust and all gang-stalking is done by and run by and funded by and organized by local authority’s and by their informants!

All comunity policeing (Gang-stalking) is done in covert manners and under cover officer’s are used in these covert operations, and many citizens are enlisted/recruited by law enforcement in aidding them in their operations (gang-stalking) in monitoring their perceived enemy target/perp/suspect and police have many programs that aid them in targeting people such as “Comunity Notifications” sent out to neighbors as a way of warning people of a posible “Bad Guy” in the neighborhood and will warn people to be on guard for such suspects and may even give descriptions of the suspects!

That is pretty much common knowledge, everyone is aware of police/schools issuing out flyers to warn neighbors of possible bad guys in the neighborhood, many websites do the same thing!

That is gang-stalking people! that is a ton of organized people heavily trying to control the perceptions of their neighbors through the use of flyers, and those organized people are targeting what? why their targeting individual people and not bothering with criminal trials, they are just labeling guilt as a gang on their targets and blatantly label their targets bad guys without any way for the accused to fave his/her accusers in court!

This is not hidden from people, police and informants all over the country use these tactics when targeting someone, they do not hide these tactics from people, they simply control how you perceive these activity’s, Do news reporters portray these activity’s as lawful and good? or does our news reporters point out the fact that hundreds of people are in a organized fashion are targeting individual’s that end up dead or incarcerated after five years of this ongoing targeting?

Which is it? why our news reporters report all this targeting of individuals as normal and as a good thing and portray the targeted people as either bad guys or as mentally ill.

Now are you understanding why propaganda has a lot to do with gang-stalking? Gang-stalking goes all over the USA and in most other country’s under the pretense that the organized stalkers are trusted members of the community cooperating with police investigations!

Gang-stalking goes on all over the world this way and it’s all done in plain sight by many people, many people are wit5ness to gang-stalking, they just do not perceive it or think of it as gang-stalking, they perceive it as police operations/investigations and they perceive many citizens such as school personnel trying to identify bad guys and to getting rid of bad guys!

Because of that false perception many people have that propaganda has put in our heads our governments and it’s many agents/officer’s and their many informants/accomplices are openly targeting people and do so in a way7 that can only be described as a gang!

Gang-stalkers are organized and they have an agenda and they have a target, their crimes are public and out in the open and is openly known to people, but because of constant controlled propaganda spewed out by Fascist country’s and their news media’s most people do not perceive gang-stalking as organized crime and instead believe in the lies that they are investigations done by good people going after the bad guys!

Fascist country’s easily hide and conceal their Fascism by controlling news media thus they control what it’s citizens know and what it’s citizens do not know! For Fascism to thrive the country needs many citizen loyalists to back it up and to cover4ffor the governments lies!

Every school teacher in the USA knows the USA is Fascist and controls it’s citizens perceptions through controlled propaganda, and their mums the word about it to their students, it’s not a part of government curriculum nowadays to teach children about Fascism or about propaganda, so new generations are born and grow up knowing nothing about Fascism and no nothing about the signs of it and therefore are unable to recognize it, so Fascism in these conditions thrive on naive citizens that have their guard down!

Almost all gang-stalking is done by local officer’s and is organized by local officer’s that recruit others into it by operating under the pretense of an investigation! law enforcement can turn hundreds and hundreds of people against someone overnight with false allegations about their target without even bothering with a trial, and there are tons of local people that will gang-stalk anyone local police put the word out on about being a bad guy!

You do not have to be a bad guy to be gang-stalked, just police labeli9ng you AS a bad guy is enough to get innocent people gang-stalked by community groups that are organized by local law enforcement!

Any anonymous person, a neighbor that does not like you, a past girlfriend or boyfriend, a coworker, a past coworker, a landlord, anyone that knows you in some fashion shape or form can point a finger at you behind your back and label you as a bad guy, and that can get you targeted by gang-stalkers!

