Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Pay Females Ten Thousand Dollars To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they pay females TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to back up false pedophile charges on the police/sheriff’s innocent target!

Police and sheriff’s call this pedofying and they bragged to their girlfriends at Clackamas Walmart that they kill off people by pedofying people, and they usually print out flyers after they build a false case using doubles and getting/recruiting people to lie for them!

Police/sheriff’s usually surround their target/victims apartment by taking over the surrounding apartments in order to control the surrounding area and then they stage crimes using doubles, and police/sheriff’s have no qualms using doubles and paying civilians to back up false charges on their target!

Pedofying is a common form of murder police/sheriff’s use to get away with murder, vilifying their target as a pedophile causes their target to be cut off from help and support, and no defense attorney will ever admit in criminal court police/sheriff’s frame people so it is impossible for framed innocent people to get a fair trial!

The system is so corrupt that everyone involved in courts will not admit or acknowledge that police/sheriff’s use doubles and pay people to lie for them, so almost everyone falsely charged gets railroaded into prison by our Fascist American justice system!

Everyone knows police/sheriff’s have their very own slang terms and many are in dictionary’s, but some slang terms they use are not officially recognized even though police/sheriff’s commonly use them, and the terms pedofy, pedofying, and pedofied are among their common slang terms they use!

They do not want to admit to those terms, but that don’t stop them from pedofying people using flyers and TV news stations and news websites and they even rely on schools to help them pedofy people!