Online StingOperations Are All Over The Internet Provoking People And Attacking People To Silence Peple’s Complaints!

I have recently tried Googling “Sting Opreration Forums” trying and attempting to find other victims of corrupt sting operations, and I THOUGHT I found one called “Governing,us” forum.

It gave the impression it was a forum of people trying to fight back against corrupt sting operations, so I registered their as username “wifepoisonedme” and started giving my side of the story to introduce myself to this forum.

Their were a little over fifty members of this forum as I checked it out, and after I posted part of my story on their forum making myself known and making it known I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation.

At first their was one person, ONLY one person, that responded to it and acted like he/she was on my side and acted supportive, everyone else in the forum ignored me.

Then I posted a story about how corrupt sting operations frame innocent people as pedophiles and I described how police do it and even provided a slang name that police use when they frame innocent people as pedophiles, police call it pedofying.

THAT story launched an all-out attack on me by virtually EVERYONE in that forum, and when I say ATTACK I mean a ATTACK!

I was beset by constant emails from those forum members ridiculing me and making fun of me and attacking my character and making even death threats against me, and during their attack one of them chimed in saying their under aged, and pointed that out for the soul purpose of saying it!

At one point during their attack one of them chimed in ADMITTING their a sting operation, which explains why one of them are acting under-aged in that forum!

After I challenged them over that so-called forum member faking being under-aged they started making death threats about poisoning me with antifreeze, and they were doing a whole lot of Lolling over it all!

Within about eight hours I got around thirty emails from them attacking me with taunts and threats and even admitting they wanted me dead!

I took some screenshots of SOME of their emails, mostly the worst ones, and took screenshots of my story that launched their attack on me.

The site is so corrupt that all their emails they sent me were supposed to show up on my post as responses to my post, but most of their responses/threats did NOT show up on my post so they were tampering with how THEIR threats made it to me but NOT on my post!

Here is the webpage where I posted my story on “What Is Pedofying?”

Now I will post screenshots of that page the day their attack kicked in in full along with screenshots of these admitted sting operatives admitting they want me poisoned/dead!


Some of their attacks showed up on other mysterious page not connected to my “What Is Pedofying?” post!


They lauched an all-out attack on me besetting me with a flood of threatening emails, all their comments were supposed to go on my post of which these attacks are connected to, the the forum moderator made sure most of their attacks did NOT show up on that page, so most of their attacks were by email sent to my email address!















So as you can see this forum CLAIMING to be a group of people FIGHTING corrupt sting operations is in FACT a sting operation in and of itself and sits there waiting for unsuspecting victims of sting operations to join so that they can concentrate on framing that person.

During their ATTACK on me they had a forum member jump into the attack for the soul purpose of labeling them-self as under-aged BECAUSE THAT is a common tactic sting operatives use in setting people, and it was so blatant that THAT was the ONLY reason that person commented, which GAVE THEM AWAY AS A STING OPERATION!

I challenged them on it which is what launched their all-out attack on me!

Their not hiding the fact they are cyber-bullying me and threatening me and admitting they want me dead and name off the weapon of their choice, sting operatives ALWAYS use poison on their targets to debilitated their victims, and these blatant sting operatives are admitting their sting operatives and admit to their choice of weapon, POISON!

They are no different than the KKK! Their organized, they target people, they are anonymous, they make it known to their victims no one will help them, and they do not even HIDE their crimes from the public, only instead of hanging people they frame people and poisoning people!

I recommend REAL VICTIMS to AVOID website!

Terry Wagar

Government Agency’s Ignore Complaints To Cover Pedophile Cops Butts And Their Poisonous Whores Butts From Prosecution!

Any and all government agency’s I contact refuse to take complaints, refuse to assign a case number, and it is pure stonewalling on their part to cover up murder charges against officer’s and their whores and it is a denial of basic human rights and denial of due process!

Here is another reply from a GOV agency refusing to take complaints from me!


Oppenheim, Shoshanah

To Me
Jan 9 at 8:52 AM

Your email does not appear to allege discrimination based on race/color/national origin but may allege police misconduct. You may file a complaint about police misconduct through The Independent Police Review Commission information available at

or the ombudspersons’ office  information available at



Shoshanah Oppenheim

ADA Title II & Civil Rights Title VI Program Manager

Office of Management & Finance

City Of Portland

503-823-2559 TTY: 503-823-6868

To help ensure equal access to City programs, services and activities, the City of Portland will provide translation, reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services/alternative formats to persons with disabilities.  For accommodations, translations, complaints, and additional information, contact me, use City TTY 503-823-6868, or use Oregon Relay Service: 711.


And my reply to them!


I was poisoned! I am on SSI, I am disabled! I am a victim and I am being discriminated against and it’s personal on the part of police agency’s, my wife worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, her buddy’s in law enforcement told her to quit her job and that they will help her to frame me as a pedophile!

The same day my wife Joan Wagar quit that fucking job is the same day the Multnomah county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to get a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door which showed up the next morning on our neighbors door!

They broke into my home and bugged it, and at the same time they had several people pressuring my disabled mother into allowing a look-a-like named Lonny move in with her!
I was fucking being framed by my wife and her fuck buddy’s in law enforcement and at the very beginning they brought in a God damn double and pressured my disabled mother into taking him into her home!

I was surrounded by these fucking pedophile cops and they were coaching my wife and her sister to turn my yard into a play ground with expensive pools and trampolines! and those officer’s coached my wife and her sister to coach our oldest daughter to hang around me for the video surveillance!