There is a history to gang-stalking, gang-stalking is portrayed in many forms and formats throughout history, and all that gang-stalking goes on by government consent and is organized and funded by government, even though many people that get no money at all join in on it under the false belief that they are getting rid of an undesirable person from the community.

Regardless of the names it goes by or the justifications the organized ct5iminals use to justify their targeting of people, HISTORY tells you what organized people do and what they get away with!

Historically organized people get away with murders, all the time, and governments do everything in their Fascist power to portray all that targeting as justified in order to win the approval of the citizens, Fascist governments will fabricate justification and will even pay people to lie in order to give the appearance of justification where none exists!

I best advice to you is to not rely on one source of information, rely on many sources and use your common sense to weed out the truths from the falsehoods, and remember to have better understandings of things it is good to know thy history, the hell with dates and times and places and names of wars, that’s the boring stuff, when I say history I mean history, try to understand what people’s mentality’s were two hundred years ago, all the targeting that went on two hundred years ago is now open knowledge, so you can learn a lot from history!

For instance in the 1920s it was common for the KKK to hand people in America without having any trials and your government did not give a damn about any of THAT gang-stalking either and the KKK got away with framing and killi9ng many people with no trials at all!

Where was the local police back then? why did local police and local sheriff’s allow the KKK to get away with it back then? I will tell you why! because local police and sheriff’s in the 1920s commonly wore white hoods and robes back then and looked the other way when their bros were murdering off people! that’s why!

Merry Christmas Fucking Pedophile Portland Police And Multnomah County Sherff’s!

Merry Christmas you fucking serial killers and pedophile Multnomah county sheriff’s and Potrtland police! here is a gift to you you fucking womanizing-child porn makers-body double using-poisoning off witnesses-bragging to your whores about it all-bunch of fucking murderers!

Proof of your guilt!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police recruited my wife Joan Wagar along with everyone on her side of the family into a murder conspiracy, and I was their main target but not their only target!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s being the fat lazy pedophiles that they always have been coached my wife and her side of the family how to set me up for their video surveillance cameras, and they did fat ass damage to our apartment when they broke into it and bugged our apartment, and their too damn stupid to notice that I noticed it!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police directed my wife Joan Wagar and her side of the family to turn our yard into a playground and to fill our home with paraphernalia while the police/sheriff’s arrange to get a body double onto my property!

After I kicked this double off my property the police/sheriff’s arranged to have my mother battered by that very same double and police refused to arrest that man and allowed that man to steel/keep my mothers motor home!

After that my wife Joan Wagar and her fuck-buddy’s in law enforcement poisoned my mother and my father, and after my father warned me he was being gang-stalked and terrorized and threatened by plain clothed law officer’s he was murdered! FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING AND WARNING ME HE WAS MURDERED BY THOSE FUCKING POISONOUS PEDOPHILE POLICE/SHERIFF’S!

I was being blackmailed and threatened myself for the next five days after that by the very fucking officer’s that murdered my father! and because I had daught5ers safety to fear for I shut the fuck up trying to protect my family from these organized funded-by-the-state serial killers called law enforcement! and a month later I was charged with forty four felony charges by police that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION BY POLICE OR BY PROSECUTORS!

One of my own daughters was already turned against me my wife and her side of the family recruited our teen daughter to back up false pedophile charges to cover their asses! in other words they had no intention of having a trial! they just wanted to pedofy me so no one would care if I am murdered, and they tried ever since repeatedly to kill and or frame me, and I was constantly gang-stalked by these fucking officer’s!

I got no trial let alone any conviction! but they still pedofied me on TV and in news papers and by word of mouth, and they even used flyers to pedofy me, so pedofying is nothing but organized murder done by officer;s against people they want dead, and they had no intention of having a trial!

My own daughter that backed up those charges against me admitted to me after the fact that police/sheriff’s locked her in a room at school and pressured her into making those charges, I knew better, I  knew my wife and her side of the family turned her against me and she voluntarily performed for law enforcements video surveillance cameras and was constantly being directed by those officer’s because they were next door to us and were constantly standing at my daughters bedroom window and telling her what to do for the video surveillance cameras!


So right there I just proofed that their FORTY FOUR FELONY CHARGES ARE A BUNCH OF CRAP!

Five years later I was battered by the fucking pedophile Portland police department and Multnomah county sheriff’s and after they battered me they walked off around thirty feet and they immediately began discussing using a double to set me up as a pedophile! they must think I am deaf or something! they already tried that five years before hand! GOD DAMN THESE PEDOPHILE COPS FUCKING HAVE DOUBLES ON THE BRAIN ALL THE TIME! IT’S THEIR GO-TO SOLUTION FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING!

I was denied emergency treatment because no doctor in Portland Oregon will help someone that police/sheriff’s want dead or want to frame! and I had a broken rib and a messed up knee!

Two months later I discover that my wife Joan Wagar is palling around with and sleeping around with a officer Eric Carlson, and I found out he was the double police/sheriff’s were using to once again set me up with! only this time my wifge Joan Wagar was hooking her daughters up with this double! at the very place where I was battered by police/sheriff’s!

My wife and her daughters and my wife’s coworkers knew officer Eric Carlson was acting as a double, and were calling him by the nickname Doubleclick because he was acting as a double while police/sheriff’s and my wife took photo’s of him around our daughters!

I was donating plasma at the time even though I was debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee because I had no way to get help and was surrounded by people that were involved in their crimes and I needed money to find help, and when I tried to warn people about what they did to me and that they were using a fucking double my wife poisoned me with antifreeze and everyone in the family just pretended nothings wrong!

Everyone at my wife’s place of employment then gave my wife Joan Wagar a nickname, they all started calling her by the nickname Mrs Dash! and officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted those fucking ni9cknames and bragged about their nicknames not caring if anyone knew because they had the blessings of local law enforcement to frame/murder people!

Officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar actively used those nicknames after they poisoned me with antifreeze!


All attempts on my part to get help were covered up and suppressed by police/sheriff’s and by family members and even by doctors, my doctor at first recognized the signs and knew right away I was poisoned and he wanted to help me, until my wife’s pedo-fuck buddy’s in law enforcement showed up at the hospital, they coerced my doctor with repeated hints to shut the fuck up about me bring poisoned, and that doctor never came back into my E,R, room again because of it! LAW ENFORCEMENT RUNS ALL HOSPITALS AND PICK AND CHOOSE WHO GETS HELP AND WHO DOES NOT GET HELP!

I repeatedly tried even in my debilitated condition to find help! I knew my wife’s fuck buddy’s in law enforcement gave my wife permission to be a serial killer! I WAS A PLASMAS DONOR AND THOSE PEDO COPS GAVE HER PERMISSION TO POISON ME TO DEATH! My doctor knew I was poisoned and wanted to help me but police have complete say at hospitals as to who gets help and who does not!

My wife Joan Wagar was having fun toying with me while I was in a debilitated state from her poisoning me, she was much like that bitch in the Stephan King movie ‘Misery” she continued to pretend to be a loving wife to me but would poison m,e again each time I would show signs of getting better and try to leave the apartment to find help, she would just dose me again with antifreeze!

Joan Wagat was writing a diary while she toyed with me when I was bedridden from being poisoned by her, and it was her intention that I read it while I was debilitated because she knew I knew she was lying in it!

Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

Joan Wagar is admitting in her diary she is poisoning a plasma donor!

After Joan Wagar wrote that diary I was battered by my wife Joan Wagar for calling 911 for an ambulance, and it was the police instead that showed up, and they refused to take my complaint/information and assaulted me in front of a dozen firefighters, and because of that none of the first responders would help me! I was left there with no help at all! calling 91 does not get help when my wife and her daughters are sleeping around with police officer’s!