What did this all lead to? why it cost my mother her home, she got battered by that double Lonny, the Portland police was palling around with that double Lonny and they refused to arrest that double and they allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home, my mother got poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar after that, and police covered up her 911 call, and I find out three weeks later that my father was also poisoned around the same time and it took him that long to get into contact with me because he had no phone! and three days later my father Don Wagar was poisoned to death by county sheriff’s!

I was being threatened by phone after that by officer’s on the phone and they were making demands and threats, and during that time my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were all grins while they were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, right after that I discovered green jacketed county sheriff officer’s were passing our oldest daughter cards through her bedroom window, and that our daughter was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they were her own words!

Our daughter wrote down no actual events at all in that diary, she was being coached by county sheriff officer’s that were right next door as to how to frame me, what to write in her diary, and what to do for their video surveillance!

Shortly after discovering this I was arr4ested by police on forty four pedophile charges that tur4ned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER with no explanation from police or from prosecutors!!

They are using doubles, they are poisoning people, people died from it, they cover up 911 calls of victims, they did break ins, they corrupted minors, they made child porn by illegally spying on our children by bugging it with hidden cameras, they spent money on paraphernalia, it was a professional set up on their part and it was professional since they were being paid by big bad GOV to do this and were buying paraphernalia to frame me! and they were blackmailing me with threats and demands after they blatantly murdered my father and they flaunted their guilt afterwords wanting me to know I had no where to turn to for help!

The county sheriff’s and the Portland police have a name for this they call it pedofying! they fucking use that term when they talk to themselves about their activity’s in framing people as pedophiles, they fucking use that term,!

Now I am being discriminated against sine my 911 calls as well as my now dead parents 911 calls because my wife spreads her legs for police and works for their asses and she poisons off anyone county sheriff’s and police want dead, and because of her connections with authority’s NO ONE WILL FUCKING TAKE,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,COMPLAINT,,,,,,,,,FROM,,,,,,,ME!

Terry Wagar


Government agency’s cover their Fascist pedophile officer’s and their poisonous whores from prosecution at the cost of innocent people’s lives! lives mean nothing to Fascist government agency’s trying to cover officer’s butts from prosecution!

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

I am a victim of a murder conspiracy, my wife was having an affair with a cop that was a close look-a-like of me, and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like I tried tyo warn people about it, and my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

For the next couple years I have been gang-stalked by my wife’s lover and by his buddy’s in law enforcement and I have been repeatedly poisoned by my wife and her lover in the Portland police department and the police repeatedly interfered with me getting any help from 911 or from a hospital!

To be poisoned is much like being shot with a gun, there is bleeding and organ damage, but the wounds are internal not external, but because poisoning does damage on the inside it is very easy for cops to ignore and complaint about being poisoned and police in Portland cover up poisonings by pretending the victim is mentally ill.

At the hospital the police repeatedly interfered with me getting medical treatment, at one point my doctor realized I was poisoned and he ordered a toxicology test to be taken.

But five minutes later police officer’s were in the hallway outside my e,r, room and they were labeling me to my doctor as a bad guy, repeatedly, until my doctor got the hint to walk off and to not take a toxicology test.

In 2006 my wife Joan Wagar confessed in her diary she is a poisoner and she admitted to my face she is a poisoner, I called 911, and while I was talking to the 911 operator my wife attacked me and tried to knock me down the stairs, I calmed her down by talking to her until police arrived, and when the police arrived they started treating me like a criminal and were assaulting me and threatening me, and my wife was smirking during this.

No first responder took my info no one asked me if I needed help and I was left there completely denied emergency services and the first responders left without taking any info from me at all about my 911 call.

In 2007 my wife poisoned me again and I went to the hospital, and I had severe internal bleeding, and the hospital admitted to that on there paperwork, but the hospital once again refused to take a toxicology test and only took an MRI and then the doctor started acting like he did not know what’s wrong.

I was never even given an examination by a doctor, I was just given liquid to drink and then had an MRI taken, at no time was my vitals taken and no examination took place, I was lat out denied any help because of their cover up of me being poisoned.

In 2008 I was desperately trying to find help, I was badly poisoned and debilitated and knew 911 will not get me help and in 2008 I did not have use of a phone, so I did the next best thing I could, I sent emails to police and state police and to FBI and to INTERPOL and to local hospitals and any other place I thought at the time might help me.

I sent copy’s of my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and I sent copy’s of my wife’s lover’s love letter to show that my wife was having an affair with a cop, I was asking my hospital for help, I even left phone messages with my hospital telling them that police will not help me when I contact 911.

This document is a Portland police officer’s response to my calls for help, a Sgt Walker of the Portland police and a representative of my hospital is admitting in writting that they are covering up all my calls for help and my 911 calls for help and my emergency visits to the hospital by pretending that any contact that I make with them is “Electronic Harassment” and they are pretending to know nothing about me being poisoned and they are covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and they are acting like they know nothing about the severe internal bleeding and severe pain I was in!

In WRITING they are admitting to covering up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP AND EMERGENCY VISITS TO THE HOSPITAL by pretending all contact with them is “Electronic Harassment” since when is calling 911 or going to a hospital or reporting a poisoner amounts to “Electronic Harassment”!?

Sgt Walker is guilty of denial of emergency services and is an accomplice to my wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson’s crimes and Sgt Walker is covering up all my calls for help and is covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she uses antifreeze as poison!

A lot of deaths occurred in our family while the Portland police covers up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP!

Sgt Walker does not want me as a witness she just wants me dead, and because of this ALL hospitals in my area are refusing to help me.

A family member that was living with my wife at the time of this document died around this time.