A week after I called 911 and was battered and assaulted for my trouble my wife Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter in response to my accusations and because I called 911 to report she poisoned me and is a admitted poisoner of a plasma donor!


Everything in her denial letter is a lie! she lies about officer Eric Carlson’s true employment as a cop and lies about his appearance and she is doing the same for officer Eric Carlson’s partners Shannon and David! and one of her own daughters was pregnant at the time by one of those officer’s when Joan Wagar wrote this, so she knew full well that I knew she was lying in it, she wanted me to know there is no one I can hand it to that gives a damn!


After this she poisoned me again, and I almost died! I was so severely debilitated that I could not get out of bed, I could not automatically breath for Christs sake! I could not eat because there was already food in my stomach but I was not digesting it, it just sat in my stomach and rotted! I could not go to the bathroom! and NO ONE WAS HELPING ME OR TAKING CARE OF ME! I WAS SURROUNDED BY THE VERY PEOPLE THAT DID THIS TO ME, AND THEY ALL WAITED FOR ME TO DIE OFF!

One day while I was in this situation my wife Joan Wagar stormed into our bedroom and she wrote this note down in a hurry! she was pissed and not hiding it and she tore the piece of paper she was writing on from a note pad and tossed it at me like it was a Frisbee! and said “Here!,,,,,,Go ahead and use that against me!” and she grinned a wicked grin and then stepped out of my bedroom! I was so badly poisoned and debilitated I could not even read it, I just grabbed it and put it in my pocket and immediately forgot about it!


Like I said the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizers and they love to frame and murder off people! it’s sport to them, and if and when they recruit their whores into targeting people then those whores get full permission from local authority’s to murder off people, and there is no one that will take a complaint or help someone that police/sheriff’s do this to!













Even hospitals as well as the police/sheriff’s cover up my 911 calls and emergency visits to the hospital and they cover up my wife Joan Wagar’s written confessions to using poison and repeatedly deny me emergency services and refuse to take toxicology tests to cover up the fact my wife was poisoning me!




All this and police/sheriff’s and even my wife and her daughters and her relatives brag on audio death threats and on email death threats and can care less if anyone knows their serial killers and pedophiles by using doubles to make child porn!


I caught officer Eric Carlson and my Ex wife Joan Wagar, now known as Joan Carlson,waiting in ambush by my front door at 5:45 am backing up their death threats, and they were armed with guns and recording devices, so they were going to kill me and record it, and I even caught officer Eric Carlson’s partner, the man my wife describes as “Shannon” as well he was out there too, so I would have been ambushed from all sides and killed if I stepped outside!

So fuck you pedophile Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s! I hope you have fun teaching your whores how to poison people! I hope you enjoyed using body doubles and photogenic photo’s to make child porn! I hope you are proud of the fact that you admitted on one of your admissible death threats that you usually use doubles this way and that you usually kill people after you frame them! That’s one hell of a Legacy for you pedophile bastards!



Marry Christmas you fucking murderers!


Terry Wagar

Gang-Stalkers Caught On Video Attempting To Ambush Poisoned Victim And The Gang-Stalkers Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Our Right Outside My Front Door At 5:45 AM!

Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!

Gang-stalkers are cops and county sheriff officer’s and their buddy’s and their girlfriends/whores and they gang-stalk people while operating under the pretense of conducting investigations when in reality they are stalking their target and intend to frame their target or murder their target or a combination of the two!

Gang-stalkers are anyone that are either IN law enforcement or are bros/girlfriends to law enforcement or relatives to law enforcement! and everything they do to people they do while faking/pretending their target is a “bad guy” and fake investigating their target, and they do that for the benefit of neighbors/friends/relatives/coworkers of their target in order to isolate their target from help!

America is Fascist! it always has been, black people know full well all that crap about freedom and equal rights is garbage, in the 1920s the government officer’s and their local supporters would put on white robes and white hoods and publicly hang innocent black people and never be arrested for it or have a trial over it, why? because this country was Fascist and targeting and killing off people and did so as a gang!

Police/sheriff’s in the 1920s were wearing white robes and white hoods because of the invention of the camera and the wide spread use of it, so police/sheriff’s back then did not want their faces on film murdering off people, but because most people in America were Fascist they still had public hangings of innocent people that never got trials let alone convictions!

After WW2 everyone in America hated Fascists, and our government along with Hollywood, which was pumping out tons of propaganda for the U.S. government began pumping out movies to teach the Fascists in America to hide their Fascism and to change the way they target people, Hollywood movies started teaching the Fascists how to target people covertly!

Movies such as “Captain Boycott” and Gaslighting” are just a few of the movies Hollywood pumped out to the public as a way of reining in all the open Fascism and to teach the Fascist’s how to be more covert in targeting/killing people!

Gang-stalkers ARE law enforcement, and anyone connected to law enforcement, which is why it is easy for them to target people, and Hollywood through propaganda helped all those Fascist’s to better conceal their criminal activity’s!

Police/sheriff’s gang-stalk people much in the same way they do drug busts and prostitution stings!

1, They take over the surrounding area!

2, They gain cooperation of people that live in the area or own the area!

3, They bring in several or a couple dozen under cover officer’s!

4, Those officer’s bug the entire area with video and audio recording devices!

5, Under cover officer’s start “PERFORMING” for the video/audio surveillance and perform street theater staged crimes for the video audio surveillance cameras!

6, Under cover deliberating engage their targets in conversations FOR the video/audio surveillance cameras and use every dirty trick in the universe to make their targets appear to be bad guys via the actions of the under cover officer’s for the sake of video surveillance cameras!

Now imagine those tactics being used against a single individual! because that’s why it is gang-stalking and as a gang they stalk their target!

You cannot avoid gang-stalkers, gang-stalkers take control of the surrounding area by exorcising their police powers to gain cooperation of landlords/apartment managers and neighbors in order to control the surrounding area where the target lives!

Therefor it is impossible for the target to avoid gang-stalkers, and every time the victim/target leaves his/her home the gang-stalkers start performing street theater for their video surveillance cameras!

When police do drug busts or prostitution stings they dress up like drug dealers and or prostitutes and they have NO QUALM WHAT-SO-EVER IN DOING THAT AT ALL AND TO PERFORM CRIMINAL ACTS!


Gang-stalkers are law enforcement and their accomplices and they commonly stage crimes while acting as doubles, and when they do this they almost always do it for video/audio surveillance cameras or for photogenic photo’s!

Police/sheriff’s can care less if their target knows their a target or not, what matters to police/sheriff’s/gang-stalkers is to destroy their targets reputation and to fabricate enough false evidence against their target that they can appear to the rest of the world as justified! so if the target is NOT a bad guy, then the police/sheriff’s/gang-stalkers will frame him/her as a bad guy to justify their targeting of that individual!

I caught my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson, with her fuck-buddy officer Eric Carlson and his taller cap wearing partner Shannon on video outside my apartment building at 5:45 am and they are armed with guns and recording devices and with flashlights! this video took place in 2009 in late July!

What a coincidence because I caught these same pedophile cops and their poisonous whores doing this in 2007 and they committed a fucking murder of a child back then, and here they are in 2009 doing the same damn thing they did in 2007, their executing a murder conspiracy, and their all caught!

As soon as officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon notices that I am getting his officer butt on video he immediately goes into “Act like a co0p mode” and whips out his flashlight faking he’s investigating something!

At the time neither my ex-wife Joan Wagar/Carlson and her lover (now husband) officer Eric Carlson nor his partner Shannon realized I ALREADY KNEW WHAT THE FUCK BOTH MEN LOOKED LIKE! so dumb ass Shannon, noticing I am catching them in the act on film in attempted murder, immediately goes into “I am a cop doing an investigation mode” trying to cover their asses!

When officer Eric Carlson and his whore Joan Wagar/Carlson revealed they were waiting in ambush by my front door I did not notice it as it happened, but my camcorder caught what they are holding in their hands!

Officer Eric Carlson had a gun and a camcorder in his right hand, his gun was right along-side his camcorder, which is why he is holding that camcorder in such an odd way, and Joan Wagar/Carlson is recording with her cellphone in her right hand and has her gun tucked inside a shirt in her left hand, you can notice the gun easily by the shape of it, so they were both by my front door at 5:45 am armed with guns and recording devices!

I did not get a chance to see their faces but believed it was probably them, and when I saw the cap-wearing Shannon out there then I knew it was them, and reviewing the video I caught of them confirmed it!

These people are gang-stalkers caught trespassing and are armed with guns and recording devices and have one hell of a motive for murder, they want me dead!

If I would have stepped outside of MY HOME I would have been gunned down by these gang-stalkers/cops/whores! and there is not a soul on planet earth that gives a damn what crimes gang-stalkers/cops/whores are guilty of that I can report this to!

They stage crimes near and around my home dressed up like me, they can frame me for anything if they are going to use doubles and photogenic photo’s and or video surveillance cameras, and here they have a damn double by my front door dressed like me with a women with her shirt off and she is faking being a rape victim for the video surveillance by running away!

So not only are they caught waiting in ambush to shoot me, they are also performing street theater, staging crimes, dressed up like me, so after they murder me they can fake and pretend I am a bad guy when in fact it’s all them and they are now caught!

Since Joan Wagar/Carlson is by my front door trespassing and is with a body double dressed like me, you don’t suppose they were framing me for a rape charge now do you? she was by my door 5:45 am with a double dressed like me and her shirt is off! and she is trying to hide/conceal her handgun with that shirt, she could still easily pop off some rounds with it since the gun hilt was in the palm of her hand and her finger still on the trigger!

Putting her gun in a shirt does not change the fact she is armed and CAN fire it with it inside shirt!

Gang-stalkers are organized, everywhere you go you see Neighborhood watch signs everywhere, who do you think back up such Fascist signs? why your government and it’s officer’s and their accomplices and their bros and their girlfriends and anyone else that brown noses with law enforcement!

Back in the 1970s gang-stalkers owned police-scanners and used those scanners to find out WHO they are supposed to target in their neighborhoods, and yes back then Neighborhood Watch signs were everywhere!

Has Hollywood tricked you into believing there is no such thing as organized crime? organized crime in America has never went away, it simply got incorporated into our Fascist system, and there are so many people willing to lie for police/sheriff’s that it is impossible for victims to find help, news media does everything in it’s Fascist propaganda ways to cover up such crimes and to label victims as mentally ill in order to discredit them as witnesses in order to hide these crimes from public scrutiny!

I have gang-stalkers on video in attempted murder, and they are not hiding their motive from me or from my camcorder, and they do not fear prosecution because there is no one I can show this video to that even cares if their killers and murderers, and that includes news reporters!

Terry Wagar

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Recruit Females Tp Poison People And To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles And Are Basically Recruiting Harems Of Females That Will Lie For Them!

My name is Terry Wagar, I was married and was raising three daughters, I was a hard working man and I was respected in my community, I have a history of saving lives and putting my own life on the line to help other people.

In 1999 my wife Joan Wagar got connected with a bunch of murderers, I do not know who or how or what in that situation, what I do know is my wife Joan Wagar changed when she got with these people, and those people she got connected with were in law enforcement!

My wife got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen as a food prep person, and she completely changed after she started working there, she became secretive, and I started catching her in lies, and I noticed right away that after she got that job that everyone on her side of the family were turned against me.

After only working there for a month and a half my wife Joan Wagar admitted to me she quit her job, and she said it in a off-handed way, and when she did not provide an explanation I asked her “OH why did you quit your job?” and that question through her for a loop, she was not prepared for that question and it caught her off-guard, and she fumbled and stumbled on the spot to give me an explanation, and she was blatantly lying!

I knew something was going on, something big, just the idea that she admitted she quit her job, and then not have a prepared answer as to WHY she quit, had me suspecting some sort of foul play, my guard was up, suspecting the worse, so I started paying attention to everything and not talking much, I knew shit was going on.

That evening my wife Joan Wagar’s side of the family came over to visit, they were celebrating something, something that my wife knew about but I did not, and everyone was hinting at it in my presence but no one would tell me what was going on.

I was majorly paying attention to everything they were saying to one another trying to find out what is going on, and I discovered that if I walk away from them and stay around twenty feet away from them with my back turned towards them, then they think I am not paying attention, and they start talking about what they were celebrating, and I was overhearing it!

I got enough information at this point to know my wife and everyone on her side of the family were involved in some form of foul play, and based on how they treated me I had every reason to suspect I was the victim of whatever they were involved in.

I already suspected my wife Joan Wagar of an affair with someone in law enforcement, I was under the belief that she was cheating on me ever since she got the job at the county jail, and based on my wife’s behaviors and her side of the family’s behaviors I was suspecting foul play on their part.

From this point forward I paid attention anytime my wife spoke with one of her family members knowing they were up to know good, and it was around this time that my wife got into the habit to go into the bathroom to talk to her relatives on her cellphone, so she was not trying hard to hide the fact that she did not want me overhearing her conversations with any of her relatives.

Let me tell you in a condensed manner as to what was going on and how I and others became victim of a large murder conspiracy.

1999 Joan Wagar quit her job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, at the direction of her lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement Joan Wagar turned my yard into a playground with expensive pools and large trampolines and expensive telescopes all paid for by county sheriff’s!

County sheriff’s arranged to have a look-a-like live on my property for a month after this, and when I kicked that look-a-like off my property that look-a-like battered my mother, police refused to arrest that double and allowed that double to keep my mothers property!

Joan Wagar then poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and Valerie Quigley called 911 for help, police and county sheriff’s refused to act on Valerie Quigley’s complaint thus covered it up, around the same time my father Don Wagar was poisoned as well by law officer’s, and he warned me about it, three days later my father Don Wagar died!

I was being threatened by law officer’s after that by phone, I got several phone calls a day from officer’s making threats and demands! and at the same time my wife Joan Wagar was filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls and other paraphernalia!

I discovered seven days after my father Don Wagar was murdered that green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing cards with printed paragraphs on them through my daughter Shawna Wagar’s bedroom window and that our daughter Shawna Wagar was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they were her own words, I caught her in the act doing this, she had a big grin on her face, what she copied into her diary was amusing to her, and when I read her diary I discovered she was doing nothing but pedofying me with false pedophile accusations!

So the Multnomah county sheriff’s had my wife Joan Wagar and everyone on my wife’s side of the family as well as our oldest daughter helping them to frame me after they murdered my father and they battered and poisoned my mother!

A month later I was arrested on forty four pedophile charges that turned to ZERO ten days later without explanation!


Joan Wagar has a history of palling around with law officer’s and has a history of poisoning relatives and police have a history of covering up Joan Wagar’s victims 911 calls!

2005 My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson!

On January 18th 2005 Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson arranged to have me battered by three police officer’s and one Multnomah county sheriff officer!

I was denied emergency medical services and I was being blackmailed by the police and county sheriff’s for signed waivers a week later!

The whole month of February 2005 the police and county sheriff’s acquired several apartments surrounding ours at Arborglen apartments in s,e, Portland and were actively and publicly running around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile while I was stuck in my apartment with a broken rib and a messed up knee!

I discovered after the fact that they have a name for their activity they call it pedofying, so they pedofied me the whole month of February 2005!

March 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was openly cheating on me with officer Eric Carlson and she even admitted to me that he is a twin to me!
Joan Wagar spent the whole month of March hanging out with these cops and sleeping around with them and was partying with them and being wined and dined by them and actively was turning our daughters against me while I was in a debilitated state from being battered!

April 2005 Joan Wagar was flaunting their murder conspiracy and our daughters took my wife’s side and my wife was actively hooking her daughters up with the officer she already admitted was a twin to me!

I was still in pain and had no where to turn to for help, and I started donating plasma in an attempt to get money so that I could find help!

It was around this time I caught my wife Joan Wagar hooking her daughters up with officer Eric Carlson and at the same time I discovered this was open knowledge at East Port Walmart amongst employees and managers there!

I tried to warn people about this and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!
Everyone in our family pretended nothings wrong and I was now even more debilitated and was at their mercy from being poisoned by them!

Officer Eric Carlson along with my wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were openly calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash two weeks after she first poisoned me!


The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!

Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!
Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon is the tall man wearing the baseball hat and these people killed a female named Jessica in 2007 and I caught them in the act bragging about it and here they are in 2009 waiting in ambush outside my apartment to shoot me and I caught them in the act on video doing this.
Officer Eric Carlson the body double has a history of early morning break in’s and kills people, and here is the pedophile caught on video by my front door armed with guns and recording devices, what a coincidence because that is what he was armed with in 2007 when he and his partner officer John Ray committed a early morning break in and they killed a female child named Jessica!

A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!

Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!

Proof of Joan Wagar my wife admitting she is a poisoner, proof the OHSU hospital knows I have internal bleeding and is covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions that she is a poisoner and the OHSU is pretending to not know what’s wrong with me to cover up the poisonings!

Proof that the Portland police and the OHSU hospital is denying me emergency services and threatening me in writing with arrest if I even go to my hospital!
Proof my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife he admits to his affair with my wife in his lover letter and he admits that he calls my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in his love letter!

Proof that when I contact other law agency’s to report these crimes that other law agency’s refuse to take a complaint and refuse to assign case numbers thus demonstrating how complaints are simply completely ignored and suppressed by authority’s!

Proof that I am being blocked from contacting law agency’s outside the USA to report these crimes, I am being blocked from contacting INTERPOL!

I am even blocked from contacting Crimestoppers of Oregon and that is the website that the Portland police tells people to report local crime to the Portland police, it’s their official tip website where people are supposed to report local crimes to the Portland police! and I AM NOT WELCOME TO REPORT ANYTHING!

Even the Texas Rangers refuse to take complaints and refuse to give a case number and even refuse to give the name of the officer refusing to help me!

Proof Joan Wagar is a serial killer she admits in writing multiple times to using pills and antifreeze as poison and she admits I could not get help from police or from hospital and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson!

I have tried desperately to warn people but no one cares, Joan Wagar brags in  her diary she is a poisoner and police and news reporters flat out ignore it and cover up my calls for help and my complaints.

Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail Kitchen I and my side of the family have been gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and threatened and poisoned and framed repeatedly by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and my wife and her side of the family was helping them in framing me by planting evidence in and on my property and destroying my reputation behind my back to isolate me from help by turning everyone I know against me!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are organized murderers and always take control of their targets surrounding area around their targets home and they commonly use photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles, and they teach their whores (my wife) how to poison people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

No one in the city of Portland Oregon will take a complaint from me or any family member from my side of the family, all our calls for help are covered up by police, my father and mother were systematically poisoned off by police and county sheriff’s while they coached my wife as to how to frame me as a pedophile, and because everyone of our daughters joined into it in April 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was flaunting her murder conspiracy after she debilitated me by poisoning me!

Go watch the movie “Misery” and you will have an idea as to what kind of a murderous bitch Joan Wagar is, only Joan Wagar is far far worse since she poisons plasma donors and helps her lover officer Eric Carlson to rape children for photogenic photo’s!

Terry Wagar